405cc Breast Implants for Mum of Two in Oz, 5'7" 60kg/130lbs BWD 13.2cm - Australia

After many months of waiting I am only 3 days from...

After many months of waiting I am only 3 days from my boob job. I originally paid my deposit in February '14 only to leave my surgery until August due to a busy schedule in the first half of the year. Now in hindsight I think that I could have coped with doing it earlier.
I am trying to contain my excitement and give as little thought as possible to Thursday's surgery to reduce as much anxiety as possible as I tend to over think things that relate to my health. Organising for this with cleaning the house seems to take my mind away from this.
My PS is Dr Mark Doyle on the Gold Coast in Australia. I saw 4 Dr's in total, 2 in Brisbane and two on the Gold Coast including Dr Doyle. The range of price ranged between $9500 AUD and $11,500 AUD. After at least 4 trips back to his office to try on sizers I decided on the Allergan Inspira 400cc round moderate profile textured implant. I was concerned that I was going to choose an implant that was going to look too big or out of proportion.
Dr Doyle was a clear winner in my eyes from the moment I met him. He had a lovely nature and was vey professional. Both him and his staff have made me over the entire experience feel more than comfortable with my choices I have now made.
He reassured me on my final visit that that the 405cc implant was the perfect choice for my anatomy and dimensions. Since then I have not looked at another photo of boobs while surfing the net.
I am hoping for an outcome of a full "natural" C cup breast. After feeding two children I decided now was the time. For many years I have talked about getting the surgery done but only until after I had finished my family. I have always had small breasts and now they are a little smaller again but have lost density.
My bra size is around a 10B Aus size. Although it doesn't fill it completely.
My BWD is 13.2cm and my height is 5'7" and I weigh 60kg/130lbs.
I have provided a before photo and hope to update you with some after photos and info.


Good Luck.
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Thank you:)
Good luck!!! I had 330 cc moderate profile implants put in 6 weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I went from a 10B to a 10DD and they look very natural. Hang in there during the first few days of recovery, it will be well worth it
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Pre op photos

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14 hrs and counting

So tomorrow is the big day. The house is clean and everything is organized for tomorrow. Mum and dad will be here first thing in the morning to take the kids to school while hubby stays with me. Surgery time is at 9am and so far I'm relaxed. I'm hoping for a good sleep without any anxiety or crazy dreams. Talk to all again soon.


Good luck! Can't wait to hear more about it!
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Thank you

All done!

So I'm out if surgery. Making my one drive home now. Everything went to plan and on time. Feeling a little sore but I'm sure that will increase when the hospital drugs wear off. I have panadein and endone to get me by. I can shower tomorrow so I'll put up photos when I take my surgical garment off. I have to wear it for 6 weeks and 23 hrs a day. No drains were used and my first nurses visit is In one week.

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Post op update

So it's 9pm the day of surgery. On meds 4hrly. One oxycodone(endone) and two paracetamol. I'm bored so I thought I would update before bed. Pain is very manageable and I'm taking little walks around the house to keep up some movement. I tore my Acl in my right knee skiing 2 weeks ago but luckily enough it didn't affect surgery. One surgery is enough this year. Priorities hey? The walks seem to help with bloating and wind plus I took De Gas. A peppermint capsule which I use on occasions. Came in really handy after both c sections too.
The bra stays on until I shower tomorrow so I'll try and get some better photos then.


Congratulations...you did it! Looking good!
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Looking good, glad your feeling ok.
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Looking wonderful already! X
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Day one

My mother in law spent the morning with me which was lovely. She helped me shower and do those little things that are a bit difficult. Reaching for things etc. The PS office called to check on me. Asked if I had "wing boob" which is them sitting to the side and said it was normal and will get better with time. Feeling pretty good today and so far pleased with the outcome and recovery.


Look fantastic- can't wait to see the final outcome!
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Thank you!
Thank you. The bra is awesome. A bit of a security blanket. You'll be pleased to know it has one hook at the front which you clip first then do the zip up. Very easy to use and so comfortable. I can't believe even 17 yrs ago they would have people put a bra on over your head. What a struggle!

Day two

I'm finding the pain more manageable however the fluid and swelling is uncomfortable as you can see from the bruising through the middle of my breasts.


You look great, Hope I get similar results next week,
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Day 4

So morning boob has pretty much dissipated and I'm feeling pretty good today. I Went to the supermarket today with the help of my sister and managed quite well. Swelling is still up but is feeling less tight.


Looks great!
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