Good Results with Tummy Tuck but Expected More

After I had my two kids, I was left with some...

After I had my two kids, I was left with some loose skin. I was still on my normal weight but decided to lose some before going over the normal range (5'4'' @142lbs, now I'm @ 123lbs). I lost the weight within a few months by eating better and exercising a lot...but still my loose sking wouldn't go away. I decided then to go for the tummy tuck.

Overall I liked the results, but I thought that after a few months after my swelling had gone away I was gonna have an "extra flat and firm as a rock stomach". especially because I'm devoted to exercising and eating well. Not so. It's been 10 months after my surgery, and I still have some loose skin and a little bulge. When I stand I kind of look flat, but when I sit, I can see some rolls of skin.Also my scar is "not very good looking" and my belly button is kind of too small. I know part of this is my type of scaring tissue.


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Hi Claa,,, Did you remove your pictures?? because I can't see them.
Everybody says you look amazing. For your scar Mederma is an excellent product.
I hope you are now happy with your results. However I think that the price you paid for your surgery in Colombia is high (5000$),,the average cost for a TT in latin america with an excellent plastic surgeon is around 3000$. I had my TT done in Bolivia for 2700$ (I am very happy with my results), but before I decide to go to Bolivia I made a lot of research in internet and in sites like Realself to read more about patients' experiences overseas. All the people that go to south america (Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentine, Costa rica..) for a TT have paid between 2500$ and 3200$ but not more. Of course the price is not th emost important,,, the most important is you are satisfied with your results but I give this information for people that are interested in travelling to latin america for a TT,, the average cost for a TT is of 3500$ with an excellent plastic surgeon.
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You want to feel better about your results... I can email you some of my post-op pics.
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Good results and happy overall but I expected and extra flat. If I seat for long periods of time my belly gets swollen and I still can see some loose skin.

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