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Going to Cancun for Tummy Tuck and Lipo! - Cancun, Mexico

I will be 46 on Feb. 27th. I am 4'10" and weight...

I will be 46 on Feb. 27th. I am 4'10" and weight around 130. I am muscular so the number on the scale doesn't bother me, but I have always had an issue with my stomach. The first time I went to a plastic surgeon for lipo, I was 22. I have now had 2 kids.. both c-sections and I just carry all my weight in my mid-section. I am over it!

I researched the surgery here in Georgia and Alabama. I then started researching the surgery in Mexico and found that they offer such an amazing service, not to mention the price, I just had to schedule it. The surgery is on the 5th and I will spend 10 days in Mexico on a condo on the beach... included in the price. All medications, post op and pre-op stuff included as well as the meds and compression garment. also included is a maid at the condo. For those who may be leary about going overseas, just look at the reviews. Use a facilitator who will put everything together for you. I did extensive research regarding complaints and could not find a single one. I am scared.. and excited at the same time to finally be rid of this mid-section!


How did tummy tuck go? Mine went well. I got tummy tuck, lipo on my inner thighs, my back, stomach and near my underarms. I was only expecting it on ,my stomach but this doctor is an expert at scultping so he wanted to make sure I looked evened out.

2 compression garments went on today. One full piece that includes legs and the other a top because of the back lipo.

I will be out of hospital today. Drains staying in until friday. Attempted a shower. That was horrific. Can't take one for 3 days. Garmets have to stay on next 3 days without removal and boy are they tight!!!
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Barbara...Have been following your progress eagerly as I will be in Cancun in mid April for same procedure. I too, could find no bad reviews about Cancun. I wish you well and look forward to hearing more about your experience.
Kathleen in TX
No, I am doing the surgery in the states.
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Well, today I am 3 weeks post-op. I have to say...

Well, today I am 3 weeks post-op. I have to say that the surgery and care I received in Cancun was better than any I received here in the states for the other surgeries I have had. The doctor is an expert at body contouring and he is even licensed in the U.S. He was fabulous and I would not hesitate to have somethng else done by him.

I have a defined waistline now. I am still swollen and still have to wear the compression garments for 3 weeks, but I can see the forest through the trees. The doctor did a lot more liposuction with the tummy tuck than I thought so the results are going to be fabulous!

I still walk a little hunched over. If I go out and walk a lot, I am almost completely upright, but once I sit and rest, I stiffen up.

I hardly took any pain medication even right after the surgery. The pain meds in Mexico are not quite as strong as we have here, but I didn't really need them. I took 1 at bedtime just to make sure I slept. I would occassionaly take advil during the day for back pain caused by the hunching over.

My incision and belly button are hearing perfectly. No problems with either of those.

All in all... worth every penny!

Updated 1/27/13

I went to Cancun to have a tummy tuck and liposuction.  I know... everyone said I was going to die...blah... blah.  Of course I was nervous but I research everything and felt okay with going. The doctor was a perfectionist.  I was in surgery for 6 hours and while I thought the lipo would be limited to my stomach, he marked me up everywhere he thought I needed it. It cost me $4,200.  With airfare $5,000.  They supply all the compression garments.  All the meds and all the follow up visits.  They also put you in a condo for 10 days.  I booked this through International Patient Facilitators who is the go between for patients who want to go to Mexico for surgery.  Plus... my doctor was registered in the US and spoke perfect English. I attached a picture of before and after.  The before was taken Jan. 2012 and the after was Dec. 2012.  Takes about a year for everything to fall into place.  My results were fantasic!  I would not hesitate to go back if there was anything else I needed to do!


Wow! I will be honest... Sherri did not pay me or did i get any special favors for writing my review. I had excellent care and my surgery turned out great! I had roomates. One had a nose job...her second trip for some cosmetic surgery not sureshe was happy with nose job. The other roomate had facelift and she looked good. While I do believe there is somewhat of a sales pitch with Sheri, I would not hesitate to go back. The cost and the care and treatment I received was better than any I have had in the U.S. My roomate that did facelift was from Canada she wrote a review on the website. Her name was April.
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yes I agree, I was one that went to Mexico, had surgery by Dr. Valesco and still to this day, my facelift is a disaster.
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you're one lucky lady. I had a facelift by Valesco booked through Sheri Burke and it was a disaster. Now I have to spend a lot of money here in Canada to repair the damage that was done by that idiot Dr.
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Mexico Plastic Surgeon

This doctor has a no nonsense approach. He looks at you, talks to you and does what he does best.. makes you look wonderful. I arrived In Mexico the same day as surgery. Everything was done timely. My surgery was 6 hours long and I am a small person. He takes his time to make sure things are done properly. He was wonderful and he does speak English!

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