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Hi everyone :) I've just joined after cruising...

Hi everyone :)
I've just joined after cruising around this site for a while. I live in Queensland Australia. Mummy to 3 kids and I've finally made the decision to look at a BA. I never had boobies when young, they always seemed a wonder to me, then when I had my kids and was feeding I had big D's!

Now after all the babies are grown I'd love to get some shape back. I went to see a great doctor yesterday and luckily I don't need a lift, I'm just a 12B not too much sag. I'd love a full D or DD and doc measured my BW around 13.5. I'm not keen for the bolt on look and really want my boobs close together.

He has suggested Moderate Plus, sil unders around 450-500 to get the look I showed him. He said the wider and bigger implants will give me the claevage and natural look I'm after.I'm going crazy looking at all the various pics. Anyone out there with similar size I can compare? I'm athletic, 5ft 8. When I tried on the implants under the crop top, I guess I was looking more towards the 500 as being wide the smaller ones seemed to look a bit lost on me.

Any suggestions, plus they do look a bit smaller under don't they? Would love some advice. I'm seeing another doc in 2 weeks, so it will be good to compare. Hoping to have boobies by June! Would love any feedback girls, I'm excited and scared xoxo

Ok...I"m doing it!!! I saw the second doc today....

Ok...I"m doing it!!! I saw the second doc today. He was lovely, but my gut instinct instinct is telling me the first one...so I rang up and booked in for 24th May!! OMG I'm actually doing it!! I need loads of assistance and reassurance girls to get my size right. New doc measured me at 13.9..so even wider than the first. I tried on a few different sizes today. Unfortunately they didn't have any Mentor implants to try, so they put in comparative Allergan Natrelle implants. Any comments on these? The 485 mods, were about the same proportions as the 500 mod pus in Mentor and they looked good. The 450s also looked good, but I'm thinking I should go with the bigger as I'm going to lose a bit of size and look more like the 450s in the end?? I was amazed at the difference of 50cc...I didn't think it would be so different? I was silly, I should have taken some pics to show everyone. Might take some with my rice bags in!!!

I have Doc appointment tomorrow to choose the...

I have Doc appointment tomorrow to choose the size!! Yikes! I'm bringing the dear husband so he can see me and give me his honest opinion.I just don't want to wake up in hospital and have him say..JESUS...they're massive you didnt tell me they were this big!! Only joking!! ...He's very good at being honest, and I'm sure we will come to a great agreement. He says go with what I want and he'll grow to love them ..( he's not much of a fake boobie guy)...but I'm sure when they're put in front of his face he won't mind LOL! Still nervous though! Just need to talk to the doc in regards to the slight size difference I have. Its barely noticeable ( only around 40cc) according to docs notes. I have the option of putting in a different sized implant on one side, but I've seen so many instances where it then goes the opposite way and looks even worse! To complicate things, in Australia Mentor only does its textured memeory gel mod+ in 50cc differences. That would then mean 450/500, or 500/550 and not too sure about that! Thinking I might just stick with 2 500s and have a slight diiference. I guess when I talk to Doc tom he will guide me. Any thoughts on this girls???

Ok girls, I finally have decided on the size and I...

Ok girls, I finally have decided on the size and I feel much better now! I went with my husband and we tried on all the different size implants that will fit my BW and we decided on the 500cc moderate plus mentor silicone implants, Thankfully my DH liked how they looked on me and said they suited my frame.He was even pleasantly surprised at how squishy they felt!! I tried on the 450s and both he and the doc thought the bigger ones looked better. I've also decided to stick with 2 implants the same size and just be a bit different naturally as 40cc is not too much. The doctor also said if I liked the look of the 500cc that I could have 550cc (due to my wide BW still being in range), but we decided against it. I had my 500cc rice sizers with me as well that I have been trying at home and the real 500cc were just a bit bigger when we lined them up on the table, so I'm sure that the 500cc will be perfect for me. I know now that I'm happy with my decision!!! YAY!!. With what boob I have now, I'm going to be super happy with any size boob as long as they look nice :). The date is set for friday 24th May.....so boobies here I come.

Downsizing to 450cc mod plus.

