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Ready for rhinoplasty in Oslo

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but figured...

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but figured I would start posting in case someone can help me with their insights. First a little about me: I am 24 years old, from Norway, and have had issues with my nose since I was a child. It is too wide and big from the front, and I have this bump on my bridge (that runs in my family), I just cannot handle it anymore. Every picture taken, every time I look in the mirror.. I am done. It is time to get this surgery done.

I am scheduled to have rhinoplasty done by Dr. A. Kevin Muiderman in Grand Forks, North Dakota on August 16th, but I am not quite sure about this. The consultation seemed a bit rushed, and I have had no exams or medical history conversations with him. There was no digital imaging to show me what my nose could look like, he just had pictures taken of my face and used a marker to "draw" my nose smaller.

I had to leave Grand Forks to go home to Norway for the summer (I am from Norway and go home every summer in between college semesters), and as I want to get the surgery done before fall semester starts back up again I decided to book the surgery for a few days after my return to the U.S.

My question is, does anyone have experience with Dr. Muiderman? Has anyone had rhinoplasty by him? He is certified and experienced, but I just don't know. If anyone could offer me some insights or recommend a North Dakota rhinoplasty surgeon I would be very grateful.

Two new consultations!

I am so surprised at all the kind comments on my first review! I think I'll keep posting here through my surgery journey. :) It seems a good place to interact with people who understand. I have kind and loving parents who support me in almost all that I do, but this one they aren't on board with. They keep saying "but you're so pretty the way you are", and I know I am not ugly but it isn't about that at all, it's about a gnawing feeling of unsatisfaction with an aspect of my face. I have felt like this since I was 11, and now I am 24. I remember seeing a picture my mom took when I was 11, and deciding then and there that I have to get this procedure done when I grow up. Money issues have kept me from doing it so far, but now I can finally do this without my parents. They cannot know and I will not tell them until I go back return to Norway in December, because they'll just be so disappointed and I don't want that to happen. Wow, I just rambled, sorry folks. I just thought it would be appropriate with a little background, although I'm sure a lot of "rhinoplasty people" have similar backgrounds.

I have decided to keep looking for a surgeon I'm more comfortable with, and have booked two consultations with great surgeons in Oslo, Norway. One of them has 20 years of experience and does over 100 rhinoplasty procedures each year. I've seen a video of him and he seems very likable and competent. The other surgeon is also very capable, and renowned all over Scandinavia. My meetings with the surgeons are on June 25th and June 26th, so it's coming up! So excited! Will post update after my consults, thanks for all of your support!

A month away from my rhinoplasty!

Okay! So! I was originally scheduled to have surgery with a US doctor, but I didn't feel completely comfortable with him and so, because I am Norwegian and go home every summer to work I decided to go to Oslo for a few consults. I ended up choosing the first doctor I saw because I liked him, plus I had heard bad things about the second doctor I was scheduled to consult with. And the third doctor proved impossible to dig up any info on and I just wasn't feeling it. I chose Dr. Morten Haug of Teres Nobel, a renowned and trusted plastic surgery clinic in Oslo.

I want to get rid of the bump on my nose, narrow the tip and make the sides of my nose slimmer, and he said he could do all that, but that my expectations regarding the tip of my nose shouldn't be too high as the structure and cartilage of that particular area of my nose makes it so that he can't take off too much. But I didn't want too big of a change in that area anyway so I'm fine with that.

Surgery is booked and paid for, it is really too much money but I just HAVE to do this now, August is the month where I have the most money due to summer work, and plus my parents are NOT on board with this so they have no idea what I'm up to. I am 24 years old and make my own decisions, but it's still hard not being able to talk to my parents about this as we are very close. I am an only child and am used to talking to my parents about everything. But they just don't understand my reasons for doing this and they can't justify spending this much money "on something that doesn't need changing." But I do need a change. I need to change my nose, it has bothered me since I was a child and I cannot stand it any more. I'm done. This is happening and I'll just have to find ways to make money some other way once I'm back in the US after surgery. I do freelance work within translation and transcription in both English and Norwegian, so hopefully I'll find a way to make money through freelancing. My parents will take me to the local airport on August 14th, but they think I'm flying to the US. But I'm actually flying to Oslo to have surgery. It's really hurting me having to sneak around this way, but I have no choice. They won't understand and they'll be upset with me spending this much money on something they don't think I need. They'll think I'm back at school while I'm recovering from rhinoplasty.

