My 60th Birthday Present to Myself-Getting Healthy. Grand Rapids, MI

I had a breast reduction in November 2012 and...

I had a breast reduction in November 2012 and tummy tuck in March 2013. I've tried every diet possible to lose weight, but find myself heavier than before the above 2 surgeries that cut and sucked probably 20+ lbs. off me. My weight is approx. 240, BMI 39, I'm 5'5" and will be 60 years old January 20, 2015. I need to get healthy. This year my doctor told me I'm pre-diabetic. In March my A1C was 6.3, thru some dieting and exercising I was able to get it down to 6.0 which is still prediabetic. I have had high cholesterol for probably 30+ years (I take medication), non-alcoholic fatty liver (which will eventually attack my liver just like liver scerosis), vericose veins, tingling in hands & feet, high blood pressure, sleep apnea (never diagnosed but I wake up gasping for air), short of breath, lots of arthritis in my joints that hurt more due to obesity. I tell people during my adult life time I've lost about 1,000 lbs and gained 1,100 lbs. I'm sure I've screwed up my metabolism and it's time to do something to get healthy before I find myself taking insulin shots and all the complications that come with diabetes and the other chronic ailments I have. I mentioned to my Dr. that I was seriously thinking about the Gastric sleeve procedure (after my diabetic class in his office) hoping he wouldn't think I'm lazy since I can't lose the weight. He totally surprised me when he told me he agreed 100% that it was the best option out there for me to lose & maintain my weight for the rest of my life. I was gifted some money from my Mom which will pay the $18,000 I've been quoted by St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI so I can have the surgery 30 miles from home. I have friends who have gone thru them and are extremely happy with the outcome. I have filled out the paperwork, have had many of the required tests done, my insurance will not cover this surgery so no waiting there. I'm going to their free seminar on Aug. 9th (1 week away) and hope to be able to move ahead quickly. I've asked my husband to go with me and hope he will to understand the process. After my TT he said "no more surgeries" so I want to get him involved and excited for me. I'm sure I'll be blogging alot like I did with my other 2 surgeries. I don't anticipate having nearly the pain/problems with this that I did my TT 16 months ago.

Before pics

I've never minded having my picture taken, even thou I've been a big woman most my life. I know many big women hide from the camera and wear dark clothes-not me. I believe big women can dress well and carry themselves proudly. Hope that self-confidence comes thru in my pictures. I'm looking forward to having my pictures taken after I lose weight.

Raring to go more than ever.......

My husband & I attended free seminar regarding gastric surgeries. I was the first person thru the door to register (after sitting in front of the building 30 min. waiting for them to open), I sat in front row (the only one) in front of our speaker Dr. Foote who is one of 4 bariatric surgeon at Grand Health Partners. With 4 partners there is always a bariatric surgeon on call. There's no need to go to the ER with complications. He went thru the different procedures and explained they take out more gastric bands than they put in since gastric sleeve works so well. He said he can complete gastric sleeve surgery in 1 hour and 17 minutes. The practice has done 8,000 gastic procedures. He had graphs showing the patient satisfaction percentages for each procedure. He gave me alot of confidence. They have before & after support classes. They will not do surgery on anyone who has mental issues or who smoke (they do nicotine testing) since this hinders healing and can lead to a host of health issues. Their practice does require the 2 week liquid diet before surgery. They will have follow-up appointments with me 3, 6, 12, 18 mos. and annually for the rest of my life. I can also continue to attend any of their support classes that I want. I like having support after my surgery 30 min. from my home. This is one of the reasons I'm not willing to fly off to Mexico for this procedure. They complete their surgeries at St. Mary's Hospital where each person has a private room and will stay 1-2 days. He said in our area 99% of their surgeries are covered by health insurance once you jump thru all the insurance hoops. I'm definantly the 1% minority doing self-pay. My husband attended with me and is on my side to have the surgery since my general practicianer endorsed this weight loss surgery 100% to help with my co-obesity chronic health issues. I've been ordering my supplies: 2 different kinds of whey protein, biotin, liquacel, torani syrups, gummy vitamins, vitamin D, calorie-protein-carb book and high protein/low carb protein bars. I'm calling Monday morning to start lining up the psych test and to review what medical tests I need before I can have the surgery. I would like to be on top of everything and be scheduled for surgery with in 1 month. That would give me 4 mos. to lose as much weight as possible before I turn the BIG 60.

