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During my consultation I expressed the importance...

During my consultation I expressed the importance of being discrete about my surgery. I didn't want anyone to know or notice I had my upper lids done. Dr. Jacono assured me I would be picture perfect in 2 to 3 weeks. I only told a few people I was having surgery so I was curious as to what people would say to me that didn't know I was going in. Would they notice? Would they comment? In my mind I thought the best compliment would be the one that I didn't get. I just wanted to look the same but refreshed. Of course I wanted to look better. Why else would I be there? At the consultation Dr. Jacono assured me he has done many of these procedures. He said it was an easy job and that I was in good hand. I trusted him so I booked my surgery. On the day of my surgery Dr. Jacono drew on my lids to mark where he would cut and I noticed the markings were high on my lids. I questioned it and he said it was fine. I was a bit embarrassed for questioning him and I thought who am I to question the doctor, he must know what he is doing. Well a lot of time has passed and I am super disappointed with how my eyes turned out. I have scars that I try to cover with a lot of makeup. The scars do not fall in the fold of my lids they are higher. My lids are now puffy and way bigger that they used to be. I really don't like the look. My eyes don't look refreshed or brighter. They look very different. I am super disappointed with the outcome. I am not happy at all. I liked the way my lids looked before surgery better and I would take them back in a second. When I wanted so desperately to be discrete about my surgery family and friends commented and not in a complimentary way. For a long time I was trying to accept my new look. I wasn't sure what to think. I didn't know if it was good or bad or if my scars would fade away. I am certain I look different and I am certain I don't like it. I met with some plastic surgeons and they told me that my eyelids need to be redone to bring down the scars and to decrease the size of my eyelids. I knew in my heart it wasn't done right. Now other doctors are telling me what I already knew.
I am so sorry this happened to you. You aren't alone. This "surgeon" has ruined many faces and lives. I feel that it is only a matter of time before he loses his medical license. No one should have to go through the suffering that his many victims continue to endure. Wishing you peace and healing.
Thanks jcathope. I read your page. I am sorry for what you are dealing with too.
he did a surgery on a friends nose and it is quite uneven, nostil is large and left a scar....not a very good job at all....


I just got back from the make-up counters at the mall. I am desperate to have revision surgery, but it is costly, do I am dependent on make-up to solve my problems. I have been playing with it, trying to hide my scars and I am really upset. I want to pour a ton of make-up on my lids, but nothing can hide my scars. I feel like make-up actually accentuates the scars, and I don't like wearing a ton of make-up on my eyes, it just doesn't look good on me. And if I don't have it on my scars are even more noticeable. I feel like I can't catch a break. Whether it is on or off, I cringe at the sight of my scarry eyes. Oh how I wanted to be discrete about my eye job, but it is so evident. I am so self-conscious and extremely embarrassed.
He did a friend of mine as well, and she had the same problem and she had them re done by another plastic surgeon, thank God they look beautiful, although you can still see some of the old scars (only if she points them out to you) the new doctor did a wonderful job......I am happy I did not go to Jacono, after reading all of the bad surgeries he has done, he was one on my list but not anymore....
I had a very successful eyelid surgery but also wanted to cover the scars while they heal. I use CoverFX, it should be available where you are. It is very healthy for your skin as it was created to cover burn scars etc. I think you'll be happy with it.
Hi Brighid, I wanted to thank you for the recommendation. I bought the CoverFx. At this point I'm trying anything. The girl that helped me choose a color basically said that no make-up will help the deep grooves I have and I already knew that but I bought it anyway. I like it for my cheeks because I have some broken blood vessels and it helps there. Thanks for contacting me and giving me the suggestion.

Back to the make-up counter

So I bought the CoverFX, it was suggested by a nice woman on this site. The problem is there is no make-up that could hide the deep, wide scars that were left behind. The woman at Sephora was honest and said that there really isn't anything that could hide the deep grooves. She was trying to camouflage them with different techniques but nothing really helped. I like the CoverFX for some of the discoloration I have on my cheeks so for that reason I bought it. I look at pictures of myself prior to surgery and I get really sad.
Yes I read all of the bad reviews too. You are lucky.
Hi. I too am sorry for everything you are dealing with. It's just terrible and so upsetting. Thanks for your comment.
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I do not recommend because I am extremely upset with the outcome.

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