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Dr. Iacobucci changed my life, I have been wanting...

Dr. Iacobucci changed my life, I have been wanting a breast aug for years. I've had numerous "consults" with doctors and he was by far the most honest and trustworthy man. His office staff is top notch, everyone goes above and beyond. Dr. Iacobucci took his time-not an I'm and out kind of man, and my results are AMAZING! It is a small area with a lot of plastic surgeons however he is the one to go to for PERFECTION! Look him up...go there-you will not be disappointed!
Great!How much cc did you got?What profile?
I ended up with 350cc mod plus smooth silicone. I'm 9 weeks post op and so I'm wishing I would've got the size I asked (425cc) however he said they wouldn't fit. I guess it's easy to forget what you started with tho! In my profile pic there is no padding-just underwire. I still have pains here n there, and when I move a certain way I feel like an air bubble in my rt breast.

2 month post op

Well the past 2 months have flown by! I am very happy with my results but I DO wish I would've went bigger. However, it wasn't my choice-I asked for 400-425 cc but he said they wouldn't fit. I see so many people that have larger and were smaller than me to start. Oh well...I know I'm so much happier than what I was and it was worth it. Maybe I'll "upgrade" down the road!
             very nice
Thank you...u look great too! Did you have any revisions or "upgrades"?
             yes! ive had several! ive recently had a redo to go bigger 6 months ago! im loving these! no more revisions for a while! 

Silicone mod plus 350cc (2.5 month PO)

I am so happy with my breasts, I often wish I would've went w/HP so I had the "fake/higher cleavage) look. I could be wrong about that, but I just wanted to be able to wear a sports bra and have them be a little higher. But I honestly LOVE my results and I'm positive that this is how they will stay. I am 5' 6" 123 lbs, sub glandular. They feel so natural it's unbelievable.
I absolutely LOVE the way your new additions turned out!!! Love, love, love. You look absolutely natural and amazing!!!
Thank you so much! I sometimes wonder if other women have soreness when wearing an actual bra (not a sports bra)?? I love how they look in a real bra but I've noticed it is very uncomfortable. Maybe getting "sized" by a pro would help?? Any suggestions?!
Oh my goodness, you look fabulous!!! It so great to see what month 2 looks like :D

3 months PO (silicone mod plus 350cc subgland.)

Feeling so natural-just over 3 months PO

My 3 month update...going GREAT!

Everything has been going great! I still have periodic "shocks" which I assume are my nerves regenerating. Also I usually wear only a sports bra, so when I do wear an underwire-I notice some soreness. Maybe I need a proper sizing. I'm in a 34 D, however my nipples are very close to poking out! I'm very happy w/the size because I can EASILY wear normal clothes w/a sports bra to conceal them, and once I put on a regular bra....welcome to cleavage city! Next time I'll post pics of my scars, they are more visible because my skin is so fair & I scar easily. However it was totally worth it!!
I have to say you look GREAT!!! I was considering implants bc after two kids breastfeeding etc, but got rid of it bc im worried about the illness' they seem to cause? You look absolutely amazing, I think it was 100% worth it :)
Awe thank you! Mine really bothered me, and I debated for a long time bcuz I was worried too. But I know they aren't going to b in forever-I know i'll either replace or remove them one day. And with all the new safety and quality changes it made me feel better. I have silicone gel-they feel so natural! It was the best thing I've ever done for myself, I feel so much better. Best of luck with your decision tho-just make sure u find a great PS, and find a way (other than asking THEM) what their infection rate is-my PS also does breast reconstruction and has the lowest infection rate in Michigan. If you have any questions-I'm an open book :)
I have been thinking about getting mine done, my bf is concerned that they won't bounce like natural breasts... can anyone give some feed back?

1 year already?!!

I'm so happy with my choice to get implants! They made my self confidence stronger, my clothes look better, and I no longer cover myself when I'm naked. I would recommend this surgery 100%, mine are silicone gel mod plus 350cc sub glandular. I will add photos later since I just had surgery again 2 days ago (mini TT, lipo, & fat transfer to butt) and that has me pretty wore out!
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Dr. John Iacobucci made me feel very comfortable, his staff was great. He spent over an hour going over the procedure and different types of implants, how they are placed and what would look best on me. I am SO happy that I went through with my breast augmentation with him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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