I am so nervous. I was 200lbs as a teen and lost...

I am so nervous. I was 200lbs as a teen and lost the weight, not only did I lose it, I kept it off ans got really fit. BUT, I have some mild lose skin that haunts me. The older I get too, the worse it looks.
In between my legs and my rear end. I want it all done at once and get it over with.
I just hate now my rear looks.. I have been working out for over 25yrs and I am not fully reaping the benefits because of this. It truly upsets me.

I am getting nervous though and thinking about backing out. I know I will regret it if I do though.
I dont look it but I do weigh 144lbs, I am 5'5. I have a lot of muscle. I attached a photo of my upperpart so you can really see how I work out and how my lower hand doesnt match my upper half.

Getting more nervous

I have been on a strict diet (even though I am already very strict and disciplined, working out like a maniac too... My body is getting so defined but that also means more lose skin all around..
But I am paying so much for this, I want the best results..
I will be sure to take photos just before my surgery.


Pumping iron like a maniac.. Cant wait for my lower half to match my upperhalf..
EXPOSE MY MUSCLES.. finally after years of hard work..

Headed to Preop

My pre-op photos

Here is some hard core reality shots of what and why.. cant wait to fix


I dont have any befores.. but they were nothing like this. They were flat deflated b's that looked smaller. I needed a lift as well as implants.
I now have between a D and a DD (depending on brand).. they dont look like D's on me though.. but believe me, they are,.. C bras my nipple shows and I have them bulging out.. :)
This size suits my frame very well. You can almost not even see the line under anymore.
I had them done in Aug 2013.
I also had my eyes done too but I dont want to show my face on the site (my luck my family will find it)

MILD freak out.. but doing ok and preparing

OK, so I had a MILD freak out and almost backed out of this whole thing..
I went in for my Pre-op and all of a sudden got SUPER scared..
I had Lipo done 20 yrs ago and I guess hearing them say "oozing red substance that looks like blood' reminded me of my not so great experience with lipo ..
I also also mentral at the pre-op..
I felt overwhelmed..
On my way home, I started to panic .. heart racing etc.
I am OK now..
I called the doc and had a talk with them.. its very normal ! and thanks to a few wonderful ladies on here, I am feeling SO much more settled...

I am preparing a lot..
I hear a lot of people talking about what they got prior to surgery.
I got a wedge for my bed. Its 12" in height so it helps me stay elevated.. and i will use pillows under my knees..
I also got bedpads, a walker (I bought sliders for the bottoms so I can go across carpet), a raised toilet seat, a mattress protector, anti bacterial soap.. and if I think of anything else, I will post.
I am just preparing now.. mentally and physically.
Waiting is one of the hardest parts.. I just want it over with.. so I can recover and move on with my life..

I couldnt grab it with 2 hands or I cant take pic..

I couldnt grab it with 2 hands or I cant take pic.. but when I do, it looks exactly like a donut..LOL
My stomach looks pretty flat overall.. but I do have a lot to PULL on (when iL lean over too or do planks.. it hangs..
.. I am lucky its not hanging when I stand up straight..
I just want it off..

Tomorrow is my hospital visit.

I am pretty much mentally prepared, and in general, prepared.
I have my hospital visit tomorrow.
I have to pay off the 1 night stay as well as the anesthesia.
They wanted a CC on file incase the anesthesia (more hrs) and I am planning to NOT give them anything. I am already paying $3500 for it and I have been charged a few times (in other instances) with fraud charges..
I also don't want the hospital to has any access to charge anything they want to my card.
I am planning to tell them tomorrow, that I want to be billed..
and also not to give me anything if its not included.. (other things in hospital etc).
The hospital is $4700 and the anesthesia is $3500 (my doc was 16000 for the procedures).. so this adds up!!

I have been working out like a maniac, getting my body as lean as I can. Eating healthy etc.. I am even upping my protein as one wonderful lady on here told me to do 2 weeks prior in order to help speed up recovery.

OH and this: Arnika Forte. is something that speeds up healing that my doc wants me to start taking 1 day before and then after.

I feel ready. I have all my ducks in a row.
I have a walker, a wedge for my bed (12") food frozen in freezer to easily heat up.. I am planning to fill my prescriptions next week.
But next week on Friday is the day!!!
I feel like history of being heavy will finally be washed away.. (or cut away to be more blunt).
I have so much muscle under this extra skin.. its sad that it cant show..
super excited and just cant wait for this to be over with.

