Literally Jumping out of my Twin Skin! Golden, CO

I have gained a lot of knowledge from reading...

I have gained a lot of knowledge from reading everyone's TT stories. If my story can help just 1 goddess than I am happy to have shared. My TT adventure began when I was just 22 and pregnant with twins. My husband and I were so young and in college. The twin's pregnancy resulted in my 5'9' frame having a 4 foot circumference. YES! I was 48 inches around. Gratefully the twins were super healthy and I carried them to term. Enter: The Twin Skin. I would estimate 4-5 solid handfuls of flabby stretched play doh like skin hanging from my mid- section, super sexy! I can't leave out little sister who was born 3 years later. Little sister is almost 5 and I have spent a decade pregnant, nursing, or appearing 5 months pregnant. It was fun when I was pregnant but getting that kind of attention when you are not sucks!

"Oh, when are you due?" -stranger
"I'm Not" I say with disdain.
"Oh I'm so sorry I asked I know better than to assume I am so embarrassed" -stranger
"That's okay"- me, now it's my job to make them feel un-embarrassed while I feel like an un-pregnant fatty.

My favorite is when they don't verbalize their suspicion but insist on carrying whatever heavy item it is that I am about to pick up. Their eyes tell me they are sympathetic to my pregnant state. I gruffly pick up whatever it may be and charge past them, angry that another stranger has mistaken my glorious twin skin for a real live baby.

I understand babies are exciting but I had mine, and me and my WHOLE family were super excited then. Now I'm not and I do not want to relive that decade for the rest of my life.

I want to be a real deal MILF. I want to rock my husband's world. I want to wear a regular t-shirt. I want to purge my closet of all of the maternity clothes which I pretend conceal what I am trying to hide.

I have this rule that if someone asks me when I'm due, I have to get rid of the shirt that I am wearing at that time, I have donated so many cute things! I am looking forward to restocking my closet with cute clothes that say, Yes I am a mom, Yes I am a wife, Yes I do tons of volunteer work, Yes I am a dual business owner, Yes I clean my own house, Yes I know how to have a good time, and YES look at my sexy self LOVING LIFE!!!

I found a phenomenal surgeon literally 5 minutes from my house. Pre Op was yesterday and surgery is scheduled for November 30th. Happy frikin Holidays to me!!

Surgery is in 2 days, and I cannot sleep. I am...

Surgery is in 2 days, and I cannot sleep. I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Lots to do in just 48 hours.I still need to get all of my supplies and scrips a giant Costco run so the family will have food to eat, and with that comes a week worth of meal planning. I am also having a hard time coming to grips that this is finally happening!!! The Husband and I have a date to take before pics I will get them posted when I have a minute. Thanks for the kind words!
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twinskin, I am glad that you are able to do this for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Sounds like you want to do it for all the right reasons and are super ready. I'll be watching for your updates. You don't have much longer before your big day! :)
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So excited for you and looking forward to following you on your journey. Hoping to have MM myself this summer and wonderful women like you who are willing to share your stories are such an inspiration. Let the count down begin!! :)
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