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I had my breasts augmented in 2009. I went from a...

I had my breasts augmented in 2009. I went from a 34a to a 34d. It was awesome. I just had my 6th baby 9 months ago. I am 5'6 and 130lbs. After 6 kids, as you can imagine, my body has changed quite a bit. I finally got the means to pay for lipo so I've decided to go for it. I took some pics but I cant upload them from my iPad so I will upload them ASAP. I went for my consult last week, June 11th, booked my pre op for tomorrow, June 18 and my surgery day is June 28th. I've been reading this site neurotically and I am grateful for all the info. I'm hoping to be able to contribute the same. I'm pretty nervous, this is all happening so fast! I m excited too though :) oh ya, I will be doing my abdomen, although my doctor says its more skin than fat at I don't want a TT because of scarring, but I decided to go for it any ways, my inner and outer thighs and my flanks.

Just got back from my pre-op. Was just a time to...

Just got back from my pre-op. Was just a time to ask questions, take before pictures and draw blood. Oh and of course pay. I was so nervous at the pre op I can't imagine how nervous I am going to be surgery day. I wonder if I will even sleep the night before. Finally got some before pictures posted. Yikes! 6 kids will do it :)

To give a bit more info about my pregnancies I did gain between 40-70 with each. My second pregnancy was twins. My last pregnancy (my son is 9 months) I gained 60 lbs. I used to have a petite frame, even before my most recent pregnancy. Big thighs runs in my family and it's def. where I carry most of my weight. So excited to get rid of them!
Hey tanni3. Sorry for the confusion. My dr. Said my tummy is more skin than fat so he said I'd see more results with a TT but, due to the scar, I opted out of doing a TT but am still doing lipo on my belly. I'm hoping for the best :) the TT was quoted at 8000. The belly lipo alone is 2600. I paid 8265 total for 4 areas of lipo. I hope that helps!
Yes that helps alot! Thank you! I am so scared of having a scar too! Wow i didnt realize it would cost so much for each section of lipo :-/ I have had 3 breast surgeries so I'm hoping for a major discount with the Lipo! lol Good Luck with yours!!! Update us please once you get it done I cant wait to see the results!

Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us and please keep us updated on your progress. Good luck with your surgery!


June 23 Got my scripts filled today......

June 23

Got my scripts filled today....Percocet, a patch to put behind my ear to help not get nauseas from surgery meds and an additional non nauseating medication. It's getting closer to the date!!!!

Starting taking my arnica tablets (30x) yesterday....

Starting taking my arnica tablets (30x) yesterday. Surgery is tomorrow! I thought I was nervous before but now I really am! I can't believe it's tomorrow! I even called my dr. Office just to confirm hehehe. Surgery is at 12:30 so I have to be there at 11am. I can't eat anything past 8pm tonight. I will update soon :)
You're 1 day away! I wish you the best and you look good as you are, considering you have 6 babies. I only have 1 and it looks as though I have 10. Lol. Good luck on tomorrow!!!

I had my surgery today at 12:30. I went in at 11....

I had my surgery today at 12:30. I went in at 11. Couldn't eat or drink since midnight the night before so I stopped at 10pm. I was very calm today. Strangely calm. Here's how the day went

woke up at 8:30am.
Left at 10:15
Arrived at surgery center at 11am
Took a pregnancy test, started iv, changed into gown and compression socks
talked with nurse and anesthesiologist
I explained at this point that I still nurse my son. The anesthesiologist explained that so little will get into my milk it doesn't affect the baby but he said legally speaking 24 hours until I can nurse.
Doc came in and marked me up saying I should have really good results from this.
Went into OR at noon was given a strong injection of valium. Moved off my bed onto the OR table and.....that's it I was out.
I was sleeping SOOOOO heavy. I was dreaming. When I woke (roughly around 4pm) I was really confused because I was back in the room I started in. I thought that I hadn't had the surgery yet. Haha. Until I tried moving and realized I was sore and had this silly garment was a bit nauseous as well. I was given 7up and an inject able nausea medication.

Around 5pm I was released and headed home, my husband drove.

