11 months later, this is the best thing I ever did!

Hi Ladies! I couldn't sleep last night because...

Hi Ladies!

I couldn't sleep last night because I've been thinking so much about my upcoming BA, so I went online to find a place just like this and was so glad I did. I cannot tell you enough how happy I was to fund such a great community of supportive women.

I'm a 36B on a good day and went for my consultation on the 7th and just need the last few bucks before going for it.

I read where a lot of your friends were telling you not to go too big - that cracked me up because I had a friend and a sister tell me the same thing and they're both DD and love their breasts. I've spent my whole life having people tell me what I can't have or shouldn't do, so I'm not listening to them. I told the Doc to keep them "age appropriate" since I'm 47, but if in doubt, go bigger because I'd rather say they're bigger than I wanted than smaller than I wanted.

Anyway - I'll post updates. My planned date is the 29th (Jan). So excited!

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Going for my mammogram on Tuesday!

Going for my mammogram on Tuesday!

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I realized I didn't post my stats: Besides being...

I realized I didn't post my stats: Besides being 47, I'm 5'8" and my weight varies between 125-130...I'm an avid cyclist, so in the spring/summer/fall my weight drops because I can eat whatever I want when cycling so much!
I've never had kids, so no influence there on breast size. My ribs tend to stick out, so sometimes it looks like I have four small breasts if I'm wearing a tight shirt.


I am really looking forward to hearing what size you get and how you look. You are very close to my height, weight, and athletic level. I too have ribs that stick out because I started running when I was 5 and think my ribcage developed with my lungs for running efficiency. I am extremely happy for you!
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I'm excited to see what he does for size, too. He's talking 300-350cc and based on the posts I've seen, I think that will put me at a small D? Hard to say since we all adapt a little differently. I'm long and lean in the arms and legs, but short waist and with not much on top, my middle looks square - no waist really - and then add the ribs sticking out! I think the BA will give me the waist I've never had! I'll be sure to post photos!

How inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your story on RealSelf. Your big day will be here before you know it.

In case you still need some supplies, here's a list in the forum.

Please keep us updated throughout your transformation.

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Went for my mammogram this morning! Happy to have...

Went for my mammogram this morning! Happy to have that done. Then I stopped by the PS office because they are in the same spot, and it looks like I can go a week from today if all goes well with a few details!
I picked up the Arnica Montana and Bromelain. Right now I'm scheduled for my pre-op on Thursday.

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Wow! Everything suddenly fell into place! I go for...

Wow! Everything suddenly fell into place! I go for my pre-op on Thursday and am having it done a week from today...the 29th! I can't believe it all suddenly just worked out. One more week till I get to be on the other side of the fence! Woo-Hoo!


You and I have the same surgery date!!! And....we both have the rib "four boob thing" lol Lets hope the BA helps that!!! Ha Sooooo exciting!!! Good luck and we'll probably be talking!
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Just saw your profile - we are so alike in build, height, weight and 4 boobs - haha! Next week no one will be noticing our rib cages anymore. Glad to have a buddy going on the same day! I got my arnica and Bromelain today. :)
Cannot wait!! You must be SOOOO excited! I am 4 weeks post op tomorrow and all I can think of is boobs LOL! ;) xoxo

I am having a hard time focusing on work - when...

I am having a hard time focusing on work - when did boobs become my #1 thought 24/7?!
I went and bought a front closure sports bra at WalMart today (Target didn't have any at all). I'm a little worried about the one I got since it's still padded...it's a 36D. So, I ordered two more from Amazon - I got an Asics and a Valmont. They looked less foamy.

When do I start taking the Bromelain?

Excited for my pre-op tomorrow and can't believe this time next week I'll be on the other side of the fence.


