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I have wanted a breast reduction for a few years...

I have wanted a breast reduction for a few years now for the same reasons as many on this forum have stated. My husband wasnt buying into this and liked them "just the way they are". Well I held on and stayed firm. He is very supportive now but thinks they are a bit small lol. I think they are just right. I will add more when I figure out how to post before and after pics.

my journey to a decision

When I was young I didnt want boobies, then teen years had alot of attention because they were large and as I got older the attention became annoying. I had several unwanted advances because Im nice to people and of course men see this as a come on and the first thing they would joke about or even comment on was my breasts. As I got older they got larger and hung more. I had to have an illeostomy a few years back due to crohns and that took a toll on my self esteem. When I decided to have this done it was mainly for my neck and back but after I realized it really boosted my self esteem. My husband totally loved my "old" boobs but I think once they are healed and soften some he wiill see how it has helped bring my confidence back and love them to because whats they saying "Anything more than a handful is a waste" lol I will post a before and after picture soon.

before and after pics

oops! it posted before I finished! I was saying "as long as we are not less than 40 years old!"
Agh you look great. What was your size before and after now? Do you know how much he took out? Post more pics if you can :)
Aa1992 I was a 36DDD and he took out 400 on one side and 460 on the larger side. Hence the extra swelling on the side he took more out of. I will post more pictures I have one with my bathing suit that I have kept because I like the pattern and could never wear it.

Updated photos 4 weeks after surger and before

Boy last night I slept really good. Im just going to take it easy today. Yesterday I wore a bali bra. They are really comfortable and don't irritate the incisions. But they don't support like the compression bras do so Im a bit tender. My marty nipple is really sensitive so I try to keep a pad on that one at all times until it settles down. I haven't started putting any antiscaring cream on yet as the PS said to wait until after the full 6-8 weeks after he makes sure they are healing well inside and out. I am a really slow healer since I have crohns it tends to slow the healing process down for me. Oh and I have trouble keeping hydrated because of the illiostomy and Im not very fond of water, I would rather drink tea... So with that said I think I will get my big glass of water and drink it quick so I can get on with some tastier beverages..lol This weekend I plan on cracking my expensive bottle of Riesling for the hubby and I although he will probably have a screwdriver.
What size are you now?
Around a c cup
I had my surgery 2/5 and very similar to your preop size. I am only 2 weeks postop and mine are bigger than yours. I am hoping they decrease in size as the weeks pass. I got the ok to wear a loose fitting non wire bra and got 2 Bali bras today that are just sized s, m, l etc. Kohls had some on clearance and just washed them and tried one on. It is very comfortable so far but have only had on for 30 min!! Had my 2 wk post checkup yesterday and PS took all the steristrips off and my boobies are tender and ouchy today but am glad I got off the couch and drove to the store for my first time. I am so exhausted now but wanted to say four girls look great and hope mine go down in size a little. My husband was hesitant to and really hasn't taken a good look yet, he is squeamish!! Best of luck to you.

tired week

This week started good. We had our anniversary and I asked my husband when he wanted to see and touch the new girls. He said when they are done cooking. Lol he has seen them but only with bruising and steristripes he said they still look to sore. I still have some bruising on my right breast. I see the ps intwo weeks and going to ask him about it. It may be just some pooling of old bloodthat needs to be reabsorbed. I will post pictures in a couple days.
Happy Anniversary - you are looking great - I am 10 weeks post-op and the other night I asked my hubby about touching them and he said he was scared because I had some painful issues with healing but I guess he will feel more comfortable with time :-)
Hey hun, Happy Anniversary! My hubby didn't really "take my new girls out for test drive" till about 8 weeks (I had a little slow healing thing goin on)...he thought the same as yours. Hope the bruising calms down...are you taking any Bromelain or Arnica? I really think they help. Hugs n healing ;-)
I haven't tried them. I will look into it. Thank you for your hugs and healing I've been a little down lately.

doctor doctor

I have a drs appointment in the morning and will ask him about the flat spot on the left side im trying to be up beat but its hard some days I had a seroma and now that its gone there is a flat spot I also still have bruising on the right. I just think I'm expecting to much too soon
the "done cooking" is 4 months so hopefully you will be really happy with where you are at that stage.
I hope so too I'm just heading out to the doctors now hopefully he will have some answers for me about the different size I don't really want to have a revision but I also want them to look good

doctors words

Went to see the dr and he said that the flat spot should round out and said give it time but if after 4 to 6 months out it hasnt reolved itself he will do a fat transfer and I know just where he can take it from.. lol
I definitely think that your girls look splendid, you shaped up nicely and evenly
thank you it always helps to be reassured
I would say overall your result is in the top 25%, they look great. nature often gives a slight size difference. just look at your before pics on days that you start to sweat the small stuff!!!!

scar looking better

I used a beeswax like stuff called surgeons skin on my scars last night and this morning you can see a definite improvement. This stuff is what I used when I had hand surgery it is what the surgeon recommended. It reduces the appearance of scars plus it softens and heals it quicker. JAMARKLABS.COM
This is one of the best results I've seen! Congratulations!

here we go..

Im heading back to the doctor to get the flat spot checked. I believe I will need a revision. Im really sad about this as my sons wedding is coming up and was hoping all would be done by then. The doctor spoke of fat transfer has anyone heard of this? How about long term effects. The right looks well proportioned. My husband is not happy with the left breast. Im not sure if he is still afraid to touch them because he dont want to hurt me or what. Im really worried it will never look natural again.
Gosh I still think you have one of the best results ever, as far as both natural looking and pretty breasts. And even if they are not 100percent natural because of the scar, there is such an improvement from what you were dealing with. I know what you mean about wanting it to be over. Next week will be my three month mark and I am scheduled for revision on 4/21. There is a bit of a skin fold in my left cleavage which developed because the doctor was trying not to carry my scar up too far. It will be done in the office, and I will be awake but numbed. Not looking forward, but it is something I'm tired of looking at and love my new breasts otherwise. Please feel good about yourself. You look great!
Thank you Andystrad. As you know we are most critical of our own body and see flaws that maybe no one else does. You look great by the way.

updated pic

I was trying to capture the flat spot.
wow your surgeon did a great job. my op is in July so doing huge amounts of research. can I please ask what procedure you had? anchor or lollipop? thanks
How did your revision go? Im hoping well.

not quite yet

Went to the drs office and he told me to wait until August and come back in to see him about the flat spot. I will post more picture and hope to get some good feedback to what or how I should approach this as it is just toomuch of a size difference for my liking. I am happy with the right breast size. I know they cant be totally symmetrical but I would hope closer than what they are.
I'm really happy with the overall results. My flat spot may or may not resolve itself. When I am lying down its really visible and bothers me quite a bit but I guess time will tell. I'm not sure if it doesn't work out that I would be likely to have fat transfer as I am scared of necrosis and the what if it makes it worse scenario.. I already have esteem issues due to my Ostomy and intimacy. Just feeling a bit down today I guess.
Anchor. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Ive been having some of my crohns issues.
Hi and thanks for asking. Well it's only been about 12 days. It's improved but not perfect. The revision was tough. Not super painful but lots of pressure and so weird being awake while he cut and sewed. I'm bruised from the pressure. The fold us mostly gone all but for a vitamin sized spot at the inner mist cleavage. I think it's not super noticeable if I didn't point it out, but I was hoping the revision would be like a magic eraser. Pics soon. So dirty you have to wait till August to sort things out!
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