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After my children I lost all my boobs down to a A...

After my children I lost all my boobs down to a A cup hoping to establish a C cup. My procedure is today so I'm actually on my way as I type to the hospital. My nerves just set in being I'm petrified of the IV. I have had worries that I will not be big enough or that I will be too big which I'm sure are all normal thoughts. I'm getting 325cc High Profile Gels, I wanted to keep a natural look I'm so excited on how this will turn out. Some of my other Thoughts and worries have been going to sleep and waking up to something that will be there, how am I gonna wash n fix my hair, the aftermath of it all. But I'm so ready to feel comfortable naked and wearing bikinis strapless shirts and feeling confident again

2 days after surgery

I'm feeling great, my chest still feels heavy and tight but getting around better. Im excited bout the outcome and can't wait for them to be kinda normal. I'm happy with size but does anyone know if size will change much when they drop and become normal?


2 day post op

Yeah congrats ? You look great and that's size looks like is gonna be perfect for you're frame ! Keep posting comments as the days goes ... I am scheduled for April 15th and it's nice to see hoe the other mamas of 3 are dealing with it post op ! Get some rest girl ! I'll keep checking on up progress
Thank you so much I am on day 5 and it's gets better every day. I absolutely love them they don't feel as high today. Make sure u walk around as much as possible after your procedure of course after you get some rest. Why I say this is because my muscles became stiff n sore between my shoulder blades and was so aggrevating for a coupledays. Good luck I know you are excited and you have every right to be it will be one if the best things you do for yourself

6 days post op

Today has seemed to be easier. That being said I do feel slight pain in my left incision well maybe not in it but under it I have done some research and found a lot have experienced the same and it's just the nerves regenerating and is normal but I do have my 1 week check up tomorrow so I will be inquiring on this and posting an update. All and all tho the girls look great and perfect
What are your measurements? I'm going in on Monday and still haven't decided on the profile. I'm very muscular and kind of broad up top so in thinking mod plus profile but I do like the look of high. Did your ps recommend high for you?
I believe my measurement was either a 10.7 or 11 cm I'm very narrow in my torso very narrow so he would not even consider going bigger than 325 cc he did give me option of high profile or not bit I liked that it gave me a more outward look which I loved it was no question after the try ons. I absolutely love them and I'm glad I went with the high profile. Good luck with your procedure!!!!! I'll call my Dr and try to get exact measurements and hopefully can get those posted
I just read your profile I would Prolly go with 400 cc just cuz there is only like a 6 tsp difference between 375 n 400 if I'm not mistaken if I had that choice would def Prolly do the 400 especially if your Dr thinks they would be a fit for you!!!!

1week post op check up

My Dr said everything looks great and that I'm actually ahead of schedule in healing process which I was so excited to hear. The shooting pains are just normal and part of healing as things repair inside.
Wow they look great already!! I am in NC too. I may have to book a consult with your surgeon. Does he offer saline?
Thank you so much for the compliment I will be posting another updated picture asap. Yes maam he offers both. The first time I met with him I knew he was the one within moments such a great Dr and person. Good luck on your journey it's been such a great experience for me would do it over again in a heartbeat!!!!!
Also my surgeon is free consultation you don't find that often their office is a firm believer in that u shouldn't have to pay to consult.

incision site 3 days post op

How was it sleeping? Thats the part I worry about the most
The sleeping was fine I had no trouble at all. I slept with several pillows behind me propping me up also invest in a neck pillow n possibly a body pillow. These may come in handy!!

feeling sexy

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op. They are starting to get softer n they are starting to move a lil and not be so tight. I def have to get something to go over my nipples cuz they are high beaming the whole time I'm in the gym. They do feel very hyper sensitive. The glue is starting to flake off my incisions and having a bit of itchiness all around my boobs. All and all I'm so happy with the process I don't regret it one bit and I'm so ready to go bikini shopping !!!!


Sorry it's been a couple weeks since I have posted for some reason was having trouble and could not post my 3 week. They are softening and dropped more. I'm now massaging them and especially the incision I make sure I do that several times a day. I'm able to do more things I'm back doing cross fit just can't do push up or pull ups or anything over head. My nips are so very tender especially when I put my sports bra that I work out in on I think it's cuz they are constantly on high beam. I'm totally in love with my new additions absolutely in love.

bra try ons

Loving this 34D never thought I would see this size 5 weeks post op
Did you consult with any other doctors in the Raleigh area? I was going to consult with Dr. Ruff in Chapel Hill. None of the before after pictures I have seen from this area have been really great and exactly like my wish pics though.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

This Dr and his staff is beyond amazing. Gave great info on procedure and size. Dr Eskra called me day after surgery just to touch base with me and to see if I had any concerns will be seeing him for my 1 week post op next week.

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