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Full TT with Lipo. 24 5'9 with 70 Pound Weight Loss

My surgery is exactly two weeks out today. I am...

My surgery is exactly two weeks out today. I am very excited yet nervous about the whole thing. I don't hear of 24 year olds with no kids doing this procedure often but I have a never seen a stomach quite like mine and the doc says this is the only real way to get the results I have been working so hard for!!
Hey there, well done on the weight loss, good on you for taking the plunge! i have my surgery booked for 25/4 so we will be recovering at the same time!! i have a similar body shape to you with the over hang above my belly button, was just wondering What TT procedure you are having done? and any lipo? wishing you all the best for your op!
I am having a full tt where they will be giving me a new belly button. i will also have lipo on my back hip area. That wasn't necessary but I figured since I was going under I might as well. Hope all goes well with your surgery!
I would love to see your result. Excited for you. Goodluck and will pray for your easy and fast recovery. ;)

Pre Op Today

I had my pre op today. My mom came with me and everything went really well. Less then 2 weeks at this point and the nerves have started kicking in. I've also been super sick the past 3 days so I'm hoping that I can kick it soon so I can get back on my workout schedule to shed a few more lbs.
What is your current weight and measurements? I'm going to follow your progress. Mine is scheduled for 6/16/14. I'm 5'10.5". We are both unusually tall so I have more interest in your story.
Thanks for the interest in my story! I'll post my stats in post so that others can see them if they are interested.
Congratulations on the weight loss! I know it takes hard work and determination. I'll be following your story--thanks for sharing!


Here are the stats to my current pre tt body.
Height 5'9
Weight 165 lbs although I am quite muscular
Bust 32.5 in
Waist 29 in
Hip on the pudge 37.5 in
rae029, I am also in GR getting my tt and lipo on 4/21 with you. I am a bit older and have 2 kids, so although we do not have the same circumstances, I will be thinking of you next week and following your process afterwards.
Thank you so much! I bet you're as nervous and anxious as I am getting! Heres hoping for a fast recovery for you!
you are gona look amazzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow congrats on all ur weight loss too!!! im currently on the weight loss journey! :) ooxoxo sooo exciting for you!!!!!!!!!!!

1 week!

This time next week I will be home and probably in quite a bit of pain. I am so excited about it but I am still anxious. At this point I am off some of my meds which as have been making it hard to sleep but its only a week.

While this sounds kind of dumb I have been more worried about cutting back on the gym and my social life for a few weeks than the actual surgery. I am not telling people about my surgery so its going to be a little weird when I see my friends and have to explain why I'm mia all the sudden.
We have 2 days and counting and I am getting anxious and excited. Just want it over. Best of luck to you and I look forward to sharing our war stories.
TOMORROW!!!! I woke up this morning and it became a realization that tomorrow I'd be on the operating table. Good luck tomorrow! I'll check for your updates!
How are you doing today? Sore getting up and down. Throat pretty sore from anaesthesia tube.


This time tomorrow I'll be pulling up the the surgery center and prepping for my operation. Overall I am very excited but I did have a weird dream last night where my teeth fell out. That meaning that I feel like I'm losing control. I can't help but think that it has a large part to do with my surgery.

Being that its Easter my family is going to have a ton of food around which is the last thing that I want to do today :( I don't want to go into my surgery puffy and full of salt. I am attempting to be as clean as possible so to be ready for tomorrow.
I'll be praying for you. You'll do great!
Thank you!!
Good Luck tomorrow! Please update when u can.

Here I Go!!!

I'm sitting here waiting and trying to kill a few minutes before I have to take off. I'm getting nervous but I still don't think its hit me fully that in a few hours I will be flat, which is something I've never been. I'll update when I can!
Hope everything went well!
Everything went well. Now the healing begins. Thank you!
Exciting!!! Good luck

All Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

post op now. feel like hell. ill update more when i'm a little more up for it

Update noe that I'm a little more medicated

Here is a run through of my day. I got to the surgery center at 10 and they took me right back and got me ready. I got my iv and another shot and then just hung out. My mom came back at that point and sat with me. My recovery nurse was great and made me feel very comfortable about the whole thing.