Pushing forward....

I called Grand Health Partners when they opened at 8:30 this morning. I was able to schedule my Dr. White internalist appointment for Monday Aug. 25th (2 weeks from today) and also schedule Fri. Aug. 29th for my Psych test & Surgeon Dr. Foote for that day. I would gladly schedule my surgery date but guess I have to do these meetings before they will move forward. I would of like to get into the internalist sooner but Dr. Sandy the 2nd internalist is on vacation this whole time. Oh well I need to practice patience.

Waiting & planning.....

I'm getting the supplies that I've been ordering since starting this journey. I have my chewy vitamins, biotin, vitamin D, protein power, liquaCel and Isopure-160 calories, zero carb, 40g protein drinks, zero calorie flavoring for my protein drinks and new pj's for the hospital. Today I went shopping with my daughter to get school clothes for granddaughter who will start school in less than 3 weeks. Since we had the day out alone we also went to Lane Bryant. I didn't plan to buy any new clothes since I won't be wearing 20-22W for much longer. So to give me motivation I bought new clothes in size 14-16. I even bought a new cinch waist little black dress in size 16. I know none of it will fit me right now, but I'll keep trying everything on until they do fit me after my surgery. I also bought new sexy bras in size 38C & 40C, I currently wear 44C. Only 8 days until I meet with the internalist, and 12 days until I meet with psych & my surgery doctor. This is real and time is moving on. I'm more than excited to put this behind me and start losing the 60-70# that has gotten too comfortable riding around on this body.

More before pics & (too small) Size 18's

I'm going to include some new before sleeve photos with better lighting. I also ordered 2 size 18 (regular womens sizes not W) dresses and a size XL top. I thought I'd take my 'before' photos with these very tight clothes then some of my 'after sleeve/weight loss' pictures when these clothes actually fit me, instead of my 'big' (before surgery) clothes as I loose weight. Hope that makes sense.


I went to the internalist today. They performed the EKG in their offices. I was so anxious & nervous I thought I'd have a panic attack (had a tight chest) and my heart was racing. So the internalist thought my heart murmer was loud and said I'd need a new echocardiogram (the last one was 2 yrs ago) and gave me an order for a bunch of bloodwork tests. So now I'm doing my fasting bloodwork tomorrow and waiting to get an appointment for the new echocardiogram. I see the behaviorist & surgeon on Friday. The Dr. today thought my surgery would be scheduled soon since I'm a self-pay.

Moving-Moving-Moving forward.....237.5lbs & 39.5 BMI, 49.3% fat

My official "before" numbers are: 237.5 lbs, 39.5 BMI, 49.3% fat, 117.0 fat mass. My goal weight will be 150-160, I have to be 150# (max) to get to the very high end of "normal" body weight. Desireable range for fat is 23-34% (mine is 49.3) with 36.0-62.0 lb fat mass (mine is 117.0). The real numbers will be when I have A1C of less than 6% (no longer prediabetic), and can quit taking pills for other health issues.
I did all my fasting blood/urine tests today. The results will be sent directly to the internalist (Dr. Dawn White) who ordered them. I have my echocardiogram scheduled for this Thursday with results also sent to Dr. White. Friday is behaviorist & surgeon visit. I'm hoping all my tests will be with the internalist this week or 1st of next week. On Friday I'm going to ask to set a surgery date. Wanna keep moving forward.

I'm getting sleeved and starting my new life on 9-15-2014

Met with behaviorist today and he didn't see any reason I wouldn't be a good candidate. Then met with Dr. Foote and we were able to set surgery date for Monday September 15th (17 days away). He could of actually done surgery on Sept. 8th but I have a mammogram & need to be at the hospital with my Mom on the 10th. On Monday Sept 8th I go into their office for a 4-5 hour training class. Since my BMI is (barely at 39.5) below 40 I only have to do 800 calorie/per day pre-surgery diet for 1 week. Also I do not have to do all liquids like some people report. The sugeons office had my blood/urine tests results and should have my echocardiogram (I had done yesterday) in their office by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. My blood/urine tests were all within 'normal' range except my A1C was showing 6.3 again (was 6.0 in July) which is a measure of my blood sugar. I'm hoping after surgery to have this below 5.7 which is 'normal'. I need to hold off diabetes for a few more years. This will give me 4 mos. & 5 days to get off as much weight as possible before I turn 60 years old on Jan. 20, 2015. Dr. Foote explained post-surgery my diet will be liquid for 2 weeks then soft food for 4weeks. Also great news was I can continue my water aerobics right up until the day of surgery and get back in the pool 2 weeks after surgery. I'm so excited I think I'll burst!