In any case, my surgery is on August 15th at 10:30 am. I am staying with my best friend in Oslo after surgery, and she's a nurse so it's really quite perfect. She'll know how to take care of me. The only thing that might prove problematic (aside from the obvious risks of surgery) is that I am scheduled to fly back to the US the DAY after I get my splint and stitches taken off. Splint removal is August 22rd, and I embark on a long, international flight with two heavy suitcases and hand luggage at 6:30 am the next morning. Whew! I'm hoping I will feel well enough to handle that. I'll have to ask my doctor if I can have anything that will make the flight a little easier, could something like Sudafed work perhaps? We don't have that particular drug in Norway but maybe something like it. If it's safe. I just don't want to have a gruesome flight. But it was the only flight available and it cost me too much to change it anyways.. Anyone else out there who had to fly shortly after rhinoplasty? Any helpful advice? I would be very grateful for anything you guys could tell me, not just about the flying but also other things I should purchase before my surgery.

Posting some more before-photos.

Thank you guys!

You guyyyyssss

My surgery is 15 days away! I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone by. I paid my surgery (and felt my bank account bleed) so at least that's all done. Working on finding a job now so I can survive the semester. I also went to the pharmacy and picked up my prescriptions today. Anti nausea and anti everythinnnngggg. I had to pretend to be getting something else because my mom asked me where I was going so I ended up having to buy a crap ton of stuff for her and other family members who needed stuff.. It's really hard not being able to tell her what I'm really doing. But hey, this is my choice and I'm sticking with it.

I just want to put it out there that I am SO grateful for my friends. I have been telling more and more people and they have all supported me. But the one friend I am most grateful for is my best friend Anette. She has been aware of my wish to do this ever since we became friends.. When I told her I had booked the surgery was "whaaaat! ok well you're staying with me right?? I'll take care of you". She's a certified nurse and her love, support and knowledge makes me feel so secure. She'll know how to keep me properly medicated and taken care of. She has a 10 month old daughter at home (my God daughter and gem of my life

Travel concerns?

Hmm for some reason my previous post was cut short.. Oh well I don't think I had much more to say. But I do have a question, so if anyone has some insights I would be very grateful! My surgery is on the 15th, and I'm scheduled to have my cast and stuff off on the 22nd.. I am flying internationally the VERY NEXT MORNING, how do you guys think that will go? I'm flying from Norway to the US, and it's a long, long journey.. Three flights; it will take me over twenty hours to get there, and one of the flights is over eight hours long. I'm really nervous about that. I'll have lots of luggage, and I'll be traveling alone..

Night before surgery!

Alright, here we go. I don't think it has really sunk in yet. I'm not scared or nervous, I took all my pills and, well, it's almost like a "hey, I guess this is happening" kind of thing right now. My brain hasn't realized that tomorrow at 10:30 am I'll be falling asleep to get my nose broken and reshaped. My parents still don't know anything, which is really hard. But my best friend and her boyfriend are so incredibly kind and supportive, she (being a nurse) helped me with my meds, she's made my bed with tons of pillows, and she's bought lots of yoghurt and soft foods. She even made me a "survival kit" (haha) surprise in the form of a box with secret stuff she says will help me with this whole ordeal. I'm not supposed to open it until tomorrow, so I won't. Can't wait to see what's in it. I'm so grateful. I'm a little worried I'll scare their baby daughter with my crazy bandaged surgery face, but hopefully she'll be okay. In any case, just wanted to pop by and update, tomorrow I'll have a different nose! Good night!

