Time to Upgrade! - New 6 week pics & I bought new bras!!

Hi! I am a (yikes!) 39 year old mother of 3 great...

Hi! I am a (yikes!) 39 year old mother of 3 great kids! I breastfed all of them. They are 15, 10 & 21 months. After my oldest 2 my breasts still looked pretty good, I wore maybe a 34c, they could have been a little perkier but they weren't too bad! But after my son, they are basically nonexistent! I'm a saggy 34A :( I've been considering a BA since I stopped nursing Carson. I finally talked to my husband about it a few months ago & told him how unhappy I am with how my boobs look & he said if I want to get it done to go ahead. I worked in a very busy ICU for 15 years before I had my last baby & my hubby is a doctor so we had a pretty good idea of who we did & didn't want to go to see for consults already!
I'm 5'5", 118lb, currently like I said a sad 34A! I would like a full c cup, but not too out there! I want to look better for me, but I don't want it to be too obvious to everyone I see. Although with how padded my bras are no one will probably know! Thank God for Victoria's Secret!!
I went for my consult in September & I really loved the dr. She made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions. I tried on a few sizes that day & I'm pretty sure I'm going with 400cc silicone, under the muscle. I actually just happened to stumble across this site the day of my consult when I was looking for more info & I'm so glad I did! It's been so great to be able to read everyones stories, & find out a little more about what to expect.
My surgery isn't scheduled until Jan. 9, she could have gotten me in much sooner but we already have a vacation planned. We're taking all 3 kids to Mexico between Xmas & new year & I just didn't feel like that was enough time for me to heal well enough to enjoy the vacation. Not when I know the girls will want to zip line & kayak & stuff like that!
I really appreciate anyone's input from your experience!

Well, I had my surgery yesterday, January 9th and...

Well, I had my surgery yesterday, January 9th and everything went great! I had to be at the surg center @ 7:30. They got my IV started right away, asked some questions, my PS came in & did her drawings on me & everything got started right on time, by 9:00! I woke up in a little bit of pain which of course I expected, also some nausea, which I expected. I'm always nauseated after anesthesia. My RN gave me some dilaudid & zofran right away. Then I ate a couple of cracker & had some ice water so I could take some oral pain meds & go home! I was home by 1:00! Oh, and my surgery also included a scar revision on my right breast from melanoma that I had several years ago. She was able to make my scar look a lot nicer! The dr that did it did a terrible job!
Yesterday afternoon I just slept for a while. I'm taking vicodin es, every 4 hrs. She said I can take 2 if I need too, but I'm only taking 1. I'm not in that much pain, I would say discomfort, but I don't want to take niching the first couple of days & have the pain get worse bc then it's harder to get under control. I started my antibiotic last night too. I did get very itchy from the anesthesia, I had to take benadryl last night, I couldn't even sleep!
I think sleeping has been the hardest part, I sleep on my tummy or side! I got a big pillow that helps you sit up in bed, but I ended up just using 2 firm pillows & I did have to go slightly on my side! I had a post op appt today, she said they look great! They are pretty swollen, but they do look good, I think when the swelling goes down I'll be very happy! Right now they feel too big! She said the swelling usually peaks at day 4. I did get some pics last night & this morn, I'll get them up as soon as I can! Thanks so much for all the well wishes ladies!

My recovery has been going really well! Much...

My recovery has been going really well! Much better than I expected actually, I'm not having any pain, I'm pretty swollen, my PS said that usually peaked about day 4 which is today for me. I'm pret

I'm not sure what happened to the rse of my post...

I'm not sure what happened to the rse of my post last night! I was saying that I am pretty bruised, but I bruise easily being fair skinned & red headed! They are still so swollen this morning, I got up around 6am to get frozen peas to put on them. No real pain though & the shape looks nice. The hardest part is trying to sleep on my back & not pick up my 2 yr old! I really will try to get pics up today!

Ok, finally some pics! I only have some from today...

