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Just had a tummy tuck with lipo of flanks and...

Just had a tummy tuck with lipo of flanks and major muscle repair. I am 2 weeks po. Decided to go ahead and get my breast lifted now to get everything done at once. Haven't had much time to read on the part with breast lifts, so am excited to get reading :-) My size is a 34 c . But I nursed for so many years that they as so droopy.


I go to the po for a month check up on my tt and to do pre op for my breast lift. I am getting excited.

Just 8 more days

Okay, I will take before pictures :-) Just went to see my po for my month post op tummy tuck and my pre surgery breast lift. He did a superb job on my tummy tuck. His actual first degree was in engineering. So he is very precise about getting exact results. His plan is to give me a lift. He thinks I will stay my same size or a little smaller. That is fine with me as I am a very full c and would be happy to be a small c or even a B. These droopy twins are on their last week and will soon be the perky twins. So anyone who has had just a life, how long was your recovery?


are the pictures of before. My surgery is scheduled for one week from today. I am just having a lift as I don't really want to do implants. If I had a small implant under the muscle above the breast I am sure it would give a fabulous look but I just want to get the boobs off my belly. The po said he might have to make them a little smaller but that is okay.

almost time

2 more days. I just looked at those photos I posted. I took them off my camera and computer.. They are so saggy but then they did a whole h--- of a job nursing for over 25 years. They need some tender loving care in the hands of a great ps to give me some lift :-)

Ill post on the lifted side..


My saggy twins are lifted. Yippie. He did not have to reduce. They are same size. On my way home.

3 days

here is my picture 3 days post bl, no implants and 6 weeks post tt.


Just looked closer at the incision and I only have a vertical one. Dr Rechner has done such excellent work on my body from the tummy tuck, lipo and bl. I couldn't be happier.
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

I give him a five star rating on my tt and he had the best bed side manner

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You look great. How are you feeling today?
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Hot ;-)! Glad you were able to achieve this look without implants! Happy recovery! For me it was interesting to see that someone had these surgeries split into 2 procedures. Mine ended up being split as well although mine was the breast first and then TT 4 weeks later. I didn't have much tissue left after nursing so got an implant :-). Good luck with your recovery! U look fab!
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Hi there, thanks for sgaring. I think it is great that you are able to get it all done so clise together. I am doing it the other way around and with a larger gap. Am 12 days post on BA/BL and plan to have TT end if July next year. This will give me time to save up and I can re-coup during the summer. Check out my review for more details of my recovery
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Hi there! check out Nu Me 13's profile she just did the lift and I think her results are awesome! I am not a big boobie kinda girl so I like small perky ones. I had a/b boobs and 6 years ago had small implants put in 210 cc. so far, haven't seen any one put in implants smaller than this on here :) I opted for that rather than a lift as I had not much to lift in the first place. It sounds like you might have enough boobie flesh to have nice small perky ones without implants. also, i think having bigger boobs will make me look top heavy ( small hips).
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Yes. You do have small hips. Mine are 35 inches and I also don't want bigger boobs. I think a lift will do ok. I have an appt on Monday for pre surgery consult
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oh, well that sort of changes my thoughts a bit. you may want to consider implants then - depending on what doc says. I think going for a C cup is definitely a good idea as it will keep your body in proportion but if it could happen without implants then all the better!
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I just had a lift, no implants. I went from a DD to a B. I wish he could have got me to a C because then I would not get implants. I am undecided what I will do as far as that goes.
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oh my a dd to a b. I also would like to stay a c. I better ask him during my pre-op appointment. So are you thinking of implants
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Yes but I really wish that I did not have to get them. And I am very undecided as to how large I want my breasts to be. Before my recent surgery I was totally into being a D/DD and wanted implants to bring me to that size. But after this surgery I finally no longer feel big for the first time since I was 16yo. So I do not want large implants to make me feel like a big girl again... but I want to be sexy... some day I think perky C is the WTG and other days I want DD. I am 49yo so I def do not want to look matronly with too large breasts.
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I am planning on having a lift also with no implants- to start. I'm a D and I do expect to decrease significantly in size because they are sooo saggy that I assume most of the skin will be taken away that fills out those D bras now and real volume will not be very much. However, given the choice, I'd also like to be a full C. The surgeon I may go with informed me that the double swelling from a lift (anchor) plus implants may not give me the best lifting results (that that compounded swelling could negatively affect their perkiness) so do the lift first, implants later if I desired. I thought that made good sense. Not the most economical way, but the best way results-wise.
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My surgeon does not charge extra for the two-step procedure, thankfully.
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Best of luck to you! Thanks for sharing your story.
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