2 Month Update! NEW PICS!!!! Full Drainless TT, Diasatis Recti & Hernia Repair!!!

So after 3 beautiful and amazing little girls my...

So after 3 beautiful and amazing little girls my tummy is in dire need of a makeover! =) In addition to the crazy loose separated muscles, stretch marks, and hanging wrinkly skin - I have an Umbilical Hernia. Blech - it's so ugly! Since I have narrow hips - I got crazy big during my pregnancies (most thought I was having twins or triplets) and my tummy had no where to go but forward! But my Tummy has already been my "Problem Area" anyhow. I work hard to keep it in check but exercise and diet can't fix everything so knowing this hernia had to be fixed we decided to do it all!!! YAY!!!

What I look forward to most is of course getting that flat belly and hopefully after some sweat equity - I will see my abs! I can't wait!!

Something I have learned in this Journey - DO YOUR HOMEWORK! MY General Surgeon (saw for my hernia) and OB and friends all referred me to Doctors that I was uneasy with and long story short - neither were Board Certified Plastic Surgeons! One said paperwork was in the mail (of course) and the other was claiming he was a BCPS but I even called the board and Nope but you check out his website and it's posted everywhere that he is. Sad, sad sad! So beware! =) But I did find a Fabulous BCPS so I'm thrilled!

I ended up choosing Dr Vath and knew almost immediately the appointment was going to go well! He was so personable and professional in every way! I felt very comfortable with him and I am also excited about going drain free! My favorite part of the appointment was when he tucked in my hernia (ouch) and pushed back my horribly hanging muscles and said "You are going to be blown away by this (surgery)"!!! How can I not be excited!? =)

So that's me in a nutshell - I'm sure I will have so many questions and concerns but right now, I'm just excited!!

Christine - you are like me - I spent over a month just reading and waited to post my review until I found a Doc. Worrying is so normal! We're all worrying to some degree! I agree - this place is great!!! MLee - you look great! How did you like the No Drains? How long before you were able to go out for a little bit (like a lunch date or whatever)? I feel like the no drains will help with this! Yeah the Diastis is horrible! AllyinTX had diastis as well - I just saw her post and he took her in 6 inches! Crazy! AllyinTX you look awesome as well!! I hate my hernia - it's so ugly! LOL! Glad to see your BB looking great after a hernia! Oh ladies - I am SO excited!!!! I can't wait!! Right now I'm only worrying that I'm not worried lol....
I had a hernia as well.....you will be amazed when it's all said and done. I feel great and you will too. Good Luck!! :)
HeySoontoB, welcome and so glad you found a good Dr you're happy with! Just wanted to say hello because we have such similar stories. I had TERRIBLE diastisis and had a tummy just like yours. Had a no drain/progressive tension TT done 3 weeks ago and love it! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

So, I am just under 3 weeks away and still feeling...

So, I am just under 3 weeks away and still feeling great! Excited for my pre-op next week...hope everything goes smoothly! It's funny I was telling my husband last night that I'm really not that I'm really not that worried or nervous yet. I thinkt it's just because I REALLY love and trust my Doc! This REALLY makes a difference!!! My biggest worries right now are that #1 - hopefully I will not be intibated - I hate sore throats! Vomiting - I hate vomiting and what to wear - I don't wear buton down/ zip ups, etc. anyone wear a pull over? I even thought a tube dress!? Thoughts? Anyhow - getting excited!!!! Just ready to be done....I think.....=)
Girl, you are going to look awesome afterwards! Go to my profile and look at my after photos of my TT. Im trying to get my b4's from my doc to post. I just had SmartLipo on my legs and just posted B4 and afters on that too.
you are going to look great after...i know it!♥ can't wait to follow your progress...
Ooo Beautychick! Yay!!! I'm so excited for you too!!! No I have someone to stalk before mine! LOL! SUper exciting!!!

Thanks everyone for all of your updates and...

Thanks everyone for all of your updates and comments! This is such a great community!!!

I was out Wake Boarding all weekend (we go out most weekends I guess) and I felt so strong and had great runs! After August 1 though - I will be done for the season. I'll miss it but I keep thinking how awesome I will feel next year behind that boat! So much stronger!

SO I have my Pre-Op Thursday and have like 2 questions to ask but really feel like I should have more....any ideas would be great! You can even message me if need be - I just feel like there will be things I wish I would have asked and just can't think of them now.

Wow - this is getting super close! 2 weeks from Wednesday - I can't wait!! Happy Healing!

Oops - just deleted my front shot - I need to readd that! =/
Cacm - you look awesome! Yay! SO exciting! I'm just glad I have you ladies to keep up on to get me through the process and the healing! Oh I need to go see your smartlipo pics too! Fun!
Thank you so much! We will all get thru this together!!!
Yay! Thanks so much Newme! I'm super excited! I hope I look half as good as you! I can't wait to workout with a solid core again! Wonder if I ever even had one to begin with? =)

Last Night I was up worried about my First Post Op...