Hello ladies, just thought I would let you know that I'm feeling much better after my size freak out early last week. I've decided to tone it down just a fraction to the 450cc ( mentor silicone mod plus). I went to a sports store where I lady showed me her 500cc that she had for 10 years and 16kg heavier, It was a bit of a shock to me, so I rang and talked with the surgeon and I'm now going with 450s instead. I feel happier inside and I think you have to come to that feeling of peace in your mind before you do this major thing. I was feeling a bit uneasy and I think it was because I was scared I was going a bit too big. I just want some lovely full boobs, hopefully sort of natural looking, and as close together as my doc can safely manage for me LOL. I know alot of people would say stick with the bigger, but I know I've got to carry them around!! I still like to be active and wear cute dresses, and I can always push them up with a good bra if they're smaller than I imagine.... been doing that for all my life anyway!!!! I have most stuff now...neck pillow, gel ice packs, bandeau bra band, and soft sports bras ready. Don't have bendy straws yet...any other suggestions??? Big hugs girls and thanks for your support. I'm feeling excited more than nervous at the moment!! I was out at a BBQ and was talking to 2 yummy mummies who recently had their boobs done. They both looked fantastic, and I can't wait to look the same way...Hopefully!!!! :)

Finally a pic.

I hope this picture works off my phone.

boobs before

I hope my phone does this one the right way up.

bye bye boobie s

Ok. I had a fun day today before work. Got some more last minute things and also went into a lingerie store. I said I wasn't going to buy anything before the op but the la senza 12dd was only $15. I had the lady measure me at 12b so im hoping my 450cc will get me there lol! I tried it on at home with my rice.

wish looks and bye bye itiebitititties

More wish pics :)

more wish pics

Go to laugh.. sharing my boobs with people on the other side of the World!!!

See you in Boobieland girls!!!

In about 15 hours I will be at the hospital. Will be too nervous to post in the morning!!! Just had a final scour of the site to check in on everyone...feel good in my heart. I'm ready for this. Feel great about the 450cc mod plus, I know it be just right for me. See you all on the otherside....thanks so much for your wonderful support and caring information given so honestly xoxoxoxoxo

made it through!!!!

Hello. .super drugged. So happy!!!! Cant really tell as boobies just tight. Will message later but some quick pics!!!! I got BOOBS. Carved up with moles off face and also a knee op at same time lol.speak soon boobie girls xoxo

more pics

Looking fantastic!!!!

another pic

450cc mod plus silicone

changing by the hours

Im in love!!!!! Im here in thr middle of the night at the hospital. Boobs are caining!!! Its ok though . They seem to last about 4 hours lol. My knee feels amazing and that was what I was worried about. Ive eaten. Went for a few walks and can pee by myself. So far no vomiting so I think ive got a very good deal so far.

can feel both my nipples too!

Also another thing I'm ecstatic about....I can feel sensation in both nipples already. The dear husband will be so pleased :)

1 day post op!!! so happy

Swollen but loving them

la senza 12dd filled :)

Nailed my size. I was so happy to get home and put on the bra and fill it!!! And they still havent even dropped properly yet. I have a bit of side snoopy boob happening at the moment lol x

la senza 12dd

Try to upload again!

post op day 2


day 2 frankenboob plus a bit of snoopy lol

Need to drop. Might need a band?

14d bra

I put on a 14d bra over the top of my crop top and I think it might be a bit small...yee ha!!

day 3

Looking good in 14d. I'm so relieved. I thought they looked a bit small but this 14d bra should definitely get me the 12dd that I wanted. Still wanted to be able to wear cute bras not granny ones lol. My husband was nicer this morning and actually went for a grope before he left for work. ...there's hope he'll grow to love them he he. Hope all you other lovelies are doing well. Let me know hugs Shelly xoxo

change by the hours

More boob shots while spaced out!

my old 10c bra :)

The old 10c bra ain't going anywhere on these girls lol!!!!!

got the band today

Hey girls. Had my first post op today and got the band to help push the implants down a bit. They're just riding too high and I can feel my original breast tissue and nipples kind of falling of the end of them ( snoopy) which I don't want. I have to wear band for 6 weeks so hopefully it works. I think I can see a difference already hopefully. It hurts like hell. Plus im also in the front zip top to bring the girls together. Ahhh the things we do for love of good boobies :)

with and without band

As you can see difference with the band on. Hope it works.

still not looking good

Felt a bit down today. Went off the drugs so I can poo and have had band on all day which hurts bad. Can still see my boobs just falling off implants. Not happy today.