Hello thank you for sharing your story I had a few questions how much was it to get the breast implants and an update , any advice you might have and will you recommend the doctor. Thank you
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I had my saline under the muscle replaced with silicone cohesive gel Thursday. I'm already back at work and in no pain. Still wake up in a little pain if I sleep flat on my back, but if I prop up a little I'm good. You'll be very happy with the results. I had my first BA 18 years ago and have never regretted the decision. Good Luck! Keep us posted :)
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Oh that is so good to hear, Sassy!! I figure this should be a breeze after giving birth so many times! Lol I cannot wait any longer!!! I've wanted this for soooooo long...thanks for the well wishes and I will update ;)

My Pre-Op went great today. The only bump was that...

My Pre-Op went great today. The only bump was that my PS needed a letter from my cardiologist clearing me for surgery. I had open heart surgery at 9 years old and 25 years old...that was 22 years ago! I haven't been to a cardiologist since 2005, but luckily they agreed to fax the last letter in my file (which I know gave a glowing report) to my PS and all looks good.

They took my before pictures and my money - ha ha! He's ordering 350cc saline implants to go with. There's no point in telling them you want to be a C or a D or whatever. They go by CCs and what your body will take. I figured that out pretty quick.

I dropped off my prescripts at Target and will pick them up this weekend. Had the blood drawn and am hoping the sports bra I got at WalMart will work. I may post a pic of it later to see if it's the one any of you used. Or I'll drop by his offices with it to ensure it'll be good.

Now it's a matter of "nesting" the house in preparation for recovery. Tuesday can't be here soon enough!!


Good luck! I know you you will look great! By the way thanks for commenting on my post and wishing my luck. Tomorrow is boobie day, I am so excited and nervous. (but not too nervous) I am looking forward to your updates! Take care :)
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Hey if you love this website check out www.justbreastimplants.com and click on forums & register and you will find thousands of threads & posts from women all over the world about breast augmentation! Good luck!
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Hey there! I bought the Danskin, foam zip up bras at Walmart, 36D too to wear home from my surgery and to wear for a few days. At one point I also bought a 38D so I didn't add to the potential bruising.The Champion bras at Target are also super comfy and well priced! I'm wearing a blue one and a pink one in my pics. I started the Bromelain late, I think (almost 2 weeks post op) .. I started Arnica pills 3 days before surgery and for almost 2 weeks post op. Plus I still use the Arnica gel/cream and I'm 4 weeks and 1 day post op. :)
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I went and picked up my prescriptions today! And...

I went and picked up my prescriptions today! And got a great zip up sports bra from Sports Authority. I'm soooo ready for Tuesday! A friend is taking me there, another picking me up and then hanging out with me for the rest of the evening. My boyfriend is still adjusting to the idea, but is being supportive.

In the meantime, I can't focus on work because I'm so excited. I'm a writer and I think I'm subconsciously typing "boob" into every five sentences. lol

Just glad it's my last weekend as a 36B,


Some dr's don't want to hear about cc's, but there are dr's who understand that women only know bra cup sizes. The first dr I went to didn't want me to talk about cup sizes. The second dr's first question was "what cup size would you like to be?" What a difference. I said small D, he said let's start with 425 cc's sizers. That was extremely happy.
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good luck it was really weird saying good by to my padded bras as of RIGHT NOW they won't ever fit again. YAY. I know you will be so happy it's not that much pain just so tired. Once again good luck and I will be praying for you. :)
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Thanks, Sarah! You really are so sweet. I tossed my old bras a few days ago and sports bras a few day before that. I can't believe it's only 3 days away. Glad to know it's more tiring than anything else - sleep I can do! LOL

I've gone from excitement to nervous and back to...

I've gone from excitement to nervous and back to excitement. I had a dream right before I woke up that I looked down and saw my new boobs! With only 49 hours till BA, I'm ready for that reality. Been taking arnica montana 3x a day and Bromemaine twice a day...not sure if the Bromemaine is suppose to just be post-op though?

Happy Boob Day to all the others who are having theirs done this week, too!


