Great Facelift at Age 75

Had my first face lift in Beverly Hills when I was...

Had my first face lift in Beverly Hills when I was 41yrs old. It was so bad he apologized and did it again 3 months later. I was left with scars from the neck lift on my neck and had to let my hair grow to cover it. Really did nothing for me.

Had a skin cancer removed from my upper lift 15 yrs ago. One side of my upper lift was smooth the other side wrinkled. Plus the nasal wrinkle seemed more pronounced on the other side. Went to a Plastic Surgeon in Puerto Vallarta 10 yrs ago and he re-aligned my face with a face lift. Cost was $2,000.00. I was in a hospital overnight and recovered quickly with no pain.

Last Aug 2008 I went back as at 75 yrs of age. I was starting to look old. Was in the hospital 6 hrs. It was a minor lift behind the hairline above the ears and in front of the ears. People guess my age as in the early 60's. Drove myself home after the surgery.

I used the same Dr. for all of the surgeries. I have wrinkles but not deep. Cost $1,800 and $450.00 for the operating room and hosp care.

I am also interested in getting a facelift in Mexico. I know I have to be very careful, but some recommendations would be so helpful. Thanks
Does anyone have any more history about Dr. Ricardo Rivera of Puerto Vallarta? Thank you.
I'm interested in the new facelift and browlift called ENODOTINE. Can anyone please share with me some experience and stories about it? I had a facelift done 6 years ago with gotex suture loop that holds and lifts cheek to temple. At that time, it was quite minimally invasive and offered a quick recovery-time. Yes, I'm quite happy with it. Now I'm looking into this ENODOTINE technique. PS. I'm American currently live in London, UK so I probably prefer to have things done in the US. If anyone know the differences, worth mentioned between the two countries on the facelift practices, please do tell.
Dr. Ricardo Rivera

He has been operating here in Puerto Vallarta for at least 20 yrs. He has an outstanding reputation for all types of cosmetic surgery.

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