I had to show this

This picture may baffle you (the one in my workout gear) because it shows my fitness. My clothing can really cover it.. even tight clothing. I have a GREAT fitness shape.. I have skin though that is lose on my muscle, that is as think as a sheet or wet paper.. and its annoying.
I am showing one with my clothing on and one where you can really see my thigh area for what it looks like


TOMORROW IS THE DAY... less then 24 hrs.
I am super excited and not even nervous (I dont think).. I am more nesting. Organizing my place and getting everything set up. My kids are being picked up by their dad tonight for a 10 day camping trip.. (my X doesnt know and doesnt need to. If he did, he would purposely not show up)
My husband now is planning to take good care of me.
I am organizing my meds too (I have a day to day organizer so no thinking involved..lol)
I am taking my bed apart and putting the plastic mattress protector on and red sheets I have (just in case I leek) and packing a small bag with when I plan to wear going home on Saturday.
I requested the painpump as I heard wonderful stories about it.
I am hoping my recovery is good.
My bestie told me, I have a high tolerance of pain. This will determine that..LOL.. she said what others cry over, I am just doing my day to day..
I hope she is right..haha!!!
she couldnt believe how I bounced back after I had my eyes and boobs done. The ONLY thing that held me back was the stitches in my eyes (prevented me from opening them all the way) and not being able to lift my arms up due to breast augmentation. Doctors orders. Other then that, I felt great within a week.
Cross my fingers that, this will be the same..
I have to call today after 2pm to find out my surgery time tomorrow but I did have a talk with my doc and he told me I AM the 1st of the day.. thank goodness. I didnt want to be sitting around, hungry and thirsty...
I am hoping to have the body I always wanted. I have it now actually but once the skin is gone, I will finally have the complete package :) :) :)
They say money cant buy you happiness.. Let me tell you, it can..haha.. because I was happy before but having the work done I have done prior and not this coming.. Its the best gift you can buy yourself EVER

1 day post op

OK..when I got to hospital, I was fine..but once the sketching/marking started.. I started to feel light headed..faint..they layed me down and put me to sleep.
I woke up all dazed.
Rgw nausea was the worst that night..the heaving was killing my abs...
I have a garment on from my knees to under boobs. I have 5 drains I have to monitor. I really can't see anything yet. 2 opening areas for urinating or pooping..gross.. Lol and I have to keep it on for 5 days.. Until my 1st visit.
I won't lie.. Its painful. I have a pain pump. I do feel better once I get up and move around.
I am home and had to make 14 steps to get to my place and I did it..!!!
I felt good after. I am peeing a lot....trying to take it easy now.

3 days post op

I am home resting. I haven't left my place at all. I do get up every 2-3 hrs and use my walker. The nausea finally subsided. I stopped taking percaset. Which caused the nausea.
The hospital stay was OK. One night only. I got a room by 5 and its for a 23hr stay. What I didn't like was one rn wasnt so easy with me. 1st time getting out of bed..I haven't walked...trying to get to bathroom. She was pulling the iv to where the tape on my skin was pulling. I yelled at her to slow down. I wasn't able to rush. Then in morning.. They got me out of bed..the day I leave. But I had until 4pm. It wasn't bad.. But I had an issue with one nurse there..too much to write..but let's just say..I felt pushed out of there.

I am draining pumps..trying to take it easy. Resting a lot.
I have not passed #2 yet. Taking prune juice and gateraide...bananas and broth. Walker and potty lifted seat is essential... Also raised pillow wedge. I feel dirty. I can't wait to take a shower.. Or sponge bath.

last week..same time. i was being admitted to hospital.