I got home and these AWFUL cramps started. Seeming to have nothing to do with the lipo but rather something deriving from gas pains. They were awful! They made the pain seem worse. It was irritating thinking that they just happened to start right then. I felt virtually no pain from the lipo but this awful gas/period/constipation nearly labor cramps instead. Very frustrating. I couldn't sleep they were so bad.

Finally I took a percocet and crashed.

I had a shake and some fries on my way home (sounds horrible huh?) I was so hungry from not eating the night before and I didn't want a full meal. I won't be doing that again haha. It's not something I normally do any ways.

It's now 9pm and I am feeling a lot better. I am up and around and writing this personally :) Im so excited (but patient) to see the results.
You're very sweet Sahleah. Thank you :)

I'm still in the first 24 hour window. I slept...

I'm still in the first 24 hour window. I slept great. I have taken 2 Percocet so far but that's it. I still have the anti-nausea patch behind my ear. They said I can keep it on for 3 days so I probably will. I actually feel great. My dr was wonderful. He warned me today might be the worst day but so far so good. Since I had all 6 of my babies natural, with no drugs, I feel sometimes I can conquer anything. Having babies naturally will really boost your self esteem!

I'm about to go zip the garment down and see how I look. I weighed myself before surgery and was 130.8, then last night post surgery I was 139 lol. I am one of those people who weighs themself constantly so I'll be checking that daily. I was hoping to be in the 120's after all of this but we shall see.
I did power assisted tumescent lipo. I am not even 24 hours past yet. I did it yesterday at 12:30-4. The pain is very manageable. Like others have said it just feels like a sunburn. I have been very mobile. Today I'm going to try to get out of the house. The bruising is getting great but I expected that. So far I have taken 2 percocet and I still havevthe scopomine behind my ear for nausea. Good luck to you!
wow you are brave, can you tell us what kinda lipo you did?
i'm doing Aqualipo on tuesday ( next week) to my stomach and love handles
and posted my before pics and will also post my after pics and experience.
how long it took you to resume to normal activities? and do u have any pains?

Waking up and getting out of bed is pretty rough...

Waking up and getting out of bed is pretty rough on day 2. The bruises are getting bigger, but I expect that. I expect things will get better before they get worse. I've been taking care of my 9 month old pretty good. My husband has to work but he only works right up the road so he comes in and checks periodically. I took a shower last night which went fine. The marker they use to mak you up doesn't come off easy and scrubbing myself didn't seem like a good idea-ouch! So I will probably still have the marks for a while.

By the pics I took it looks like I can already see a huge difference. Each day that passes is very exciting, I must admit I am already so ready to exercise. I will probably go for a walk as soon as I am allowed :)
It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be to get out of my bed. Its definitely a lower bed. Although, it may have been a bit easier to get out of a higher bed. I am finding (3 days post op) that the pain isn't nearly where I thought it would be. Thanks! Good luck!
I like your results. I am looking on getting lipo sometime in August full back, front inner and outer thighs and the chin as well; will it be better to sleep in a high bed or a lower bed to get in and out of it??
Thank you!!!! Ya I'm super excited for the swelling and bruising to disappear so I can get into a pair of shorts :) Ya I heard the same about weight loss. I def need to learn some better eating habits. I haven't been using any cream. I use Arnica Gel and Arnica 30x tablets. I will get back pics up asap. It's a little hard to take them of yourself.

Today is day 4 post op. I am doing really well and...

Today is day 4 post op. I am doing really well and feel almost back to normal. Of course I still have swelling and bruising but the bruises are now turning yellow which is good :) The only kinda sucky thing I can complain about is the itching. I am itching soooo bad! It's driving me nuts! However, it does give me an excuse to unzip the garment and get in the shower. The hot water feels so good on my skin. I've been taking care of my 10 month old about 75% alone since the day after surgery. I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance because I had 6 babies with no drugs...maybe I'm just crazy :O I am very happy any any ways :) I'm trying to remember to be patient. If I try to grab fat on my love handles its nearly impossible. That's how I can tell the difference between swelling and fat, you can't grip the swelling. Other than that it's life as usual for me. Grocery shopping, getting nails done, cleaning house, etc. all things I haven't had to stop doing. I will post some pics later today (even though I don't see much changes) I like to keep very updated because I know I appreciated all the info I could get during this process.