You can see difference when I pull shoulders back. You can see how worried I am about my old boob st bottom of implant. It's dual plane so you can see my original breast tissue at the end.

might be seeing a difference

I am massaging heaps and got myself strapped down all the time and I think it's making a difference already. I'm going to keep it up religiously to get these girls looking good. They even look bigger as they were on my neck lol!!! I'm off all drugs now. Just doing panadol at night. Feeling more myself today. Thanks for all your lovely support ladies xoxo

shopping with the girls

Hey girls. .better day today. Im crying in the lingerie store with the lady giggling with me...tears of joy as she puts on 10E and 12dd bras on me. F...cking ecstatic. Xoxo

47 today. ..Happy birthday to me

Well these are the best present a girl could get!

nice present

Just putting on my birthday present

18 days post op

Hi girls:) just thought I'd share an update with you. It's been a tough week with the strapping and massage but I think I can see a difference finally. They're actually starting to look like boobs naked lol. Tthe implants feel like they are moving down into the lower part of my breast and finally my nipples don't feel like they're hanging on the end. Any one else out there waiting to drop all I can say is strap when you can bear it and massage heaps. I still get very sore in the night and morning. I feel better when I take a panadol at night still. I drove the car for first time today and go back to work on Thursday. I really think I needed all this time off. I went out with a girlfriend on the weekend to a high tea and put the girls in a bra and frocked up..and I felt fantastic. Think that the Dh is really liking these new additions too...which is an unexpected bonus. Generally im good..just hoping to drop more but at least I have faith now. Big hugs out there to the boobie buddies and thanks for the lovely birthday messages . Hugs Shelly xoxo

some more pics

A few more pics. ..feeling more normal.

4 weeks today

Hi girls. ..well 4 weeks have gone so fast. Still having pains and trouble with sleep. My dropping is happening and they are starting to look like boobs. ..what's left of them. The swelling had gone down mostly and they feel smaller than when I was feeding. I can't believe these are 450cc. I find myself crying some days and try to not let my husband see. He likes them but I wanted a set of full boobs to look at naked . They look fine in bras...gonna need push ups to make me feel better. My boobs don't look anything like the full boob wish boob pics I showed my doc. I was originally going with 500cc and dropped down to 450cc. My doc told me I was being wise as I thought I was going to end up with massive boobs?? I think I must have needed 550 or 600 to get my look??? Don't know anymore. I thought that's what you pay 11k for....Surely he would have had some idea? Im having a real winge today girls. Sorry to vent but im sure you can understand. Xoxo

Feeling a bit better.

Hi lovely boobie friends and thanks for all the lovely messages and concern. I sure did have a few down days and I guess for newbies reading this. ..that this emotional side of things is a possibility and a big adjustment. It's weird looking at your new breasts and trying to see if they feel big or small. It's hard to do. I saw my doc on Saturday and had a good cry. He was very nice and wants me to be happy. He told me my boobs look great. ..yeh of course he would. He said that I need to start enjoying them. .so to start wearing bras including under wires so that I can get an idea of how I feel about them. He said to dress them up and get them out!! I guess in a way he's right. I have felt a lot better this week and they look great in bras. He told me that I don't need the band anymore thank goodness. ..and my nipples have lifted up a bit higher this week as the bottom part of my boob fills out a bit more to look like a boob. I went out with some work friends and they said they look great. ..one guy said that he doesn't know where to look. .so I guess they can't be that small. I also cooked dinner for my dh and a mate last night. I bought some " wife beater" tops yesterday so I put one on lol. I know that this friend is a self confessed boob man. .so I thought it would be good to give the girls a run and get his opinion. Well I can say that he could not get his eyes off them. .said that they were big and they were "money well spent!!". That certainly helped me feel good. I think I just have to try to embrace them as part of me. I know they're not my dream boobs but they're still nice. I'm lucky to be alive after the surgery and hopefully no complications so far. .so I have to be thankful that they are better than the old boobs. Doc said I might need another 150cc to get the look I wanted. It makes me kinda angry as when I downsized to 450cc he told me I was being wise. Why didn't he say that they would be way smaller than my goals. Doc said he lets women choose their own implants size so that he is never blamed for being wrong. Problem is. .where is my advice for 11k? I am seeing him again in a month and we can discuss it further. I have no idea if he's likely to offer any revision or discounts?? At least in 10 or 15 years when I have to upgrade I might go a bit bigger then lol!! So yep...thats me. Need to come to terms that they are not so small and just have to deal with the disappointment I feel when I see them naked. Big hugs girls and thanks for your support ..Xoxo

