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I have been contemplating a tummy tuck for 5...

I have been contemplating a tummy tuck for 5 years! Finally decided to take the plunge but wanted to make sure I was totally comfortable with my body before embarking on something so big! Its a huge commitment physically and financially but for me mentally I had to be prepared. Im lucky as I have a very supportive partner andmy friends hv been great too :)
Hi mom my pet. Thankyou; I'm pretty happy! I did hv swelling the first through weeks but perhaps not as much as some others. I don't have a before picture on my phone but there us one at the clinic so will c if I can get one to post! Still a bit tight particularly in the evening but getting less each day. My little hole has finally crusted over as well. Will post some pics of that too as always good to c! ( or not if u r a bit squeamish!)
You look fantastic! Doesn't look like you're swollen at all!

I had a bit of lipo too! small hole closing from TT incision

Forgot to mention that I had a small amount of lipo done on my outer thighs. Hardly any...just the small pocket of fat on each flank that I couldn't shift. Just to make my shape a bit more evenly rounded. I'm curvy with a bug bum which I am comfortable with but always hated that bit. The lipo has been not really on my radar as far as recovery is concerned. There was quite a bit of bruising and aching. But it was bearable. Still a but tender to lie on my side but getting there.
My stretch marks are all below my bb so I'm hoping they'll all be gone! My pre op is in 2 weeks so I'll get solid answers then..I don't think anyone who signs up for a TT is allowed to be squeamish, lol
Well no! Actually generally after having children all things squeamish and inhibitions are no longer! Lol. How exciting for you!! Will look forward to your updates. I will post a piccy of my incision scar when I change my tape in a few days :)
You look amazing, do you have before pics?

5 and a half weeks post op TT and small amount of outer thigh lipo

New photos showing my thighs as well. Still curvy but much better curve rather than the pocket of fat I had sticking out! One more week to go of having tape on and wearing my garment. I put my back out a week ago..... Not being able to stretch properly for weeks really does take its toll! Feeling a bit better but really need a massage. Am going to get a lymphatic drainage massage esp for my thighs as even though most of the bruising has gone they are still tender and its uncomfortable to lie on my side. My thighs still get a bit tight and stiff esp by the end of the day. Tummy feels good though. Bit achy by the end of the day but I'm a lot more flexible and feel a bit more normal!
Your healing nicely and look super! Really!!

6 weeks post op. tape off and scar all healed :)

Finally my tape is off! Feels strange to have exposure! I tried to not wear my garment for 2 days but it felt a bit odd! Still gives me support and I feel a bit more comfortable with it on at the moment. Feeling a lot more flexible and starting to lie more on my side in bed and can finally lie flat on my yoga mat and do a few stretches :) starting to put rosehip oil on my scar tomorrow now that the home at the front us completely sealed and irritation from tape gone. Hooray!
My surgeon said he can't get rid of all my stretch marks as I don't have enough loose skin to stretch down...he said he can get rid if the lower half of my lower abdomen and stretch the rest down which will still mean stretch marks..were you able to get rid of yours? And can you hide your scar easily with a bikini/low jeans ect?
Looking great!
Wow. Congrats on an awesome tummy! I'm also on goldie and want to get a TT. I can't find many reveiws on the local surgeons here regarding a TT so I don't know who to go with...was thinking Dr Layt...but I'm not sure. Did u do much looking around before u chose Dr Doyle? What made u choose him? Also, how many nights in hospital? Thanks so much for your time and great info :-)

back pain :(

Not great but I have put my back out TWICE in the last 3 weeks! Think it takes its toll doing no exercise and not engaging your core like u r supposed to! Have see my Osteopath and have to go again on Monday. Day 3 of heat packs and pain killers and tiger balm. My tummy seems a bit swollen too which is odd but I am a bit stressed and uncomfortable :( going to see a sports physiotherapist (as recommended by my Osteo)once my back better to get a special program done to ease into exercise again under supervision. Can't wait! Had such a good positive recovery with my TT that I'm bummed that its my back that's giving me issues!!! :(
Would you care to post a pic of the compression garment you mentioned recently in a post?? That has the eyelet and hook closing... Your scar is looking great!
Your tt scars are nice&thin. You look Great! Sorry about the back pain. I hope the therapy helps Prayers
Thanks Bella besos. I have been really lucky with my recovery and healing! I expected my scar to be a lot thicker and redder so its been a bonus to have it heal so well so quickly :) now once my. Back is sorted I will be ready for exercise and a new swimsuit!

before shots finally! better late than never!

7 and a half weeks post op appt today with my surgeon. All looks good. My small hole that's not quite sealed started bleeding last night. I was a bit panicked about it! But the surgeon said he's not concerned as its where the 2 incisions meet and there's more scar tissue so taking its time. He said it should just heal itself and not to do anything. Fingers crossed! Still some swelling above my incision which is normal and can take months to go down properly he said. Otherwise he's very happy with the results as am I! Especially when I look at the before pics! Apparently 1 litre of fat from my thighs (combined) and a couple of kilos of skin from my tummy! :)
You look good!!! I bet you feel wonderful!
Sure! Will do it now :)

compression garment (about 2 and a half weeks post op)

This is what the garment looks like. I had the long one because of my lipo on thighs. Its crotchless and bumless so you can go to the toilet without taking it off. Hence my knickers on the outside!
I do thank you! Except my sore back :( and still a very tiny hole to completely seal. But I'm very happy with how it went and looks :)
Done. Hope that helps! They were ordered through a medical company via the PS clinic.
Thank you!!!
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