Next the doc came in and marked me up which was very quick. Anesthesia doc came in next and explain how things were going to go.

We got a bit of a late start because the previous surgery ran a little long and they had to flip the room. Anestesia doc came in a gave me something to relax me and honestly I passed out from that. I don't remember anything. Surgery went very well according to my doc. He says that I'm going to look fantastic. I was also told they took out 6 to 7 pounds which is a little surprising but its all fine with me. I was told not to weigh myself for a while because I will weigh more with all the extra fluid.

Waking up was a little rough I was in recovery for an extra hour just trying to feel with nausea but once that was under control I was pretty good.

One thing thats been kind of rough is the drainage from the lipo. I had it done on my back flanks. I've having to change the pads very frequently and I feel so bad for my poor mom who has been taken care of me. I'm hoping that tomorrow with be significantly less so I can be more independent.

I don't have any photos as of yet but when I change my dressing on wednesday I'll be sure to post some.

Last thing I just want to thank everyone who has sent me well wishes. I is very much appreciated.
Well done. So pleased ur on the other side! The flatter side now!! Will be joining u on Friday!!! Not looking forward to it feeling like hell haha but sure it will all be worth it!!
I am 1 day p.o.. not as bad as I thought it would be.
I agree. The tt itself hasn't been that bad, just tight. The worse part for me has been the ridiculous amount of drainage from the lipo on the back of my hips


So I made it through my first night. I went to be about 12:30 and woke up every two hours to take a pain pill. That is what I was suggested to do. I woke up at 6 to check my drains which were actually quite a bit lower then they were the first time I emptied them.

One thing that has been awful is the drainage from my lipo. I got it on the back of my hips (its a genetic thing I get from my dad…thanks dad) and I have lost a TON of fluid. I know that they inject fluid inside as they are working but this have been nuts. My poor mother has had to chance the pads on my back 4 times since coming home and once before I even left the surgery center. Luckily I think that I might actually be done. Thank goodness because I really don't think I could keep going through that.

I was able to get out of bed by myself yesterday evening to go to the bathroom which I was only able to do because of my upper body strength (thank you lifting heavy weights) I attempted to do the same this morning but I was to stiff.

I just have to remember that this is as worse as it will ever be and it will only get better day by day.
Thanks for the update! You're on the flat side!!! And you're right....every day will get a little better. Great attitude!
Thanks! I'm hoping I can keep the attitude. I've heard that emotions and go up and down but I'm just trying to remain grateful for the opportunity that I had

Photo Pre Surgery

This is a photo that was taken with my stomach marked up

Rough Night

Last night was fairly rough. I have slept in my bed the past 2 nights but spent the majority of the day yesterday in a recliner so I was able to be more mobile on my own. I felt like I may have over done it a little yesterday because by the time I was ready for bed it was super difficult to get in and get comfortable. My mom and I had to work to readjust my binder because if felt so tight I couldn't breathe. Eventually I do comfortable but I did set my alarm to wake up and take pain pills every two hours again. My lower back as been killing me… worst then the tt.

This morning my mom checked on me before work and I was feeling a little emotional just because I was in so much pain. I went back to bed until 11 which I think was much needed.

I get to shower today and change my dressings so I will finally get to see whats under there!!!!!
Thanks for keeping us updated! On Friday I have my 2 week pre-op for a tummy tuck and breast aug and I feel the same way you did about being more nervous not getting to go to the gym or be social as much. I am also 24 with no kids and it's really nice to see that I'm not alone in that respect. Congratulations on everything and best of luck on a speedy recovery!
Thank you so much. I was very nervous about having to leave the gym behind but honestly at this point its the last thing on my mind. I was a 6 day a week 3 hour a day girl and now I have a hard time just getting out of the chair lol its kind of ironic. I have have to remind myself that it is temporary and that when I do go back I can wear cute tank tops that match my nike pro shorts! haha Good luck at pre op I'm sure you'll do great!
Main thing dont push it. Do what yourbody allows you to. Everything in Time.