my old bikini

Just some pics. The old bikini looks lovely. .a really natural look but certainly not the wow factor I was hoping for. ..gonna need some help with push ups for that. Lol. Wife beater with push up bra looks good...once again. . Gotta use the push up that I was hoping to not need anymore. X

out to lunch

Pic of the boobs in a bra. .they look better dressed up.

still getting there with my mental perception of my boobs. lol.

Hi girls. .feeling a bit better of late. I still have days when I'm not sure about the size. ..but trying to get a grip and trying to see that they are way better than before.

my boobs look natural

The girls today. .think it's 5 weeks now. They look very natural. ..perhaps just a bit too natural for me...just wish they were bigger but for now just have to try to embrace them. Lol :)

some fun shots.

Got dh to take some fun shots tonight which im sure he enjoyed. Also took some pictures of the 5 dollar bikini.

nips are lifting.

other bikini top

Here is the other bikini top..its softer cup but still makes my boobs look pretty full which I'm happy about. The bottom is a cute bikini with frills across the top. Yesterday I went to simone perele and I got sized there at 10f. ..so guess the girls aren't too small...just look small when I look down at them...lol...goddam boobie greed!!!!


Just trying on a corset to wear for a work function...mmm interesting. Gonna need something a bit bigger for these puppies lol.

taking the girls out!!

Well as promised. ..here are dome photos of me mucking up out at our work night...sorry no husbands allowed...such a pity he he. Got to dress up the girls...had a very messy night...I was chucking while making the kids school lunches. ..real classy. But was great to let my hair down. I love my boobies but still doesn't stop me from wishing they were a bit bigger. Damn boobie greed. :)

it's been a while since I posted an update.

Hi girls...its been a while since I posted any pics. I could certainly post good bra pics but thought I would just do a string bikini and the girls out lol. They have definitely changed heaps over the last month and probably look a bit bigger. I can feel more weight at the bottom of my boobs which I like the feeling of. My boobs look lovely in a bikini but I'm almost sure now that I will have a revision at some point to give me a fuller look. It's because I'm tall and have a wide bw. I would have loved to have this sorted by summer so that people won't know...but its going to be too hard to save enough in time. I have seen my doc once more and I'm seeing him again in October to discuss more. Everything feels normal and I love having boobs so much . Time will tell if I move forward with this or if I keep these. It's a tough decision. ..I got a bit teary the other day when I saw how good a revision looked...I think my husband understands how I feel now so that's a big help even though he loves the boobs I have :)

date night

Last night was the first time ever that our 3 kids have had a sleep.over and therefore a night to ourselves. Put on a dress and heels and went out to dinner. This is my dress with a fairly well padded ..we're talking a good amount of foam inside girls ...and push up to push the boobies together. When I wear this dress without a bra I look so flat...the miracles of lingerie. I wish they looked like this without all the padding. I have been an expert at making look bigger all my life...didn't want to have to keep doing it and strangling my boobs to make them look juicy lol!!

