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My breast have been out of shape since i gave...

My breast have been out of shape since i gave birth to my son in 2009. My weight has been up and down which really hasnt helped. Before giving birth i was a full C cup and after i am now a saggy D! I Just had my Consultation on 8/5/13 for a breast lift with lipo and fat transfer to my breast. Dr. Tehrani and his staff were awsome and very helpful. After hearing my first proposal which was out of my range I chose to just do a lift with implants for now and later i will do the liposuction. Dr.Tehrani suggested that I get saline implants because I have a lot of breast tissue. Im so excited. I got approved for a loan and im scheduling my procedure for mid october. I will upload more photos and keep you all posted during my journey to a more beautiful body!!!!!!


ok my sista keep us updated!!!
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hey girly good luck
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. I think you're going to love your lift and implants. Pregnancy really takes a toll on our breasts. Do you know how many cc's you might be getting? That's great you got a loan for your procedure. Will you have someone to help you and your little one during the first few days of your recovery? Looking forward to your updates!

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