Ok, finally some pics! I only have some from today because for some reason itunes won't let me get them off my phone, so i had to take these with my camera. I'll have to try to figure it out later so I can get my before's & the ones from the first few days up. We're having just a small family birthday party for my little guy tonight, he's 2, so I don't have time to mess with it ;) I'm feeling really good boobie-wise, I got a sinus infection though & was running a temp for a few days & felt awful, but I haven't needed anything for pain since day 2. I saw my PS last Thurs which was day 8 for me & i can wear comfy, unwired bra's, like Genie, or Ahh bra's. I got a couple. They are pretty comfy, but anything is better than that surgical bra! I see her again on monday. I have been doing some light excercising, walking, or using the elliptical & just not using the arm part of it @ a slower pace than usual. She said that was ok. I can't wait to order some swim suits, hubby & i are going to St. Thomas in April! I hope everyone else is healing well that had theirs recently!

I went back to see my PS yesterday, I will be 3...

I went back to see my PS yesterday, I will be 3 weeks tomorrow. Everything is looking great! I can start using Mederma (scar treatment gel) on the scar on the top of my breast, the one from the melanoma, beause the surgical glue is almost all gone on that incision. She said I can start using it on my other incisions as the glue wears off. I can workou as I feel comfortable, she said use good judgement. Yay!! I can lift my little boy again! so I got up and got a 45 min workout in this morning before everyone got up! nothing that strenuous though, 30 min on the elliptical (but a lot faster than what I have been doing!) & a 15 ab dvd. Already the scar from the melanoma looks so much better than my old one & it's only been 3 weeks! I'm very happy with how my breast are looking more & more. I knew they would be swollen at first but i kind of thought omg they're too big for a few days there but im very happy now & i know, given a few weeks more time they will look even more like they "belong" to me & the scar will continue to heal! I'm very happy with the work she did!

I'm 4 weeks today! Very happy with how everything...

I'm 4 weeks today! Very happy with how everything is looking, it seems like my left has dropped down just a little bit more than my right, hopefully righty will catch up! It's still early! The scar from the melanoma repair is looking better every day! I'm so happy about that! I've been working out, pretty much back to my regular routine. I'm so glad i decided to do this!

So....I went to Victoria's Secret today to get...

So....I went to Victoria's Secret today to get measured & do some shopping! I needed a 32D in the bras that were demi cup, 32C in the regular, fuller coverage cups. I bought 8 new bras! The girl that helped me was great, I got there right after the mall opened so I could get it done while my son was at pre school, so they weren't busy yet, and she had me try on about 12 different bras & different sizes just to be sure what was comfortable. On my way out of the mall I stopped in Macy's, where I had parked & looked for a minute there & found a sports bra that im hoping will keep the girls in place! It's a Champion, made by Bali, & it has a soft wire & seperate cups. I tried it on & I was doing jumping jacks in the dressing room! Thankfully no one was in there, haha! The bounce was significantly less than with the VS that I curently have. They were on sale too, but one get one 75% off, sadly, they only had 1in my size, but I ordered 2 of them & got the sale price so I'll have them in a few days & see how they work. I took pics with the new bras & one in an everday sweater, you can see that in my normal clothes they don't look too big. I'm so happy with how well my scar from the melanoma is healing! Some days I don't think it looks very good, then today when I got on to update my pics I can see how much better it looks from 2 weeks ago!
I'm using mederma on it in the morning & at night & vitamin E oil a couple of times a day. I use it on my implant incision scars too & they are healing nicely.
Grand Blanc Plastic Surgeon