Future health issues without GSV surgery

A couple health issues that are going to be bad if I don't get this weight off. My non-alcoholic fatty liver will attack my liver and destroy it like liver scerosis. My Dr. has told me this is extremely painful and can/will eventually kill a person. Also, with all the heart problems in my family carrying all this weight in my middle will definantly affect my heart in the future, if it hasn't already. When I talked to Dr. Foote 3 days ago he told me that the abdomon/middle fat responds very quickly after gastric sleeve surgery and should be some of the first fat that is gone with surgery & weight loss. This was very encouraging to me since I want this middle fat gone-gone-gone. My surgery is 2 weeks from today.....can't wait to join the (weight) losers! I also found a new website with lots of pictures:

Debbie Downer or Gym Addicted?

I run into a acquaintenance today. She had heard I was having gastric surgery & asked me why. I tried to explain to her (she's probably 30 yrs old) that I'm having health issues and need to get the weight off permanently. She told me she knows several people who have gastric surgery and put it back on. I understand that. Most days she spends 3-5+ hours at the gym working out. I give her alot of credit since she's lost around 120# just with diet & exercise. At almost 60 years old I'm too tired, old and hurt all over to spend 3-5 hours at the gym and I want to have a life after I do my water aerobics. I wished her well and walked away. She hasn't worked in many years she receives disability checks for her croans disease yet has the energy to spend countless hours working out. Why do people need to put down a decision we've made to better ourselves? If I could lose my weight and keep it off I would.

6 days to sleeve

I spent 4 hours at surgeons office doing pre-surgery appointment. My head is spinning with all this info. I have to have last minute blood tests done to make sure my levels of everything are good. My weight was down to 234.8 today. I immediately start my presurgery diet of 600-800 calories per day. I'm thankful I only have to do this for 6 days and not 2 weeks like those with BMI above 40. My post-op 2 week & 6 week appointments were set. I have to quit taking all supplements plus my premarin, aspirin & celebrex for the next 3 weeks since they are afraid of blood clots. I can use tylenol for my arthritic hands but not looking forward to them getting worse like they did when I went off celebrex before a previous surgery. I'm now thinking that most of the supplies I've already bought (probably $400-$500 worth) are worthless since my surgeons office had me buy their products since the calorie & protein levels are what they require. I have 6 days of presurgery meals & 14 days post surgery meals and the cost was $348.75. I did some extra supplies for variety since some items come in boxes of 7 and I don't want to eat the same thing everyday. The doctor suggested we start taking biotin immediately to help prevent hair loss. Also, taking their vitamins & iron. So before you start ordering protein powder, vitamins, etc. see what your surgeon suggests. I will continue with my low calorie meals until Sunday at 6PM, then only liquids until midnight, then nothing until my surgery at 3:30 on Monday. I was glad to hear that Michigan is the gold standard (among all states) regarding gastric surgeries. Everyone in my class is part of a survey group (along with 5,000 other patients who have this surgery every year) where our information is sent to University of Michigan where they review all parts of the bariatric procedures & processes to make it better. We were told that bariatric doctors from all over the U.S. come to Grand Health Partners to learn how to do this procedure. Glad I'm being operated on by the experts.

For comparison...

3 days and I'm going to get VERY hungry before surgery.

I've done my last minute blood/urine tests and had to answer questions to surgeons office why my urine was clear on Aug. 26th & Sept. 11th but showing an infection in between. I went to my family Dr. with urinary tract infection, took antibiotics and now it's cleared up. I Did my registration and everything I needed with hospital. The scheduler at the hospital called today and gave me my surgery time of 3:50 on Monday. The hard part is going to be NO food Sunday after 6 only clear liquids until midnight then NOTHING until after surgery. Can you say 22 hours between last light meal and surgery??? I'm thinking of setting my alarm for 11-12 and having some high protein clear soup. I'm already waking up at 2-4AM every morning starving and can't sleep, how will I get by another 12 hours without food or water? Not excited about this part of the process but will get by I know. Maybe I'm getting a bit nervous (and hungry on approx. 1,000 calories per day) now. Keep strong my gastric sisters!