Shelly nearly 5 months post op now

Hi girls. .just thought I'd share another few pics in just my crop top. Boobs look very natural but I'm still really having a tough time with size issues. These are 450cc mod plus and as you can all see that my body really took up those ccs. I have another doctors appointment coming up next tuesday. I really hope that I can have heaps of questions answered this time. I'm feeling like if I don't do something about getting the boobies that I wanted then it is going to become a bit of an emotional issue for me. I really want to feel like they are wow and amazing. ..not just nice. Any suggestions girls...need hugs tonight.

latest docs visit.

Hi ladies. .just thought I would let you know how the docs appointment went. Well quite interesting. .but it has left me feeling very confused and perhaps a bit down. I guess he is a good surgeon and wanted to make me aware of all the risks of going bigger and basically tried his best to talk me out of it...I guess I have to value that he is not just after the money and he cares for what he does. I guess apart from the usual risks involved with surgery. .he also told me that the 650cc would look alot worse over time. Skin stretching..possible rippling...couldn't bring them in closer therfore more of that bolt on look and also much higher chance of scar tissue and 20 % chance to.lose nipple sensation. ..it seemed all bad and no positives. He said I risk a very good job being changed and would I still be happy....ahhh you can see how I feel. I was able to confront him on his lack of advice on my choice of implant vs the wish pics I had chosen. I even showed them to his nurse finally as well. She has had a revision herself as she wanted hers bigger from when he did them too. She also agreed with me that my right boob does go more out to side than my left one..I looked at various implants and he said that 650cc high profile would be suitable for me if I decide despite the negatives. I looked very enviously at the larger implants lined up on the table next to a 450cc implant. It was also good to see that the 500cc that had been doing my head in really didn't look much bigger ...so in reality I really need a sh..t load more silicone in me to give me big boobies as I'm tall with wide shoulders. I showed his nurse how loose my maternity bra was on me with my current boobs and she couldn't believe it. I have no idea what size it was as the size label has faded...but must have been a G I think lol!
So...now I'm just shit scared of what I could potentially stuff up...still wanting bigger boobies. Blaaaaaaa I'm having a big whinge to you all. His nurse is going to spend some time with me in 2 weeks time playing on my docs new vectra machine...I can finally look at some computer images to see what type implants would look good on me. There are operation dates available in Nov but doc thinks I should wait longer which is probably wise.As you can see I'm terribly torn and feeling a bit sad as I was hoping to get this all sorted out before summer so people don't know. Only I can decide. Any girls out there who upgraded their implants bigger and regret it. ..lose nipple sensation. .horror stories. Tell me...I want to hear it all. Hugs Shelly xoxo

6 months now..still sad about size.

Hi girls . Hope you're all doing well. Its been a while since I posted so I thought a few pics for updates will be good. I have seen my doc again and he doesn't think a revision is worth the risks...problem is that I'm still sad. He doesnt think that there is anything wrong with my right implant that seems to be heading further out to the side...and he said sutures won't help when so many docs on here say they do. He says my boob was off centre to start with even though he said nothing about that in both meetings even after my husband and I asked him if he saw any problems that would stop my boobs from being close together!! Now when I tried the 3d vectra machine it made my nipples look uneven as I go bigger and he says he can't get them any closer. I believe that the right breast implant had the pocket over dissected and as it falls out the the side it drags the nipple out . Therefore making vectra look worse than it should. Anyway.. that is my winge for now and I have posted some pics for forum docs to comment on. I won't be making any rash decisions...I'm going to get some other opinions. ..who knows...I might fly to dr.pousti in the states one day lol!!! Hugs Shelly xoxo

its the party time of year

Well girls..hope you're all gearing up for Christmas. Its summer down under so its time to get the girls out and try to enjoy them. Found a great push up bikini that does wonders. Thought I would update some of my pics...boobs still changing. Maybe a bit more fluffing? I had fun on my work boat party and shamelessly got the girls out...I would never have had the confidence before. Hugs to everyone and all the support you give shelly xoxo

mod plus in bandeau

Hi kiwi 6...took this for you to try to help you with your decision. .hugs Shelly xoxo

9 months now...still have boobie greed damn.

