Breast Augmentation w/ lift! 397cc!

Well, I'm 29, 5'10 & 148 lbs., mother of 3....

Well, I'm 29, 5'10 & 148 lbs., mother of 3. Breastfed them all. Before having children I was a large C cup. The woman in my family swore my mom allowed me to have a boob job when I was 16 because I had such great boobs! I loved every second I spent nursing my babies and I'd do it all over again if I had the choice.

However, with that said, when you have larger breast to start out with pregnancy and childbirth can really take a toll on them. I went from a DD while breastfeeding to an A cup one year later. They were completely deflated and my self esteem really went down hill. I was no longer comfortable being intimate w/ my husband so, long story short, we decided to look into breast augmentation. 

My surgery was scheduled for April 15, 2013. Check in time was 10:30. We decided on 397cc silicone under the muscle w/ a lift. The nurses were so warm and caring and had me laughing the entire time before surgery (I am an extremely anxious person by nature but, I felt really at ease). Before I knew it, I was in recovery, feeling fine. Just very tired. My husband was able to take me home after about 45 min and thats when things started to change.

We had a 2 hour drive home that ended up taking 4 hours due to the snow and ice (Gotta love Colorado in April). I was in A LOT of pain! The nurse warned me that things would start hurting once my muscles started to 'wake up' and the anastasia wore off. My husband would stop every hour and have me get out of the car to walk around so to prevent blood clots.

We got home and, I have to be honest, that was the most painful day of my life. I think the worst part of all was the fact that the oxycodone made me so sick to my stomack and gave me such a terrible headache, I couldn't take it. My husband had to help me sit up and go to the bathroom and I would drive heave from the pain. Finally, in the middle of the night I decided to eat crackers and take the pain med w/ the muscle relaxer and that seemed to help. The next day was better and each day since has been better too. I'm on my 4th day post op today and I'm feeling pretty good. I am still taking it easy (milking it a little) but, I think by tomorrow I should be able to get up and do some things, maybe go on a walk. As far as my breasts go, they are just sore. Nothing I can't tolerate. I'm able to reach my arms up to brush my hair, etc. I think they look really good so far!! My instincts told me I could trust Dr. Vath and I believe he has done an amazing job!

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I'm on day 5. Swelling has gone down quite a bit....

I'm on day 5. Swelling has gone down quite a bit. I'm hoping they don't get any smaller. I tried on the bra I wore when I was pregnant (34D) and I didn't quite fill it out. I'm guessing I'll be a large C cup.. was hoping to be a bit bigger but, I love the shape so far. Time will tell. Pain level is totally tolerable. I stopped taking the pain med and am only taking the muscle relaxer and tylenol twice a day.


You look fantastic!
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You look great! Do you have HP or MP?
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Great results! Congrats!
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I'm 6 days post op and having a lot of anxiety. I...

I'm 6 days post op and having a lot of anxiety. I think I need to take a break from reading all the reviews on here. I felt fine the first couple of days because I was so happy w/ my results but the more I read, I'm finding that things can change as time goes on. ugh. There seems to be a million different things that 'could happen'. I'm not worried about the size so much anymore as I am about capsular whatcha-call-it and bottoming out.. and someone mentioned silicone poisoning. ahhhh!! I don't want to have to go thru surgery again any time soon to 'fix a problem'!! Gonna have to start reading positive posts!!
PS. just a piece of advice for those of you who are having your BA soon or are just post op...... take laxatives!!! Trust me.


Congrats! You look wonderful girl! I am 10 weeks post BA. It took about five weeks for my swelling to go away! Thats when i kinda got the boob greed because the girls were not as big anymore! We are about the same height i am 5'11. Feel free to look at my profile/pics to see progress, I know that helped me out greatly!!! :)
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I'm right with you about all the anxiety!! Just try to think positive and enjoy them! They look amazing already!
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Thank You! These are mid profile implants. I tried on 450 HP and they were just heavy and too much but now I wonder if I should have gone a little bigger? It just seems strange that Im not filling out my old bras (from when I was pregnant) I guess its probably normal to second guess the size.. Just wish I knew if they're g

So, today I am 1 week post op if you count the day...

So, today I am 1 week post op if you count the day of surgery as day 1. I was so happy w/ my results the first couple of days but, as the swelling has gone down, I am feeling really disappointed w/ the size!! They seem so small for my height/frame!! I love the shape and the lift, I'm so glad we decided to do the lift b/c the over all shape is perfect but, I cannot get over the size!! I am not even filling out the bras I wore when I was pregnant!! I feel myself getting a little depressed. We spent sooooo much $$$ and I feel like I will still have to buy push up bras to get the look I'm wanting. :( Did anyone else feel this way? I can't stand to think the size will just continue to decrease!!
Other than the disappointment I'm feeling, I think I'm healing well. The left side is softer than the right and a little smaller. Pain is tolerable. Having lots of anxiety tho!


Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. I think you look great! If it's any consolation, keep in mind that your pregnancy bras also had a large belly to go with them. With your new perfect sized breasts, you won't look overweight. Sorry you didn't see the "highly recommended laxatives" on RealSelf before your surgery! Looking forward to more updates!

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I looked at your profile.. you pull those 600's off great!!! lol I am really feeling like I should have gone bigger (w/ my height, I could have) but, when I tried the sizers on in the bra during my consultation, the 397s felt just right. I'm already seeing them go down in size as the swelling subsides. Will be sad if they get any smaller. But, I can't dwell on it... this is suppose to be exciting!! Thanks for sharing your experience.. you look amazing!!
Thank you:) Exactly dont dwell on anything cause you look great!! I always say anything is better than what we had before right! Hehe. Happy healing gf!!:)

Firstly, why can't I edit my original review?? I...

Firstly, why can't I edit my original review?? I mean, I was all doped up on pain meds and I start my story out by bragging that I had "great boobs" before kids. lol Just would word that differently if I could edit it. lol fyi, I had my first child right out of highschool so I didn't get to keep those 'great boobs' for long! And 'great boobs' become not so great the bigger they were to start out with. I started to envy my mama's little bitty ones.. she's 52 and still perky.

Annyway, today is day 8 post op. I figured I'd do an update. I can't say that I've 'dropped' any.. I'm not sure if I have or not b/c they weren't all that high and tight to begin with (my dr. says that's b/c I had so much loose breast tissue and had already been stretched out previously).. makes sense. Lefty is a little softer but, they're both fairly soft on top and on the sides. It's the middle that still feels a bit hard. I've been getting random shooting pains in the left breast.. feels like nerves which makes me think is a good sign. I was worried about loss of sensation but, I have a feeling I won't have much. I wish I could massage my breasts but, b/c of the lift, I guess I have to wait for a few weeks.
My pain level is pretty low... it's mostly in my back. Sleeping is still really uncomfortable and WOW, the dreams I'm having!!! OMG, anyone else having any crazy dreams?? Last night I had four boobs.. one on top of each and the incisions busted open and well... lets just say it was a seriously disturbing dream!!
Overall, I'm doing well. I have my highs and lows but, today i'm feeling pretty good!!


Your breasts turned out gorgeous. I only hope that I get similar results. My PS says that the max I can go is 350cc for my body frame. I really think yours look natural and tasteful. I'm 5'7 and 130 lbs. Can't I request a bigger size such as yours?
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Hi!! Thank you so much!! I love them!! I went thru a little phase of disappointment when the swelling went down but, now I'm really happy w/ the size. They look natural and feel great!! I think you will also be happy w/ yours! As far as the size goes, I think you should respect your ps for not wanting to go too big for your frame b/c I have a friend who is only like 5'4 and she got 600 cc's and hates them! Her dr. never should have put that big of an implant in such a tiny girl, in my opinion! However, w/ that said, I don't see why you can't go up to 397cc.. just know there's not much difference from 350 to 397 as far as I understand. I think it's the profile that you should be looking at. High profile will have more projection. I felt like I needed moderate b/c I have wide breasts to begin w/ and the high profiles looked too big on me (b/c they stuck out more, does that make sense??) I hope I'm giving you the right advice. That is just my experience. When is your surgery?? Be sure you know exactly what you want before hand and congratulations!!
I have silicone implants and I'm a size 36c. I feel like mine aren't as big as I want to be sometimes either. I still wear a push up bra. However mine look great and so do yours. There's a fine line between looking good at the size were at and going too big and having them look obnoxious or like grapefruits. Lol. Your implants won't drop til at least a month and your left will drop first if your right handed because u use ur right chest muscle more.
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TWO WEEKS POST OP! I am feeling pretty good!!...

TWO WEEKS POST OP! I am feeling pretty good!! Breast have softened. Right is still a little firmer but, I am finally able to lightly massage and that feels good. PS says my tape will fall off probably w/ in the next 3 weeks and once the scabs come off I'll be left w/ pink scars that will fade over time. One thing that has been bothering me is that I'm having extreme nipple sensitivity. It's sooo uncomfortable wearing a sports bra! I took one of my old lace bras from when I was pregnant and cut the underwire out and surprisingly it is more comfortable than the sports/compression bra (plus, it's prettier). PS says, at this point, wear what's comfortable and massage my nipples to help w/ the sensitivity. I don't feel like I look any different in clothes than I did before when I wore padded bras except that now what you see is not padding and I love the way I look and feel naked (which is what matters most). Still having HORRIBLE dreams but, all in all, life is good. SO happy!


wow!!! you look great!!! your breasts have a perfect shape--nice and round but not fake at all!!! :D
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Thank you! I am ready for them to soften up and settle so they appear and feel more natural. But, my PS exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to love the *shape* so much... especially when I went in w/ very deflated breasts. Thank you for taking the time to give me that sweet compliment. Means a lot. :)

If you plan to work out soon and need to wear a sports bra, try slipping a nursing pad in your bra. Some of the newer nursing pads are quite thin and shouldn't show. They truly provide a lot of relief. Thanks for your great updates!