Last Night I was up worried about my First Post Op Appointment at 1 week because my hubby will be back at work and I'll have my girlies. Assuming I am off pain meds, willI be fine to drive? Thanks! LOL! Funny the things I worry about!
Two more weeks and tomorrow is my Pre-Op!!! Getting excited! I am also wondering when I can do my hair LOL! I know....the things I worry about! I blow my hair straight every day well,,,,,,every couple days. =) Anyone have suggestions on what's important to ask at my Pre-Op? I can't believe I don't have any questions....hopefully some will come up as we chat!
Girl, my doctor had me back there within 2 days of my surgery and then a week. And I wasnt off my pain med at 1 week, but we all heal at different levels and I also had Lipo of my abs and that makes a difference. But there was no way I could have driven myself at 1 week. You may be able to, but maybe have a plan B in place incase you cannot.
Ack! DOn't tell me that! LOL! I am glad I have a week I guess because I'm almost an hour away from my PS. I have a couple possible plan Bs ultimately - I think my hubby would arrage to just do it. He's a good guy! BUT...my fingers are crossed! LOL! SO when could you drive then? WHat meds were you on and how long? I hate meds! Ugh! LOL! I am hoping 4 days tops!!! Man,I need to start patience now huh!? LOL! thanks for your response!!!

My Pre-Op wasyesterday and it went FABULOUS!!! I ...

My Pre-Op wasyesterday and it went FABULOUS!!! I didn't really have many questions - anything that I think would have come up she answered. The nurse was great! Oh and I'm paid in full! So we're ready for lift off!! I did ask about constipation and the sadi just start MOM from the get go. Oh and my meds are percocet and then valium (muscle relaxer), zofran (anti-nausea) and my fave....scopolamine patch to take (or apply) before the surgery to help with the nausea caused by anesthesia. Like the Doctor, the nurse was shocked by my damaged muscles. She said she's been doing this for 9 years and she was still shocked by me so to be ready for some serious tightness! And also said my results and comparing the befores and afters will be so rewarding! I can't wait!!!

Oh I also bought some bikinis! I will get some Pre-Op bikini pics up soon!!! Anyhow - I'm still super excited andnot nervous at all!!! So glad I ahve such an awesome Doc that I trust! I've been really praying my way through this and I am thanking God for everything during this process!!!

Oh so I forgot to mention.....my surgery is at...

Oh so I forgot to mention.....my surgery is at 4:00 in the afternoon! Yes, Seriously! Ugh....way crappy! My last meal is at 8am and my last drink is at noon. I am going to be STARVING by 400! Bummer!!! Now I'm just trying to decide what I should have for breakfast that morning......I want to stay kinda light but full as well! Suggestions??

Your surgery is on my Dads birthday! Hehe
Hello, Thanks for the post on my profile. I'm so excited to have another Dr Vath patient in contact with me. I have a great feeling about him and I am not meeting him until August 3rd! His reviews are great and he looks like a nice guy in his photo!! I'm very excited to follow your review - I'm sure that you will be thrilled with your results :)

I can't wait to find out when my surgery is.... But I don't find out forever! Veggie omelette sounds yummy!

Man,I am just still SO thrilled! Everyone around...

Man,I am just still SO thrilled! Everyone around me that know is SO supportive and offering meals, and help with kids and anhything we need. I am so thankful that God has blessed my life with so many awesome people!!!! Oh and small world - I have afriend that looks great and so I had to ask if shes had work done. 2 years ago she had a Mommy Makeover by my same Doc! So cool huh!? SHe made me even more excited and said I was in good hands! Anyhow - 1 week to go!!!! YAY ME!!!! Oh and I bought another bikini - I mentioned I was a shopaholic right!? =)
Thanks so much for your comment on my page. I saw your pics and your tummy looks like mine did so you should have amazing results. I look forward to keeping up with you. Good Luck and abs will be sure to come your way soon :)
Soon I'm so excited for you! Everything will go much smoother than you anticipate! I'm only a few days out &am already very happy with the difference. Looking at your before pics I know you're going to have amazing results! I can't wait for you to be on the flatside:)
I saw your comment over in the forum and I have my surgery that day even later than you. I have a 10 am no food/no drink restriction and I'm more worried about the no drinking than the no food. lol Good luck with your surgery. At my pre-op they asked if I'm excited & I just said, "Well, maybe down the road and I see results? I hate unknowns and this is an unknown." lol

Okay so 4 days until My TT and I am still very...