Hello girls:)
it's been ages since I posted anything but I still checkin on everyone and to all the newbies here that are doing so well. It's summer here so I have been enjoying my boobs. Some days I feel satisfied with them and other days I still so wish they were bigger. I'm not going to do anything about it this year just to see how I feel. I love having boobs so much and the 450cc mod plus suits my frame well. I can dress them up with pushups and then I can also wear clothes that they look tiny in...I tend to wear slightly padded bras or pushups to get the full boob look I so wanted..but hey..thats just me. I always look for bras that push them together as they look bigger then too. They have still changed since the last post..perhaps filled out a bit more at the bottom of my boob which makes them appear fuller. They look like a c but I wear a 10e or 10f or some 12dd....it all depends on bras. A girlfriend just got sent some Victorias Secret stuff from states so I'm going to be interested to see where I am in relation to their sizing. Here are some fun pics I've taken recently with the girls in pushups shamelessly displayed...gotta love boobies!! Love to all hugs shelly xoxo

new bikini

Just got a great bikini on sale for 10 dollars per piece. ..love a bargain :)
Dr. Phil Richardson

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Thanks for all the pics and updates, I feel much like you. I am almost 6wks post and still have snoopy boob, especially on the right. I think yours look great, but I can understand the wish for the wow factor. I think I'll end up with a good result and much better than my pre op, but just not the wow I was hoping for. I have Sientra moderate profile 410ccL 440ccR, their moderate is comparable to a mod+ in other manufacturers. Wishing I had a bit more projection. I am hopeful that the snoopy boob will go away like yours did, they look great now!
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Thanks girl. It does take a while sometimes especially if you have strong pec muscles like I did I am amazed that you haven't been given a band though? If I was you I would be rolling up a tight crop top and wearing it across the top to help push them down. If you wait too long the capsule will form and you won't have any chance of them moving. I would act fast if I was you cheers Shelly xoxo
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Thanks! I wasn't given a band, my ps suggested I use a bandeau bra folded up on top of them at night, but I didn't have one. So, I improvised and have been using an ace bandage wrapped tightly above them at night. The pressure was causing pain where my mondors cords are so I only wore it at night. Did you wear it all day too? When did you stop using it all together?
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I wore it religiously for about 4 weeks..day and mist nights unless too uncomfortable. Hope ace bandage is ok. Got told by my docs nurse to do it as much as I could bare so I had a chance to get them down before capsule forms. The band hurt and cut into my armpits at times but I have to say it was worth it. It made a huge difference. Good luck!!
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Thanks for sharing your story, your breast really do look great! Sorry to hear that you aren't completely satisfied about the size you have. I know they are still new but do you think you might go bigger later? I'm getting 500cc in 5 days and lately been kinda thinking it might be too big but after reading your story I think I need to stick to that number even if I think otherwise right now. I know the cc's are different on everyone, i'm hoping it fits me nicely. Can't wait to buy tons of new bikinis and pretty bras :)
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Good luck for your upcoming surgery and hope it all goes amazing for you. I would definitely go with the 500cc if I had the chance again! You won't regret it. I know that different sizes look so different on everyone ..but if you're of reasonable height and don't have much natural breast tissue then 500cc will make you so happy. Its lovely to be able to buy all the pretty stuff that I never dreamed I could. I have a lingerie fetish lol. Good luck with it all hugs shelly xoxo
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I studied your pics some more and I see what you are saying - how you want your padded push up look without the padding! I apologize for my previous post. Some of your bare pics look so different though - sometimes the boobs look big and projecting (like on 21 February 2014) and other pics look more moderate. In the moderate pics I now see what you say you are missing. You do look very natural and beautiful, though, like others have said.
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Yes..they do look very natural I should be happy...I guess they just weren't as big as I was expecting lol! I unfortunately saw a lady with massive boobs who got 500cc and scared me and that made me downsize to 450cc. I found out later she was 34g!! My doc instead of saying ..stick with what suited you told me I was being wise to downsize which then made me think that he thought I was going too big. It was his lack of advice that upset me most as I didnt get the boobs I showed him pics of. Now mine are lovely and I should be very happy. . And I should be as they're heaps better than what they were...but there's always that wishing in the back of my mind. My doc has since.told me that I should have had 650cc to get the slightly extra projection. Bit too late now though...his nurse even had a revision herself with him as even hers were too small ( she tells me now he is very conservative ). I will see how I feel over time ..but right now I need to just be happy. Big hugs Shelly xoxo
