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Good Results but Dont Use in Combination with Botox

Restylane did a good jobe of filling in my...

Restylane did a good jobe of filling in my wrinkles. One visit I had Botox injected into the furrows between by eyes, followed by Restylane. The combination of the two created a horrific reaction. I experienced a burning almost scalding senstion that went from the injection sight all the way up my forehead to the hairline. Several days later I had a severe blister the size of a quarter in the middle of my forehead. In returning to my surgeon, he was stunned. He'd never seen that reaction before. In calling the reps for both Botox and Restylane, as can be expected, neither claimed a problem. The blister turned into a thick,blood red, hard scab that remained well over a month. Two years later I still have a white scar patch on my forehead. My surgeon will no longer combine Botox with any other wrinkle filler procedure. BEWARE.
that sounds like a necrosis event. when product is injected into the arteries running in the glabellar area you can occlude those arteries and cause tissue death
The key is to inject Restylane first then Botox. If it is injected in reverse, the Restylane has the potential to spread the Botox to areas where its effect is not desired, subsequently increasing the chances of adverse effects.
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