Nearly 4 wks PO-hole at base of breast!! New pics...

I'm a Mom of 3 beautiful kids, ages 9, 7, and 4. I...

I'm a Mom of 3 beautiful kids, ages 9, 7, and 4. I always wanted to be a Mom. I was very glad that my dreams came true after battling infertility for two years. Being pregnant with my oldest was stressful....during the infertility trials, I did get pregnant, and miscarried twins. Anyone who has been pregnant after miscarrying, (especially your first pregnancy..) knows that you get stressed about everything, believing that anything you do that is too extreme, may lead you to miscarry. Needless to say, I gained 70 pounds by being overly cautious. I've always weighed more than I look like I would, but when I delivered at 222 pounds.....I was very shocked and ashamed I would go over 200! With some hard work, I lost most of that weight, however, I gained stretch marks EVERYWHERE, and A LOT of extra skin! I also learned that I get huge...stomach wise, being pregnant.

My hubby and I decided that we should start trying shortly after having our 1st son, incase we had infertility issues, so that the kids weren't too far apart in age. I got pregnant on the first try. Our sons are only 16mos apart. Pregnancies so close together, sealed the deal on my skin being extra stretched out. I wasn't as nervous with second pregnancy. I ate really healthy, I exercised. I chased after a one year old....but still gained 50 pounds, and got up over 200 again! Oh, and got a few more stretch marks up over my belly button! I lost 40 pounds of that pretty quickly afterward, however, I could not lose my extra skin. It was literally like a deflated pregnant belly, that just hung from me, that I got to tuck into pants.

A couple years later, I got pregnant, and miscarried again. That was very difficult to deal with. Eleven months after the miscarriage, and eight months of trying for it, I was pregnant again. This time I found myself being very nervous, and overly cautious. I gained 10 pounds being depressed after miscarriage, that I wasn't able to lose before pregnancy. I gained sixty pounds with pregnancy, tipping scale at 230 for delivery! I got two more stretch marks too! I delivered a long, over nine pound, baby girl! My stomach never recovered from that final pregnancy. I was able to do Pilates and sit ups after the pregnancies with both boys, and the extra skin was there, but hung flat and easily stuffed into pants. After my daughter, my stomach began to heal, but I was left with a very distended upper abdomen that makes me look like I'm still 4 mos pregnant. I've tried everything through diet and exercise to get it to go back down, I wore compression garments....nothing worked. Further, my muscles separated to a point that I am no longer able to do a sit up, or any intense stomach exercise. The muscles just don't work, and it's very frustrating. Now that the upper stomach sticks out so much, it makes tucking in the lower abdomen more difficult. I went up two pant sizes, just to accommodate. I am not willing to walk around in pants that fit my legs, and let that extra skin hang over. I was able to lose 50 pounds of the weight from third pregnancy. I have been dieting and exercising, but no matter how much I do, I end up gaining, from the muscle and water weight.

I have been considering a Tummy Tuck since the first pregnancy, and all the extra hanging skin. However, the skin didn't inhibit my ability to do anything physically, and it never bothered my husband, so it wasn't a priority. Now that my daughter is 4, and it is clear through much exercise and dieting that my stomach isn't ever going to get flat without has become a priority. It's very frustrating to try so hard, and not have the use of stomach muscles. Makes back hurt, effects posture, effects clothing choices...I'm constantly effected by this distension and laxity. I no longer feel confident when I'm naked. It's time to do something for myself, and get back to having stomach muscles that work, and a body I work hard at and am proud of!

This coming Wednesday, October 17th, I am having a full, drainless, TT, BA and BL, and lipo to the hips/flanks. My surgery is with Dr. Vath, in Golden, CO. I have 4 friends that have gone to him, and really look amazing now. All of them would do it again in a heartbeat!
I am so happy I found this site, and so grateful that all of you have shared your stories. I am embarrassed of my "before" photos, but want to share, because it has helped me to gain the confidence to do this, since you all have shared yours, and the results are so amazing! More to come when I'm on the flat side.....

I got the prescriptions filled today. It was my...

