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I'm 46 and never had fillers -- only botox. I...

I'm 46 and never had fillers -- only botox. I noticed my facial features changed quite dramatically in the past four years -- upper 1/3 loss of volume mainly. I was uncertain which filler would be best for what I wanted to achieve and decided to trust my doctors opinion. He offers three different fillers in his office. He said that he mainly noticed loss of volume in my cheeks and said Radiesse would correct this the best (over juvaderm and boterlla). I also wanted to address smile lines and vertical lines around my upper lip, but because I'm currently wearing orthodontics he said he would rather wait until that is out of my mouth as it creates "false volume". So, I trusted my doctor and decided to do one thing at time.

I was also afraid of bruising and swelling -- more fear of the unknown than anything else.

So within five minutes I had at least five years back -- and I really loved the results -- especially for the price. Even my doctor was like "wow, that made a huge difference!" I think he was surprised, too! I had a 40 minute drive home and even when I got home I really noticed a big difference and not much bruising.

To the above post, I made a typo and accidentally...

To the above post, I made a typo and accidentally posted this review before spell checking and adding photos! *Belotero*!
Also, I did experience what I would describe as a sinus-like face ache about two hours after the injections. I would contribute this to the natural swelling that I was told would occur as my body accepted the Radiesse...and it's high allergy time where I live and I'm taking my Allegra every day, so perhaps I'm more sensitive at this time. Took some advil and it relieved the discomfort. I can tell when I smile big that my cheeks feel fuller (i can feel the filler), but I don't mind!
I wish I had done this sooner...and I'm sure I'll be going back to take on other areas of my face as I can.

Now that the minimal swelling has subsided where...

Now that the minimal swelling has subsided where the filler was placed, I'm more than thrilled with my choice. No one has noticed that "I've had anything done" and I look fresh and more rested. I can no longer "feel" the Radiesse product unless I really palpate that area. I look natural and I love it.
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I chose Dr. Ringler because he is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I also chose a board certified plastic surgeon over two other doc's (my dermatologist and another MD) I had consults and Botox with in the past year. I just really felt that this made a big difference in my overall confidence level with having the injections correctly placed. Would recommend my doctor to anyone -- I appreciated his conservative approach and the whole office staff is terrific as well.

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How many syringes did you use?
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Radiesse really made her cheeks look great, and made her look so much younger. Radiesse is a great filler when injected by a very experienced doctor or plastic surgeon.
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I had one syringe in each cheek a total of two syringes. First syringe was my right cheek. Second was my left cheek and once my doctor felt my left showed a balanced improvement he took what was left from the second syringe placed in my right cheek as that one showed more volume loss.
Gordis, I'm sorry you were not happy with the treatment you received. I took a lot of pictures of myself so that I could accurately judge the results. I had no idea what to expect and now several weeks later, the improvements are subtle. My kids have not noticed, friends have not noticed -- my husband does, but he knew I was having it done. Were you able to take any before images of yourself?
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I had radiesse done 2 days ago and I dont see a thing on me, I only see it the first day i had very little swelling and a little small bruise. Im a upset I cant see a difference. As if I had nothing done. I feel my money just went to waste.
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The office was running a special -- bogo radiesse or juvaderm -- my dr. recommended radiesse for the area I was concerned about. Incredible value.
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Hi Megan,
Actually, I had two syringes of Radiesse injected -- more in my right cheek than left. I'm really loving the results and am happy I took my Dr.'s advice on the type of filler he recommended.
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Yeah, it definitely turned out nice, so I have to agree, it was a great recommendation. So, was the price you listed the cost for 1 syringe of Radiesse, or did you actually get 2 syringes for $550 total?

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you had 2 syringes in each cheek? I just got mine done on Thursday I was zoo very excited but nervous about the swelling and bruising. I had very minimal swelling and have one tiny bruise very light. Well its been about 56 hours and I cant notice a thing. I could see it the first day I guess because of the swelling, but I can't notice a thing now. My cheeks look just how they did before. Im very upset I feel my money went down the drain. I had one syringe done on each side. I believe it said 1.55 cc on the paper. So upset Im going to talk to the Dr after the weekend is over and ask him whats going on.
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I went to one doctor who was really scimping on the amounts of Radiesse. I was paying for one siringe but getting much less, so I kept having to buy more and more with no results. Not all doctors are honest. That is just the way it is. Try going to another well known doctor or plastic surgeon and try Radiesse again. One siringe normally goes a long way, makes a lot of difference, and lasts a very long time.
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Glad to hear things have settled in so nicely! Judging from the cost you have posted, I'm guessing you just had 1 syringe injected, is that right? You look great, btw!

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I am having radiesse on 8-31 in my cheeks to build up hollows between sides of nose
and apple of cheek area. I am very nervous yet excited. how severe is swelling and bruising?

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As a nurse injector, I would be very wary about "building up" close to your nose. Radiesse is a fabulous product if you have an injector that knows exactly where to put it. The nasal-labial folds (crease from your outer nostril down to your mid lip line) is perfect. There are concerns about injecting it lateral to the nose as there may be complications. But good luck and I'm sure you will love it!

Mary jo
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I want to apologize for not responding to your question as this comment was just posted in my email box! Anyway, if you went through with your procedure on 8/31, you probably already know that the swelling is not too bad. I only had one small bruise on my left cheek. I still have a small bit of discoloration from that bruise that is still slightly visible. My cheeks feel amazingly normal since they were first injected -- I can no longer "feel" the product as I could initially. I'm very happy I entrusted my injections to my doctor.

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Mary jo, do you work in the Grand Rapids area?
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I can feel it --- especially when I smile big (tonight). And I can feel it with my fingers when I wash my face -- I think I have some swelling still, so I am looking forward to the next few days to see how it improves.
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Shoot, I see that I have two photos that are the same --- anyway to delete those so I can repost so that it's not confusing?
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Glad to hear you are loving the way it looks in your cheeks. Can you feel it in there at all, or does it feel totally normal to you?

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