1st meal after sleeve.

The little cups are my breafast. I'm doing so well I may get to leave this afternoon. That would be less than 24 hours post surgery.

Finally sleeved!

Monday my surgery time was set for 3:50, we got to the hospital around 1:30, which made for a long day since I hadn't eat/drink since 9PM Sunday night. They finally came for me a little after 5 for surgery. I remember being in the surgery room, then nothing until I woke up in recovery. As soon as I woke up I was taken to my private room. Since I've had MIRSA in the past every doctor, nurse, cleaning lady, etc that came in my room had to put a blue plastic full apron on. The waste baskets were always full of blue plastic aprons. I was taken for a walk around midnight the night of surgery then around 4AM. In between anytime I would get to sleep someone else would come in and wake me. Plus they needed my bed head up 45 degrees so that makes it a bit hard to sleep also. Tuesday morning I went up the elevator to a floor with a chapel, beautiful grand piano and beautiful places to sit & relax. They have a courtyard & I went out there (pushing my pole with my IV solution) and let the sun shine on my face for awhile. Tuesday everyone came in and said I was doing super since I'd quit the pain med pump around 4AM and hadn't had anything else for pain. Finally one nurse said as long as I was doing so well I could go home if I wanted. So I took that to mean soon, I called hubby and started bagging my stuff up. In reality "soon" actually turned into 5-6 hours of getting my pain meds and the doctors to sign off, etc. As soon as I got home I went to sleep in my bed without anyone poking and proding me. I finally got up and heated up some core protein drink (chocolate) and sipped on that-it was just like hot chocolate. Then I started trying to push the liquids and then I took a valium and went back to bed. I was up around midnight hurting-so I had to drink some protein & liquids before taking another pain pill. I found I could sleep on my back pain free, but when I rolled over to my sides everything hurt. It's Wednesday, I'm home and able to relax, and nap when I need. In the hospital they said the liquids are much more important than the protein at this point. I'm trying to get both in. I'm glad the surgery is over and I'm home to rest and heal. I'm hoping every day will be a bit better. They must of pumped alot of liquids in me at the hospital since my weight is up 5# since surgery. Thank-you for all the caring & prayers....Judy

3 days post-op exercise-exercise-exercise

These are my thoughts-they may or may not be true. I believe with the low calorie diet before surgery and 21 hours before surgery with no food or water, major surgery on the stomach, then 16 hours of IV fluids only, that my stomach virtually fell asleep and forgot how to work. Of course when trying to put food (liquids only) down there it became VERY angry at the idea of having to wake-up and do it's job again. I've been out of the hospital 2 full days and I feel better each day and even notice how I feel better at night than I did that same morning. Yesterday I was able to get in 60 min of walking, 46 g protein & 42 oz of liquid in my very angry stomach. Today it's being a bit more cooperative so todays totals are: 60 min of walking/bike riding, 65 g protein & 66 oz of liquids and I'm feeling pretty darn good since I had major surgery 3 days ago. It's not easy getting in the nutrients but I want to feel good & I want to heal so I'm taking little sips & making big progress. Also I truly believe I'm doing so well since I was doing alot of water aerobics & bicyling right up to the night before surgery. I also got up the morning (1-1/2 days post surgery) and went outside and proceded to walk my driveway-very slowly. Each walk was a little easier and I kept walking. Today I didn't take my heavy duty pain meds only tylenol so I decided I could safely ride my bike on our busy road-and I went 3 miles without getting overly tired. I will keep riding my bike farther & farther everyday and drinking my water and drinking my protein while I heal this angry tummy of mine. It would be easy to lay around complaining about the pain (believe me it's there) but I don't feel that is the solution. My daughter & her family came over tonight and couldn't believe how good I'm doing. I'm actually surprised how good I'm doing also but I'm going to keep working to get better everyday. This morning my fingers were so swollen I couldn't get my wedding ring on, tonight I have my ring on and it's sliding around so I'm thinking I'm losing some of that IV fluid. Thank you for all your well wishes, Judy

Does acid reflux cause coughing?