I got the prescriptions filled today. It was my oldest son's birthday and party, and now that it's over, I'm very aware that this surgery is on Wednesday. I think I was so focused on getting through the party and getting work sorted out while I'm out for two weeks, that I have nothing left to focus on but the fact I'm about to have surgery for the first time in my life. The nerves have crept up on me in a major way. I'm very anxious. I'm having the "why am I doing this" moment that I've read most of you write about. Its crazy, I keep looking at everyone's awesome after pictures, but I'm struggling to envision my stomach flat after its been distended so long! I think women....especially mothers, torture themselves like this for anything that's going to take them out of their routine for any length of time. I get this anxiety every time just my husband and I go on vacation. I get it when I have to travel for work. I hate this feeling. I feel so selfish for taking away from the family. I wish I could focus on how many times I've nursed my husband back from his surgeries, or kids from surgeries and broken bones....that its ok for me, the Mom, to have something for me. But, it's hard to think that. I feel a little better getting it out. I am trying, desperately, not to go to the "what if I don't make it" place.....
I wonder why we do this to ourselves. Two more nights of this!

Holy cow!!! It's just two sleeps and then it's...

Holy cow!!! It's just two sleeps and then it's Dday! I don't think I can shop for anything else.... I feel prepared. I'm ready for first three days after to completely suck. I'm trying to envision this being real and being flat. I see all if your pics, they're beautiful. I just am so accustomed to this distended abdomen and giant skin flap. I'm just pushing myself. Have to get through to the finish line here and not chicken out! Thinking about everyone else who's with me this week! We CAN do this ladies!

It's the night before. I've had the house...

It's the night before. I've had the house cleaned, done all laundry I can, and shopped for all supplies. I'm really trying to refocus on the excitement of why I paid so much money for this. The fear only has as much power as I give it. I got a terrible night's sleep last night, so am exhausted, thankfully! I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep, as I expect I won't be getting one for awhile. I got a bikini wax today. I am sad that I did now. Holy cow it hurts and I have red bumps from irritation that I had to put A&D ointment on. Skin is still very tender. If you don't get bikini waxes regularly, doing your first the day before surgery is not recommended! Tomorrow is the day. Came very fast. Wish all of you beginning this new phase of our lives with me good luck!! We can get over this anxiety, and get through the tough recovery. I look forward to blogging with you all on the flat side!

I made ir Lardies! Just got done. Very tired....

I made ir Lardies! Just got done. Very tired. Hope everyone did well today. Good luvknon tomorrow's surgery ladies

Omg!!!! I hate day two!!! Had up go in ambulance...

Omg!!!! I hate day two!!! Had up go in ambulance to hospital because something made my heart race straight out of sleep. It took an hour to get pulse down to 100. They gave me a cat painful have to lay flat. On top of it all I have fluid pooling. So I have to cough....otherwise I'm going to get pneumonia. I just hope tomorrow is better'

Ok, what a difference your Mom, husband, andy a...

Ok, what a difference your Mom, husband, andy a shower make. Lets start with positives: finally a BM, I'm out of hospital, I'm showered, and I'm off pain meed which were possibly the root of all evil. I saw my body. Not bad! Swollen as to be expected. I sat down on a shower chair to take the shower my husband and Mom forced on me and was able to see the VJ for the first time in ten years, with no effort on my part, well besides looking down. I have to say my surgeon did an amazing job. I didn't want yo look, but after being forced to, yes the work looks great. Now, i can make my brain slow down, I might begin to refocus on why I did these things to myself. I've decided. To stay positive. It's a new day, I smell like a clean human, not like pee. So tired on to sleep now more later. Hope everyone is well.

Hi ladies! Sorry I've been absent. I am 9 days PO...

Hi ladies! Sorry I've been absent. I am 9 days PO today. This week has been a good week of healing. I think I've finally recouped my lung. I've been working on the rehab all week. The coughing to get liquid/mucus out has been painful, but necessary. I stopped all meds, besides regular Tylenol, on Monday. Honestly Tylenol has minimal to no effect on me. I had one week PO checkup and all looks good. I switched to a good sports bra for breasts. The CG they gave me really bothered my incisions at base of breasts. I'm having normal swelling. I felt great on Weds, way over did it, and spent yesterday on the recliner. I definitely underestimated what recovery would be like from this surgery. I've never had surgery..... but this was certainly a lot to undertake for my first one! I am finally past the depression and WTH did I do this thoughts. I am learning to have more patience with myself and this recovery process. I am focusing on slowing down. I am always the caregiver, so this experience of being the patient has been enlightening.
My doc said I could take bra off to sleep at night now. I think I may try that tonight. I got my before pics from doc. I have to say it's really a huge difference! I'm very grateful. I cant believe how drastic it already is! I have pics, but don't have my laptop to post. I'm really pleased with my tummy and breasts. I will be very excited for steri-strips to come off at three weeks. The incisions really look beautiful, considering..... I have quite a bit of soreness and tenderness from the lipo.