Took my scopamine (sp?) patch off yesterday...

Took my scopamine (sp?) patch off yesterday morning. Around 6pm I got really nauseous and quickly took my anti-vomiting meds I was prescribed. They dissolve in your mouth and taste like this fake cherry stuff-yuck! I felt nauseous another 15 minutes until I finally calmed down. I took my garment off and laid down and ended up sleeping a couple hours. When I woke I was all swollen and it was rough wearing the garment. Another new event... peeing! Holy pee! All night, every hour, so much pee! Im down to 132 (2lbs over my day or surgery weight) I must have pee'd out 2 pounds last night alone. Whew! I took new pics but they look the same so I'll wait for my 1 week post op to post more.

Im 6 days post op now. First let me talk about...

Im 6 days post op now. First let me talk about yesterday. Two words, FECAL IMPACTION. Oh my gosh. I am not sure if I have ever experienced anything this traumatic. I had to manually remove it after hours and hours of pain. I quit taking my percocets, thinking that this is where it derived. I am still experiencing problems today over this. I am crossing my fingers that this is going to be over soon. So gross. So painful. Today I am just having gas pains, followed by other things. YUCK!

I have to admit though I put on my first pair of jeans today since I had the surgery and looking at my new figure just helps me realize that this is all temporary and it will be so worth it.

Other than that I am fine. Still bruised, but they are def. going away. I posted new pics below that I took today in my jeans. Remember that I still have the garment on underneath so it's not a true visual :p

Oh one other quick thing. After all the peeing and...

Oh one other quick thing. After all the peeing and "things" I am down to 129lbs. Yay!

Went to my 1 week check up today. Doc said...

Went to my 1 week check up today. Doc said everything looks great. They actually had to point out the swelling to me. I look so much different than I did before already that really, I'd be happy if this was my final results. The Doc was happy to hear that saying that it's only going to get better from here. They informed me I have to wear the garment day and night another 3 weeks. It's ok, it doesn't bother me that much. When I feel eager to take it off that's when I take a shower. I'm holding steady at 129 still (yes I weighed myself again).
Yes, it is VERY exciting!! When I woke up this morning, I was less swollen than yesterday (yayy). I can't imagine the progress a month or so from now.....so anxious!! As swelling continues to subside, I will post current pics.
Thanks! I was just looking at your pics! So awesome!!!! This is the greatest thing isn't it? I am soooo happy. I can't believe it only gets better from here. I can't wait to get off restriction and be able to go for walks again. I live up in the mountains and it's the best time of year :) Keep updating those sexy pics girl!
Vallii, you look nice! Your recovery seems to be going well. I'm still awaiting my swelling to go away.

9 days post op today. Ended up taking 1 percocet...

9 days post op today. Ended up taking 1 percocet yesterday. Not that I needed it too much but when you are caring for a 10 month old simultaneously with recovering it helps. He tends to kick and punch me in all the wrong areas. Today I am going to take him for a walk in the stroller. Doc said not to raise heart rate another week but I am dying to get outside. I will talk a slow walk, promise. So today when I washed my original garment I decided to put my second stage garment on. It feels so much more free! I love how it feels. My husband thinks it's sexy too :p he loves the vintage stuff. Any ways, it doesn't do anything for the swelling on my thighs and they look huge today :( I have to keep reminding myself that it's swelling and to be patient. I always hated my big thighs. I can't wait for them to be gone. The other thing about the garment is that you can't eat much. If you do you get bloated and being bloated in a garment does not go together well. I weighed myself at 130 today. So Im pretty much at what I was before the surgery. I am waiting to finish healing and then I will go get a personal trainer at our local gym.

Day 12 post op and just about completely out of...

Day 12 post op and just about completely out of pain. Still weighing in at 130. I still feel like my thighs and lovehandles are big but my belly and inner thighs look great. I'm wondering if it's swelling or if this is the final results (I know, I know it takes up to 18 months for swelling) when looking at before and after pictures of others I see the majority of results by about 3 weeks. Time will tell I guess. Perhaps my expectations were too high. Either way, I'm glad I did it.