Okay I need help here. A couple nights ago I kept coughing & coughing all night. It was really hurting my abdomon when I kept coughing. It felt like I had a tickle in my throat. So the next day I sucked on cough drops most the day trying to get rid of that nasty cough. Even with sucking cough drops at times I'd cough really hard, it was uncontrollable. At one time I wondered if I was coming down with a cold or bronchittis, but since I haven't gotten any worst and don't feel like I'm getting sick I can't figure it out. I've had acid reflux for years and controlled it very well with Nexium. Dr. Foote told me I had a hyhenal hernia that he repaired and I would need to continue to take the Nexium for 2 months until this healed, then I shouldn't have anymore acid reflux. I had a friend tell me yesterday that she was always coughing before she was diagnosed with acid reflux & now that she's on medication she doesn't have problems anymore. So, I'm going to try to take Nexium twice a day and see if that helps with this problem. Has anyone else had this issues either before or after surgery?

Down 18# in less than one month.....I'm THRILLED! 1 week post-op.

I started my journey with the free seminar on August 8th. First appointment at Grand Health Partners was Aug. 25th when I weighed 237.5#. With my own lower calorie eatting plan, 1 week low calorie pre-surgery eatting plan and 1 WEEK after surgery I weigh in at 119.5#. I feel that I'm well on my way to a healthier and thinner life. Has it been easy-no, but the best things in life aren't easy. Keep the faith WLS sisters!

Acid reflux

After being on hold 45 minutes at Grand Health Partners (trying to return their call of yesterday) and leaving a very angry message they called me back on my cell phone like I asked and I was able to talk with the nurse about my coughing at night that I thought might be acid reflux. She said she was in the office alone and trying to prioritize the most urgent messages to return first. I sure know there were lots of PA's and nurses at the hospital (from Grand Health Partners) when I was there, maybe some of them need to stay in the office & help with the phones instead of wanding the hospital halls. If they are short staffed because of Monday surgeries then they should make follow-up calls on days when they have more people to call & answer the phone. While I was out riding bike the PA called (on my home phone again) and I didn't even bother trying to call back since I know how that'll end. Anyway the nurse called on my cell phone (like I've asked them to do since I'm never home) and told me the coughing was acid reflux and if I'm already taking 2 nexium per day I can also take another type of antacid. Something I didn't know-I shouldn't eat, drink or take any pills within 1 hour of laying down or going to bed at night. This will also cause acid reflux. If they told me that previously I forgot, but I don't think I was told. Also we went to an unfamiliar restaurant for supper, my soup choices-creamy broccolli or chili. I had the creamy broccolli and had the worst gas cramps ever. Just a few more things I'm learning on my sleeved journey. 70 minutes of biking & walking today. All is well tonight.....hope it is with you also.

Nine days post-op

I took a picture this morning and compared to one earlier this summer.

10 days post-op. !st week vs 2nd week post-op

THE FIRST WEEK: after surgery is rough, like any surgery. When I came home less than 24 hours after surgery my stomach was still extremely swollen and not very accepting of liquids of any kind, but I kept sipping to get my fluids & proteins (didn't reach goals first couple of days). It would of taken me an hour to get down 8-12 oz of liquids. There wasn't any way I could lay down that was comfortable. I had problems with acid reflux making me cough at night. I felt a bit deprived not being able to go out to eat (something we do alot). The first few days I only walked 10 min. at a time. Within few days I was riding my bike & walking longer distances. I went shopping 4 days PO and got a bit tired out, hot at one point and wasn't sure if I wouldn't be sick. SECOND WEEK AFTER SURGERY: I'm getting all my nutrients in without problem, still using surgeon store meals. I can get in 8oz. of ground up soupy oatmeal AND 4oz. of liquid to take all my morning pills within 15-20 minutes. I'm down 19.5# from my 1st doctors appointment 1 month ago today. My measurements from my bust to my hip are EACH down 2-2.5". I walked/rode my bike over 2 hours yesterday (3 different trips). I had to look around but was able to eat in a restaurant (1/2 bowl chicken noodle soup mostly broth & soft noodles). I took my ground up meal to friends last night who invited us over for a meal. I'm learning to deal with eatting situations that would of caused me stress last week. I'm riding my bike up town (1.5 mi each way) this morning for my 8AM hair cut/color then working in the office of the local funeral home for a few hours. I go back to surgeon tomorrow and hope he will release me to go back to my water aerobics and see all my pool friends. One more step in 'getting back to normal'. I hope this helps all my WLS sisters. Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks, Judy

