Christmas Tummy Tuck and Mini-Facelift - Gold Coast, Australia

I am 45 years old and have two beautiful children...

I am 45 years old and have two beautiful children (11 & 5). I was 40 when I had my last and had a cesarean. Both my children were large although I bounced back after my first (probably because I was younger) but did not bounce back so quickly with my second. Even though I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight 3 months after giving birth I was left with a diastasis of approximately 2 finger breadths and loose wrinkly skin. When my youngest was one I went and saw a PS who said a full tummy tuck was required with MR but after thinking about it I decided against surgery and thought I could put up with my wrinkly tummy.

My marriage has since broken down and I once again have enquired about another tummy tuck (different surgeon as I have moved interstate). I have already cancelled two of my surgeries (both due to unexpected health issues and am due to go on the 20th December 2011).

I am terrified of the GA and of not waking up and of ever seeing my children again. My ex-husband lives 2000km away and I think, if something happens to me he will take them away from their home and how will they cope without me.

My PS had told me I should get a wonderful result and has told me that my TT with full MR should only take 1 hour and my mini facelift should also only take 1 hour. So 2 hours of surgery all up.

My tummy tuck was only $7,000 and my mini-facelift is close to $9,000. (I would have thought it would be the other way around, as the TT is a much bigger procedure).

Anyway I will be staying in hospital overnight with a pain pump. I will have two drains and he wants me to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks. He told me that everyone swells differently and that the usual time for swelling to subside is 6 weeks.

My kids will be on school holidays when I have my procedures but I live with my dad has helped me out with the kids since my separation and he will take a week off work to help me a home. I feel sad that I won't be 100% on xmas day and won't be able to leave the house for approximately 2 weeks (apparently my face will be pretty swollen) but its the only time I have holidays). I go back to uni (I am a 4th year med student) and I actually start a surgical rotation on the 16th January). Sometimes I think it would have been better if I did my surgical rotation before my procedure so that it would put my mind at ease). LOL

I will need all of your lovely ladies support over the next 10 weeks as I keep having days where I am happy to go ahead and then I have days when I think, no I'm not going to do this. I am not scared of the pain or the recovery I am scared of something going terribly wrong).

Being in the hospitals as a med student, I see people who are genuinely very sick and it makes me feel bad that I am having an elective procedure due to vanity alone.

Does anyone else share these thoughts and feelings??

I will try and post some photos.


Thanks newmeat30. I have cancelled my TT due to concerns over complications effecting my career. I am going ahead with the min-facelift but will reschedule TT for December next year when I have close to 8 weeks off. I will keep up to date with all you December tummy tuckers. You will get a great result newmeat30. You already look good in your pictures, you will look awesome after your surgery.
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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that we have a great group of girls on the Forum page and I'd love for you to join us. Check for the sticky at the top of the forum page for December Tummy Tuckers. You can find a lot of support there and several other gals that are going through the same thing. :)
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Scared mum - so glad you have decided to go ahead with the tt!!!! You are going to look so awesome - you already do! and your results will be amazing, I'm sure. I think the allotted time you have is plenty (especially because you'll know to take it easy, drink plenty of fluids, and wear your garments). Looking forward to reading about your process!!
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