Our countdown is on girlie!!!! Soooooo exciting!!!!! Xx
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Can't wait to see you on the other side of the fence!
Mine is going with 350cc to start and may add more once in there. I did tell him I want to be a full C or small D, but mostly I said to keep them age appropriate (I am 47) but if in doubt, go a little bigger. :) Only 49 hours to go!

24 hours from now I'll be in la-la land while my...

24 hours from now I'll be in la-la land while my PS fills 'er up. I'm getting saline, moderate profile, 350cc (that's the plan). Been taking arnica montana and Bromelain for a few days. House is clean and ready. Dogs have people coming to let them out for me. So, not much else to do but try to stay busy!

I had a dream yesterday that I woke up and they were done. Then I really woke up and realized I had 48 hours to go!


Can't wait to hear how everything turns out. Good luck!!!
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Thank-you ;) By the way...my mother-in-law does not know either!:-

Slept really well last night. My friend is picking...

Slept really well last night. My friend is picking me up in 15 mins. The hospital is only 8 miles up the road, thank goodness.

See ya on the other side!

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Today went amazingly well. I love my new boobs! He...

Today went amazingly well. I love my new boobs! He did a great job. Not sure how many CCs - will find out tomorrow at my post-op.
Posted two afters from the hospital. :)

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Feeling great tonight! Ate a big dinner and...

Feeling great tonight! Ate a big dinner and watched TV. Very little pain and am so happy I did this!!!


Hurray!!!! Welcome to the other side. Happy healing and get some rest tonight. Sleep is your friend!!
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Congrats!! Happy healing!
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I feel great this morning. Slept well between med...

I feel great this morning. Slept well between med doses last night.

For those of you who are open to it, I had a reiki energy healer work on me the day before and yesterday during the day,and I know that made a huge difference in how I'm feeling. She worked on me from Virginia (I'm in Colorado). If any of you want information on this let me know...I really feel very little discomfort, have no bruising, and feel great. She's incredibly talented in energy work.

Hope everyone is having a great boob day!


Congrats what is reiki
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Reiki is energy work that can heal emotional and physical trauma. What Jolly, the woman I work with, does is help people go into surgeries and other situations by working with shifting their energy for a more successful outcome. It really worked for me in my BA experience. My PS and his staff couldn't believe how great I looked when I went in for my post-op appointment today. I've had minimal discomfort and slept very well last night. If you want information, you can call Jolly directly at 540-255-3519. She's in Virginia. Her website is www.EnergyRestructure.com This is just one of the many ways I've work with her to heal different events in my life - relationships, medical, and emotional past issues. She's amazing.
Thank u soo much I deff will...I live n ny tho, do I do this thru the internet?

I slept well again last night...just set my alarm...

I slept well again last night...just set my alarm for 3 a.m. to take the pain meds. I can't wait to shower tomorrow morning!! That's when the gauze comes off, too.

Is anyone else wearing their sports bra 24/7 other than for a few moments?

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Just got a call from my doc - I got 415cc in the...

Just got a call from my doc - I got 415cc in the right and 375cc in the left. Saline moderate plus. Soooo happy with them!


Fantastic size on you!!! So happy for you, sweets!
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Thanks! The 6 week mark will be awesome. It will be here before we know it, right?!
Looking real good. My sister is a reiki master....I may have to enlist her services.
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Nothing like a shower to make you feel better! I...

Nothing like a shower to make you feel better! I got to take my gauze off, too. They look so great...so glad I did this!


Im so happy everything is going well! Congrats, they look great!
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Are you soooo happy!!! xoxo
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YES! Love them. Look at the before in the yellow bikini and the after - very telling. I need a new bikini now, but will wait till they drop.

I felt less pressure on my chest today, so that...

I felt less pressure on my chest today, so that was good! Anyone else hear fluids going around? I assume it's just everything settling in.

The downside to all of this is that my bf doesn't seem to "get" why I did it, and it's pulling us apart...not what I expected. We have been through a lot over the years so I just hope we get through this too.