I never want to shower EVER again

So its been 48 hours and I was give the okay to shower. I have been sleeping most of the day. Awake for a few minutes here and there but nothing much.

I took a shower about an hour ago and it was just awful. My mom took photos so we could remember how to bandage me up. I tied my drains around a long string so they wouldn't get pulled on. That worked well and I suggest doing that. Once I was in the shower I got very nauseous and light headed. I couldn't get out of there quick enough. I was also lucky enough to have a shower chair.

Reapplying the bandages was a little complicated but I think we got it. I had to lay back down to put the binding on or else I couldn't get to the black marks.

At this point I am so exhausted I never want to shower again. Just need to keep reminding myself that this is as worse as it will be and I actually got to see a flat (but very swollen) stomach
Hey Hun! U look so flat and curvy! Id be so happy if my surgery goes like yours tomorrow!!!! Just keep reminding urself The swelling will go down, u look fab already!!!!
Thank you so much. I am happy with the flat. I am just slightly concerned because it looks like I have Nicki Minaj hips on one side. I'm going to call my doc tomorrow and ask if its normal to be that lop sided. Good luck on your surgery today!!! I'll be looking for updates :)
Wow u look amazing!! Love ur tummy rest! Xoxo

Worried About Being Normal

I know this is going to sound a little crazy so lets put this post in the "emotionally unstable" category.

I am worried that I am not going to be normal enough to do back to work. Today is thursday and I don;t go back until next wednesday but I am worried that I am not progressing enough to do it. Heres the issue. I am an elementary teacher which means constant movement on most days. I am fortunate enough that if I want/need to I can make my day easier on myself.

No one at work knows what I am having done. They know that I am having surgery but I have felt like I don't need to tell anyone about this because it is my decision and I don't need anyone judging me for it. I put in the work but my body wouldn't let me go further.

I want to go back in and be able to function in my room with having to ask for any assistance.

Another thing. In my recent photo I posted from yesterday you can see that my right side hip is EXTREMELY swollen. I mean it looks like a softball was shoved right in there. It is making wearing my binder extremely uncomfortable because it is cutting into me like a corset. Has this happened to anyone else? How long did it take for the swelling to subside? I talked to my nurse today and she said it was normal, but I am just hoping it goes down quickly because it is sometimes hard to breathe
You are not at all emotionally unstable. It's smart to be thinking about your physical state when you return to the classroom. You will feel so much better in a few days, and worlds better in a week. When you go back, try not to stand for long periods of time. It'll help with swelling and back aches. You are only a few days out, but I can tell your results are going to be stunning! You have such a beautiful waist-to-hip ratio, even with the crazy swelling. Happy healing!
Thanks! I feel like I'm at a standstill with the healing but I have also taking myself off pain meds so I'm feeling everything right now. I am hoping that the hip swelling will go down soon. I would love to put on pants or even underwear since neither are an option with how large I am :(
Hi there, I had my surgery on a Wednesday afternoon and was back at work the following Monday. Not by choice but I'm self employed and I had to do what I had to do. I wheel 12 hour days with infants and toddlers...I thought I was literally going to have a break down one day because I was swollen, trying to hide my drains because I also didn't tell most about my surgery. When I could sit, I did. I made sure not to miss any doses of Tylenol and I was usually putting ice into my garment for relief. I say plan a week that will allow for more sitting and explain to the kids you are not feeling well and could use their support and extra help (not sure what grade you teach). As soon ad you get home shower in cool water and get your feet up. I'm 15 days post op now and looking back I'm glad I came back to work because it's helped my healing. I still get swollen toward the middle to end of the day but that's expected...I feel worse when I rest for an entire day then try working. Good luck!

