Got Talked into This. TERRIBLE MISTAKE

This is very expensive, painful and I have MORE...

This is very expensive, painful and I have MORE not less wrinkles than I started. I had 7 treatments. After the 3rd treatment, I did feel like my skin had tightened and it looked great - for 3 days! After threatening to contact the BBB, they suggested I might get more benefit if combined with a Photo Facial. This, too, is painful.

The Photo Facial is described as alleviating skin discoloration. I told the manager that I had very little skin discoloration and saw no need for this. She insisted that this would help the skin tightening treatments to work and agreed not to charge me. I have many, many more wrinkles and more sagging than when I started. I not only lost a lot of money, I look ten years older. This should be taken off the market.

Ladies, whatever you do, don't spend money on this.

American Laser Centers

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First off I have to agree that the Photo Facial idea was stupid. It has nothing to do with Thermage. I also have to ask what your consultant was thinking when they sold you 7 treatments! Are you sure it was Thermage or Titan? I've never heard of 7 Thermage treatments. Was it laser based or radio frequency? Thermage  is the only machine that heats all 3 layers of the skin, and therefor has the possibility of denaturing the most collagen. Just wondering.

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