Okay so 4 days until My TT and I am still very excited and feel so comfortable with my decision to do this instead of just a hernia repair and I am still very confident with my Doctor and his staff and overall God has just relaly given peace with all of this and i couldn't be more thankful! I feel blessed that I can even do this! So many woman dream of this and it's becoming a reality for us!! I just can't wait! I still have some groceries to get and maybe a Pill box and magazines and lots of cleaning this weekend otherwise we're set! Oh and I got my 4 prescriptions picked up and it was only $5 - yay for great med insurance! Too bad we don't need them very often! LOL! It was just nice to get a little financial break!

Oh on a gross side note - my 3 year old was having fun squishing my belly last night - can't wait to be done with that! LOL!
My scheduled date is also on weds! Tomorrow will be pre-op. I look forward to hearing about your experience.
Yay!!! So super exciting huh!? I will go and post on your profile so I can follow you as well!! Good Luck at your Pre-Op! Easy Peasy! And Happy Recovery! GO US!!! =) We will look amazing!!!
I know right!? Kids are funny! Thanks! I know - it's almost here and I couldn't be more excited!!! Thank you so much hon! Can't wait to heal with you!!!

Wow so since I am having a 4:00pm Surgery - I have...

Wow so since I am having a 4:00pm Surgery - I have more time than some of my fellow 8/1 Tummy Tuckers but - it's almost here! YAY!!! I am just so ready to be done and healed and get strong! One day at a time though right! I feel pretty prepared! Bought groceries today and went on a last date night with hubby and friends! My In-Laws brought some frozen dinners they made (SO freaking aweome - even if I don't eat them =) ) and I lined up friends to watch my girls Thursday and Friday morning so that they aren't completely bored here at home! =) I am so blessed to have such great and supportive people in my life!! Seriously!!! On the note of great people.....my AMAZING AMAZING Daughters each made me BEAUTIFUL Get Well Soon Pictures that I can tell they spent a lot of time on! They are the sweetest things ever!!! I am just so thankful for my amazing little girls!!!! I love them to pieces and pray my recovery is as quick and smooth as possible so I can get back to spending time with them!! They are so loving and I know they will be great through my healing process! Oh andlastly - I thought I'd add a full body pic to show the whole picture and how disproportioned I am with this belly (just inore hubbys clothes on the dresser =) ). I've been a laundry mad woman!!! Good Luck to everyone going through surgery this week and Happy Healing to everyone on the flat side! Can't wait to join you!!!
My ps didn't want me to drive for 3 wks. I was on pain meds for about 5 days and muscle relaxers for 10 days or so. I couldn't stand up straight for 2 1/2 weeks. I just returned to work today, it will be 4 wks tomorrow. I was hoping to be back in 2 but there was no way that was going to happen. Definitely have a plan B. You will do great and it will all be worth it in the end. Good luck!

So again - I don't have surgery until 4:00pm but I...

So again - I don't have surgery until 4:00pm but I have to be there at 2:30 and it's kinda far and we have to drop out babies off first so we will probably be off an running by 12:30! I'm sure you'll hear from me one last time before I rock and roll! Eeeeeeeek!!!!!!!! I am so excited but the nerves are starting to show up as well! More over the healing than the surgery itself. I want to thank everyone for all their support and advice and just for being so vulnerabel for everyone! It is so helpful and this board is a blessing for sure!!! Happy Healing and Good Luck to everyone!!! You and your Doctors are all in my thoughts and prayers!! Please keep me in yours as well! ;) Oh one more thing.......anyone still going - get some measurments! I have to do that today and I will post. I am a size 6 but I wear those undermy belly. Up high is a different story because of my hernia and daisatis recti. Anyhow - yay!!! Can't wait to be on the path to healing with so many of you ladies!!! Thanks again everyone!!!

So my surgery time has moved up 30 minutes LOL! ...

So my surgery time has moved up 30 minutes LOL! So last meal by 730 and no omlette - just toast - Oh Boo!!! So I'll probably have a good snack tonight and sleep in tomorrow since I've been sleeping so well I should just take advantage! =) Oh well! Good Luck and Happy Healing to everyone!!!!
Hi SoontoBFlat, I will be thinking about you tomorrow, Very exciting times!!! Please keep updating us and make sure you get a good nights rest.
thought I'd pop by and wish you all the very best for tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Your results will be amazing I'm sure. You will have to let me know how you go, my consultation with Dr Vath is on Friday! Yipeeeeee. I hope you get lots of sleep tonight :)
Awe!!!! Thank you so much!!! I hope I get great rest too! I am just praying I am "blown away" by my results like Vath thinks I will!!! You will live him! I can't wait to hear what you think!!! Yeah...I will update and post pics ad soon as I can!!! Thank you again!!!! Yay!!!!!

So today is my big day! Thanks for all the...

