Got Smart Lipo in 4 Places, 1/9/09

I've been reading about SmartLipo and looked on...

I've been reading about SmartLipo and looked on the website and watched all of the TV broadcasts of the procedure, Lots of "LunchtimeLipo now here!" According to one broadcast, Britney Spears had hers done in between rehab stops.

Well, folks, this is a misnomer. I took off from work on Friday, had abdomen, flanks, upper arms and inner thighs done. Stayed home Monday, too. The needle for the anesthesia didn't tickle, that's for sure. However, the Percocet and Valium he gave me before the procedure fully relaxed me, to the point where I actually fell asleep when he finally got to the upper arms.

It has now been 1 week and 2 days and I am walking around with this ridiculous compression garment which is a real pain. It totally squishes you and flattens out your chest. The doctor says I have to wear it for 1 month, and he is very strict about that as he says the results will not be even/effective if I take it off. For the first two days, be prepared to leak out all kinds of body fluids. Right after the procedure, (It took 6 hours) I was still numb and went out to dinner. By the end of the evening, I had leaked pink fluid all down my thighs! Walking out of the restaurant was so embarrassing,,. I was wearing white sweat pants and it looked like I had indergone a botched abortion. My friend, God love her, walked in front of me and I kind of walked really close behind her so that people wouldn't stare. I totally soaked the bed and I was wearing overnight super maxi pads over all 10 holes. The second day you leak a bit less, by the third day you are down to slight spotting. Now, day 11, I am not wearing any bandages at all and the holes are beginning to heal. Be careful the first 3 days- those holes can become infected so my doctor recommended a sponge bath only. Any contaminant- like stray fecal matter from your shower or just petting your cat can cause an infection. Warning.

Now, I am still swollen. I don't really notice any difference, and in fact I gained 2 lbs. Great. However, I know I have to be patient, hurry up and wait, like everyone says on this web site. I have bruising and tenderness now....still.. This was a very expensive ($10,000) operation, and it was all for vanity. I could really use a new car, but I sank the dough into this procedure, so it had better work.

Stats: 56 year old fair skinned woman of Eastern European descent. (Bruise easily) No kids, so no excuses for the flab. 5'6", 160 pounds, not very athletic, but I swim just about every day. I live in West Palm Beach Florida, and the doctor who did my SmartLipo has done over 500 of these operations. When I asked him how many he had done, he said "Five hundred- but you're my first live one" Ha Ha. Sense of humor. He advertises heavily on TV, so he must be very successful, not to mention wealthy.

I will continue to post on this site, and hopefully show pics, as well. Since there are not any very "kind" photos to display at this time, I will post next month wih an update. For those of you considering this supposed body morphing, you can make a decision on whether it's worth the pain, money, time and aggravation.

I don't know what 999 gylantane you mean $ some kind of extra chemical? If you are only having your belly done, it is not a big deal. That is nothing compared to this total body suck out which reduces you to a husk. Sort of. I must tell you that Florida is notorious for "doctors" who are not what they seem. Find a doc who is certified and who has done a lot of these procedures. Do your homework...there are many "doctors" who just want to make a buck with little education- they just heavily invest in the machine. Update: Today is 2/11/2009. I am out of the compression garment, thank goodness. The good news: I wore a size 10 today. The bad news: When you lose weight, you look older. All those extra pounds filled out the wrinkles. Perhaps there is something to say about not messing around with the creases.
I am still doing my research on SMARTlipo. I appreciated your feedback. I want to avoid the nip/tick and do something like this but something my husband said about lasers frightens me. His occupation involved the use of lasers and supposedly he was taught that you needed to stay clear from lasers. He finds that lasers in the body is a little nerve-wrecking. But hey, anything to make me skinnier, right?
Lasers? Bloodletting? Release fat globules? Yes, it does sound scary, and I did read an article where it said that Smart Lipo released unknown fat blobs (although it was described a bit more technically) into the bloodstream. That was the only negative comment I read, and the article also said that doctors won't know the real effects of this procedure until years go by. Maybe we are all guinea pigs and shouldn't fool with Mother Nature. Update: It has now been one month and one day since I was sucked out and remolded. The pain is almost gone, except when I twist unexpectantly or reach across the car. Bruises are gone. (Took a lot of Arnica) All in all, I feel a little flabby. The fat is gone (2 liters) and so I'm worried that the skin won't evenually adhere to the muscle. I am going to start swimming again to get tighter, but right now it is too cold, even in Florida. The good news is that when you wear clothes, you don't see any sag, and look great in skinny jeans. I actualy got into a pair that was found mouldering in the back of my closet. After washing them, and shrinking them even more...they fit like a glove. (Ok, they have a bit of stretch in them) When I went back in for a check up after 3 weeks, the doctor suggested wearing the compresion garment at night for a long time. That's not a problem- it's the squashing of the bod during the day that is so awful, as it flattens you out to a 12 year old school girl. Buy a strapless, padded bra and wear it over your garment during the day- be careful because if the bra is lose it will evenually wiggle its way down the slippery garment to your waist, you won't feel it, and you will look like your boobs are coming out of your stomach. (Do I dare tell how this happened to me?!) He also said that this is a 6 month gig- be patient. That means I won't be Pamela Anderson until July. When you go back into thhe office for a check up, ask to see your "before" pics. I didn't realize I was changing into a butterfly until I was reminded of the awful (albeit smooth) before bod.
Radiance Med Spa, Dr. Salvadore

Lots of experience, sense of humor, kindly staff, clean facility.

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