Don't want to do that AGAIN

I've been doing so well I decided to have a bit of soft fish and zucchini squash. I chewed every little bite really good. Well it started feeling like I was swallowing a baseball, then it started hurting. I kept burping trying to get up the trapped gas. I headed to the bathroom and threw up everything I'd eatten. I've never done that, I've felt uncomfortable like I ate too much or too fast but never to the point of actually thowing up. I'm now having popsicles for supper trying to calm down my stomach. Won't do that again for awhile.

handy little card

I received this card at surgeons office yesterday. It states that the person with this card has had a medical procedure which requires small amounts of food to be eatten. Please allow this person to order off the child's or senior menu.
Dr. James A. Foote

I've been given a great review from a friend who had this surgery. She loved her surgeon Dr. Baker who is with Grand Health Parnters weight management team. After looking at their 4 partner doctor reviews I know they are all very, very qualified in this procedure. My free seminar was conduced by Dr. James A. Foote, M.D.,FACS-General Bariatric Surgery today and I have decided on having him do my surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So my doc prescribed my Protonix and Actigall to take post-op for stomach acid issues and reduce the likelihood of gallstones post-op. Did they surgeon's office not prescribe anything? I have not had any acid whatsoever since the surgery. How is your acid reflux doing?
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After the sleeve, reflux does not feel the same. You don't feel that burning on your chest or burp up acid, nothing of that nature. Just all of the sudden food won't settle well in your stomach, or your stomach will start hurting for no reason. This my friend is acid reflux...
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Keep it up! You are doing great! Love all the exercise you are getting in! I hate to vomit and I'll be honest it's one of my biggest post-op fears. I guess it's just trial and error to see what your new stomach will accept. Thank you for all the updates! I really enjoy your candidness.
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Happy with Smaller & Mchapa98, Thank you two for an overview on what type of meal ideas that are working for you. Wanda VA
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So...... what are your stats? How much weight have you lost? How are you feeling? As far as the food goes, you probably just ate a little too much. I did the same thing in the first few weeks. You stomach is still very sensitive and you can feel your food go all the way down. I hated this feeling so much. I think by 4 weeks post op, I was able to eat and felt nothing. My husband is 4 weeks post op now, has almost lost as much weight as me 9 weeks out, and was eating freakin pulled pork! I wanted to punch him in the face... Ha Ha, I asked him "OMG doesn't that hurt?" he replied back with no not at all, it tastes so good! LOL. He amazes me. He was able to drink 80+ 2 days after surgery. I guess it just didn't affect him like us. Men.........blah!
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Lauren: I've lost 10# since surgery (12 days ago) and 12# in the 3 weeks before surgery. I met with internalist on Aug. 25th, Surgeon on Aug. 29th, had surgery Sept. 15th. Three weeks from start to surgery. Alot easier when doing self-pay. You and your husband are doing fabulous. I'm surprised also what he's able to eat, I had a piece of soft fish a couple nights ago and threw it up. Now they say smooth food that's easy to slide thru the stomach since the stomach is not working yet. Keep up the good work, Judy
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Hi Judy ~ If you have time, could you tell us your thoughts on this surgery and also how is today (Tues.) better than a week ago. What would you do different? What would you keep the same? Just your overall view of this last wonderful week since you came home. Have a good night ~ Kim
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Good for you. You will be in onderland before you know it.
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Thanks.....I can't remember the last time I weighed less than 200#.
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Have you weighed in at the doctor's office yet?
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No, that will be tomorrows appointment.
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Good luck. I know you will live up to the doctrine of the "Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants"! How are you feeling. Is the reflux any better? I hope so!
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How funny about working at the funeral home. Both my husband were funeral directors. I spent some time living in one during and after Hurricane Celia hit Corpus Christi head on. The block where the funeral home was located was one of the first to get electricity, so , being 8 1/2 months pregnant, it was the best solution. I got to go home from the hospital after having my baby in the funeral home limo. Lol-we are connected in many ways!
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Oh My God Mari ~ You have such an incredible sense of humor. How are you doing today? Isn't Judy's journey incredible? I'm so happy she is doing well. That reminds me, I need to leave her a msg. in regard to her acid reflux. I've got some really good info on a natural remedy. Anyway, please keep in touch, I love talking with you.....KIm