Posting on my Kindle is special sometimes.....I...

Posting on my Kindle is special sometimes.....I realized I never mentioned what my scare was and why I got hospitalized, my right lung collapsed. That's why ive been rehabbing it this week. Short of that mayhem, each day really is getting better. I'm not looking forward to additional hospital/ambulances bill.... but I'm alive and that's all that matters!
Back to recovery, gas has really been my enemy. Swelling is ok, I'm drinking tons of fluid for this coughing. But I'm still pretty much on a senior citizen diet. Oh well! I'm really taking smaller bites and eating much slower and much less. I'm craving veggies but they go right through me or give me terribly painful gas. So does Pork! I'm hoping to get some after pics posted. Really wish you could post from iPhone. My goal tonight is to try a simple dinner out with hubby! Happy healing to everyone on the FS! Good luck to everyone surgeries coming up!

Yay! I figured out how to upload a few pics from...

Yay! I figured out how to upload a few pics from iPhone!

First day back to work, ugh! Back is spamming...

First day back to work, ugh! Back is spamming right parts, ended up hunched over at end of day and swollen! Also, gas has been my enemy the last two days! I know this will get easier as body adjusts....firsts after surgery are hard:(. Oh well, seeing stomach get a little flatter each day is worth it! Hope everyone is well!

15 days PO, 1st week back to work....seems I'm not...

15 days PO, 1st week back to work....seems I'm not ackng self with jump back into Mom and job duties... I strained muscles in shoulder and back. I spend evenings icing injuries. However, I know that it's normal to injure small muscles after a surgery like this. Then 4 yr old got flu last night. And, period decided to start with a vengeance... It's an exhausting first week back to reality....each day I am getting a little stronger though. Just got to keep on truckin! Doc said could sleep without bra....boobs/BA/scars.....still feel foreign to me a little. It may be weight on scars. I don't feel it as much with bra on. I can also sleep without CG now....but not comfortable doing that yet. I think I'll wait to try after week 3. Results look better every day. I think boobs are beginning to drop a little. They certainly feel softer. I have a little feeling in nipples. Stomach still is bizarre to touch and numb. Hope everyone is well!

Nearly 4 weeks PO. I have my stamina back. I am...

