Neck Lipo Ruined my Life! Read this before you do it!

2 years ago I went and had some liposuction done...

2 years ago I went and had some liposuction done under my chin/neck. At the time I was only 29 and very healthy. My neck wasn't even that bad, I just didn't have a nice side on profile, my neck sort of slanted down instead of having a nice defined jaw. For the first 6 months or so the results were great but after about a year I noticed I had one very clearly defined line, right in the middle of my neck that sagged way down. It looked like a spot that had been missed as all the rest of the skin stuck back fine.

I went back to the doctor he suggested thermage skin tightening and offered to pay for half as it was $3,000 and done at a different doctor. I had this done and after 2 months the line was still there. Now I was very depressed about it so I went to a different plastic surgeon who said that the line was intact skin that hadn't reattached properly and that he would do a tiny bit more lipo around it, get inside and rough up the skin, then make me wear a garment for a few days to make it reattach.

It is now 6 weeks post op and my neck is now at least 5 times worse than before. My neck is destroyed. All the skin is loose and hanging down like that of a 60 year olds. I am only 31. Its horrible. My whole face is ruined, you can see it from all angles. I have ran out of money and my confidence is shattered. My only option now would be a mini facelift and result is much more scaring and uncertainty. Don't do this! Be happy with what you have. I have paid the ultimate price for vanity.

Hi, I'm a little late coming into this discussion - but may I ask what other alternatives you considered before surgery?
I'm a 50-something male entertainer who went to Costa Rica three years ago to have a number of procedures done by one of the leading plastic surgeons for celebrity entertainers on Tele Mundo. He was the only surgeon offering laser lipo sculpting at the time. He suggested I laser the fat from under my chin, very much like your procedure. No compression was recommended, but daily massage with Dolobene Gel would improve the chance of loose skin reattaching. The gel helped, but the massage was more important. I didn't do it every day, but when I did, I'd rub my neck muscles vigorously for about 5 minutes each time, then move on to my cheeks and eyes, which were also treated. I was concerned a year later when photographs revealed my neck to be a little loose, but regular massage tightened it up. Perhaps it will help you. Ask your surgeon about the gel. I'm very happy with my results, some say I look 38-42.
What GC doctor or clinic?

Preperation H worked on me!!

Ok, so it has now been 7 months. The skin improved only very slightly (about 10%), it is still very ugly and unattractive and my neck is effectivly ruined. Just the other day i went to ANOTHER surgeon to talk about neck lifts. He does not advise it as i am so young and it will leave scars. I am relieved as i didnt really want to do it but i am DESPERATE! Looks like i will have to fork out yet another $3,000 for more Thermage to see if by miracle it works this time. My doctor also advised Platlet Rich Plasma injections, i will try to to.
But to get to the point of this post, just the other day i purchased some 'Preperation H' hemorrhoid cream from ebay from Canada - its the one with the special ingredient 'Bio-Dyne'. I read that supermodels have used this for years for bags under their eyes. IT WORKED!! I cant believe it but it worked. I put some on the saggy skin and an hour or two later i looked in the mirror side on and my neck was normal looking, the loose verticle line was gone!! I now that this stuff is temperorary but at least now if i have a special event to go to, or a date or whatever i can apply some of this stuff and look normal for a few hours! I am very happy today.
If you want to see photos of my neck please look in my profile at my 'questions' link.
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