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I know everyone has an opinion and you can take them or leave them all but I think you look just amazing! REALLY. I had mine done March 28 of last year and I have followed your story the whole way, I understand what a process this is-I am just now feeling like they are really me and comfortable with them. Yours have changed so much and I think they look huge, yet beautiful and are a perfect fit for your body. I am not a fan of BIG boobs, never have been, but I think yours are amazing on you, you pull them off perfectly. I think they look real on you and on many others fake boobs just look fake and I don't care for that look, personally. Anyway, I understand it's all about how you feel about yourself but please know that I and everyone else it seems, think you look just beautiful.
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Thanks so much for the lovely message. Yes its been a roller coaster ride but I am definitely feeling alot better about myself and they have got bigger over time and are feeling like my boobs. I agree they do suit my body and I got asked whether they were real just a few weeks ago which is a good compliment to get. My implants took ages to settle and for the muscles to relax...they felt so flat for ages. I think right now I have to learn to enjoy them and not wreck a pretty good thing as you say. Thanks for supporting me through this...hopefully my posts help others feeling the same way hugs shelly xoxo
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I think you look terrific. It has taken you almost year to get to this point and wow you have had to be patient. I think the ladies you hang out with give you boob greed. I personally think you look so good in all your pics in different ways and that any more would be too much. You look very naturally busty! Don't mess with a good thing!
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Yep...I agree with you. ..thanks for the lovely message xoxo
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It's amazing to see all the changes yours have gone through throughout the process, thanks for sharing! They look great on you :)
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Thanks girl xoxo
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You look amazing lady!! Congrats!!
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Thank you so much hugs shelly xoxo
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You look fab lady!! They really suit your body and I still wear a push up or padded bras sometimes too cuz I wish they were bigger so I guess its normal. But I would leave them be for now you look great! I hope your doing well Shelly! xoxox
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Thanks so much...how are you doing? Hugs Shelly xoxo
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They look fabulous! The change from beginning to now is amazing!
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Thanks so much..hope my posts help you girls :)
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What does hubby think about your dilemma? The size looks great on you.
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Thanks girl. He remains neutral. .he loves them as they are but jokingly said the other day he wishes they were bigger too so I'd shut up about them lol! He knows they're not what I wanted...he didn't want them at all...so he's had to listen to me complain the past 9 months. Who knows what I'll do. ..I paid for them so if I really feel upset in a year I'll have to get saving!
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the size looks great on you :) I hope you feel better about it soon.. but try to think about the size you started and how much of an improvement it is! Thats what I did.. i caught myself thinking .. hmm.. maybe theyre small.. and then i thought.. wowwwwwww wait a minute.. i was flat as a board before! lol :P
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Oh I definitely agree with you there. I think I just felt let down by the lack of information that I got from my surgeon. I showed him what I wanted and he assured me that they would be close together. ..I was wanting like yours. ..and also big and full. I got neither and he then told me after the op that my anatomy doesn't allow me to have my boobs closer. ..even though he promised in front of my husband. 1 boob was considerably off centre than the other and I have spent months trying to keep it from falling out and trying to get it in closer. Doc even said I could try wearing an underwire to bed...even though it was my supposed anatomy...mmm. I am amazed by the way they have changed probably due to my persistance!! I love the shape..just wish for more projection but I'm scared to ruin a good thing. Right now bras help me feel better and push them together. I don't know how I'll feel in a year so thats why I'm not rushing into anything. :)
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I think that is a great way to look at it! Think about how far you've come. That's what I do when I look at mine and think they're just exactly what I wished for. True, since we are paying for them we want perfection but I just think how awfully flat I was before and how much more I can do with them now. I never wished mine were any bigger until lately (11 months postop) but I am happy with them when I wear a great pushup bra so I think that's the best of both worlds! I can not look so prominent when I want but I can make them big if I wish and there's many times I change bras to make an outfit I'm wearing look sexier-both from a cami that flattens more or to a pushup! ENJOY! I think they are boobilicious looking!
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