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Hi There Judy....I was doing some trolling on and found this thread where the girls were talking about a natural remedy for acid reflux called ~ Iberogast. They buy it at a health food store and one of girls Dr's even recommended it. I'm going to do a little digging and get the skinny on the product. Talk soon, Kim
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I'd never had reflux, so I don't know what it feels like. I hope I don't get it. I hope that she can resolve it because the process is difficult enough without adding that to the mix. I know she is such a n inspiration to us. You know I had my PCP cut my Cymbalta dosage in half because it's the only pill I take that can't be crushed and I want to wean myself off it completely before surgery. I'm thinking that is adding to my depressed mood, along with the news that I'll have to have the lap band instead of the bypass. Even my husband has noticed my sad mood. Maybe that's it. I'm glad you found out about Iberogast. Keep that name in your pretty little head in case we need it later on! Thanks kiddo! XXXOOO
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Mari this is so funny. I NEVER expected to be working there but the 2 guys that work there are so nice and since I work in the office they only need me when they have memorials & books to do (once in awhile I do visitations or funerals) and are so good about working around my schedule. Some weeks I don't work at all, other weeks maybe 20 hours if they need me. It's kinda the perfect part-time job after working in very strict banking for 26 years previously.
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Mari: I haven't crushed any pills so far and have gotten by good. I do have chewable vitamins thou. You may need the Cymbalta to get thru some of the stress. My PCP gave me Xanex when I was freaking out before surgery, only needed it a couple times but was glad I had it to take the edge off. Don't try to be heroic going without pills that really help you deal with life.....this is more stress. Just a thought.
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Thanks Kim for thinking of me. With 2 nexium pills (morning & night) and not eatting/drinking right before bed I'm doing much better. I've tried to lay down after lunch before and was so uncomfortable I had to get back up. I have to learn how to live as a sleeved person, I may feel the same, but my body is not the same for sure. Thanks again, Judy
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My husbands went to the same catholic school since kinder, graduated together from high school in a very small graduating class of 33-so technically I married 7% of the class! They went to the same mortuary school too a year apart. Too funny! We all met in college. One of them asked his mom if he could practice his makeup skills on her and she said ok. He said, " OK , but you have to lie down!" Oh, well, it's not as morbid as everyone seems-you need to be scared of the live ones, not those that have passed! If people only knew that's where lipo suction got it's start! Ha! Judy, I hope you are doing better and better every day! Stick with the full liquids and don't overdo it. The spices in restaurants may be too harsh. I don't want you to feel those pains, my friend. You also will need to tell me the same when I get my band, because I sure am going to miss the Ben and Jerry's!
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I have the Xanax, so that's definitely crushable. I finally found the pill crusher at Walgreen's! Today, I got the jellos, crystal lights, and small jello molds-they're perfect. I don't like the sugar free generic gelatins they sell, so I'll make my own, but I will buy the sugar-free puddings. I bought some puddings at the Vitamin Shoppe, but they are pricey. All I need are the broths and more protein powders. I'm almost ready. Got any more ideas for the full liquid diet? Let me know what has worked for you! XXXOOO
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Are you mixing you pill powder in applesauce? I am taking so many meds, I'm going to eat applesauce all day!
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No I've been swollowing all my pills up to this point. I added 2 big pills back to my pills (with okay from Dr.) and the fish oil was a big much, may need to wait awhile to take that one again. I've been eatting slushy oatmeal so I sip some, then put a pill in my mouth and sip more oatmeal. Just don' take them on a empty stomach.
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Mix it in your broths, puddings and everything else you eat.
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Ok. My nutritionist said I had to crush and put in applesauce. However, the pharmacist said I could not do that with Cymbalta so that's why I am trying to get off of it for good, but I may ask the doctor to prescribe something else because I don't like being down and it worries hubby. He thinks I'm mad at him. The Xanax works on my anxiety, but not on the depression. You and Kim just don't know how our conversations help me. It's a girl thing! I'm just going to have to make you too Honorary Texans"!!!
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