I have to say, today is the 1st day i am feeling OK again. I wound up with a very bad bladder infection which crippled me 3 days after surgery.. I was out of my mind on day 5 ( the meds they gave me weren't working). I asked them to switch because I was literally squirming.. Fingers holding myself 24/7 with no sleep..and peeing every 1-5 min. I had to stat hydrated because if I didn't have urine to pass..it was stinging!!!!
Finally I slept last night.
So far..do the results look great! OH YES... Was it worth it...at this time..I can't say. I am aiming toward no..only because I wasnt severe...and its hard. You need a good set of balls the 1st week.
I hope its all smooth sailing from this point forward.
I am a little upset about my inner thigh incision. We discussed it was going to be half way to knee..but its to my knee! Also the back incision is very high. I hope my clothing covers it.
If not..I am not revising... I will do lazer surgery on the spots that show with my regular clothing on.
After this surgery.. I made a promise to myself that I am done. No more surgeries. I accept what I have and am a beautiful woman... I also can't risk it anymore with kids. If something ever happened to me, my x would get them..leaving my wonderful husband now torn of him family. Sorry to sound so down..but it gives u an idea how rough this week was for me.
The results overall do look great. I just want the healing over with...
I am off meds now..only taking tylonal extra strength and the bladder meds.
I am going to try to add photos but only after I post..last time I tried on my phone.. It didn't work ..then deleted what I wrote.
The photos will be from the early after until now

read above

Read above


day 10

A little late posting but had issues uploading photos. In photo, I just got back from doc and had 2 drains removed out of 5. I am going back to get other 3 removed, yay! I can start to feel normal again.

12 y ppost o


look above for photos

I have to post photos sep. Seem to have trouble uploading.

I changed my review to 'worth it'. I have 1 drain in still, and those 2 lumps on my behind where always there... just dont want to bother with that, to be honest.
I didnt want a scar there to fix that from lipo I did yrs ago.

I am really starting to see the results and I am still very swollen.

I have to say, I LOVE Annika which is the Nurse. She is literally one of the best nurses EVER. Very attentive, very caring and helpful, texts me back or calls me asap, she is ON her game and you can truly see she loves her work. Has a passion for what she does.
I couldnt have asked for more.

I have an inner thigh incision which is longer then I expected it to be, but I am overall very happy. I think once I am all healed up, I will look like a million bucks. :)

18 days post op

Day 19 Headed to my Post op

I have one drain remaining which I think will be removed today it seems.
So far so good on it all.
I do have 2 areas of concern though.
One is my inner thigh (one side- up towards top) that looks like it is not lined up properly (skin looks like it might be separating)
and my back CRack!! it smells there (gross) and I have, what seems to be, leakage. I hope its not infected. I will find out today. I have been keeping the areas clean and putting gauze.

I am still wearing the garment. I have a feeling she will change my size though. Its not as tight as it used to be. So if that is of major importance, I am sure she will (nurse) give me a new one.
Hopefully in black. I have one now in black and I like it so much better. Looks like I have capri leggings on.. unlike the other nude one.. I look like I have spanx on.
I do notice I am shrinking more and more each day.
My thigh area, when I take a shower and wash my body, I cannot believe those are my legs..
so lean/thin looking, unlike before.. I have had muscle with skin..
I am def loving the results.
My back incision did seem to lower, so I am not as upset about that anymore..
I have to be blunt here though.. I miss having sex. I will ask the doc when can I.. I look at my sexy man and I have taken care of him, but when can we actually start to get it on!!?? without worries>

I still am taking UTI meds..
its over 2 weeks.. I have never had a UTI this bad before. I do think it had something to do with the removal of the cathetor or when it was put in,.. or maybe something to do with the meds taken (side effects)..
I just want it gone already..

I am still not 100% straight when I walk.. I walk as if I pulled my back.
When people ask, thats what I have been telling them too, is I pulled my back..
I have a lot of my friends contacting me from the gym, saying "where are you?"
or bumping into them in stores, and its "I pulled my back out"...
I am hoping by 1 mth, I can at least go back and walk on the treadmill BUT I refuse to do it in this garment.. it freakin HOT.
But I will be safe and start working out when the doc says so..
If something goes wrong, I dont want to be held responsible for not following doc recommendations.

update 22 days post op

22 days

Above is my 22 days PO photos..

As you can see, I have an opening which I am using a diluted bleach and keeping it on it ..
The doc did say it will close on its own and not to worry. I hope so!
My scars I have to say are looking better then I expected for only 3 weeks PO. My inner thigh, one thigh you can see it looks like its slightly uneven.. the doc said it will flatten out..
and on my stomach, center area.. he said he did that pinch skin on purpose to avoid my scar from stretching and that will also flatten out (again, I hope so)..
Overall I am happy with what I am seeing..
trying to watch my weight.. as I am not working out, I cant burn off my intake..