Am wearing size16 some pants 18 I wanna tu go for lipo look so bad am in Massachusetts what's a good dr or the cost of it ... Please I wanna tu be happy

great new pics
my doctor told me yesterday that at 5 weeks out we should see most of the results, so u still have a couple weeks before u can see most of your results, and then the rest can take a long time anywhere from 3 months for some people and a year for others, i think and hope you will improve even more in the next 2 critical weeks :)

Day 13 post op. I took the plunge and went to a...

Day 13 post op. I took the plunge and went to a bathing store shop yesterday. My twins birthday is next week and we are planning a trip to the water park. I am in a small top and a medium bottom. I am still swollen on my outer thighs a good bit so I got one of those skirt bottoms. Needless to say the women in the bathing store shop were oodling over me after they heard that I had liposuction.I had to tell them because they could see all that bruising. I will post some pics of me in my new suit soon!

On another topic...SEX...I had sex for the first time since my surgery 2 days ago, WITH the garment on. Haha, my husband isn't too turned on by the garment but it worked :) No pains, everything went great and I am actually ready to go again. Yay!
No you are not whiny at all, after having 6 kids and caring for them, its time that you took a very important step to do something for you self, so you feel good and look sexier for your hubby , its just that we love real quick results, and we are scared that he final result looks bad, but looking at your pics, your doctor did an amazing job and you are having a very nice shape with your clothes on, and thats what every body will see, the little scars and imperfections will resolve over time :)
I appreciate you saying that aqua. I hope you are right. I don't want to seem whiny :)

Today is 2 weeks. I am going to get into my new...

Today is 2 weeks. I am going to get into my new bathing suit and take pics as soon as my husband gets home. Today I got a little bummed because a close friend of mine said they could only see a small different :( I know I am pushing things too soon but it's still disheartening. I took a short walk today. I am going to try doing that every day. It really makes you feel accomplished. I got back on the scale today and was 129 but I'm assuming my weight is fluctuating and that tomorrow I'll be back at 130. I only want to get down to 125...c'mon already :p
Hi CJ,

Here is the garment


good luck!
I been looking for a new garment cause i been weraing the thick white bandage looking one the dr office provided and after my my week post op apt yesterday he says i can switch to spandx, but i really like the one you have, where could i buy one of those from?

Here we go my 2 week pictures (in the bathing...

Here we go my 2 week pictures (in the bathing suit). My lovehandles look huge! God I hope that's swelling :(
Hey Vallii, I think you look absolutely amazing! I just joined but have been reading and trying to learn as much as possible from this site for a long time and just hope to have similar results as you. I have my surgery in about a week and am really nervous as my name suggests lol I guess I'm just worried I'll cause more harm than good but sometimes you gotta take a chance huh... I hope you're doing well and stay patient!
Im trying hard not to gain weight too! I really love crappy food so its hard :( I don't even know how to shop healthy except buying produce and that gets old. Thanks for the support and advice. I really hope you're right!
hi valli
look at your pic # 3 and # 4 the day after the lipo, that was before most of the swelling
i really believe that if you dont gain wieght, that will be the closest to your final results.
you are now still swelled up all over, you have about 3 more weeks of swelling unfortunetly, so dont get bummed out or depressed, and just let your body to take its time to heal up :) i'm still swelled up too , and trying my best not to gain wieght

So what am I now....18 days post op. I look the...

So what am I now....18 days post op. I look the same as I did from about 5 days post op. I guess it's swelling, it's really hard for me to tell. I do feel little lumps, but they don't bother me. I think it's time to go ahead and get that gym membership. I haven't lost any weight, but that's ok. When I get to 1 month I will take and post some more pics and see if I can see any more results. I"m still happy I did it so far :) Pain is nearly gone. Bruises are gone :)
Hey Vallii, I have a review but I entered it under liposculpture (and then I couldn't change it to liposuction) but yea I'm getting my flanks, outer and inner thighs, lateral buttocks, and inner knees done...tomorrow! I'm excited and just want to get it over and done with! How are you doing?
thank you:) oh god i wish i was close by, i really need to find someone to walk with.
and yes i learned that its a slow healing process and for example i was 42" today, so i knew i was just swelling again, i shrugged and ate my omelett any ways, he he he
Hey Aqua!!!