Still alive and well

Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting in a while. I'm just stopping by to post a quick update. The surgery went great, my doctor said everything went as he expected. We decided to not do any tip work last minute, and with that my procedure changed from an open rhinoplasty to a closed one. He shaved off the bump and broke and reshaped the bone to make my nose narrower. But no tip work. In happy with that decision so far, I mean I have to fly to the US on the 23. and this takes the recovery time down a bit. Okay anyways. My surgery was at 1030, they gently woke me up and let me rest for a while before bringing me water and salt crackers. Then after a while my friend helped me dress and took me home to her apartment, and I've been resting ever since. Their 11-month old daughter is doing fine with the sight of me, she knows who I am and doesn't seem bothered at all.. Which is great! Day two was bad, I was SO swollen yesterday. I couldn't open my eyes for more than a few seconds at a time, and my eyes run like crazy. No pain though! And no nausea either. The worst part has been the swelling and sleeping elevated on my back. I HATE that. But I'm not bruised, which is surprising.. I was a bit blue the first day but that passed too. Now I'm just red, sore and swollen around my eyes. Swelling has moved a bit though, it keeps moving lower which is nice. I'm applying arnica gel and cold towels (very gently of course). Hopefully the swelling will go down even more soon, that's what's bothering me the most right now.. I managed to take a shower from my neck and down, which was super nice! Well anyways, that's all for now. Will try to post again soon.

Splint off!

Hi! I just got my splint off! Don't really know how I feel yet. My nose looks bigger than it did before surgery, but when the doctor was feeling along the ridge and bone I could tell that it is indeed smaller and narrower. I just can't visibly tell because I'm pretty swollen. But it does look straighter. So I'll just wait and see until the swelling has gone down more, and as the year passes. Bought a hat yesterday, haha! One of those big floppy ones from Mary Kate & Ashley's collaboration with the Scandinavian store Bik Bok.. Gonna be quite the fashionista. It's bright and sunny in Grand Forks and I can't wear sunglasses, boo.. Anyways! I have a thick bandaid on my nose, the doctor agreed that would be a good idea, not so much because I necessarily need it but because I'm flying to the US bright and early tomorrow morning, and I don't want people bumping into my nose during the flight. With the bandaid on they can see that something has happened to me and be gentle when moving around me. Bah. Not looking forward to the flight.. Take off at 6:30 am!

As far as the recovery process goes, everything has been pretty smooth. I was never really that bruised except a little red and yellow around my eyes, but I was SO SWOLLEN day two and three. It was excruciating. I could hardly open my eyes. Day four I felt so much better, much less swollen and tired. All in all it's been okay, never in pain and not really nauseous. Pretty anxious about the final results, though I'll be very careful not to jump to conclusions or anything until several months have passed. I'll post pictures later!

SOOO late but pictures!

Here are a few pictures, I am very happy :) no tip work, just took down the bump and narrowed it.
Dr. Morten Haug

Not sure yet

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Your nose is looking beautiful! Very natural and fitting of your ethnicity.
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Thank you so much!
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You look gorgeous, and just like yourself. Great results! I bet no one noticed why you've been looking so good. LIke your dark brows too!
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Thank you so much! Yes it's been a lot of "you look different, did you dye your hair" and "did you change your makeup" questions, haha. I just roll with it.
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hi, how are u doing?
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as long as you're confident in the Dr you have chosen you will be fine . I cannot tell you how thrilled i am at my results .
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I just wanted to wish you good luck!
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Hi. Just wante to say good luck with your surgery! Also, I'm grom Norway too and I'm going for a consultation with Morten Haug August the 14th. So, it will be really interesting too see your result! :) I have a pretty good inpression of him through their website and forums though, so I'm sure he is really good. ;) And yeah, I also have a bump I want gone, like you, and then I have a bit of a bulbous nose tip I want smaller. Again! Good luck! You already look so cute, and you'll look amazing after the surgery, I'm sure. :)
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Oh wow, hi Toast! So good to hear from a fellow Norwegian here, haha. Hei hei, så koselig! I'll keep this review updated as time goes on so you can see how everything turned out, I'm sure it will be very interesting to see since you're going to see Haug as well! If you have any questions feel free to ask them through the comments, or send me a private message, I'll be happy to answer any question you have to the best of my ability. Takk for kommentaren din, kanskje du har lyst til å fortelle meg hvordan konsultasjonen gikk også? Det hadde vært interessant.
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English only please, folks. You can see RealSelf's community guidelines for posting here.