My mom is the same way, she doesn't understand the whole thing, why I would put myself through all of this, and I do feel like it drew us apart. But in the end, if your man really cares about you and loves you, and notices how happy it has made you, then he should come around eventually. It may be a little intimidating to him too, so just remind him that he's your man and you love him and boost his ego up a bit. A friend of mine went through a similar situation and what it came down to was that he was worried she was going to leave him :-/ It may or may not be the same thing but just giving my two cents. Your pics look amazing btw! Take care of yourself my boobie buddy! xoxox
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I waited till after to tell my mom. She had hers done and so did 2 of my 3 sisters, so I knew she'd understand, I just didn't want her worrying during it...that's more stress on me! She was happy when I told her the next day. Yeah, I wondered if my bf thinks I'll feel so good I'll leave him - but it's the opposite. I know he'll see me truly happy and that should be a good thing. Thanks for your words, boobie buddy! I love all the support on here.
Men don't seem to get a lot of things. Once everything settles into place he will be in love with them. :)
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This morning I had my 6 day post-op appt. The...

This morning I had my 6 day post-op appt. The receptionist said I'm healing like nobody's business, so that made me feel good. The PS said everything looked great and I go back a week from today to get the stitches out. I'm going to start massaging them...got some lotion with shea butter, so that will help. They're still so tight, but there are periods during the day when I don't think about it, so that's progress!

I LOVE them and am so glad to have done this.


So glad to hear you are doing well. Every day gets a little better. I can't wait for the day when I don't even think about them constantly!
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I rubbed Arnica gel or cream all over them staying away from my incisions .. I alternately would rub cocoa butter on them too. :)
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Hey NoMore, I bought some Arnica gel. I've never used it. I hope it works. :)

Feeling prett good for 8 days post-op. I'll be...

Feeling prett good for 8 days post-op. I'll be happy with 2 milestones - getting the stitches out on Mon and when the tightness goes away.

Still pretty bummed that this came between my boyfriend and me...I thought we were stronger than that. The guy I thought I knew could handle it. :(

Tried on one of my bikinis - that cheered me up!


Xoxoxo You will feel the freedom from forgiving. You deserve that feeling. Be proud of yourself...
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Sometimes it's moments like these that our significant other show there real love towards you. It's best now to know now then when something that is life threatting occurs. Smile babe and be proud of yourself for moving forward. :)
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For the first time in my life, tonight I felt a strong desire to be married. I've never felt that before - quite the opposite, actually. But now I want the "in sickness and in health"! I decided I had to forgive my now ex bf in order to really move on because to forgive is what sets one free. So in my heart I forgave him and let him go. And what better way to be free than with a great pair of 36Ds!? Thank you all so much for your support! Virtual hugs from me to you! xoxo

First of all, I'm happy that the "tightness" has...

First of all, I'm happy that the "tightness" has subsided quite a bit today. That made a big difference. So, I went to Target to try on sports bras - and what an amazing feeling to be in a dressing room and LOVE seeing what's in the mirror! I almost cried, I was so happy to not be seeing small, sagging boobs, but seeing full, womanly breasts! I am SOOOOO glad I did this....and it's just the beginning. :)


Awww so happy for you! I had my first time in the dressing room yesterday too! It was fantastic...I will update soon as I also had my post op appt. I'm so proud of us :)))
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Congratulations! You look fantastic! Isn't shopping fun now! I swear one of these days I will post some updates I have been busy working and hanging out with my hubby and friends. I also need to leave a review for my Dr. Anyway I am so glad to see that you are happy, you really do look awesome and congrats on the fabulous body! (I need to work out, lost weight but need to tone up)
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That is too bad for your bf. We have to accept our partners for who they are and what they want, rather it be braces to straighten our teeth, whitening our teeth, working out or getting the breasts we have always wanted. My bf was a little shocked by me wanting to do this too but he said what ever i wanted he would support me and he has been perfect. I love him so much, i did before, we have a great relationship, but for someone to stand by you when yourgoing through this elective process is priceless to me. Any who. You look great im only 2 days post op. I hope these puppies drop cause they are HIGH
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Okay, so I'm a bit weight obsessed - in a good...