So today is my big day! Thanks for all the thoughts and sweet comments and prayers!!! I feel awesome and calm and my amazing daughters prayed for me last night (well my oldest two 5,7) and I told my 5 year old that her prayers areso heartwarming and sweet - they always make me feel like everything is going to be okay! She pats my back and says - everything will be okay Mommy and gave me a huge hug!!! They are the best!!! Thoughts and Prayers to all of my August 1 buddies and ALL August ladies!!! This is going to be a GREAT Month!!! I am thankful for all of you and can't wait to have everyone on the flatside!!! WOOT! WOOT!!!
Hope your surgery went well. I'm on my way home from mine. Hurts like hell!!! I feel like I did an Ab workout but the right drain burns like whoooooa.
Can't wait to hear about it. I'm so excited for you!
I cannot wait to hear how everything goes! Happy Healing!!!

First I want to thank everyone for their thoughts...

First I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers! It was so comforting and I never really got too nervous either! I am thinking of all of you have left to go and also for those of you healing ecspeciallymy 8/1 buddies! Happy healing!!

So now about me- I'm on the flatside!!!! Yay!!! And I couldn't be happier! My belly buttonlooks amazing and my incision is low and thin and perfect!! The Doc was so super stoked by the results - they're already talking about getting me on the website!!! =) It was cute! You could tell he was excited!!! The nurse and anesthesiologist siad they never seehim THIS stoked so I am THRILLED!!!

My surgery was delayed an hour but I was never really nervous so it was whatever! Also,with a antinausea patch and antinausea meds in my IV - I still came out of Anesthesia puking!!! It sucked SO bad! Well I am pooped and will post morelater but here are the pics from the hospital!! SO HAPPY and can't wait to take a pic standing up or y'all! =) I am falling asleep as I type so bye! =)
Wow!!! Your results look REALLY nice, can't wait to see your progress. Great JOB!!!
You already look so good Ims sure your final result will be unbelievable! Please keep us posted. I did drainless too & am about 10 days out. Can't wait to check on your progress. Happy healing:)
looking fabulous!!!!! woohoo!

Just hitting day 2 post opt since my surgery was...

Just hitting day 2 post opt since my surgery was so late on 8/1 and I'm feeling pretty darn good. I woke up puking so decided to get off the meds and go straight to tylenol. Its working but still feeling uncomfortable but not too bad. Headache that won't leave either sucks. Been moving around a lot and making myself eat...its hard. I'm even standing straighter oh and supering wad no sweat....I just needed help in and out. I hope things continue to go well!!! I am so thankful that God has pulled me throughthis so amazingly!!!
Can't believe you're already doing tylenol. You're a tuff chick! Hope things keep going well for ya.
LOL thanks! I am just so done with the puking and being out of it. I'm feeling great tho! Thanks so much!!
Oh yay Aussie!!!! I'm so excited for you he was so great!!" He's called us 3 times and called back promptly last night after I peaked a fever. It was only because of the anesthesia. Wasn't out of my system though. I am so glad he wad cheaper and that you liked him....let me know when your surgery is!"! Yay!!!

So I am officially 3DPO and feeling great! I've...

So I am officially 3DPO and feeling great! I've only taken tylenol once all day and I'm moving around pretty well! Standing a bit straighter as well! The swelling has started in so I will probably start cucumber water tomorrow. Despite the swelling - I am down 7lbs! I was just hoping to stay the same so I'll take it! I am also eating more but not necessarily the best - today - toast, pineapple, low sodium soup, apple with PB and 1/2 bean a burrito. I may even have a teeny amount of icecream - shouldn't hurt right!? I really need to up my protein! I should start drinking more ofmy shakes. Anyhow - I am posting more pics - Doc ended up taking my incision WAY back but it makes sense because I had skin love handles and this also prevents dog ears so it'll be interesting to see if those will be below my bikinin. Only time will tell. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers! Tomorrow is my last day with hubby home and then Tuesday he'll be out of town for 2 days so I'll REALLY be on my own with 3 little girls but we'll be fine! =) Here's my Day 2 pics - today I am looking a bit more swollen so I didn't take pics.
Your pics are phenomenal! You look great and your doc did a phenomenal job!
Thank you hon! You look awesome as well! Are you still just WOWED that you're on the flatside!? YAY US!!!!!
Ooooops, I'm a dork. Wasn't finished with my though. lol Just got worried when I saw what you wrote about cucumber juice.

I am so happy you are doing so great!!! Your stomach is looking super Awesome!!! It stinks your husband has to leave. :( Is there anyone that is going to check on you and the girls to make sure you gals are alright?

5 DPO - Wow so today started off ROUGH!! Thank...

5 DPO - Wow so today started off ROUGH!! Thank Goodness I could call Trimom and cry on her shoulder!!! And really - I am doing great. I was just having a pity party! =) Although I have been off meds since day 2 and only take tylenol at night - it is still an emotional roller coaster! I don't think I was prepared for REALLY how long all the swelling and everything would take and seriously - I'm only 5 days out - Talk about impatient!!! Geez! So advice - be patient! This is going to be a long ride but it will all be worth it and we'll all do it together! =) Thank Goodness for this board!

