53 Year Old Scheduled for BA on April 4, 2012! Can't Wait! Nervous About Recovery and Size. - Grand Rapids, MI

I have struggled with my self image since the age...

I have struggled with my self image since the age of 12 when my friends were needing bras and nothing was happening for me. I have been married for 31derful years and have three children. I successfully breastfed three children until they were ready to switch to drinking from a cup. I have considered this procedure for years and finally decided I am ready to have normal proportions for the first time in my life. I feel very uneasy about size and the recovery. The time is moving so slowly as I wait for my surgery date. I just hope everything turns out the way I dream it will. It is so hard to picture myself being anything except devoid of breast tissue.

Lucky you! I'm from Michigan but now live in rainy, windy Seattle :0)

Good to get all that cleaning done before your surgery!

Silicone, as recommended by my PS. I trust him. Thanks for the reading recommendations. I will definitely check them out when I have time to focus on them. It is 83 degrees and sunny today (Michigan)! Crazy! I feel like I am in Florida! I am getting spring cleaning done inside and out! Nesting!

Also, check out Makenzie's breast aug review and her videos. Very informative!


I have one week until my BA! Time has still been...

I have one week until my BA! Time has still been going so slowly as I wait with anticipation for my body to finally "grow up" and become a woman. I still am having trouble imagining myself and what I will look like after my surgery. Any other changes to our bodies normally occur over a period of time except for the rapid weight loss after delivering a baby. Of course I hope for a smooth recovery and that I will be completely satisfied and that I will be free from any complications. No one predict how my recovery will go so I will have to wait and see. I have not taken any before pictures. We have a 15 year old son and I am not sure how to keep photos private from him so I have to give that some thought. Any suggestions?
Thank you DRgirl. I am excited! I told my husband I want him to take some before pictures of me. I think we will buy a separate memory card to store the pictures on since we have a 15 year old son. I will probably discard the disc after a year so some day in the future our kids don't find the disc after we are gone and look at them. Can you imagine somebody discovering pictures like that of their parents! But I do want to document my progression because I think it will help me see the progress more objectively. I know it can take quite a bit of patience to wait while they settle into place or drop and fluff as it is called.
Less than a week now for you! Please keep us updated; I will be thinking about you on your big day!

I am wondering how I am going to do after surgery....

I am wondering how I am going to do after surgery. My surgery is on Wednesday and my husband will be with me Wed.-Fri. On Friday night our 29 year old daughter is coming for the weekend because my husband has to work on Saturday. Then she leaves Monday, my husband works Monday, and our youngest, a 15 year old son, goes back to school on Monday also. I will have to drive to pick him up from school on Monday afternoon. Reading some people's stories makes me wonder if I will be able to do this. He turns 16 at the end of the month. Too bad he can't drive on his own yet. Then I would have one less thing to think about during my recovery. I am wondering about whether or not I will be able to reach up to the cupboard to get a glass or a plate. Will I be able to reach up to the microwave which is mounted above the stove? Etc, etc, etc! I know recovery is a very individual thing so no one can answer these questions. I will just have to wait and see. Even is it is difficult, I will survive this! I sure have a lot of unanswerable questions though. I need to hire a nanny for myself!

I just took my blouses (button up) from the high...

I just took my blouses (button up) from the high top bar in my closet and sorted through my sweaters and pulled out some cardigans, then I took out some of my pants and put everything in one area within easy reach in my closet to make the early part of my recovery easier. I also took out the pajamas that button up the front and I put some of my slip on shoes on shelves that are easy to reach. I have my outfit all ready to wear for BA day on Wednesday. So many details. When my husband had knee surgery in the fall of 2011 he didn't have nearly as much to prepare for it! Men have their own concerns though. If I wasn't such a perfectionist I would have a lot less to do.
Yes, maybe I will surprise my husband with a picture of me in my wedding gown. The church we were married in has been completely renovated or I would go back there and get a shot. I am sure our son will have some really creative ideas. He used to do videography for weddings when he was in college so he has lots of experience. Now he has moved on to bigger and better things.
I'm glad everything went so well. It's awesome that you look so great. Being taken for an athlete is pretty darn cool. I bet you will look beautiful in your wedding gown. That would be a beautiful picture and a very special gift for your husband. How blessed you are to have a son who can capture those special moments!
It went fine! I did have a woman from my church (we aren't personally acquainted) ask me how I stay so thin. Before I had a chance to answer she asked if I am a runner. I told her no and she tole me I look fabulous! I was in a swim suit and I was told I look fabulous. That has never happened to me before! My measurements are 32-26-32 so I am now perfectly proportioned! I think I must look more physically fit since my BA because that is not the first time I have been asked if I am a runner. Actually I have gained 3.7 pounds since my BA. I actually needed to gain a bit of weight so I am fine with it. I figure my implants account for maybe a pound and half. When I googled it that is what I came up with. So I have actually only gained about 2 pounds. I have not been exercising since my BA. I really need to get back but I feel weird going to the same place where everyone has known me as flat chested. Again, just like my swim suit debut, I just don't know how people will react. I just need to go and get it over with! So I have another unveiling coming up! I want to try my wedding dress on now that I have boobs! I tried it on last year on our 31st anniversary and it was actually a little too big for me. Maybe it will fit me perfectly this year. It would be fun to have some pictures of me wearing it. Our older son is a filmmaker and he will be home in July so maybe I'll have him take some pictures of me. He is an amazing still photographer also.

I am now three months post-op and I am so glad I...

I am now three months post-op and I am so glad I had my BA done! I feel like I am proportional and feminine now. I still fit into all of the clothing that I wore prior to my surgery. The only thing I had to replace were my bras. Even my swim suits still fit me. Actually they fit me for the first time. Prior to my BA I had to put padding in them since I was so flat. Now I fill them out nicely. Buying bras is so easy now also. I can go into any store to find my size. I do not have to buy bras online anymore. I wear a size 32C and that makes me almost perfectly proportional. My measurements are 32-26-33. Sometimes I wish I had done this sooner but then I have to remind myself that I just was not ready to make this step any earlier in my life and that even at the age of 53 I have a lot of years ahead of me to enjoy my new body.
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