New Method

So I am really over the fact that I can't put on shorts or even underwear. I have one pair of sweatpants that kind of fit thanks to an ex who conveniently left them and even those are hard to get on.
My new thinking is to re adjust the binder. Since coming home the binder has sat from right under my boobs to about mid hip but rolls up because my hips are soooo large. They are currently 10 inches larger than when I had surgery with my waist only about 2 inches larger. I have decided to lower the binder and put it more around my hips hopefully to compress them a little bit more and get the swelling to go down. The only problem is is the gap now between the binder and my waist. I can't seen to get it tight enough to be snug. I'l going to give this a go for a few hours and see how its working out.
Don't get my wrong I LOVE my curves but Nicki Manaj was not on my wish list

Best Idea!

Lowering the binder was such a good idea. I was going to take a show tonight and as soon as I took my binder off my mom was amazed! She said it looked a million times more normal. I'm going to continue to wear it lower to help continue to compress the swelling in the hips.

Here are a few photos pre shower. Huge difference in my hips!!

I also caved and took a pain pill after the shower. I made it almost 24 hours but my lower back was unbearable.
Hey I can't believe how much a difference it made once you moved your binder down! Wow! You look really good! Great shape! I wanted to let you know that I had an issue in the beginning with larger hips/ smaller waist, and my PS had me wear a larger binder down lower and wrap an ace bandage around my upper abdomen so I was still getting the benefits of something up there too (i have a pic posted). Once the swelling went down in my hips he switched me to a smaller binder that fit better. Just wanted to pass that along. Happy healing! You're looking great!
I'm going to try the ace bandage today because I do feel like I need a little support up there. Thank you so much for recommending that! I'm hoping that now that the hips have gone down I can actually wear the binder properly. You look amazing by the way!! I'll be following your healing!
Oh and you look AMAZING!

One Drain Out

Well last night I slept super uncomfortable. My right drain has been nothing me way more than the left side. The stitch on that side has been pulling unlike the other side and I have been attempting to slide it down. It made it very difficult and uncomfortable to get up and basically impossible to but any pants or underwear on.

Well today when I was using the bathroom I felt quite a bit of pain coming from my right side and looked down to see that the drain itself was coming out and I could see about a half and inch of it. I was worried and called the on call PS at the office.
He told me that I could take it out myself and walked me through the steps of doing it. My mom took it out for me and there was just a weird sedation, not pain, but just weird. I am a little concerned because that side was still draining a little more than it should be. He said he likes about 25cc in a 24 hour period and I am closer to 35cc. He said that since I still have my left side in I might see a pick up of fluid on that side, which I am hoping for since I was still a little high.

I get the other drain out on Monday during my post op, but its crazy how much easier it is to get around with one drain out
You look really good!!!! Hope swelling has subside... :) Happy Healing....take care
Thank you so much!! Swelling is slowly going down which is great!
You look great! Please give an update to let us know how the ace bandage worked. I'm having a heck of a time with this binder that is too long for my torso. My doctor has me using a folded up beach towel tucked into spanx covered up with a binder. Ugh, dislike...


Welp I woke up this morning and my right leg below my stitches was sore. I took a look and sure enough I have a seroma which is a small fluid build up, just like a fluid blister you get from wearing new shoes. I have my post op tomorrow and I figured Id just wait until then and have him pop it for me. Its not crazy uncomfortable so I figured just let the professional fix it.

Other than that healing is going pretty well. I was so productive yesterday…sitting productive but I still got a to of work done. The only issue I'm having is a TON of bruising on my bum which makes it hard to get out of bed, or a chair but my back is sore so standing is hard. Catch 22.

I am really happy though that I haven't been going through the emotional ups and downs. I have been aware that this was my choice and healing will happen it will just take time. I've cried a time or two but mainly because of pain or feeling helpless but I quickly got over it.

My advice for this surgery is have a good support system. My mom have been great and really my dad and brother have stepped up if I've needed anything as well. I'm a little nervous about being back at my place and on my own come tuesday.

