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I have received facial fillers for a few years now...

I have received facial fillers for a few years now and have been pleased with the results, except for the way I felt physically. I always felt as if I were swollen or had visible lumpiness. I knew no one could see anything unusual, but I could feel it . The results look natural and I feel natural. In fact, sometimes I look in the mirror just to make sure it is still there! Expressions is the best filler I have tried and I have tried several of them. The injections are more comfortable than the other products, too. This product is just so soft and smooth. I'm very pleased

Sounds like you've found a great option for natural looking filler!  Thanks for sharing.  Keep us posted on how long the results last and if anything changes over time.  How did you feel physically after the previous fillers?

My lips felt lumpy and I did have some lumps under skin. They were not visible, but I felt self-conscious. They did dissipate after a few weeks, but with the Belotero there was no lumpiness.
I too recently tried Belotero. Hmm...not really overly impressed. It was hyped up as more "real" feeling, esp. in the delicate undereye area. It doesn't last long, just like all the others, and for someone like me, who needs fillers in the temple areas and not so much the undereye at all, it sucks since it does NOT give much bang for your buck. Yes to this substance for the undereye, but for anywhere else it is definitely not going to be tops on my list. Ever.
Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

Oh my gosh! I can't rave enough about the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids, Mi. From the moment you walk in the door the staff puts you at ease. The office is lovely of course, but the staff is awesome. My injections are provided by Cathy Uecker R.N. and she is the best. She is an expert in her field and understands facial anatomy and how to get optimum results. I highly recommend Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.

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