Okay so my progress - I am walking around a ton! But nothing that's requiring bending or lifting. I am also walking much more straight which is helping my only pain (lame low back pain). I love my Compression Stockingsso still wearing those and my uggs for cold feet. I am still eating 6 super small meals a day but doing good and I pooped all day so once the MOM works - do not take it again! LOL! I am drinking non-stop water and even started 1 cup of coffee a day yesterday. Oh and as of this morning I was down 8lbs!!! I know they swear of the scale but I had too! =) I am still swollen of course ecspecially low and above my V heck poor gal is decently swollen and I'm wearing my CG low but doesn't matter. It's annoying but whatever. I begged hubby to let me shower on my own (he knows I have a tendency to overdo it so he protects me) =) )and did fine and also straightened my hair - I feel beautiful again! =) I do have a very faint ring around my bb but after reading more on here and calling my Doc it's normal since that's where your sutures are inside. I also have dried blood in there I want gone (gross) but also don't want to disrupt the sutures so, in time. I did clean it though!! My FIRST Post Op isn't until Friday which is fine since everything is going smoothly!

Oh and I forgot to mention in any of my other posts that my hernia was the size of a softball and probably would have strangulated itself (killed a portion of the intestine) very soon if it wasn't fixed. Crazy huh!

Happy Healing to everyone and still praying for so many of my August Buddies that have yet to go!!! Don't be nervous - all will go great!!! (((Hugs))) to all and oh yeah - just posted a 5DPO Pic too! Sorry a little blurry!

Today is starting out great! 1 day short of a...

Today is starting out great! 1 day short of a week and I couldn't be happier! I'm looking great and feeling fabulous!! Just a sore back. I decided no tylenol before bed and I was fine so I am officially off meds - ALL MEDS!!!! I do have to remind everyone though (THIS IS IMPORTANT) - once you take MOM (Milk Of Magnesia) and it starts working - DO NOT TAKE ANYMORE!!!!! I am so glad I didn't because I am still (TMI) pooping a few times a day and today - it came a little too fast AND heck, I'm moving fine but still didn't quite make it. LOVELY! LOL! Also - I cannot prevent dry throat so I get the occasional cough - OH MY!!!!! So beware! Guess that's it for this morning! I am so excited for everyone please don't be scared or nervous! SO many women are praying for you and all will go great!!!

Okay - not that you need pics EVERY day -...

Okay - not that you need pics EVERY day - especially since I'm only 6 days out but I wanted to get these up for cutebelly and I thought they were clearer pics from yesterday. Still feeling good but just ate a teeny slice of pizza! Just glad my appetite is back! Oh and I drove today! To get a Wendys Salad - hubby is out of town so I am not - cooking! i have enchiladas from my in laws tomorrow so yay!
Looking good! What are you talking about not good from the front? You look awesome!
Thanks Hon!!! LOL Seriously down low is gross LOL and my girl is a bit top heavy as well! LOL! We're not even a week out well I will be in 24 hours but seriously I'd say we look damn good for such a short time! I just like complaining i guess LOL! TY again!!
look ahh-mazzz-ing and yes we do need daily pics :) When does Dr Vath let us shower?

I am 1 week Post Op!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! I couldn't...

I am 1 week Post Op!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! I couldn't be more pleased with my results! I can't wait for my Post-Op Friday!!!! Today I watched a Tummy Tuck Hernia Surgery on You Tube and it helped me to understand this whole softball size hernia thing - pretty crazy! I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new sexy tummy but I am so grateful I don't have to worry about my hernia anymore! It was REALLY bad and SO close to danger!! ANYHOW - so we hung outside last night for a couple hours and it was nice just to be out - I just chilled and pounded water and did great! We survived overnight w/o hubby. And really - I am feeling better every day! My swelling is what it is but getting MUCH better! I feel like it will be more of a battle when I start doing more! I helped my 7yo clean the house (I know, I know) since we have friends coming over today - I behaved yesterday and just walked around delegating but today I pretty much did the kitchen on my own - she tried and was great but I wanted it done correctly (my way - you know how us moms are) so I just took over. She has been a saint through all of this so she's getting $10 this Friday and $10 next Friday and a Mommy Movie Night tonight (stay up late). The little ones are being pretty good so they'll get something special too! I'm trying to remember this affects everyone!!! So, playdate here at home today and tomorrow will be fun! Tomorrow is back to school night and I think I'll be good to go! YAY!!!! Oh and lastly and so fun....I am down't 3.5 inches in my waist (so far even with swell) and 9lbs!!! How exciting! Wow - being a week out feels GREAT!!!!! Happy Healing to all of you and Good Luck ladies that still need to go!!! BTW - I did want to add what I've been wearing....just yoga shorts and a tank daily (bought a handful of kinda fitted $5 old navy tanks and had the shorts) but I bought 2 cheapy dresses from Old Navy that I am SO glad I grabbed to wear ifI want to look a bit nicer. SO not into my jean shorts yet especially with the CG!!! =) In time!!!
WOW!!! Your TT came out so AWESOME and you are lookin SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Love your tummy button....GAWD I wish mine would start to look normal....OMGeeee it looks like a little butt......Seriously tho....you look awesome!
Woohoo! 1 week! You did it:-) It sounds like your girls are being wonderful! Don't overdo it! I am paying for yesterday!
Wow, you are going so awesome! I love hearing your updates.