Happy Sunday and Happy Healing everyone!
Congrats for being on the flat side. Remember swell hell will come but it will also go away!!! Happy healing...
Thank you!!! I'm learning all to well about the swell hell. I just wish my yoga pants would fit lol
I am with you on day 6 po. No emotional ups or downs yet. Out of my pain meds so taking 800mg Motrin. Butt and back bruised from lipo. So hard time finding a comfortable position. Have lots of family for support. Only thing is I never got a follow up call from my ps or his office yet. Po appt Tuesday.

Day 6 post op photos

You are looking good, despite the swelling. Congrats on the amazing weight loss!
Thank you so much!!

Post Op Apt Today

So I had my post op appointment today and things went really well. First off my doc is away at a conference and I had to see one of the partners at the office. This is the same doc that talked me through, or rather my mom how to pull my drain out.

I went in and the nurse pulled off all my dressings and got me ready for the doc. When he came in to took a peak and seemed to think everything was going pretty well. I had one small/clear stitch by my belly button and he snipped. He also replaced my steri strips along my scar line. He said it wasn't normal but mine were in pretty poor shape from all the bleeding from my lipo and it wouldn't hurt to put a new set on there.

I had a few blisters on my right hip and a pretty sore one that was hidden under the steri strip. He said they would clear up and be fine just to put hydrocortisone cream on it.

One nice note from the doc and nurse today was that he said he was jealous that he didn't get to do the procedure because I look pretty great. My shape it really starting to look good.

I am tall but I am not a large frame at all. My stomach was the one thing that I couldn't change no matter how much I worked. The doc showed my before pics to my mom and neither one of them could believe the difference. I'm puffy but I already have a kinda 2 pack going on :)

Im one happy tummy tuck patient.
I am loving your belly button! And the progress on your hips. I have a garment and could not imagine just wearing a binder. Happy healing.
Thank you! The binder by itself isn't that bad. Its amazing how much better each day I feel!
Awww good for u so happy for u!!

Couldn't wait to put on a swimsuit

Omg!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!
Thanks!! Its weird to think that that is me now!
Loving the swim suit!! Where did you get it?

Back To Work

So I went back to work today. I don't know if I need to really say much more but Ill give you the run down anyways.

So if you don't know, I'm an elementary specials teacher so my schedule is busy but can be slightly inconsistent. Today was one of those inconsistent days… thank goodness! Most of the school was gone on a field trip and there was only 2 groups of students left in the school and only had to teach for 3 hours today. Unfortunately I have a show that needed to by hung tonight after work, so my afternoon instead of taking it easy, I was running around trying to get work together for it.

By the time 5:30 came around I was beat. My back hurt so back I wanted to cry. I came home got in bed, took my binder off and took a nap.

Tomorrow I will have to teach a little bit more, but I also don't plan on working tip 5:30.

Overall in my healing I think that things are going really really well. I am standing upright completely. I also don't have much pain when I'm not doing a crazy amount of exertion. My scar is starting to itch pretty bad which is making it uncomfortable to wear the binder, but I have put on a tank to give my skin/scar a barrier. I also am able to get in and out of bed and chairs well. My car has been the only thing that I've got a bit of an issue with.

Sorry that my posts are long, but this is my blog. Since my surgery has been kind of a secret its been nice to have an outlet.
Hi, we have very similar stories! No kids but TT from weight loss and not telling many about having procedure. It's amazing how many people have a negative opinion regarding this stuff. We worked hard to lose weight and deserve a body to show it! I too work a busy job being a nurse in a hospital. Little worried about going back Monday. Hope nobody notices! By the way, your stomach is looking lovely!
We do have very similar stories!!! I am totally there with you on the negativity. Outside of my immediate family only 3 other people know. I feel like I was judged about my weight, so I lost it. Then I was judged for the poor shape my skin was in. So I don't want to be judged for fixing it. I want to be proud of myself. Hopefully monday goes well for you, make sure you don't over due it or you'll be paying for it the next day. I have been wearing loose spring dresses to work, and a few people have commented that I was looking thinner which made me a little nervous.
It's a double sided sword. People don't like you being overweight, then don't like how you look with your loose skin. People just don't understand! It's your body, do what you want! I imagine it would be hard to hide such a transformation in regular clothes! I'm pretty sure once the weather warms up I'll be living in spring dresses because jeans are just too tight right now :(. Luckily for me, I get to wear loose scrubs at work so no one should notice any difference, although my skin was easily hidden at work so people won't notice any difference.

