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My decision to try Active FX was not an easy...

My decision to try Active FX was not an easy decision because of the cost.   I was very careful to select a physician who had great knowledge and experience in this area.  I initially contacted my plastic surgeon who performed my reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy.  She is the Director of a Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic and I was expecting that she would perform the procedure.  She directed me to a provider in Cosmetic Dermatology.

When I made my initial appointment for a consult, the staff indicated I would be able to schedule an earlier appointment if I was willing to see another member of the medical staff.  Based on my surgeon's recommendation, I decided to wait.  My advice, find THE best doctor in your area to perform this procedure.  I am convinced that satisfaction with the procedure and the end result is directly correlated to the expertise and experience of your provider.  Get referrals!!!

I'm broke and thrilled with my early results.  My choice to have Active FX was based on my age, I'm in my mid 50's, and my recent divorce.   I finally spent some of my hard earned money on myself rather than on attorney fees and maintaining a home that is not selling...I know, shocking....LOL.  My ex, who chose to "disappear" after I found out he had been unfaithful for many years and who then physically assaulted me twice prior to his disappearance, left me with all the work of maintaining and selling a large home while he continued with his "freewheeling" lifestyle.  This time, it was finally, after 23 years, all about me and I couldn't be more pleased.


Why does the price vary so much between all these reviews? I am considering the porcedure and have been quoted $4,000 by a plastic surgeon. I am only 45 minutes from A2 and used to live there. Should I go there? I am having face, neck, chest and eyes.
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Why is there such a difference in the prices that everyone has paid for this procedure?
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They will provide you with a fairly strong anti-anxiety med. And yes, they will tell you, you cannot drive. I had to drive to A2 from Kazoo alone. I parked in the ramp and told them my friend was going to pick me up...she was supposed and at the last minute could not. As they have you sit in the waiting area afterward with ice packs, you do have some time to allow the meds to wear off. I have a very high metabolism and any type of med, including anesthesia, wears off quickly. When my pal informed me she couldn't pick me up, I told the office staff she was waiting for me. I got my car and drove to her house, a few miles from the Clinic near the stadium. I had a few cups of coffee with her and then drove back to problem. Just don't let them know that you are driving yourself. If need be, you can always hangout in the hospital lounge for a while. No one will notice your face...the patients coming and going from U of M have such critical illnesses, others seldom if ever would notice or think to pass judgment. Good Luck. Dr. Orringer does a fabulous job! And don't tattle on me LOL My surgeon caught me last spring when I had to drive myself for a brief stay in the hospital ... as i had my car, I sneaked out of the hospital for a chocolate shake from the Washtenaw Dairy...They are THE best!!!! Even though she was in surgery at the time, she caught wind of my escapade and I was busted. Luckily she has a great sense of humor...
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Ann Arbor Dermatologist

Dr. Orringer is both a physician and professor of dermatology. He is the Director of U of M's Cosmetic Derm Clinic, with an impressive academic and medical background in laser resurfacing. His tremendous experience in this area is evidenced by the lack of discomfort I experienced during the procedure as well as my quick and complication-free recovery. I'm thrilled with my results!

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