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Today Was the Day - Grand Rapids, MI

I was very nervous to proceed with the procedure! ...

I was very nervous to proceed with the procedure! I was struggling if I was just being vain and trying to take the easy way out after starting menopause. After much deliberation, I proceeded. My procedure took about four hours, had my upper and lower abs and flanks done. My nervousness was immediately addressed and away we went. I am home and resting with very minimal soreness. Feels like I did 100 sit-ups. Drainage is worse than I thought but doctor assures me it will be gone in 24-36 hours. As I changed bandages I could see some bruising forming but also the decrease in my chubbiness :)

I am hopeful that I will be happy with the results and trying to keep my expectations realistic. Doctor states three to four months for optimal results....look forward to seeing results each week.

Two week update

Feelings little discouraged! Hoping to take my compression garment off, but very clearly still need. Stomach is still pretty numb and now that I have started exercising it is easily swollen. Clothes fit the same and become more snug as day progresses. I see results in the morning, but not when going to bed. I have started my weight watchers and exercise to maximise results....but slow with exercise due to soreness. Here is week two picture

Week two

One month follow up

I found that after you really start to analyze to analyze yourself you become your worst critic. Sitting in my drama office for one month follow up I decided to erase all my pictures (50 plus) and rely on theirs. After measurements show I am down four inches in all areas measured. Drs office very optics tic of long term results and very encouraging to hear. Ladies stay positive and rely on measurements vs memory. We are all critical of our bodies but we have to remember that there is proof in our measurements!!

Two months post procedure

It has been two months since my procedure and things are still improving. Not overall happy with the way my belly looks, but happy with the way my clothes are fitting. I have some lumps and loose skin that I am anxiously waiting to get better. I am going in for my first laser procedure to try and help with collagen generation and reduce lumps and loose skin. Still trying to stay positive and focus on my eating habits and stay on track with my excerise routine. Only seven weeks to Mexico.....hopefully two piece is in my future!
Scott Carlson

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You're looking good! I also agree about the measurements. I've taken to judging my progress by measurements, not by how I think I look.
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Looking good! So great to read so many women are going through the same thing. I can't wait to feel better.
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I went for my one week check up and Dr. was happy with results and very encouraging. I have to admit it really perked up my spirits and helped me to be able to see the improvement after seeing my before and after measurements. I am back into my normal clothes which currently fit the same due to the compression garment, loose without :) I am ready to get started on my excerise routine again and looking forward to seeing more results.
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Oh yes!! I had my upper and lower abdomen done last week 8/19...the fluid draining was the worst part...I can't recall how many times I had to change the padding... Yuck!! Lol can't wait until my swelling goes down. Best of luck to you!
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I have to ask, did your pubic area swell? I don't know if I just over did it my first day or if it is normal.
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LOL!! Girl yes it did...luckily just for the first full day. I looked down and was like whoaaaaa!! Lol It was back to normal by the time I had my post-op appointment the next day at 2pm. My doctor suggested to take an all natural Papaya & Pineapple Enzyme from Trader Joe's. It's purpose is to reduce inflammation and swelling so I'm assuming its working. I definitely still have swelling on my abdomen, but no vag or feet swelling. :)
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Whew...it was freaking me out a bit! Ok a lot! I will have to try the anti inflammation stuff. Dr never mentioned anything. What did you do for itching?
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Yes, definitely ask your doctor before you purchase. For the itching I just deal with it... Itching is a good thing, try not to scratch
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Congrats. Don't lose heart if you can't see results right away, I am going on my 1 month post and sometimes get discouraged because I am still swelling. Blessings ~D
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How are you doing now?
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