My dog said 6 weeks (total) before I can even consider having sex.. My husband though is afraid he will break me..LOL.. I think in 3 more weeks, I will be in even better condition.. so he has nothing to worry about..

I am filing a complain with the nurse in the hospital I stayed at.
Overall, I had a nice (as good as can be expected under my condition) but to have a nurse like that, (I didnt have her the day before or that night, she came on in the morning time), just ruined it for me.. she should be in this profession is she has no patience for taking good care of someone.. thats the overall duty of what a nurse is about. Get out of this profession then. I can only imagine how many others have complained about her..
Just glad its over but I am not one to not say something.. I dont roll over and play dead. I have always been one to speak my mind.

But overall my doc and his nurse Annika have been wonderful. I am happy with results.
The nurse I am talking about doesnt work for Dr Alizadeh. She was a nurse in the hospital I had to stay in.

26 days post op..i have a hole!

I am 26 days po and doing OK. Still not standing 100% straight yet. I have a slight hunch.
I am very upset about the hole I have. I am doing as doc tells me with dakins solution and gauze.. Just worried how long this will take to heal.
My skin has been very itchy too. In areas not near incisions as well..
I have been using scar gel that doc gave me.
Headed to docs today..wish me luck

almost 4.5 weeks post op

I still have a healing hole but scars are healing great
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