Okay, so I'm a bit weight obsessed - in a good way! So I weighed myself normally and then with a plastic bag with 740cc of water (total cc of bot sides - I have saline) and there is a 2 lb difference.

I get my stitches out tomorrow - yay! Added new pics in a 36C bra that I think I'll need to exchange for a D!


Lol it makes sense! Where did you find the weights of these things!?? Now I need to investigate ;) Ha ha Finally...your looking great!
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I did a real scientific experiment (HA!). I noticed that the big water bottle the hospital let me take home had cc volumes listed on the side...so I measured the 740cc I got and poured it in a plastic Zip-Lock bag and weighed myself with the bag in hand and without. I figured water is a little less in weight than saline, right? And the plastic bag is the equivalent of the implant pouch. So, close enough! 2 lbs seems about right anyway. My sister said 1 lb, but she only had 550cc total, so I knew mine had to weigh more. Yeah, we're weight competitive in my family! ;)
Lol awesome! I'm can't believe I'm saying this but I'm gonna own mine and not subtract them from my weight! Ha ha (I bet they weigh 3lbs too!)

Hey Ladies! Got my stitches out today - what a...

Hey Ladies!
Got my stitches out today - what a great milestone. He also showed me how to start massaging them and said that I'm right on track for healing.

Yesterday I found this link that shows photos at 4 stages - before, 2 days post op, 2 weeks post op and 3 months post op. http://www.delawarevalleybreasts.com/recovery/special-considerations.cfm


Check out my review I've posted my drop progression pictures so far it's amazing!!!
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Thanks for the link! I found it helpful. I will be 2 weeks post-op this Thursday and I am impatiently waiting for mine to settle. lol! You are looking great!
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I went v-neck sweater shopping yesterday - now...

I went v-neck sweater shopping yesterday - now THAT was fun. The dressing room mirror is my new best friend. I uploaded a pic of my favorite new one.

Today is 2 weeks post op. I can't wait to wear regular bras again - not that I don't love sports bras, but they're clunky under thin sweaters.


Thank you for posting this. I also had 2 heart surgeries and it really helped me relate to you when seeing your scar. You look great and now I know I will too!!!
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Pat - this is a breeze compared to what we've been through with open heart surgeries. However, I do feel some pain on my sternum that could be from one of the rib cage staples...not sure but it comes every afternoon! I'm dropping a little every day and hope when they settle that will too. Other than that, I am doing great and love my boobs! I have saline under the muscle at 375cc. I'll follow your review!
you look absolutely great in your vnecks and pink bra!! its so fun to fill out clothes, i know the feeling!!!! congrats again, they look awesome!
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I Noticed less tightness today - I think it was...

I Noticed less tightness today - I think it was because I wasn't working all day. I'm a writer so I'm on my laptop all day in a coffee shop and noticed I was tight a lot by afternoon. Today I was out and about and had less tightness, so maybe moving around is the answer!


Congrats.. you really look great. Good luck and welcome to the other side!!
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Love your grey sweater! You are rocking it girl!!!!
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Thinking of you!! Hope the tightness is easing up a bit!! :)
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Got 2 new no wire bras at Target - Bali - def a...

Got 2 new no wire bras at Target - Bali - def a 36D or 34DD but I'm too broad to fit in a 34 - happy with 36D
Went for my 4 week Post Op - PS said everything looks great - right on track and I go back in a month.


You look great! Especially love the gray sweater on you!
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Thanks! It's my new FAVORITE sweater! Love it!
I'm about 1 week out and it's great to see your picture updates, so many changes already! Mine are still super tight but I feel like if I work out they loosen up for a little bit as well. I'm excited to go get a bra today thanks for the recommendations from Target!
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Interesting thread on Drop and Fluff - what I...