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3weeksPO. I'm feeling pretty good. Not much to...

3weeksPO. I'm feeling pretty good. Not much to update. I'm still sore.. mostly in the morning. I think both sides are doin their thing, softening up nicely. I still have the tape on. I worry about them getting dirty but PS didn't mention anything about it. I figure I'll let them come off when they're ready.. i think it's probly good to protect my incisions. I've been using dial soap in the shower just cause i think it's a good anti bacterial soap. I can't remember if i already mentioned this but i notice my arms fall asleep at night!! That is creepy!
Overall I'm feeling fine. Still think my breasts look small in clothes but great w/ out. Still very happy with the result. Even tho i can feel the implant when i massage. It doesn't bother me.. as far as i know, that is very normal.. especially for thin women. Sorry my pics are all pretty much the same but i think you can finally see how they are starting to soften a bit!


You look amazing!! Congrats!
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What a change for the lovelier, you look very nice. great job .
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If my BA looks like yours I will be over the moon happy! You look amazing. Even right after surgery.
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Today i am 3 weeks and 3 days post op. I called...

Today i am 3 weeks and 3 days post op. I called the nurse to ask her about the tape around my incisions and she said to go ahead and take them off in the shower with soap and water. That was probably the worst part of this whole experience! They weren't coming off easily and i was just a nervous wreck the whole time. Not sure how i feel today. It's weird not having my incisions protected by the tape.  they still seem.. fragile. But i do think the scars will heal nicely once all the scabs are gone...
Time will tell..


Honey I saw you in that white bra so I just had to have one like it. so I just had to buy one. I will u date photos soon. thanks fr the idea. you look lovely it it
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Hi!! Thank you! Thats great.. isn't it nice to wear a pretty bra instead of a compression bra all the time? I still wear my sports bras at night and during the day but, when I go somewhere I wear the lace bra and I just feel more.. normal in it. It was a cheap bra too.. I think I got it from Ross or some place like that. Did you take the underwire out of yours?
Piper your totally right. I feel more in it as it fits snug around perfectly, mine was at a good price also from Walmart. I did get the underwire out because I didn't want to ruin it but I will tonight. The wire does bother a tiny bit. Mine are D cups what's yours. But I have 38 D's .. I still think I coul have gone bigger. But I have the biggest silicone size available. Maybe next time I'll go bigger just because I feel I wanta little more projection. I also wear my sports bra to workouts. But not to sleep, I am wearing a soft cup bra instead. Feels good and doesn't bother.

Hello Ladies! I am 4 weeks post op and having some...

Hello Ladies! I am 4 weeks post op and having some mixed feelings. I bought a scale last week b/c I knew I'd lost weight and wanted to see how much. I've lost 10 lbs since having surgery 4 weeks ago!! I was eating really healthy afterward b/c I wanted my body to heal so my surgeon doesn't think the weight loss is abnormal since I changed my diet and my body adjusted to that (decreasing my appetite). I wanted to eat healthy but not lose 10 lbs. Since the swelling has gone down and, I'm assuming b/c, again, I've lost weight, I can feel the implants on the sides and bottom of my breasts, more so on the left.. can even detect a bit of rippling. I know this can be normal in thin women but, I am afraid I've jeopardized my results by losing weight. I see my surgeon in a couple of weeks so I will ask him about this.
On a positive note, I am finally able to sleep comfortably on my side and I feel that my lift scars are healing well.
I've always heard that people gain after BA... has anyone else actually lost weight? And also my arms are still falling asleep at night.. what's up w/ that?? It's freakin me out..


Wow! great results for sure. I'm leaning towards Dr. Vath over his partner Wolfe. Thanks for sharing!
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You look fabulous!!
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Wow, you look beautiful! How did seeing your doc go after the weightloss?
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Denver Plastic Surgeon

I did a lot of research online and found Dr. Vath in Golden, CO. After reading his bio and seeing his perfect reviews, I had a feeling this was the guy for me. I went to his office and discussed my goals. He was very friendly and confident. I absolutely LOVE the staff at Center for Cosmetic Surgery! They were so nice and helpful and *professional*!!! I am a very intuitive person and everything has to feel really good for me to go through with something so major. I never had a moment of doubt after leaving their office.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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