You are always so positive :) I am almost at the 3 week mark! Yay!

I want to walk today, wanna go?

Woohoo! Got on the scale today and I was 127!...

Woohoo! Got on the scale today and I was 127! Soooo excited! I will update with some more pics soon. I look the same as the last so I am waiting for a change. I will probably do my 1 month ones regardless. My pain is nearly gone. It used to hurt to sit on the toilet (backs of legs) and that is just about gone. I am pretty happy so far but anxious to see the results after a few months.

Just posted my 3 week and 12 day photos :) I still...

Just posted my 3 week and 12 day photos :) I still see a lot on my thighs that needs to go. Hoping it's swelling. I see my Dr. next week and I'm excited to see if he thinks they will go down more. All my other areas are looking a lot different!
You look great Vallii...thanks for posting.....it's very encouraging to see your results...i had lipo yesterday on my stomach and had it on may 15 on my flanks, bra roll and mons.....each one cost 4100...and i'll be having more in oct on my rear end....i'm on the heavier side though...weighing in at 195 at surgery...looking to lose fat
I don't care what those people said to you, that is an AMAZING difference! I have the same probs and surgery scheduled for FRI, along with BA and C Section scar revision.
I'm in Mass too just had lipo yesterdayon my stomach and had it on May 15th also on flanks, bra roll , and mons had a great dr

I am now a month and 2 days out. I am down to a...

I am now a month and 2 days out. I am down to a size small dress. I am wearing a size 5/6 in jeans (down from a 10/12). I am very happy with the results. I go back to see my Dr. Friday. I don't wear my garment much. I bought a new one that is smaller so it fits tighter but I am only wearing it about 10 hours a day. Hopefully that's ok. I can't see much swelling actually. I am still seeing bulges on my thighs so I am hoping that it is swelling :) I will get some updated photos up asap!
Hey nervous! So I did have little bumps at one point. Let me explain these though, they were not visible and I could only feel them by pressing in hard, and I didn't feel very many. They were not worrisome or anything enough for me to call the doctor. They are gone now. I did ask about massage, for swelling, but the doctors office said they have no medical proof massage helps after lipo but encouraged me to do it if it felt good. How far post op are you now?
Hey dear, I know you mentioned having a few lumps and bumps...did your doc advise you on what to do about them? Do you have to massage those areas or just let them be and wait? I have them too and my doc just told me to gently massage them, it's still a bit sore so I'm not doing too much but yea...just wanted to know the story on your end! :)
Hey Bella! Thank you! How did your surgery go?

New pics taken last night and posted today :)

New pics taken last night and posted today :)
Hi scared :) I am actually really, really glad I did this. My outer thighs are down by more than half and I haven't hit the 2 month mark yet. My stomach is flat, my love handles are practically gone, my inner thighs look awesome. I'm down to 126 lbs. I'm 5'6. You can't expect lipo to do everything but it does give you a nice head start. I know I need to do some toning every day. I can't say that I couldn't have done all of this with just exercise but if you can afford it, if you're up for a little mental stress and have the capabilities schedule wise I say go for it. Make sure you trust your doctor. There are definitely some bad results out there. Do your research. 5 kids will do a number on your body. Don't expect perfection. This is a great site for support. Be very, very diligent with this process. Weigh out the pros and cons and make an informed decision. For me, this was an excellent choice. I have support from my family and friends and that's very important to me.

Keep us updated and let me know of you have any other questions! Good luck!

I am thinking of getting the procedure done. I have gone and seen the doctors and they said I am a perfect candidate. I am so scared though as I have read so many bad things about lipo. Your body looks fantastic, but the outer thighs are still not probably what you wanted? I have the same issue and I have had five children. Most people say they gain weight, they don't get the shape they wanted, the results are not what they hoped for. Some even say their bodies function differently. I would love it done but I don't want to stuff up my body. Your legs look so thin and your tummy is so flat. If I could look like you I would be happy. Would you recommend the procedure to a Mum of 5 or just diet and exercise more?

Lindsey, Thank you so much :) That makes a girl feel really good!

Ok I am now roughly 6 weeks post op. I am not...

