51 Yrs Young! Finally Doing Something for Myself! Grand Rapids, MI

My surgery is one week from today! I am sooo...

My surgery is one week from today! I am sooo excited. And of course a little nervous too!

I just typed a big review and my phone died and I lost my story! $#%^! Lol

I am currently a a full DD. 38 DD. hoping to be a C cup. I am only 5' 2" and these knockers are just to big! All I see are bOObs when I see pictures of myself. It was not easy for me to take naked photos of my breast and post them! BUT I am glad I did. I know reading all these posts over the past few weeks have calmed my nerves and answered a lot if questions! Thank you to ALL who have contributed to this site. It is truly a blessing for me.


I have no opinion on what cup size you have, all I can say is wow. You are amazingly beautiful. You are so lucky to be naturally endowed. I hope that your surgery will provide you with the results you require to feel comfortable in your own skin. I'm sure you will look wonderful :)
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Thank you so much for the kind words. I went to Victoria Secret today and got measured and I am a DD. I think it is just the angle of,the pic. I don't really know how,to take selfies very well! :)
You look bigger than a DD - I think closer to a G cup - which won't matter because soon you will be a lot smaller. Good luck with your surgery - it is one of the best decisions I ever made.
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Measure before Surgery.

3 more days and I am so excited!

My daughter and I went to the local mall today and I went into Victoria Secrets to get measured professionally before my BR. They said I was a 42 DD. I have serval VS bras that are 38 DD and the gal told me that the number can go up and down depending on the stretch etc. all my bras are 38 so whatever. :)

I was a B cup in high school and a C cup in my 20's. I became a D after my first child and they stayed large even when I lost weight. Of course now that I am in my early 50's my weight is not where I want it to be! My doctor told me that having a BR will probably help me lose weight. He said that most women will lose weight because they will be more confident and not so weighed down by the breasts. I plan on dieting and eating better so I can feel better about the rest of me.


You will be so happy you did this for yourself! I am 3 weeks post op and even while still swollen, aching and far from healed, I would do it all again. Rest and listen to your dr and your recovery will be fine. I saw people post that they woke up and felt as if a weight was lifted off of them. I can tell you, they were absolutely right! It is such a great feeling! And picking out clothes can actually be enjoyable. It's a new world for all of us! Good luck!
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I almost travelled to MI to have my breast surgery, you have the best plastic surgeons there, Dr. Kayser and Dr. Hammond! Whoever your PS is - you are going to do great.
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So true! I am getting my BR done also for a reason that I love running, but was not able to fully enjoy it due to a pain in my sagging breasts. Hope that will change within next few months! Yay!!!
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Before Photo


Make sure you go small enough. I'm 5'3" and I asked for a B cup. I think I'm going to be more like a C cup. I've read others say the same thing....their only complaint is that they are not as small as they would have wanted. I'm 50 years old and I was a 38 DDD. My thought was; I've spent almost 40 years with huge breasts, I want to experience the second half of my life on the smaller side! Remember, menopause may put you up a size so go a little on the smaller side. Good luck tomorrow! I had a great recovery. No bruising and almost no pain. Take your pain meds as prescribed; don't wait for the pain to appear. Please let us know how you did when you are able to!
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I swear you will NEVER regret getting this done. I am thrilled
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So happy for you dollyp! I can't wait!

Day before surgery...

The day before my surgery and I am pretty calm. I am more excited and I have waited do long. I had my daughter take done before pic with some oft shirts that ate to small in the bust area.

I will post after pics wearing the same shirts to compare.

Going to make a nice dinner tonight with some wine. I figured since my daughter and husband will be waiting on me for the next week I would do something nice for them.


They said to go and Measure AROUND YOUR RIB CAGE - then write down THAT Measurement - and then Go and FULLY LEAN ALL THE WAY OVER and take a Bust Measurement AROUND THAT - to see what your True Measurement is ! Also - if you want to - measure around the Top - Full Part of your Chest and Back - to see if you get a LOT SMALLER Measurements AFTER your Surgery. I USED to be a 36 Inch measurement around my Rib Cage and then Measured 48 Inches around my Bust ! That was 12 Inches Bigger ! Good Luck for Tomorrow ! Before you know it - You'll be on the other side ! I Also weighed myself before they did my Surgery - and then the NEXT DAY - I could actually SEE MY FEET for the first time - in 45 years - to read the Scale ! LOL !
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i so agree about measuring this was and wish i had done it. do you have prune juice at the ready to prevent post op constipation?
Thinking about you! Can't wait to hear how it went...I'm two days beyond you (and also a dd). Great job putting yourself first. I too think this will help me get in shape. For the first time ever, except when I was pregnant, my stomach will probably stick out past my breasts and I can't have that!
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Here I go...

