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Had my first daughter at 20. Second daughter at 21...

Had my first daughter at 20. Second daughter at 21. Third daughter at 29 and Fourth daughter at 31. All four were c-sections. I didn't really get stretch marks but my stomach has refused to go back into the upright sucked in position.

I was originally going to get the TT Lipo and Lift. But mothers guilt took over and now I am just getting the TT. The doctor that I choose does not use drains which I am excited about because that seems to be a big source of being uncomfortable.

thanks to both of you for the encouragement. I am very excited and nervous. I will def keep updating

Hi Aurora,

Don't you just love what the little pumpkins do to our tummies..LOL  

Congratulations on taking this step to do something for yourself.  You will be happy in the end...promise! And don't let the motherly guilt take over because you deserve this.

Make sure to take some before and after pictures.  It is really fun to see the changes as you heal.

Keep posting!

No drains sounds great! And fitting into jeans you love? Priceless. You're only a couple weeks away now! Please keep us posted on how you're feeling as it nears.


5 days to go and getting more anxious by the hour....

5 days to go and getting more anxious by the hour. So much to do so little time. I have class all weekend and I need to rearrange my room to move up my new sleeping chair. 0_0

Almost there!   Are you ready to go now?   I bet you are getting excited now.
Good luck today!!!
Congratz on making your choice. I know it was hard I struggled with it myself, even for a few days after the surgery, but honestly it is so worth it.. :)

Not having drains sounds perfect. Mine drove me crazy. They were always in the way and would tug. I was very happy when he took them out yesterday.

From one Aurora to another... You deserve this! :)

Uncomfortable but doing very well. thats about it

Uncomfortable but doing very well. thats about it

I am wondering why some doctors choose to use the...

I am wondering why some doctors choose to use the drains and others don't. My recovery has been exceptionally well compared to some of the stories that I have read. Not too much swelling or pain. And none of the drain issues. It seems as if it is an easier process.

So with that being said all is well. My regular clothes are back on, a little snug but not too bad. I am on my own tomorrow, my husband goes back to work and I am torn up about that. He has been the knight in armor that we all dream about.
Wow! You sound so great for 2 weeks post op!! You must be so happy & excited!!

I am 6 days post op & feel awesome! I have one drain that is not draining much now. It is not really bothering me, but it will be nice to get it out. Maybe at my first post op visit tomorrow. I have been massaging my belly every day & I think that helps a lot with swelling.
I think I'll start massaging as well. glad you are doing great 6 days later. Its crazy how we count down and all of a sudden we are post op. :) good luck with the rest of your healing process.

Feeling Great. Still not sleeping in the bed b/c...

Feeling Great. Still not sleeping in the bed b/c the babies somehow end up in there everynight. But woke up this morning and they were both on the sectional with me. Guess its back upstairs for me.

Got a yeast infection:( no fun.

Scar is healing well. Standing fully but I can't bend back any further than that. I am able to pick up the 9mos old fairly easy and the 2yr old if I am very careful. She has been great and makes sure to stay away from mama's ouch.
The older girls as always are wonderful. My husband has been great but I can see the steam running low on him. His eyebrows are furrowed a lot lately.

3 weeks flew by pretty fast. Still good no complaints. I can't wait to hold the 2 year old whenever I want. And it will be nice to lean back and stretch. Every once in awhile I will get a twinge of pain but nothing big.

Sending out prayers to my fellow Marchers and their recoveries and to those who follow. :)

Just got back from the Dr. 5weeks later and doing...

Just got back from the Dr. 5weeks later and doing GREAT. almost no swelling at all. I am creeping into a smaller size. Guess I'll start working out soon. Dr says the scar has healed well.
I had my little ones with me at this appt. I was aprehensive about that but he was very warm and genuine with them as well. What more could you ask for?

Thanks so much for your posts! I go in on 8/1 with Dr Vath and Can't wait!!!
have you gone back to work yet?
ok so this is 20 days late. but I stay home with my 4 girls. so no outside work but my husband went back to work 2 weeks after my surgery so I was on my own then. taking the 2 older ones to school and staying home with the 2 little ones (2yrs & 10mos). I do remember crying the first day lol. How are things going on your end?
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor, I would recommend him to anyone considering a tummy tuck. He has an excellent staff and they all made me feel more than comfortable, up until the last second. Even the phone calls they made to check up on me and changing my precriptions to get rid of the nausea. ***Great Staff**** . I didn't feel as if I were just another patient. He didn't seem to mind my questions :) He uses no drains and I gotta say this is a blessing. I was able to shower the next day and get around fairly well. The pain is not that bad. I take the medicine more so I can get comfortable to sleep. I am 2 days post op and can almost stand straight.

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