24, from New Zealand, Getting Done in Gold Coast, AU

Ive always had small boobs and always thought...

ive always had small boobs and always thought about getting it done but Ive never had enough money to pay for it. now I am a bit older and have more money im looking at getting it done on the gold coast in australia as they have a deal for it to cost 8k which is well cheaper than nz. also my sister lives in gold coast so she will look after me. my bf isnt too fussed either way.

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Doctors opinion

so I got an update from the surgeon as I sent my photos to a doctor in Thailand aswell to get there opinion. He said he doesn't recommend round implants and not under the muscle as my nipples are sitting low with a tight short lower breast pole. Has anyone else had this? What have you had done?


I was a similar size/shape to you - low nipples with barely any lower pole volume. Its a good idea to get a second opinion - it saved me! First surgeon diagnosed me with tuberous breasts and recommended anatomical implants but told me to be realistic about my results because of my existing placement. Second surgeon (a professor) recommended a lift to fix position and then implants - so I could basically choose the exact shape and size I wanted without being limited by how my breasts were beforehand. I was able to choose round because of this but the anatomical would be better if you're not having a lift. I would definitely get a second opinion on the over muscle placement though - under muscle appears much more natural and is possible in patients our shape if done correctly. If you see my pictures you'll notice my implants are sitting high because my skin needs to stretch over the next few months for the implants to settle into their pockets. I'd much rather be patient and have the natural look of under muscle placement than over muscle. I would suggest you post images in the Q and A section and ask surgeons for their opinion. Hope this is helpful xx
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new photos

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more before photos

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Another before pic

Please help! Did anyone have breasts like mine?


Welcome to realself :). Its a great place to be, lots of information and support! I agree with BettyBlack, I would get a second opinion regarding the placement of over or under. I think most surgeons agree that under is ideal except for very specific circumstances.. which maybe you have? But it would be good to see if there's a way around it! That's awesome that you'll be able to stay with your sister and have the opportunity to pay a little less. What is the average price for a breast augmentation in New Zealand? Jeez I thought it was pricey in Canada! Good luck with everything and let us know if you get any other opinions :)
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Thanks for your comment. Yeah that was though a surgeon who is in Thailand so would have based his opinion off just my photos that weren't that good. I'm currently waiting for the Australian surgeons opinion to see what they think and the total cost. In New Zealand it costs about 12000-15000nzd which is quite a bit more than if I go to Australia. It's only 6880aud! And flights are about 400nzd return so works out a lot cheaper! And will be nice to get a holiday overseas aswell!
Wow that's crazy!! How does anyone afford boobs ever there?! You guys must think its sick that Americans can get new boobs for 3 grand lol. How much would it cost you to have it done in Thailand?

Good news from surgeons on here

I've posted on the q & a part of this website and the surgeons there think I could have a normal surgery. I'm still waiting to see what the surgeon in Australia will say and also the final cost


Yeah. I'm based in Auckland New Zealand so I will still have to fly to Australia to get it done but being only a 3 hour flight compared to a 10 hour flight just seems like a better option and gives me more pease of mind. Still waiting for the Australian surgeons to come back to me via email with there opinions on my case but I've had some feedback on the q& a part on here and they said I should be able to have a normal ba!


So I've been advised by the Australian surgeon he can do my implants. He's suggested textured allergan silicone implants,round dual plane, medium to high profile 250-400cc inframammary incision. Now all I have to do is put down a $1000 deposit to book my space. I haven't got enough money to pay for the whole thing yet so I will probably have it done in about April next year! So excited can't believe I will have boobs finally! Feels like so long to wait!


Yes 3 hour flight definitely better than 10! And if you did have to go back for any reason at least you can stay with your sister and not have to put out more money for hotel etc. That's great that the doctors on RS said you should be able to have a normal ba. I see what the Thailand PS was saying about the short lower pole, you don't have too much distance from your nipple to your crease, but cant they lower the crease to accommodate pretty much any implant? Haha I'm so interested to see what the Australian PS's say!
Yea the Australian ps has said they can do just a normal ba. Would be 250-400cc round textured implants. I haven't heard much about textured implants though have you? Now I just have to book a date. Prob April next year and pay a $1000 deposit
Oh awesome! I haven't heard much about the textured implants. My PS never really discussed them with me, he just said he generally likes to use smooth and I didn't really ask much about it. That's great that you can book a date now :). I hate to say this.. but April will feel like a LONG wait unless you can somehow not think about it lol! I booked my surgery in January and the soonest date I could get was May and it seemed to take foreverrr


I've been reading the bad reviews on this site and it's starting to scare me. But I def want to do it still but doing it next year is so long away! I've been talking with my flatmate who has them and she's got 325cc and they are large on her so I don't think I want to go any higher than that. Maybe 350cc


You are brave to read those! I know this was silly of me but I purposely avoided them. Probably sounds a little irresponsible but I knew I really wanted to have it done, and that the chances of something horrible happening were pretty slim
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Yea once I read a few I just start reading the positive ones and it makes me feel better :) I see there's barley any bad stories compared to good ones!
Exactly :). The other day I finally had the courage to check out some of the explant reviews, and thankfully it didn't worry me at all! I can't relate to what any of those women feel so that makes me feel good!

Won some money

Yay I won some money so I might be able to have it done a couple of months earlier in about feb next year ! It's so far away!!

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Date set

So I think I will be doing this on 13th feb next year! So excited! I had to tell my boss to ask for time off and he reaction was nearly worse than my parents!


Yayyy that's so awesome that you won money!! And congrats on picking a date that's so exciting :). lol how badly did your boss react?
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Yeah I'm so happy! She was like your putting a foreign object in your body, you will have to get a psych test done, I can't believe you are doing this it's not like you don't have any boobs ect ect. I was blown away at her but she's a really negative person anyway so I shouldn't be surprised. My partner also told his mum about it and she said to him she was going to talk to me about it! Lucky I have a Flatmate who has had it done that is quite supportive of it!
Isn't it crazy how people think they have a right to tell you what to do with your own body?! Don't let them discourage you! How does your partner feel about it? Did you tell him he could tell his mom? I would have been livid if my husband told his mom lol

Deposit paid and flights booked

It's almost surreal that this will actually be happening. Breast implants aren't too common here in Nz so I hope people don't think badly of me after I get it done. I have worked up the courage to tell some of my closest friends and surprisingly they are really supportive. One of them even said she would be keen to do it aswell but not just now! Only 6months to go now better keep saving!


Good on you for getting this done for you!! I am now 3 weeks post op and couldn't be happier so I just know you will love yours. You are right in that we don't hear about women in NZ getting this done. I had to do a lot of research before I got mine done and I visited 3 PS's in the end. I paid $9800 and as I live in Wellington there was no travel or accommodation costs which worked for me. I'll admit that I did think about going overseas but it came down to down-time from work which, I couldn't really afford. Good Luck for your op.
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Yeah I'm so looking forward to it! Yeah it has a bit of a bad sigma attached to it here but all of my friends I have told have been quite supportive which is cool. Yours look great are the over or unders? I looked into Charles but he said he does most of his with overs and I kinda want unders so yeah and I think it will work out better priced for me to go to Aussie as my sister lives there and it will be great to have that much time over there! Thanks for your comment :)
We are so similar in pre photos! I'm going to Sydney :)
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