Ok I am now roughly 6 weeks post op. I am not wearing my garment anymore (stopped 2 weeks ago). I'm still swollen. I took pics yesterday and you can tell. I don't mind much though because I still feel like I had a huge transition. I know that by wearing the garment swelling goes down a lot faster and the results come out sooner but I just couldn't wait to get into dresses and skirts again. So I'll deal. I am down to 124 lbs from 130. I was actually 137 right after surgery. I feel virtually no pain. No bruises. I had to cancel my one month check up due to a family emergency but I go back August 21st.

I'll probably try wearing the garment a little more today and through the weekend.
Hey lov,

I am truly flattered :) thank you. So you have 9 month old twins. My son was about 9 months when I had the surgery. My other kids are pretty self sufficient so he was the only one I really had to worry about. It actually wasn't that bad. I am still breast feeding and I was worried about that also. The first day is the most challenging but I found even that day to not be that bad. I was caring for him alone on day 2, with my husband periodically stopping by to check in. By day 3 I was totally on my own. Everyone is different. I consider myself to have a fairly high pain tolerance. One thing to note is that when holding them they tend to kick and punch in all the wrong areas. I guess that was the worst part but nothing intolerable.

Having twins in itself is a challenge. You are already a superhero :) you'll be ok. It's worth it. I actually felt (as I did with my breast aug) that it felt better to work my muscles rather than lay and rest. With kids, we essentially have no other choice.

Bottom line...prepare for some extra challenges. Decide whether this is something that's worth the challenges. Suck it up and do it or put it off and wait. You have kids, they aren't going anywhere. They dont get independent for many years to come. You can wait it out but if you're anything like me waiting is not an option.

Mentally prepare yourself. You will be ok. Remember it's only temporary. If you need to take your painkillers a bit longer, then do it. I recall taking them a couple of times after my son kicked me multiple times while I was holding him.

Let me know if you have any other questions and let me know how surgery goes!
Hi, Valli! I just joined this site in order to ask you specifically a couple of questions....I am so similiar to you in so many ways. I, too, carry my weigh in the same areas as you did and I have surgery scheduled for the 31st. I weigh the same as you did prior to your surgery and have small children. I have one that was born in 2009 and twins that were born in January 2012. I got breast implants right before my first baby in 09.

What I wanted to ask you was how you were able to handle the children, honestly??? No sugar-coating ;-) I will have no help except for the first couple of days. I am getting my flanks, abs, inner and outer thighs and inner knees done. What should I expect and ready myself for? Will I be able to lift and handle the babies?? My doctor says that I cannot do any significant damage by being active...it is only discouraged due to the pain that I will more than likely go through. Can you be kind enough to give me some insight?? Thanks!

BTW....you really do look amazing!! Not just saying that....your body took really well to the lipo. I only hope that mine does the same.
I posted them ;)

Ok I am just about 2 months post op. I am down to...

Ok I am just about 2 months post op. I am down to a size 4, yet it does depend on the pants I'm finding. I have not been wearing the garment at all. That's probably not smart for me. I am feeling a bit plumper although the scale isn't saying the same. I can feel fat on my lovehandles and thighs. I have no idea if it's swelling or what. I was doing really good exercising until a family emergency prompted me to move within 48 hours. It was very stressful. So now I am in a new town, a new neighborhood (which is beautiful) and I am ready to start exercising again. I am not looking to lose weight I am looking to tone.

Any ways, no real differences from the last photos. I will update with them in about another week. I go back to see my doctor next week.

Yes he did, and I was glad.
Can you also tell me if your doctor utilized the "open drainage" technique?

A couple new pics. Not the best lighting. About 7...

A couple new pics. Not the best lighting. About 7 weeks post op.
Thank you hrtb84,

You put a big smile on me :) I will check out your profile soon also. It's very hard to wait but the wait is so worth it in the end.

Take care!
Hi Vallii! I just wanted to thank you for the amazing detail you have put into your personal journey. It has been inspiring and yet given a very realistic overview on what to expect. I think your posts and beautiful results was one of my contributing factors on biting the bullet and getting the work done. AND you have kids to take care of... you are one strong woman!!!

I still have a month of waiting until I'm scheduled (had to wait for the right time to take off from work!) and now I'm super anxious for the date to come. Thanks again!