I just really had to post today how THANKFUL I am...

I just really had to post today how THANKFUL I am to God through this entire process! There is so much more to more story that has led up to today and I am just grateful to God for all of this! I have been praying so much and just given everything to him and it's been amazing for sure!!! I have always wanted a TT because I'm not very big but always had a bit of a belly BUT if it wasn't for my hernia (which was dangerously close to an emergency) and diastatis recti - it probably never would have happened. I just know that God has really been with me through all of this and I couldn't be more thankful!!! Anyhow - with that said praying for all of you and here's my update for today! =)

8 DPO - Tomorrow is my First Post Op and My Goal was since I was "blown away" by my surgery (like he said I would be)- I want to "blow them away" with how well I'm healing and I really think I'll be doing that (wish I was seeing the Doc though =( )! I am standing 90% straight w/o my CG but the CG gives me the extra 10%. I'm looking great and feeling fantastic! My BFF came over and her jaw hit the floor! My results are fabulous (today I am seeing more definition FOR SURE and less swell) and I am just WOWed, I'm only 8 days out and feel so close to normal. Took a short grocery trip with my girls, I shaved my own legs and showered my girls (on my knees because bending is a bit tough), had playdates yesterday and today. School BBQ Tonight (it'll be short). Eating well, Drinking A TON of water, Keeping up on Vitamins and listening to my body - when it's time to rest - IT IS TIME TO REST!!! Moving to my bed tonight and man, I just really don't have any complaints and pray that all continues to go smoothly! Thank you to everyone for all their super kind comments,prayers and support!!! This place is SO great!!! I will probably add more pics tomorrow!
You look great and your process is an inspiration to me!
How did your appointment go today?
your recovery is text book so far and I do hope that it stays that way! You are giving me a lot of confidence!! Hope to see more pics soon :)

Okay so I'm 10 DPO TODAY!!!! It really does seem...

Okay so I'm 10 DPO TODAY!!!! It really does seem to fly by once you're through the main recovery (first couple days). My first post-op was yesterday (with a nurse still no Doc) and it went flawlessly! Her biggest concern was HOW good I was doing. I told her I am staying off tylenol so I can feel when I need to rest! It works for me! I can start advil if I need it and after 2 weeks I can start ease into normal life, light exercise, etc as I feel comfortable. I brought my 3yo and she was so good! They were all sweet with her!

Oh andmy dear monthly friend is trying to slowly trickle in (this is not uncommon for me) - it's annoying and I wish she would just come and go! Hoping after she's gone the swell will be even better! I do think the swell is improving a bit so I'll post a couple more pics! I feel like I am posting so many and there isn't much of a difference so I hope you're not too bored LOL!

I do have to admit yesterday was a long day and I was uncomfortable in the end! But it was totally manageable! I left my house at 830am for my post op (an hour away) and did not return until 2:00. I had coffee and waffle with peanut butter for breakfast. The driving got old. I picked up my girls after my appt and we met hubby for wings (30 min drive). It was nice to let loose a bit food wise. I had 6 wings and a couple fries and water and I was FULL! I can usually do 10 wings, more fries and a beer no sweat. I made it home and wanted to nap but had to get pulled into some soccer emails I was getting for my girls. then I napped for an hour and 30 minutes later - we were off to a BBQ. It was nice and just 1 other family. I had a burger with all the veggies and only 1/2 the bun, a small slice of watermelon and a teeny bit of my awesome potato salad - like. 2 tbs. i wanted more but NO WAY!!! I was uncomfortable, swelling and gassy but still decided to have a small root beer float - this put me over the top - I should have passed on this one! Since I'm pounding water it just makes me that much more full! Oi! Anyhow getting home and relaxing helped for sure but I totally need to learn to say no!!! So please learn from me! The discomfort stinks but passes and teaches you a lesson for sure! LOL!

Okay well enough of my long windedness! Thanks to everyone and I love following your journey so keep updating!!!! =)

Oh and on a side note! This experience has made...

Oh and on a side note! This experience has made me Shamelessly Addicted to Beverly Hills Nannies! LOL!
Happy 2 weeks post op! Hope things are still going well! How is your swelling?
You look great!!! My surgery is on Monday :)
Thanks so much Mandy!!! SO exciting for you! You won't regret it and you will look amazing!! I'll be thinking of you!!!