I personally love his work. I knew he would be the doctor I would use over 15yrs earlier. I did all my research. He did my breasts (lift and implant) and my eyes (under eyes) last yr (spent about $16k) and now I am back to do the rest. I didnt want to do all of this at once. Felt it was too much all in one shot.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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WOW! That stuff works great, You're scars are healing really nicely! You look better and better with each update. I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing.
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:) thanks honey! super excited and excited for YOUR upcoming too
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Love your results amazing....scars are great ..I will look into that scar cream..I have been doing scar guard tape.......
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Thank you! I def think the cream has a lot to do with it.
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I cannot believe how well your incisions are healing. The other lady that has posted here with the same procedure is having some serious issues. I wonder if it's because everyone heals differently or if there's something that you did to make it heal better? I am curious tho. Why did they make an incision to your knee? From the "before" photos you posted, it looked like you only had some loose skin at the top of your inner thighs and could have benefited from a lift in the groin area alone. Either way you do look great and I am debating whether or not I would like to have this done when I lose all the weight. Do you have an suggestions on care for your incisions after surgery?
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my doc had told me from the beginning that an inner lift, he wouldnt recommend and was telling me how incisions over time pull and that I would have a 1/2 inch incision and the results for the inner thigh wont be worth it. He said if I wanted a great result, to do vertical. I have to say he was right.. BUT when we discussed it, he was telling me it would go to a certain point but when I realized it was all the way to knee, I was taken back and very upset.. But I have to say, I dont feel that way anymore .. the incisions are healing up so nicely that I can probably wear shorts and you wont even see it by next summer. Thats how well its healing. I have to take some more shots soon because the incision line is fading SO much. He has me using this gel now which I really think is helping called "BioCorneum plus spf 30" . I know who you are referring to on the body lift and we can only say a prayer for her that she heals nicely and this doctor of hers steps up to the plate and does the right thing. I cant say why hers did this and mine didnt. I am not a doctor but I do know she said the doc she chose only did this procedure 2 times and if she knew that, she wouldnt have chose him. I know mine used this tape (which a lot dont do) and he claims it makes the incisions heal better. so I look like I had plastic wrap on me the 1st 2 weeks.. and I was also very careful.. even peeing standing up (cup).. The only care I did was keeping it all clean, milking the drains like the doc said to, and keeping an eye on everything. Mostly lots of water, and resting..
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I just posted photos.. update for 4.5 weeks
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I was wondering the same thing on the thigh incision. I have similar laxtivity and several PS told me I would benefit from the groin incision and there are new procedures that prevent the scar migration from happening.
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You look fantastic!! So happy for you and thank you for sharing your pictures and journey. I go for another consultation Monday for BL and TT and I'm meeting another PS for the following week who specializes in weight loss patients for arm and thigh lifts. I'm mainly interested in the groin incision. Did you meet with other PS and they all advise on the vertical thigh lift with incisions to the knee? I ask this because I was told the scar migration does not happen when places in the right place in the thigh.
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You look great! I also have loose skin to deal with and am an avid gym goer. I'm noticing that the lift from behind seems to elongate and flatten the butt - and also feel a bit depressed that this doesn't seem to be correctable by surgery or working out in cases where weight loss has caused sagging. How do you feel about the difference surgery has made to your buttocks shape?
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I am flat right now but I did my research and most peoples butts come back after 8 mths or so after the swelling does down, you are standing straight again (I am not standing straight still) and I guess all the recovery has happened.. I am also still very swollen in my upper back area and abs.. I can tell it will go down another 2inches in depth.. so I am not worries about my rear end.. I had enough to spare..LOL.. I wanted my jello gone. a lot of people get fat transfers if you really wanted that. when my doc 1st saw me he wanted to do a transfer to make the lose skin smooth out and I said NO.. I didnt want my butt BIGGER, I wanted it smaller and with no lose skin.. I hope in a yr, being back at the gym 100%, I can have my booty shape where it should be (it does look flat now but I know it will pop) and my waist and inner thigh to look ideal
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upper butt not upper back (correction)
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I have to agree with you, I too want my but smaller, not bigger! Ive seen many LBL with butt transfers, my doc suggested the same thing, but no thank you... not for this girl :)
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It seems to be the biggest thing now but I worry if this is also a fad.. I am aiming for a certain look. In my eyes what some consider a nice butt, I might consider too big.. I have seen then too small too.. I look at mine now and it does appear flat but I know (from seeing others photos and talking to people and my doctor) that, that is only temp. ;)
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Baby Rhino, what they do during the LBL is an auto-aug - it is a living fat source - not a removed and reinjected fat, but that lower back fat that is repositioned and survives well. The LBL in itself create the problem of the "boy butt" as it removes a lot of the tissue and CREATES the problem of flattened buttocks. So basically it fixes (and also enhances) the problem that an LBL + the weight loss create. Presurgery i really didnt need more volume (i was a little flat) but the traditional LBL (without an auto aug) would have altered my waist hip ratio in a negative way - so i knew as a "start point" in selecting surgeons, i had to have one that did the auto-aug - you can look at many surgeons pics and see the difference. I didn't end up with a big butt from the auto aug, but WITHOUT it would have ended up with a flattened hips and buttocks and more of a boy figure - hope that makes sense?
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onedimesim, this should be addressed to the 1st person who asked the question., katrinaR I didnt do an aug and I think I am not flat there, I had enough to spare and I am still swollen on my waist and lower abs.. so far I am really loving the shape I am getting.. cant wait for final results.
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Hey girl everything is looking good, just a small spot is running a bit behind. It will close up! I agree try not to focus on it! The more we look at stuff the more we see imperfections. What did the dr say? I hope everything is going well.
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he said it will heal in 2 weeks.. I hope so.. Its so big I can put my thumb in it.. :( and my skin is SOOO itchy... been getting rashes too when I itch. not sure if thats normal (the rashes) Overall I am happy with results.. just the recovery is taking forever.. I miss making love to my husband .. How have you been?
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Try not to focus on the hole...it will heal! i had a opening in the exact location and my doc tells me no matter what, this area tends to open on LOTS of people - very common area. Mine took about 3 weeks to close...of course bandaging it is fun - like chasing your tail! I think it is "human" to freaked out by holes in our body - sort of like an auto-response, like seeing snakes. But it is not a serious complication, just a pain in the butt! (see i made a funny...)
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LOL.. yes you did.. what did the doc tell you to do (as far as caring for it?)
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all i did was a THIN layer of antibac ointment and a bandage!
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hey hon.. I just posted new photos.. my scars are really fading nicely :)
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wow your scars are **seriously** looking awesome!!! That is exciting! you are using the biocorneum?? That is good stuff but super expensive plus i have *lots* of scars! I have been using it sparingly as such, but geez - may have to rethink that!!
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Thank you! This gel is amazing. I dont use a lot.. I also put a thin coating on. They say if you go to think it wont dry. I also have my inner thighs too which I forgot to take pics... But overall, I am really liking how the scars are looking and I am certain I wont even be worried by next summer about it accidentally showing a little.. by then it will certainly be faded out
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I wish you luck today san. Make sure you update us! By the way your looking great
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