55yr Old Replacing 20yr Old 240ml Saline Implants, Mastopexty and New Implants of 150ml Silocane - Gold Coast, AU

After 20 years of having 240ml saline implants it...

After 20 years of having 240ml saline implants it was time to have an uplift and replacement of old implants to new 150mls silicane. I had put on approx. 10kgs in the past 20 years and my boobs had become to drooped and too big. I exercise a lot and at the end it was becoming uncomfortable. It was hard to buy a new swim top as well.
When I visited Dr Downie for the 1st consult he told me that my implants had capsulated, as in my natural breast had fallen over my implants. I had been getting some pain in the left one for some time and realised then that this is why. It was time to get them out, have a lift and have smaller ones in.

8 weeks post op ????

My breasts are now starting to feel like they are settling. I have had to go back a couple of times to my surgeon to have my left breast aspirated, 60mls and then 20mls within 2 weeks as I had a seroma. They now feel so much better and the burning pain on the left upper breast has finally subsided. My scars are looking really good and I am still using the Fixomull dressings which I feel have helped the scaring tremendously.

More post op 8 weeks

Dressings on and bra on
Dr Paul Downie

Dr Downie is an absolute true professional and answered all my questions before and now after the procedure. A true gentleman who understood what my needs where for today being a young 55yr old.

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Wow look great honey sorry about the problems but so glad yer on the mend now ;) I've had a few probs myself but hey whatcha gonna do right?! Staying positive for my dream boobs very soon. Thanks for the update...XXXX
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Thinking of you Robyn33, I hope you're doing well & I can't wait to see some of the great swim suit tops you're able to wear. Xoxoxo
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Looking forward to your next review update when you have time. Hope you're healing is going well. I'll be curious to hear what you think about the difference between saline and silicone. ;)
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I'm glad yer here too :) I have a feeling I'll be having a revision again @ yer age or if I'm lucky I'll get 15 years outa this set too, if that's the case I'll be 60 :) Hey I don't think we ever get too old to wanna improve our bodies and feel good in our own skin! Age is a state of mind for sure ;) Yer results are very good for so early on and good for you for getting it done and starting a review on here. I sure hope Realself is still around for when I'm ready for another revision in years to come. Hope you continue to heal and can find the perfect swim top for those new girls of yers!
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Thank you Mrs 500. I never thought twice about not having them redone. They have annoyed me for the past few years with the look of them in the cleavage area as well, saggy skin and couldn't wear a triangle bikini top because of this. I was tempted to just have them removed and an uplift as that is what my doctor advised and I did think seriously about this. I was only concerned that if I did this I would regret not having that fullness you get with the implants, but wanted to be smaller.
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Yes I understand when we get to a certain age we prob should downsize a lil, I hardly doubt when I'm yer age or older I'd be replacing them with the 800cc I currently have. I agree about the fullness too, I think we get accustomed to that look and would also miss that. Look foreword to watching yer changes over the next months :)
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Hello Robyn33, You look fabulous love! I my goodness your new breast are so nicely lifted & fit your body so well. Isn't silicone wonderful? I absolutely love the way my breasts feel. I know some one who has saline breast implants almost the age of your old ones & I tell you the difference between what her breasts feel like & mine is so amazing. Silicone I'd soft, yet firm & feels so much more like breast tissue( in my opinion). You look wonderful for only 1 month post op, your surgon did a fabulous job. I bet clothes are going to fit so much better & you'll be able to wear swimsuits right off the rack. You probably look like you've lost weight. I hope you continue to have a wonderful recovery. Thank you so much for sharing your journey & progress!
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Thank you excitedflower. I'm still getting used to them but can't wait to feel like they are part of my body. I didn't find many reviews about 55 yr old getting them redone so I decided to write about my experiance. So glad I have redone them and can't wait for them to settle. They are still sensitve.
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Thank you for the comment excitedflower. I didn't find many 55yr olds commenting on any progress that they have had done or redone so I thought I would share mine. Still getting used to them but hopefully in a couple more months they will have settled.
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I'm 40 & I'm 6 1/2 wks post-op with a major lift. I'm definitely still sensitive still too. I am so glad you're here I'm sure you'll encourage other women to share. :) I think it's fabulous! BA are definitely a lifetime commitment.
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I'm sorry I was meant to say you're welcome :)
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I know the feeling of having everything sliced open & moved around. I'm 7 wks post op from a major anchor lift & augmentation, my girls are quite sensitive sometimes even now. Especially since this silly hole under my areola. I still get shooting pain now & then that really smart. I hope you're feeling better everyday! Surrounding u with healing thoughts & prayers. I look forward to hearing how your progress continues. Thank you so much for sharing!
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