New pics taken August 26, just 2 days shy of 2...

New pics taken August 26, just 2 days shy of 2 months post op.

2 months today woo hoo! I am feeling great :) I am...

2 months today woo hoo! I am feeling great :) I am going between 125-127 but never above 127lbs. I am in a size 6 and can even sometimes wear a size 4! Remember I was wearing a size 10! Holy cow! I saw Doc last week and he said my outer thighs, which are the slowest to stop swelling and show results, still have a SIGNIFICANT amount to go down. He said he took all of the fat off of them down to the bone. He did tell me he took off 800cc's from each outer thigh. I never really wanted to hear numbers because I read every where they don't really matter. So I didn't ask for numbers on the other areas. When you hear things like that you get discouraged so don't ask if you can't handle it. 800 cc's though is a lot from what I hear.

Any ways, I will try to continue to update every month. Doc said up to 18 months for full results.

Some new pics taken from my 3 month anniversary....

Some new pics taken from my 3 month anniversary.

I still have very mild pain if I lay directly on the lipo spots or if I turn my body the wrong way. Overall this was a great experience. I am still very happy I did it. I feel it gave me the push I needed to continue working on my body. I have gone down to about 123lbs and a size 4. I was over 130lbs and a size 10 before. I still have some things I would like to work on, but I know that's part of my neurosis. I will probably take my doctor up on his free revisions in a year on my "muffin top" and "outer thighs" My doctor won't do revisions until then. He still says it's too early and it takes the longest for the swelling to go down on your outer thighs. So my 3 month update is positive. No regrets. I will probably update new pics in another 3 months.
Hey Taxi, Thanks :) The pain was hardly noticeable to me. The inner thighs were probably the least of the pain and the first to show obvious results. I would say the outer thighs were the worst only because I lay on my side when I sleep but I could still lay on my side. The pain was not bad for me at all. I had tiny little incisions, the inner thigh incisions are right in my crotch area and the outers I can't really remember. They are all pretty much gone. I didn't have any stitches. I am very happy with my results. I am still working on getting rid of some extra stuff here and there and I will probably ask to have more taken from my lovehandles when my doctor says it's time. My outer thighs look WAY different. My doctor said they take the longest to see the final results (1 year or so) so I am still waiting. I am 32 and thank you :) I have 6 kids as well. Good luck to you!
Vallii Congratulations, you look great!. You are the only one in this entire site that have the same body shape with me. How was the pain in your inner thighs, I heard that area hurts the most. Where is the incision for inner thigh and outer thigh. Are you happy with you outer thigh or do you think you still have some fat there? How old are you? You seem very young and you skin still very tight after sugery. Thank you.
I'll probably update again in a month.

I will update with photos by tomorrow. I am down...

I will update with photos by tomorrow. I am down to 123lbs from 130, although I have been really trying to watch what I eat. I am pretty happy with my results this far, it's been a little over 4 months now. My doctor does free revisions so I was thinking when I get to that point (1 more year) I can have him do a little more on my outer thighs and love handles but they look way better than ever before. I have already arranged for my second breast augmentation happening the 29th of this month. I will begin a blog for that also.
Great pics! You look amazing. Thanks for sharing :)
Hey, thx for posting! Since my body is very much like yours, but didn't turn out as good as yours - I was wondering if you knew the total amount off cc's removed?
Hey, thx for posting! Since my body is very much like yours, but didn't turn out as good as yours - I was wondering if you knew the total amount off cc's removed?

4 1/2 month pics are up!

4 1/2 month pics are up!
You look absolutely amazing! thank you so much for posting. I was reading other posts and getting very discouraged about my upcoming Lipo (and breast reduction) and so glad it all went well. I do not have a lot to remove either-like u, and hope my results are like that... xoxo
That was one question I never asked :) I just didn't want to know. I didn't want to get discouraged.
Thank you for your reply. It does help and encourage me. How many cc taken out of your when you had your Lipo?

6 month pics are up :)

6 month pics are up :)
You look amazing.
OMG your results are beyond AMAZING!! You have a perfect figure now!!! Thanks for the detailed updates. I'm having lipo next week, I can't wait!
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