I chose this plastic surgeon because my husband refers some of his patients to her & they have been very happy with the work they have had done. Someone I worked with had a breast reduction & tummy tuck done by her & she did a great job.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! How're you managing with your little one?? How much does he weigh?? Mine are 28lbs and 17.5 lbs :((
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Hi I'm 2 wks being you in healing so it's been great to see what to look forward to, you look amazing! I'm excited to officially bra shop after reading your update.
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Did you end up going with 400cc? Your pics look like you are healing great. I hope you are happy with the results. Looks awesome. I'm scheduled on 4/11 for a BA and mini TT. Getting so nervous!
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Thank you so much! Yes, I went with 400cc HP silicone unders. I was 7 weeks post op yesterday, and I feel like they have really settled in & dropped nicely. Good luck with everything! You'll do great!
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Hi suzie I'm so happy for you, they look very good and I like your black bra at 6 week !!
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Thanks so much!
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My BA is march 5 and I'm just trying to get ready. So I have a almost 2 yr old & 5 yr old. I'm really worried about having to take care of them after ba.Mostly the 2 yr old. I will have help the first week, but day 6 po will be the start of spring break. I see that your son is 2 so I was wondering if you had any advice?
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Hi Bigmama! I did have a lot of help the first 2 weeks, thankfully! I had someone here during the day until my hubby got home for 2 1/2 weeks. But I did make sure all the laundry was completely caught up, groceries were really well stocked. I had made a few meal to put in the freezer for later. I didn't really need them because my mom ended up cooking almost every day, but I had them for later! I changed all the bedding so it was done, because I knew it would be hard to be pulling on sheets right away! And after my surgery, when I was feeling pretty good I would come sit in the living room & try to just let Carson sit with me or read to him. He won't sit still for more than 30 seconds of course, so then I'd just sit there while he'd play. But I could go back to bed when I was tired since I had someone here! If I can think of anything else helpful in regards to kids I'll let you know! Good luck with everything!
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Congrats on your BA! I was told to not lift anything over 5 pounds for 3 weeks and not to engage my chest muscles AT ALL for 8 weeks. Even now that I'm over 8 weeks post op my doc still tells me to take it easy. If you plan on doing NOTHING I mean NOTHING not lifting a finger for at least 5 days after surgery when it is critical for your body to heal, take your meds, drink a lot of water I promise you will have a faster recovery than someone who accidentally engages their chest muscles or pushes a heavy cart while grocery shopping right away (I didn't push a cart for a good 3 weeks, maybe more). Good luck!!! xoxo
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Looking good! Let's keep telling ourselves that everything will even out in a few months. It's hard to be patient!
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Thanks Redhead! Let's hope so :)
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hi... Nice post and tips here I am not a guru, or do I pretend to be one. I am here to learn and to share my experience. Everything that I say, I say from my heart. Just wanted to say that i found a technique that works really well when I use it, I've been using it for over few months now, and my breast look so much better. I'm So Happy :) Here are my personal tip tinyurl.com/naturallbreast
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You look fantastic!!! Did you find the high profiles dropped yet? I too ended up with well actually ultra high profiles and I'm wondering how soon they drop! Lol
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She does look awesome. I have moderate profiles and I feel like they never sat that high LOL. I think the next time around in a few years I'm going to go with maybe a moderate plus if I can. :)
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I have high profile and I can already tell they are dropping. I can now see why he didn't want to go with mod or mod plus. I would have had way too much side boob.
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I actually wanted a little side boob and based on my boob and my chest/shoulders and the pictures that I brought in to show my PS he went with the moderates. I really like them but next time around I may go with a little more projection .... I don't know. I need to give it a year and see how the finally settle. ;)
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No More... I just checked your profile again and you look GREAT!!! I think those suit you just fine :)
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I think they have dropped some, they are still a little high, I'm not quite 4 weeks, but I'm really happy with them. More & more every day! Thanks so much! I hope you're doing great!
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Thanks lima! I do love them .. just need to be patient. My PS told me today I was "plenty big" ha ha ha
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Hey NoMore! Pretty soon you are gonna change your name in here back to boob envy!!! You have NOTHING to envy girl!!!! You look good. Period. Now....just wondering...on a different note, when did your incisions heal completely? Oh I should check if they were crease or not...we're they? I cannot wait to take the tape off!!! Post op tomorrow...so I'll probably see better then. Xi
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LOL thanks girl! My incisions were around my areola (which btw, I don't like my areola and wish I had them made smaller - still may). My left one fully healed in about 2 weeks I would say but I had 1 spot on my right incision that just would not heal! It finally did after literally 4+ weeks! My doc took the tape off of my stitches on day 2 and my stitches were the kind that dissolve so it sounds like we had different stitches. Now that I'm 6 weeks post op I'm starting with vitamin e oil on the incisions and just ordered emu oil. ;) I have been rubbing cocoa butter on them for weeks but I have had those stretch marks for 18 yrs so I doubt they are going anywhere. I don't even remember my boobs being that big when I had my daughter - I guess they were!
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You look AWESOME in that purple top!!!!
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Thanks! Purple is my fav & I thought but I thought when I ordered it I wouldn't really like it & it's my favorite. The green one is actually lime, I thought I would love it, doesn't fit me right :( oh well, more shopping!
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Hee hee .. isn't it fun to shop now? ;)
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Looking great!!! :)
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