Nearly 4 weeks PO. I have my stamina back. I am back into my normal Mommy and work routine. I find myself wanting to rest more than usual....but not tired. I think I'm trying to combat the swelling. I'm finding the more I do, and if I walk, the straighter I can stand. If I rest too much, it feels like I did 900 crunches, and I have to work on standing up straight again. I'm regaining feeling in my abdomen. I don't know if that's part of issue. It is still pretty numb directly under new belly button, but I can feel the sides of lower abdomen, and upper abdomen. I'm very pleased with the abdomen. I took my steri strips off last Thursday. Incisions on abdomen look good, a little tender to touch where I had lipo, but otherwise they feel good and are healing well.
The BA/BL is another story! Ok, honestly, I love the way the girls look. I love my reduced areolas, and the perkiness. I HATE the feeling of the implants....or it may be the muscle healing? Is anyone else feeling like this? My chest feels so tight sometimes! The massage 4 times a day is helping, but the sensation hasn't gone away. It feels so tight. I thought my nipples would be desensitized, but they are SO sensitive! The worst part is that I think I reached too far above my head, or lifted too much the first two weeks, and have a "hole" at the intersection of the anchor incisions at the base of my right breast. I didn't notice this until I removed the steri-strips. In fact, I believe the steri-strips were helping it heal and scab. I have been using gauze and Neosporin since Thursday. I take a pic every day....had to send one to PS because it looked infected. It is infected, but hasn't gotten not on oral antibiotics. However, I can feel the hole, and it creeps me out. It is as big as the pad of my ring finger! PS says if the scar is too big he will fix once it heals! UGH! I thought the breasts were going to be a cake walk compared to the TT. I would have a TT any day over the BA/BL. On top of all of that, I have developed a rash around the incisions in the last two days. It's very itchy, and I have a bunch of little red bumps springing up. I started out by just using Cortisone on it for the itch, but now am using topical Benadryl and taking Benadryl. It still itches!!!! If it doesn't get better, I'm going to have to ask PS to look at these babies and tell me what's going on. I don't know if tape residue is left, and it's causing this. It's just frustrating. Because of hole and the need to have gauze on 24/7...I have to sleep in bra, it's uncomfortable. I'm still wearing CG 24/7 too. Finally last night I was more comfortable in my bed than recliner. Overall I'm very happy with how results look. I really just can't wait to feel normal again. I know that it is going to take time. If my breasts could feel normal.....that would make everything better! I hope everyone is doing well!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I have four friends that have had Mommy Makeovers done by him. They all look amazing. You can barely see their scars! Very thin line, you have to look for! He's very nice, no pressure at all. I expected him to tell me all that he could do to "fix" me. He didn't at all. He is a Dad, and just a normal guy. I feel very comfortable with him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Your after pics look amazing! I hope you hole heals quickly!
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I have to small openings. And they creep me out big time. I don't even want to look at them. Mine are on my right aerolia. What does your ps say to do about them?? I can't wait to be like u and back to my mom routine I feel so guilty not being able to.....
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The openings aren't fun! You will be back in no time! Life gets much better at week 3. You're getting close! You look great. Hang in there!
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I'm so sorry about the opening. I've read about this happening a lot on here, so pretty common and I don't think you should worry too much. But OMG, you look amazing!!! Your PS did such a good job. I love your before and after comparison pics.
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Thank you! You look amazing too! It feels so great to be similar to pre-baby body!
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Hey your b4 & afters look amazing. So sorry u going through the other issue now!! Have u called ur doctor? What has he said to do? Is it caused by too much tension at that site bc of bl/ba same time? (skin having to stretch).. Hope all gets well soon!!! I read ur post on the oct,nov sx.
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Doc said to use gauze and Antibiotic ointment. The rash is from developed allergy to the ointment:(. Benadryl is helping. Hoping it'll scab over soon! Thank you! I'm really pleased with results. I loved PS! I think I ripped it open by doing too much....should have listened to recovery directions better!
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Yes I know it's hard to relax when we are used to doing so much. Happy healing & wish you the best!
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p.s that before after pic is incredible! Was the before pics taken at Dr Vaths office? I should get mine.
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They are the before from the office. I am still waiting for email of the skin he cut off. Did I get yours?
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my opening looked exactly the same and it has scabbed over and the scab has come off. My incision is more obvious here and the area is still red. I wonder how it will heal over time.....I am exactly the same in that my nipples are sooooooooooo sensitive!! Also I barely gave my BR any thought I assumed the TT would be the hardest thing - how wrong we were! You look great :)
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Thank you! Glad to know yours looked the same. I just keep waiting for the scab, it's still oozing a little, yellow on gauze when removed. Hope it scabs sooner rather than later. You look great too! How are you this week?
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I am doing really, really well :) Occasionally go out for short periods of time with no binder on, feels so good. Started back at he gym last week. Lower tummy still swollen but I have managed to do some shopping! I will put up some pics this week. Keep me posted about the opening - I think mine took about 6-8 days to scab over.
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My nipples are UBER sensitive too! Sorry you are having some issues with the rash and the incision opening up... keep a close eye on it for sure!
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OUCH... I just looked at your new pics... that hole looks painful! Fingers crossed it heals up super fast for you! :(
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Thanks! It's just tender. The itching from the rash is the worst part. You look great! The comparison really shows why it was worth it. Swelling will continue going down. Even with the swelling you look awesome! I think we're hyper aware of any little thing that happens to our bodies. I can't wait to fast forward three months, and be done with swelling, and back to feeling completely normal! I'm so glad all of you are on this website! I can't imagine going through this with no support from others going through the same thing!
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what kind of work are you doing? my stomache is still having pain now and then!! they told me 6 to 8 weeks :( on me returnin bck !!! you look great;)
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I am an Area Manager for a restaurant on my feet a lot! However, not as much as I was when I managed one I get a little break. My stress level can be very high though!
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Great update! I'm back to real life as well and my back is mad at me. I don't really have a slow motion button but I need to try to tame it down! You look so fantastic!!! :)
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Thanks so much! You do too!
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yay happy to hear you are doing well :) I'm still sleeping with my binder on. I think I will for another few weeks!!
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I feels weird to take stomach one off:/
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Wow hot momma look at those flat abs!! :)
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So happy iPhone can upload pics now!! You look good ya hot mama!!!
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your stomach looks AMAZING, lucky!
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