New Me in 2013-Scheduled for 1/29 - Grand Rapids, MI

I really like reading the blogs on this website....

I really like reading the blogs on this website. It is so nice to see women being real about themselves, their body and how they feel. So here is my story.
I am 37. I have two girls; 17 &13. I was married for 13 years and one day, my husband looked at me, and told me he no longer loves me, he is not passionate about me and he left. I later learned that he thought my stomach is disgusting and that is why he left. Naturally that broke my heart. I have spent the last year of my life exercising, dieting and trying to live healthy. I am trying to find myself. Although I believe I have a good handle on my innerself and I believe that I am beautiful on the inside, I am ready to be beautiful on the outside. I am scheduled for surgery on 1/29 with Dr. Bengston, one of the best plastic surgeons in the nation. I am so blessed to be in his hands, I trust that he will do a remarkable job. My only fear is going under... is this a normal fear? I am so excited to have a new me. I know that 2013 is going to be the best year yet.

Here are two before pics of me... sooooo embarrassing, but this is the best way to keep it real. I just hope that my results will be amazing and noticable. Just over one week!!! :o)

You will be fine. It's his loss. A fresh start and a new improved u :)
You will do greatttttttttttt! PS..and your ex will try to come back begging.. LOL. I been under anesthesia twice (had 2 C-Sects) for me it wasn't too bad.. It's like one minute you are awake and then before you know it u getting the best sleep of your life and then gradually awake up... I felt a little groggy for awhile..then it wears off.... Best of luck!! Keep up posted!
Good luck to you!!! Can't wait to see your results!!

So tomorrow is my big day... yup I am nervous. I...

So tomorrow is my big day... yup I am nervous. I am not worried about my results, I have one of the best surgeons in the country and I am not really even worried about recovery... what scares me the most is being put under. Ugh! I guess if I die... what a peaceful way to go, right?
My mom was suppose to bring me tomorrow morning, and in typical mom fashion she is not going to show up to bring me so I have to scrounge around for a ride. So far I am off to a great start! LOL
I believe I am ready to go, no drinking after midnight, or eating... I am sure I will be wishing for coffee in the morning.
Anyway, wish me luck. This time tomorrow, I will be on the flatside, and well on my way to recovery.
Hello neighbour! I hope things go welll today and you get home safely, with no stress. I'll be thinking of you today!
It's going to be just fine. Best of luck, I'll be thinking of you. I. Sure it's your husband's loss. And maybe not being with someone who bases a person's marital value on appearances is a blessing, huh? Your outside will represent the beauty you know inside. Be well.
Good Luck !

Today is day 1 post op.definatley in pain but...

Today is day 1 post op.definatley in pain but tolerable as long as I am not moving. Yesterday I had the hiccups 10 different times. Talk about painful... I found out the hiccups were from my pain reliver so no more pain relievers for me. I would rather go without pain medicine then have those awful hiccups. I moved from sleeping in my recliner to my bed and it feels good to be in bed. I can't wait for the pain to praying for soon. Other then the hiccups, no other complications... Knock on wood. I am afraid to take off my binder and I am not standing straight yet. I'm hoping by Friday. I will feel signifiacantly better.
I'm glad to hear that you are liking your bed better. We have a recliner but it's in the basement, so I anticipate being in bed for a couple of days, at least. Glad to hear that the hiccups can be avoided!
Hope your feeling better soon I had my surgery on the 29th as well and let's just say painful I believe our results will be worth it in the end ;)
my date was the 29th as well, so we're tucker twins :-) Day 1 po how are you doing? For me I've mostly been in a lot of pain as i'm not respondig well to the meds. Sucks, but the only way is up... let us know how you're doing and best wishes to you,

Today is day 7 post op. I am healing nicely,...

Today is day 7 post op. I am healing nicely, however I feel like I have a way to go. A few things that I went through, that I have not read in anyone else’s profile, as soon as I came home, my first 24 hours I had hiccups 10 times. They were painful on my diaphragm, but not on my stomach muscles. It was uncomfortable. Then day 3 and 4 I had to cough for two days to cough up phlegm and my throat kept tickling. Apparently this was from my airway being irritated during anesthesia. I am very bloated and will be for a few weeks. However I am thinking this has been worth it. My stomach and figure is 100% better after surgery and I know things will only improve from here.
I wish I did not have to sleep on my back every night. I cannot wait until I have full mobility and can sleep in any position. My legs are feeling week, I cant wait to start working out again.
Oh, another thing I noticed. My stomach feels full so much faster then it ever has. I can only eat about 1/2 the amount of food I use to. It appears having my muscle fibers sutured together has brought in all my organs and now there is not enough room for my stomach to expand. I think this may be a wonderful side effect. I just need to start adjusting my food portions.
I will post some after pics in a couple days, when I am feeling a little bit better.
Good luck and happy healings
good luck and happy healing! Thank you for sharing your story.
I had the same issue feeling full and not eating much. Unfortunately that goes away with time. I do not eat as much as I used to but stomach feels back to normal.
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