Almost 2 weeks PO

So I've been back at work for 3 days and luckily have today off. Things have been going very well healing wise. I can say that I have been itching on my sides, but I know that goes along with the healing.
My binder has also been bothering me just slightly. My torso is quite long and the top of the binder sits right around my new belly button. I have been taking it off just to feel so relief. I've currently got a spanx top on just for some relief.
I went out with some girlfriends last night for dinner and putting normal pants on is still a struggle so leggings it is.
I'll post a few photos of me in clothing.
You look great!!! Leggings are a blessing lol
Thanks!! They sure are. I'v been living in them!
Ahhh you and I have similar outcomes! Look at your waist! Beautiful. Yes the back pain is one of the worst parts. Hang in there. I've gotta say though: a year and a half later and there are days when I'm still itching. It's weird, but you get used to it :)

2 weeks and 1 day PO

Here I am. 2 weeks out. Its crazy to think that I am here. When I had my surgery I kept telling my mom I couldn't wait to few 2 weeks out or a month out and now here I am.
Healing is going well. I'm back to work full time and have been adjusting well. My core feels pretty strong but it has that feeling like its falling asleep. That numb and tingling feeling. It almost hurts to wear a shirt sometimes and have something touching it.
My measurements are almost almost almost back to normal. My hips are about 3/4 wider still and my waist is about the same.
My right side of my hips have quite itching at the scar but now its itchy on the left side.
I'm waiting until my scar is healed a little more before I start the bio oil and hopefully that will help my scar.

22 Post Op

I am currently 22 days post op and I'm honestly feeling pretty good. I am back to the gym now. I am doing cardio as of right now and its killing me not to lift!!! I know its for the best and I'm going to ride the next 3 weeks out before going back to it.

My scar is still pretty sore. It doesn't feel great to wear any sort of jeans or pants in general. I'm lucky that I have a few pairs or size 10/11 shorts from last year that I can put on. I'm currently a 6/8. My left side scar is browner than the right. My right side seems to be healing slightly better.

I'm measuring smaller in my hips then before surgery. I measured 37inches this morning and I was 37.5 before surgery. However swelling throughout the day had been a bummer. I feel really puffy by the end of the day.

I'm so stoked however to see my abs showing. I've worked so hard on my body and its amazing to actually be able to see my hard work!
Just had my tt (2 days post op), and was reading through your recovery. It stood out to me that you dreamt your teeth fell out before you went in for surgery. I did too!! Apparently it can mean a new beginning. Hope your healing it going well! Good to know you're working out again, cant wait until I feel more mobile. xx
How's the healing? Hope all is well!
U really look great!!

2 Months PO

I've been pretty mia lately, but I blame that on the fact that its summer and I've been living at the beach in my bikini haha. Healing is going well still. Doc says that my scar will be going through its "angry phase" for a few more months. Basically meaning red and thick. I still have a scab on one part of it but other then that I am starting to use scar treatment cream.

Workout wise I am back to everything that I was able to do pre surgery with the exception of a full sit up… that just isn't happening. I tried yesterday and it was pathetic!!! But crunches are do-able. My weight lifting is totally normal except my weight is a little low but thats because I lost muscle mass. But thats all good, I'll get it back!

Here are a few pics from the past couple days.

Happy healing :)
I have been looking for someone else with similar stats on here but it is hard to find tall girls! I am currently 5'10" and weigh 165. I hope my tummy turns out as nice as yours! Good luck on a continued great recovery.

So far I have loved everything about my doc and his team. They have been very helpful and kind with everything that I have been asking for.

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