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I've always received comments that I look...

I've always received comments that I look tired despite not necessarily feeling that way. My eye shape has a downward slant (family trait) and with the fast onset of undereye wrinkles once I turned 40, was very keen to freshen up with a blepharoplasty.

After reading everyone's experiences here on RealSelf, I felt informed enough on what to expect and found the right plastic surgeon for me. I ended up having upper and lower bleph and include photos of stages of my recovery. I had day surgery under general anaesthetic.

I agree with others that recovery wasn't painful but it certainly was more uncomfortable than I anticipated. Wearing an ice pack over eyes for the first 48 hours was very soothing but quite a disorienting experience (like being blindfolded).

I found my eyes dry and blurry and I could only focus on TV or reading for short periods with a lot of blinking.

I slept quite comfortably for the first three nights in a recliner lounge chair and then in bed with my head elevated on several pillows.

By about day 4 or 5 my incisions became intensely itchy and was mildly alleviated by the gentle rubbing in of antibiotic eye ointment. Sutures came out on day 8 and I have to wear steri-strips on the outer corner of each eye for 6 weeks.

Bruising faded incredibly quickly thanks to the ice packs. I have very minor ectropian on each lower eyelid which I'm told is due to swelling (and I have researched this on the web - completely normal) and should be resolved by three months.

Overall, I'm very happy. Am only 4 weeks post surgery and already see much fresher eyes!

I am now 20 months post surgery and am not a...

I am now 20 months post surgery and am not a hundred percent happy with how my eyes have turned out. As the scars have healed they have ended up with a pulling down of the lower eyelids, despite taping and massaging. I feel on eye in particular has almost a "palsy" look to it. I would definitely consider revision surgery.

18 months post surgery I am not entirely happy...

18 months post surgery I am not entirely happy with the end result. Unfortunately the way the scars have healed has resulted in a droopiness to the lower lid, despite taping of the incision for 6 weeks post surgery and massage. I would definitely consider another procedure to rectify this.
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Great result, congrats!!
Also thanks for putting proper pics up, so tiring seeing all these blurry before or after pics.
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At 4 mo post op, still struggling w/ major eye irritation and dry eyes. I have spent mega bucks on eye drops, new eye glasses, new prescription sun glasses. Had my tear ducts blocked off, eating abundant fish oil, taking anti inflammatories, drops, gels, moist compresses, and still looking like a total FREAK with my coke bottle glasses....i.e. nobody can see my improved eyelids anyway. Work is difficult due to eye strain at computer. Exercise is difficult due to clanging spectacles on the face. Sunlight, wind, photograghs, social occasions.....my quality of life has changed for the worst. I would pay thousands if I could un-do what has been done.
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At 4 weeks post op, you look great! But you still have some brusing and swelling just like me.

I'm 6 weeks post op and I'm still waiting for my right eye to even out with my left eye. I have some assymetry problems. 3 months is a long time for me to wait and see the final results.

Patience is not my friend.

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Hey has you eyelash come down? Is it symmetrical now? I'm having the same problem
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8 months post op. I just feel that my eyes look weird. Worse than that, I am now a chronic dry eye patient, which has changed my quality of life, dramatically. DO NOT GO INTO EYE SURGERY UNLESS W a reputable board certified oculoplastic surgeon. Accept no substitutes. Ladies, this is major surgery, with multiple unforseen consequences. Do Not go casually.
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