Before, during and after my procedure I was made...

Before, during and after my procedure I was made to feel as if I was the most important patient there. I had the best care and compassion from Dr. Ringler and his team. I was a little nervous but that was quickly resolved by the comfort of the nurses, doctor and their willingness to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable and at ease.

Surgery week by week

Surgery week by week

Week 5 postop

Did you get muscle repair too? You re looking good. Each day gets better doesn't it. I'm in Michigan too. Clarkston area
Yes, I had muscle repair, lipo and hernia repair. Thank you, I don't feel like I'm looking very good right now. I feel like I haven't seen changes in a couple of weeks, worry that I have dog ears, worry that I'll have muffin top and wonder if it will all get flat...same worries as everyone else lol! I have so many questions for my doctor and don't see him again until 08/20...
I see my dr tomorrow. I write my questions down. Mine are when can I swim. Swelling in middle is that ok. Being in sun and scar message or treatment. Stuff like that. You know we r like tt twins. Happy healing.

Postop week 6

Week 6 has been a really good week for me. Swelling decreased significantly and the flatter tummy I've longed for has excited!
Looks great!

Postop week 7

Still have swelling, it differs from day to day, seems to be more swollen when I do more. The line below my bb (butt crack looking line) is slowly going away!

Postop 8 weeks

I see a very slight difference every week and every week I'm just a little happier with my results!
Thanks so much for the nice comments and review. We're so happy that you're pleased with your result.

9 weeks postop

Saw my PS yesterday. He says all looks great! I will have to wait 3 more months to see if dog ears go away, if they do not he will fix them in his office. Very happy with the results thus far!

12 weeks postop

You are looking great!!!
I'm worried that my lower abdomen doesn't look as tight as it should, it is still very flubberish?

5 months postop

Not quite as happy as I thought I would be this late in the process. I see my PS on 11/19 hoping he would agree that the lower abdomen could be tighter and that the dog ears need removal. It's a definite improvement but not the result I was striving for...yet!
your scar looks really light - wish mine was lighter already

Before and after comparison

You look great! You know it's good to see before and then after. Update what dr says about revisions. Looks good to me
Thank you :) I will be updating Tuesday...I'm excited/nervous to see what he says!

Revision soon!

I will be getting a revision to remove the dog ears and some extra skin on the lower abdomen along with more lipo in these areas Jan. 8th. Will post some more pics them :)
I'll be thinking of you Jan 8th & Please keep us posted:)
Thank you! I will :)

Upcoming revision!

Got a call from PS office yesterday. I'm getting excited to get the revision done and over with on January 8th. I'm really hoping to get the results I expected this time! Glad it's the holidays to keep me busy and keep my mind off of the surgery! Only 3 weeks to go!!!!
Keep us updated on how the revision goes. I'd like to know how the healing process goes the second time around! Good luck!
How exciting, you look great so you will only look better. Congrats!
Thank you! I'm super excited to get rid of these quite large dog ears!

Revision in 3 days!!!

I'm getting very excited a anxious to get this done and over with! Really hoping all turns out great this time around :) will post revision pics in a few days!

Was having trouble adding photos here are some more.

Please post updates. I got my revision done last week
How are you feeling? Are you super happy? I'm getting really excited! Will def post pics :)
Good luck with the revision! I also wonder if the recovery is any easier/shorter for a revision. Also is your PS charging for the dog ear correction?

Rescheduled revision!

Such a bummer I got a call at 7:30 this morning that the surgi center was flooded and I would need to call my PS to reschedule :( my new revision date is now Feb. 5th. I was put at the top of the cancellation list, so hoping to get in a little sooner...
Aww what a shame :( fingers crossed you get a cancellation xxx
Yay, I did get a cancellation! My appointment is now Monday, thank goodness! I really did not want to wait another month!

New date for revision!

Thank goodness! Got a call late this afternoon that they can get me in Monday instead!
That's good news, good luck for Monday :) xxx
You are lucky that ur going completely under. I would have liked that better. But my revision was not big enough. I guess that's good. Good luck to you

Revision is finished!

