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Hello! This board was so helpful for me as I led...

Hello! This board was so helpful for me as I led up to my surgery. Went in yesterday morning, and it went quickly and well. I snuck a little peak last night and am so excited to see the differences. I do have a question...they gave me percocet and Valium. I' taken the percocet every four hours, and the valid twice,but there is still a lot of pain. it's really bad when I get up, my incision burns and my stomachs feels like it's on fire. Has anybody else experienced the same? I recovered from two deliveries within a day, So I thought my pain threshold was high, but I guess not!

I'm also afraid of tearing sutures, but I guess that's common?

I will post before after pics once I get up and showered. Thanks for sharing all of your stories!


Wow, Day 6 post op and it's a new world. I switched pain meds on Sunday, so 3 days post op, and it went from pain to barely uncomfortable. I went off all pain meds yesterday morning and have just taken Tylenol twice today.

Went to my week check-up, just one more week in the binder, and the incision and belly button are doing fine. Today I felt nearly normal - I took one 45 minute rest and the spent the rest of the day running errands and cleaning. It's amazing that I spent so much time worrying about this and the hard part is already over - thank you everyone for reminding me of that during those rough few days!
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You should really wear you're binder for as long as possible. I still wear mine at night and I'm going on week 12. It will continue to help shape your waistline so you want to wear it atleast 6-8weeks. It will keep the swelling away and like I said help shape your waist. Glad to hear you're doing well!
Glad that all went well for you.
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I'm now two and a half weeks PO and am amazed!...

I'm now two and a half weeks PO and am amazed! The recovery is flying by, although the first three days were rough. Still getting used to my new flat tummy as even at my most fit/thinnest, my tummy has never been so flat. Thank you again to everyone who responded and who wrote a review that I read prior to my procedure. You all made it much less scary.


Thank you for your review of dr vath. I'm considering a tt & he is one of the docs on my list to have a consult with. How do you feel about the whole process now? Are you still pleased with he results & happy you went through it?
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wooohoo we had the same doc,,post some pics I wanna see..I wannna seee...
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Sounds like you are doing great. I'm now 7 weeks post op and I have NO regrets. Hang in there because it will just get better. :-)
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Dr. V has an awesome bedside manner, spent lots of time discussing recovery with me. He uses no drains, so I was walking my kids to school three days after. My stomach looks amazing, and he was just plain kind and attentive when I called post-procedure with questions. This seems like it came and went soo fast, in large part due to how wonderful his work was, and how accessible his staff was. Couldn't recommend him more highly. Last thing - he never pressured me to get more procedures, even though I could certainly benefit from Lipo, I didn't want it and he never indicated that my choice was wrong.

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