Crazy! It's been 5 days since I posted! Happy 2...

Crazy! It's been 5 days since I posted! Happy 2 weeks to me!!! I have for the most part been great BUT it has officially bit me in the butt! =( Yesterday was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Day! It started out stressful and ended even worse. I lost a bag of school supplies - I'm thinking I left them at the store but taht was weeks ago before my surgery so I assume I had everything and threw them in the basement orI'm just a freak losing her mind. With that said - me and my girls (3,5,7) were out for 5 hours getting school supplies,visiting the school, grocery shopping, etc. By the end was exhausted but only in minor pain from the swell. SO I come home planning to rest but no (had a coffee instead), made dinner, ate dinner, cleaned dinner then hubby left for work (he has mids all week boo) then I tried ALL of my girls school clothes on and then helped them clean their rooms. By the end of this - I was getting really really shakey so drank some water and took a valium hoping it would help me relax but 2 hours later things were just getting worse - I called my mom and she took me to the ER and my dad watched the girls and tucked them in. Long story short since I was low on rest and obviously not 100% to begin with - my adrenaline kicked in to try and compensate which caused all the terrible shaking - all of this led to an anxiety attack which i have never had before. I wasn't worried really assiuming this was the case - I just couldn't stop shaking and it was making me crazy! They gave me a downer, did a CT scan to make sure there wasn't a clot and an EKG just so they couldtake more of my money. It was all stupid and just sucked! I am so angry at myself!!! This all could have been prevented if I wouldhave just taken a nap!!! Because again, I feel awesome overall - almost 100% but energy levelis SO not there yet! SO lesson learned! Hubby has grounded me to 1 hour outings for awhile. So with ALL of this - even if you feelperfect at 2 weeks - you ARE NOT Healed and stillneed A TON of rest! Do not be stupid like me! Ugh! So I'm tirednow - off to rest again! =)
Hiya just checking in on you - I hope you are feeling good and loving your results :)
Hi! Just caught up on my emails. I will share a similar story on my review....but no ER. I hope you are feeling better. Aiiieeee. Gotta moderate the positive outlook sometimes. Feeling for you. Take care!
Hi there! Just checking in with you...I hope your feeling better.

Thanks everyone for checking on me and thinking of...

Thanks everyone for checking on me and thinking of me! Just a quick update that I'm doing well. Still have a tendency to over do it but nothing like before. I have so much to talk about and update on and need to post new pics so I will do all of that Monday. Off to go camping rv style so not bad! And watch everyone wake board and enjoy the water and sun as I sip water in the shade! :) it'll be good to be back next summer! :)
much better thanks and yes...love them!! super excited for u! are you getting more excited? nervous a bit im sure :). youll be in great hands!!!
Great! I'm so pleased that you are happy :) 7 weeks until my turn!! Busy trying to lose weight - lost 2.6pounds this week which was great. Exercising like a maniac.....Hopefully I can shed another 5-6pounds and be in the best possible shape. Have a great weekend
seriously? do tell! man girl...must be the mommy of 3 syndrome. :) do tell! hope youre better now!!!

1 Month Post Op TODAY and doing great! It is...

1 Month Post Op TODAY and doing great! It is still a DAILY battle to not over do it but I'm getting better! I am typically so high energy and my energy isn't totally back yet so I try to do a typical day and eventually hit a wall! Whew! I am back to EVERYTHING and my steristrips OFF! YAY!!! I even started loving time a week ago and all has been fine in that area! I am soooo happy with how I look - I can't wait to see the Doc in 2 weeks! I really need to bet my pre and post bikini pics up but until then. I will post more tummy shots! =) Happy Healing and Good Luck to everyone! I wish I could be on more but life goes on and it's BUSY!!!! =) Thank you all so much for keeping up with me and being so awesome through all of this! Love you all!!!

Ohhhh! How can I forget so at 1 month I am down...

Ohhhh! How can I forget so at 1 month I am down 9lbs, 6 inches at belly button and 3.5 at low belly! SO EXCITING!!!!! ANd - I get to go dress shopping soon for a 9/8 Wedding! Fun!
Hey STBF --
How'd the September wedding event go? You gotta post a new pic with your flat tummy. Here's to happy healing!
Wedding went great! I looked fabulous!!! LOL! So many comments on how great I looked! I was in a Small dress from Express and it was very curve hugging! =) It was awesome!!! Thanks so much for asking!!! I know - I do need new pics up! I was on an antibiotic for something unrelated and now my tummy is all weirdandbloated trying to get the good bacteria regulated again I guess - I will post some soon. DOn't think I look too different. working out now too - causes a bit of swell but whatever - it's a good thing!!! =) I make sure to use my garment during workouts. How are you doing? I need to see if you've update lately - man - life gets busy huh!? LOL! (((Hugs))) hope all is well!!!
I agree - new pics please :)

So, I am 2 Months (8w 5d ;) ) Post-Op TODAY!!!! ...