Had my revision of dog ears and some more lipo done today. Feeling pain free and great so far. Too nervous to look and feeling a bit tired will post revision pics tomorrow :)
did u have to pay for ur revision?
No, I didn't have to pay anything for the revision.
awe thats good, hope ur feeling better. and ur results are alot better :))

Revision postop day 1

Had my revision yesterday and couldn't be happier with my results. I got a real glimpse of what my results will be yesterday immediately after I am a bit more swollen but still looks much better! I had excess skin removed from my lower abdomen, dog eat removal, and additional lipo on the muffin top!
Thanks for update with photos. Looking good. Happy healing.

1 week post revision

Looking better and better everyday!

Comparison before revision and 1 week after

Top photo is 7 months post TT. Bottom photo is 1 week post revision.

Comparison photo

Left is before, right is 7 months post TT and 8 dats post revision.
You look terrific!! Hope your healing with your revision :)

1 month post revision

Results are getting better each day! Hubby and I decided to join the gym for our valentines gifts to each other...hoping to be bikini ready by spring break :) happy healing all!
Thank you! The revision was much easier than the original surgery. Just checked out your pics, you look amazing :)
Yea that's great! Thanks to u too! I'm definitely a happy girl. Have a great Valantines :)

2 months post revision.

I can't believe this is MY body! I have been given a bit of youth as well as my confidence back!

2 mos post rev.

2 mos post rev.

I think a 2nd revision may be in my future...

My results are much better now than they were 2 months ago, but I'm still not satisfied with my results. At first I thought the revision looked great and then as time went on and swelling went down I realized that the love handles and dog ears were still there. I go to see PS April 18th and I am looking for to seeing what he has to say. I hope he agrees with my concerns. I was really hoping to be swimsuit ready this summer since I wasn't last year but that is not looking very promising this year. I am guessing if PS agrees that I need a 2nd revision I will have to wait at least until July to have it done...not really how I wanted to spend my 2nd summer BUT if I finally get the result I'm looking for it will all be worth it :) All I ask is for NO dog ears and NO love handles!

10 months post op and 2 months post revision.

Went and saw PS yesterday for my 3 month post-op visit. I had a few concerns about some "chub" left on the sides just above the hips. It looks like we will be trying 2 treatments of CoolSculpting to try and avoid another lipo's to hoping it works :). I have been obsessively researching and it seems many are getting great results with CoolSculpting especially after getting at least 2 treatments within 2 months of each other. First one will be May 1 and the second will be June 11. I'm excited to give it a try! Pics coming soon!

1st session of CoolSculpting in progress.

Today is the day for my first session of CoolSculpt on my flanks. So far so good! No pain so far. Initially there was a tight squeeze and cold sensation but within a few minutes all was numb. I'm hearing the flanks respond to CoolSculpting really well, let's hope they do in my situation! I'm a little skeptical about the results but time will tell. PS recommended CoolSculpt to avoid another surgery, so I'm trusting him and giving it a whirl :)

4 weeks post CoolSculpt

I am 4 almost 5 weeks post CoolSculpt and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I have seen more of a difference than I expected. Love handles seem to be smaller, hopefully they will continue to shrink since the final result takes up to 4 months :) Second session will be June 11th, can't wait!

5 weeks after 2nd CoolSculpt

Seeing a slight improvement. Really hoping to see more in the next month or so.

5 weeks after 2nd CoolSculpt

5 weeks after 2nd CoolSculpt

Before and after 2 CoolSculpt sessions

Abdominoplasty enhancement

Well not much has changed since my last post. I'm not super happy about my results but they are still much better than before the TT.

The CoolScolpt gave good results in the love handle area but the lower tummy is still loose and not as flat as I had hoped for.

Oct. 29th I will be returning to the OR for an abdominoplaty enhancement...or so it's called. I'm hoping this will be the FINAL surgery and I can move on with life in my cute lil bikini ;) will post pics soon...
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