Leaving now for the surgery center! Hard to believe this day has finally come. So happy and a little bit nervous. :) see you on the other side!


All the very best!
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Hope everything has gone well today! I can't wait to hear details!
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best of luck, thinking of you. you won't regret it x
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The Other Side!

I did it! I am feeling great. Hubby took me straight home afterwards and I slept. I have been taking the pain pills regularly to keep up on the pain. No nausea at all. My PS used dissolving stitches so I can take a shower 24 hrs after surgery. Then I can get my first look at e
The new me!


I am also 51 and 5'2" and 4 weeks post op. I felt great right after surgery. Could not believe that my pain was so minimal considering I had been sliced, diced and fileted. My surgeon explained that BR really is a skin surgery, no muscle involved so it really is pretty easy to recover from. So........let me tell you. Keep that area as dry as possible during the healing. Use Aquafor lotion to keep the suture areas softened. And wait for the itching to begin. Oh, and the nipples will become so sensitive you won't even be able to breath on them. Don't regret the decision for a minute. Just saying the healing is a bit harder than the actual surgery. It's worth it. Hang it there.....and congratulations. It really is such an awesome feeling knowing you can ditch the underwire FOREVAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
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Thank you so much for the advice. We are going to the Dominican Republic for a week vacation Sept. 6th so I hope I will be feeling good by then.
that's funny you say that.....I just returned from vacation in HI. My surgeon assured me the salt water would be good for healing but stay away from pool and hot tub. When I finally got to the beach I could not wait to dip the girls in the water. It helped feel better BUT...... sitting in a wet swiimsuit was not ideal. In fact, it was very uncomfortable. Maybe get a really good suit that dries quickly. I did not have that and was unable to stay at the beach for long. All I wanted to do was take my top off and let the girls dry. You will be much further along in recovery than I was when you go so hopefully you will not have that issue.

First Look

Well I just got my first look! They are swollen but small and perky! Love them already!

I have quite a bit of blood seepage on my right breast so I am seeing the doc early in the morning tomorrow. I am not that worried but glad to get it checked out.


You look great. I have seepage on my left side, and don't see the doc until August 11 (two weeks).
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You look great! They are so even. And the nipple placement is very natural. Congratulations!
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Wow! Lovely transformation ... well done!
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Rest and more rest

Saw the doctor this morning and everything is ok. Today has been a lazy day. I am taking my Norco on a regular basis and napping.

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Feeling down

I have been feeling a bit down today. I know it is natural to feel this way after surgery and laying around doing nothing. I removed my bandages to take a quick shower this morning and I was more swollen bruised today then The day after surgery. I know that this is also not uncommon. Still I don't like it! Tomorrow is another day. Going to the doctor at 2:15 for my post op.


they look awesome!!!!!! Proud of you, fellow brave woman!
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Rest and take it easy. Bromelain taken 3-4 times a day between meals can do wonders for swelling. When you feel up to it, trying on some of your clothes to see the difference can be a big boost
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Yesterday was a sleepy day for me, and today I am nauseous. You are not alone in feeling down though, I have been down all day. I won't see my doc until the 11th.
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Post op appointment

Had my post op today. I have a blood blister in the T area under my left breast. I have to keep bacitracin cream on it and hopefully it will just go away on its own. The good news is I get to throw away the uncomfortable surgical bra! What a relief to get that thing off! My husband took me out to eat and then I went and bought some new Bali no wire comfort bras. I will get some sport ones tomorrow. Feeling very tired! I think I did too much today.


How is your recovery going?
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Hi Curlyqueen! It is going good. A little set back with the blood blisters but they are gone and healing. :) I still don't have all my energy back but it is better every day. Thank you for asking. I need to update my progress but I have just been so busy.
I have considered having reduction surgery. You look great and thank you for posting. Can you share the going rate for the surgery in Grand Rapids? Please update how you are doing when you can.
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Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS

Dr. Ringler is a true professional. Kind, patient mad really listens to what you want. He also is very honest with his opinion of what he thinks is the best for you. Everyone at his office is truly wonderful and has made my journey pleasant and comfortable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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