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I got this surgery back in September and it's...

I got this surgery back in September and it's January now. I see ZERO results. I was told to wait a year but I'm not convinced that this has worked. My butt and thighs are still sensitive so I'm not fully healed but I heard you should see results after 4 months. I see absolutely nothing and feel bad about wasting so much money. I have grade 1 cellulite, and I'm in my twenties. Is waiting the answer or did this just not work for me?


Hey there, sorry to hear you are not feeling like the procedure was worth it, you mention in your recent comments you have some photos, would be very helpful for you to post them for us to have a look :) 
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Hi, K.M. I think since your cellulite wasn't that severe to start with, a lot of what you think it looks like may be just in your head. I had mine November 15th, and am just now starting to see some difference, but it looks different on different days which makes me wonder if I'm just being a mental case. Did your doctor take after and before pictures? Maybe looking at those will give you a better perspective. Did you take any pictures yourself along the way?
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Yeah I believe you're right...some of it is in my head. The doctor took before pictures but not after. I did not take pictures along the way...I do not see a difference whatsoever. I will take a picture and post it here soon. Thank you for your comment.


Here are some photos of what I look like 4 months later. I don't see a difference at all.


I had Cellulaze in June 2009 & I literally saw noticeable results (exactly to the week) 6 months later in December 2009. Hang in there and be glad you did it in September! You should be set for a spring break. My results were great where it was done and I just had the remainder cellulazed. Seriously, it takes the entire 6 months especially for thin Caucasian skin :)
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Thanks, Flathlete. We'll stay optimistic.
2009, I don't think that could be the right year? Cellulaze showed up in the beginning of 2012 and has been disappointing most women ever since .....
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