So, I am 2 Months (8w 5d ;) ) Post-Op TODAY!!!! And seriously - time is just flying by! I hardly rember what it was like to not be flat! It's crazy! But feels great!!! It's awesome to have "fat days" (yes you will still have days you don't feel your best, bloated, fat, pms days, etc) and not actually look 20 lbs heavier and pregnant than I did when I woke up. And on days maybe I eat a bit too much - i'm the only one that notices. =) I have added some 2 month pics!

Anyhow - So I am down from a size 6/8 jeans to a solid size 4. I never wore dresses because I was so out of propotion but now I'm a size 6 in dresses! Loving it!!! I am wearing my Spanx at night to help with day swell and I am wearing it again during the day because I keep thinking I look "thick" by the end of the night and I think it's just a little swell. Overall though - swelling is down quite a bit. Scar looks great and it's all smooth except for right above my pubic area - I'm just using Palmers 2X a day. I have been exercising regularly for 3 weeks - mainly jogging/walking and light weight and it's been fine - I don't even get sore. I do wear my CG that the Doc gave me though and probably will for awhile - that support is important! I am still so weak in the core area but i keep trying to do more so in time! I am realizing that is truely the Tummy Tuck (and MM) Mantra - IT TIME!!!! I have ZERO patience but what can ya do? =) I am getting pretty bored with my workouts so I will start up a lightened version of P90X this week i think! Oh and my 6w Post-Op appt was lame - he said all looked good and pics next time (Mid December). My 3 year old was crying - it was stressful and a bit frustrating after driving an hour to see him for the first time since my surgery...whatever. Next time will hopefully be better and child free for sure!!! LOL! So that's it I guess! Not much is changing. Oh my in laws saw me for the first time last night and they were floored - made me feel good! I also keep getting told "You have lost SO much weight"! Nope! Only 9lbs (8 today lol). Also saw my brother for the first time this past weekend since surgery (he just moved back in state) and I had to say something...NERD but he said I looked great. Happy Healing to everyone and Good Luck to all of those waiting to join the flatside! It's nice over here and expensive! I will add a couple pics in my new clothes too tomorrow hopefully! :/ Thanks everyone for all the support!!!!
You have an awesome result. I'm going to have my MM tomorrow morning with Dr. Vath. I'm not nervous and I can't say i'm overly excited. I did my grocery shopping today and got some Tylenol (I usually take aspirin and I was surprised all I have on hand is aspirin.) I have so much confidence in Dr. Vath that I just expect to go to sleep and wake up and be a little thinner with smaller boobs that have preceded me through the door for years. When my stomach was catching up with my boobs, it was time to make a change. I don't expect to be thin like I used to be but anything will help. Your results are very encouraging. One of the Vath girls.
Hey soon to be flat! You look amazing, but I'm sure you already know that. :o) I can't wait to see you in all of your new outfits. I also hat the way dresses feel on me, so can relate to that part of your ex-life. I'm so sorry you had a lame and frustrating 6 week po appointment, but at least you know everything is healing good. I can't wait to have "fat days" or days of overeating and not have anyone notice but me. As it is now, everything just bulges out. It's disgusting. Can't wait to get my muscle repaired so they hold everything in the way they are supposed to. Keep us updated. I love reading your updates. :o)
Great to read your update. It is weird how time just flies and things start to feel normal -- like you were always flat....Yay for you. And you look great! Congrats.

First, thanks so much for all of the fabulous...

First, thanks so much for all of the fabulous feedback!!! You ladies are great!!! So I'm 2.5 months out (roughly) and I started up P90X again today and didn't "Bring It" but did great and feel great! Can I tell you how AMAZING it is to do push ups and not see my gut!!! WOW! It's so awesome!!! SO SO AWESOME!!!! I also started tracking my calories today - I am determined to drop about 10-15 more pounds although I am happy with my size (and hubby will kill me if I drop another size and have to buy even more clothes lol) - just wanting to firm up again and get healthy again so we'll see! Anyhow - here are some pics in new clothes including DRESSES!!! Please ignore the finger printed mirror!!! =)
BL w/ implants 5/2013, TT 1/2014 with Dr. Vath. I totally agree! He is amazing. A surgeon with an artist's eye. Only a week out and I look and feel FAB!
Just had my TT and lipo with Dr. Vath 3 days ago. He really is an awesome Dr. and totally recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch surgeon. I'll be going back to him for a lift and implants soon too ;)
You look amazing! I had my MM from Dr. Vath 7 weeks ago and so far I'm so happy and know I made the right choice with him. I can't to not be swollen anymore!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I could not be happier with this process!! Vath and his staff were amazing!!!

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