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TT & Lipo November 18th, 2011

Full TT with Lipo on flanks and back November...

Full TT with Lipo on flanks and back November 18th, 2011. I've always had a lower ab pooch but then had four children including twins! Complications with a appendectomy in 2003 then left me with the "butt in the front". I really just wanted the appendix scar and fat removed but the only way to do that was a full tummy tuck!

I asked for a skin only but every surgeon I consulted with (5 total) with the exception of one said that I needed more (muscle tightening). Finally, my PS also recommended the lipo... I was really reluctant to do the lipo as I felt like if/when I lost weight my flank area would look fine... did it anyway since I was going to be out and off work.

So far, I think everything looks great! Waiting to see what time will do as far as fading the scar.

I guess I should add that I am 44 years old. I am...

I guess I should add that I am 44 years old. I am 5'8" tall and weigh about 170 lbs. I was sooooo nervous about this surgery and probably would've backed out if I hadn't told everyone I knew I was having it done!!! The week or two prior to the surgery I was in some kindo of fog...seemed surreal. My husband was not in favor of me doing this but didn't stop me... we're still struggling thru that part of it. I think my Ps did a super job! All my stitches were internal (even around my belly button). Tape was used externally. One downside is that I had to wear my drain for a full month...so I had to deal with that as I returned to work after two weeks. It was a pain in the rear but after reading about seromas(?) I am glad my PS didn't remove it prematurely.
Did I read elsewhere that you had an ultrasound and they found fluid and drained it. If yes, did your PS do the ultrasound? Details on this would be wonderful. I have an explained abdominal distention. Just saw my PS today for 6 week post op and she agrees I am way to big but thinks it is bloating, not swelling but she did not mention ultrasound. Thanks for any info.
Just wanted to ask you if the cost of your tummy tuck included hospital fees?? Thanks
Yes it did. My surgery was done outpatient at the local hospital.

Today is just not a great day!! Just when I think...

Today is just not a great day!! Just when I think I'm really healed up I get sore all over again..not sure if it is related to overactivity or lack of activity. I love the way this tummy looks! Just not liking the way it feels! I wonder if I will ever feel normal again instead of that feeling like I have a sheet of cardboard under my skin!?!
What did you put on your scar to help it fade so well?
I got the dog ear removed. It was diffently needed. When they showed me it was as big as a LG thick chx breast. Its emotionally hard though because it feels like a step back in my recovery. I really had no idea it was a surgery again. I thought just a stich or two...but it will look good and smooth like the other side does when its healed .
Wow. I have a small place at the end of incision that kind of stuck up at first but it is smoothing out nicely. Why don't you post some pics of your before's and after's and give a review? I'd like to read your whole story!
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