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I was the one in the family of 5 siblings referred...

i was the one in the family of 5 siblings referred to as the largest girl. theres not a diet pill diet drug or exercise i had not tried, they did not work as fast for me or as fast as they claimed. my first few set of injections i hardly felt at all as time went on it did not take long for me to notice a change in my clothing i went from a size 14 to a 12 and lost a total of 15 pounds. i will tell you tho, later on in the treatment since i was doing the lower abs, that area did get a little tender, but when i explained it to them they took care of it by giving me laser treatment before the injections and that helped immensely. overall experience was really good. will do other areas as time allows.


Where in OPKS did you have this done?
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ATTENTION!!!!!! As a result of my blog earlier in regards to a Lipodissolve class action suit. I stand corrected, there is curently no class action suit with the state of Kansas for services provided in Kansas. But there is a current investigation being conducted by the Kansas Attorney General's office (Special Agent Webster) for lipodissolve services provided in the state of Kansas. So please feel free to call her if you have had bad experiences with Kansas Fig or any other Kansas Lipodissolve providers. It could possibly become a class action suit in the future. And after talking with Special Agent Webster, she suggests that if you want to start an investigation on a Lipodissolve provider outside of Kansas, please, please, please, contact that State's Attorney General's office. Hopefully this still encourages all of you that have been damaged in any way by a Lipodissolve provider to continue to seek justice! Thanks, Erica Ware
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