Interesting thread on Drop and Fluff - what I really found interesting is that 25CC is less than 2 tablespoons.


sorry to hear about Ur bf..mines being a douche also!
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It would seem that doctors do not like the term "drop and fluff"!!!
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I had never heard of it until someone on this site mentioned it on this site. ;)

Hi Ladies, Yesterday was my 6 week mark...hard to...

Hi Ladies,
Yesterday was my 6 week mark...hard to believe how fast the time goes. I still have morning boob, but I finally feel like they've dropped. I'm loving the Bali bras I got at Target (see new photos - purple one), but am excited to get some new ones in the next week or so. I tried both 36C and 36D - definitely the D. I can't go 34 because I have a large rib cage.
Went for my first hike the other day and am going again this week.
Here's a link that gives the details on implant's weight: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080121231822AAZCxGv
It's based on 350cc (ea), but I just did the math to make it equal to my 790cc (for both). For me it's 2.219.
Hope everyone is doing great!


Just wanted to say you look great! The look in the tight sweater is SO flattering!! Congrats on the great results!
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Thanks so much! I'm so happy I did this.
You look awesome! Loving the bras too.
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9 weeks today! Still a little tightness in the...

9 weeks today! Still a little tightness in the morning and evenings, but not every day. I think it depends on how much upper body I'm doing - in the middle of moving so that's likely why!
I'm moving to a town that has a Victoria Secret, so excited about that!
Seemed like they took the full 2 months to drop, but I love how they look now! Added a new photo.


You are looking so great!!! Best of luck on your move!!!
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Thanks for all your info it helps for those of us just starting this process. How are things going for you know?
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You are looking great "same surgery day" girl ;) How are you liking things now? I'm happy. Still feels funny bending over though. Not sure if its just the weight I was not use to when bending or if it's something that will pass? Other than this, all is good! Oh and do you have ALL sensation back yet? I am waiting for underside where incisions are. The rest is back (thank goodness nipples are too). My PS says it may take 9 months.
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10 month review

I haven't been on here in so long! But I really wanted to give an update after 10 months. I can say that this is the best thing I've ever done for myself. As a single woman it wasn't about my relationship with a husband or boyfriend or anything, this was strictly for me as I know is the case with many of us on here. If not all of us! I did go with silicone and I'm very glad that I did. I'm really happy with the results. Today settled and dropped a while ago, and are a 36D. So I went from a 36 small B to a 36D. What amazes me is how much better clothes look. I'm uploading some new photos so you can see...these are mostly over the summer, but they really haven't changed that much since then.
One thing I've noticed, as a single woman who is back out dating again, is that men do definitely treat you differently when you have boobs. I've dated four different men the summer, two of whom were very outspoken about how much they love my boobs. And not and rude way, in a very complementary way. But I never realized before how important boobs are too these guys. I knew they like them, but I guess I just didn't realize how much. Ha ha I was always able to get away with having long lean legs, but now that I have both it's really kind of interesting having long legs and big boobs and seeing how differently men treat you. On one hand they treat me much more like a woman if that makes sense and on the other hand it's almost like they're intimidated by it. So I'm still trying to figure it out, but in the meantime I wouldn't change a thing. I did this for me and it is the best thing I ever did. Happy holidays, everyone.


You look GREAT. I saw your post to MIMomBA abt men bringing up/noticing your breasts just when you've forgotten it. It's so true. They feel so much a part and you forget they are there until someone brings them up! ;P
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Along with your great legs and great boobs, I really send you my best of the best to find a great guy too! One that will love and respect and care for you, and one that understands you and is your best friend! Hugs and thanx for the happy posts! (One week from tomorrow morning it's 'my day'...Yay!!!) keep in touch (-:
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Thank you so much for your support. I'm heading over to your profile to see how you're doing!
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