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So sorry, I'll stick to English from now on. Got caught up in the moment, it was so nice to "meet" someone from Norway on this site!
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Sorry about that! Won't happen again. I wasn't aware it was not allowed.
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hey, you're very pretty, but I 100% know how you feel when people tell you you're gorgeous already and don't change. I had my nose done in November and honestly best decision I ever made, I can't tell you how many side view pictures I've taken since then lol I never did that before!!! I contemplated for many years about getting my nose done, but I knew it was something I had to do!! I'm 24 as well and I thought wow I have a long life to live and I am not living it with this ugly nose on my face lol I know everyone has different experiences with this kind of procedure. I feel very fortunate that I found my doctor, my recovery was a breeze, no pain.. just numbness, actually the tip of my nose is still numb and I'm almost 9 months post op lol if it's something you really want then go for it!!! I'm glad I did :)
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Thank you so much Nicole, that's great to hear! I looked at your pictures and your results are SO SO great, you look fantastic! You were very pretty before too but I can see how you would notice your nose. Now it's just a pretty part of your face, and not noticeable, it fits perfectly and looks great! Ya I think if i can stand to have pictures taken of my left side I'll be happy... HATE that angle. haha. i just want it to be off my mind if you know what I mean, not be so crazily focused on it. It's exhausting. It's so interesting to see that your nose keeps getting prettier and prettier as time goes on, that's something I'll have to keep in mind I think, the fact that I won't see final results until over a year has passed. thank you for your comment!
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Trust me, I know exactly what you mean by having your nose on your mind constantly! That was all I could think about for years and years! From what I can tell you from my experience is... this kind of procedure you have to be patient with. When you get your cast off you will see a huge difference, but keep in mind your nose will appear swollen and just weird seriously lol you will probably experience uneven swelling, I freaked out about that because I was like OMG this side of my nose looks good, but this side is horrible haha. Everyone heals differently, but I know I had a lot of uneven swelling and what appear to be "dents" is just swelling.. also don't expect perfection, if it turns out better than what you had.. then that is all that really matters. The tip of the nose takes the longest to heal. But yes, over the weeks and months you'll notice your nose changing, which is really cool by the way.. it will get smaller and more defined, but you just really have to be patient :)
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Good look most to worry about will go great hurts like hell for along time but if you gat a good result gosh is it worth all the pain hopefully you will never look back.just prepare for some honking pain lol
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haha i am trying to prepare for the pain.. but then again, some people say they had hardly any pain at all! hoping for little pain.. but I will manage I think, I'm pretty tough when it comes with pain. Thank you for your thoughts, I'll keep this review updated!
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I hope all gos well! I agree with others that you are already so beautiful and I actually like your nose, everyone told me that also and I do wish I had my original nose back. From what I know and am going through now and possibly the rest of my life, I can understand why others in my boat want to warn you. There are some I look at and think the risk makes more sense and then there are people like you who it can be very, very hard to hold back from going through with this. However, I do know that the risk is one that some have to take, and nobody could have talked me out of it, which upsets me but I also don't know how successful they would have been. So I by no means will try to talk or scare you out of it. I hope you've found an excellent surgeon that you are comfortable with who knows how to enhance your looks and not detract from them, and that you get a gorgeous result that you will be happy with from here on out! Lots of luck to you!
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I meant to say *very very hard to hold back from wanting to warn about going through with this*
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I understand what you are saying :) thank you for your concern. I do trust my doctor, but in the end I think I just have to go with it and lay it all in his hands and hope for the best. I mean, aside from talking to him about what I want there's not much I can do but trust his expertise. I will update as things progress!
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just wanted to add that you are already gorgeous! you do not have to do this, you know. two nose jobs later,after a lot of expense and healing time, i wish i had stuck with my original nose. just saying...
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Thank you dear, I appreciate that. I am a bit nervous, I'll have to admit. But I just have to do this, I cannot live with having to turn my face towards people in a certain angle or in pictures or any of it anymore. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about since you've already had surgery. It's just a risk I HAVE to take :/
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I can relate 100%. People can say how pretty you are but if you don't feel it yourself then you'll never be happy. We're not getting the procedure bc we care what people think about us but what we think about ourselves. My first nose noticed picture was 12 and ever since then...my date is June 25th! Can't wait to see your progress once you choose a doctor.Good luck! :)
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Exactly! It has nothing to do with what people think or say, in fact, no one has ever commented on my nose. I just have to do this for myself, because I, and only I, want to. It seems you can relate! :) So excited for you, will you post pictures? I would love to see your results. Best of luck to you, I'm sure it will be great!
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