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I was considering lower face lift for quite some...

I was considering lower face lift for quite some time now. i was going back and forth choosing different procedures. i was't thrilled about lifetime lift after reading all the reviews. At the end of the day i trully believe that no matter what procedure you select the most importand decision will be selecting your doctor. i went to Glenview IL clinic because i saw that Dr. Rachel is doing that procedure there. He is triple board certified and i had a lot of confidence in him.
When i came for consultation i tried to avoid that whole promotional speech and ask the rep to arrande me a meeting with the doctor. He came in and i asked him questions that were my concern. he told me what exactly he will do and what to expect.
i schedule surgery for the next week. when i arrived surgical nurse took me to the room, checked my vitals and took pictures. she also gave me 4 tablets of valium and one tablet of something to control nasuea. i didnt take all four pills, i old her that two valium would be ok for me. i aslo was taking arnica montana for 4days prior the surgery and started anabiotic night before.
After giving me pills surgical tech took me to the operation room. i have to say this was a state of art facility: clean, lots of monitors. she laid me on the warm bed and covered with warm blanket. in a few minutes she started administering local anastesia. i asked her about her experience and she said that she is working with Dr. Rachel for 7 years and she has 30 years of experience in plastic surgery. it made me actually more comfortable.
after injectic some of the numbing stuff she started to pumping actual numbic solution under the skin. i asked doctor about epinephrin and that it gives me heart racing so they used more diluted solution, which was nice and i didnt feel any heart speeding.
in a few minuted doctor came in and he told me what he was doing every step of the procedure. i had my neck muscle tighten under the chin with a little lipo and then he did tighten muscles and skin around my ears. i didnt fall a sleep and hear everything, so probably if you will take all 4pills you most likely will be out. i felt what he was doing but it didnt bother me at all. there were no pain.
i had doctor and two his assistants in the room all the time. i was hooked t o the pressure and oxygen monitors, hering nice quiet music. so it wasnt bad.

after they were done nurse transferred me to the post operation room. i had tight bandages around my face. my face felt pretty tight so i couldnt even close my mouth. i was going home in about 30 minutes.

at home i didnt take vycodin becase it makes me sick so i opted for talenol and ibuprofen every 3 hours. i cant lie - there is a lor of pain, i cant eat from the spoon so im just drinking water and yogurt. it is alo very painful to swallow because of all that neck repair.

all together it took me 4hours in the clinic from the moment i came in. now its 7 oclock and
im sitting in my bed because i cant lay down, it hurts. my neck it really hurts to the touch and i cant see the swalling yet because of thr wraps. tomorrow i will be going back o take the wrapping off, so hopefully i will have pictures to post.

while i was there on the table the nurse commented on my neck and said that it looks very smooth and i have a nice jaw line. i cant wait to see myself.

sorry for my typos, im on my ipad and no spell prof

Third day recovery

The first night was tough. i slept probably 2 hours alltogether. had lot of pain and the wrap was really tight. next day i went to the clinic to remove the wrapping. nurse told me to take shower and show me how to clean insisions.

that second day was tough, i took tylenol but it didnt do much. my only relieve was from ice cold compresses. i actually used ice with water and cloth , it worked better then ice packs because it would contour my face and i dont have to hold it. nurse told me about it and im glad she did. by nine oclock i was so tiered and exhausted so i just took ibuprofen and half of xanax to get some sleep. i slept till 4am and acually feeling much better today. i have no bruising but my face and neck is swollen, also looking at my insions they look very nice. i will add photos when i get to the computer later today.

Second day recovery

actually my post was for the second day after procedure


here are sine before and after. My surgery day and second day

Second day after the surgery

So i had surgery on Tuesday Jan 21. This is picture from Jan 23rd. you can see my neck is swollen and my ear is swollen too. Not much bruising yet...

Day 3 after surgery ( Friday 24)

No pain! yey! I'm completely off the pain killers. Still taking antibiotic, cleaning the scars twice a day and applying ointment. Still very puffy on the face and neck, tight under the chin and behind ears.

Day 5

Yesterday i got out of my PJs and relocated from my bedroom to the couch in the living room. I feel more mobile today. I have no pain, just discomfort, my neck is tight, soreness behind the ears... I took a long shower today and washed my hair for the first time. Still swollen around the temples but it's getting softer to the touch. The bruising going down, I'm using arnica gel on my neck. That's the only place where I have yellow bruising. My stitched to be removed in two days so I 'm feeling very excited. I feel like it will be phase two of my recovery after that. I don't do much these days, really didn't go anywhere just took my dog for a walk yesterday for the first time.

Finally clean hair, Ahhh!

Finally clean hair!

Day 13 February 2

I'm healing very nicely; my scars on front are completely invisible. I still have swollen tissue behind my ears. My neck is also kindda puffy and tight and I have no feeling under the chin and temples areas. I will phone office tomorrow because i think that I have some fluid under the skin below my ears. I googled it and it's called ceratoma or ceroma. It is very common and should be absorbing by your body, but I wanted to see if the doctor can extract it. Other then that it looks great.

Almost seven weeks - March 10th

I had a doctor's follow at week 6th. Everything looks great.The swollen things that I thought is seratoma - were just internal tissue scars that are almost completely dissolved. I still have puffy chin but that's about it. Little numbness and tightness but overall no complains or problems.

Three months update

It's almost three months since my surgery. The face is actually back to it's normal self - not swollen anymore. Still some numbness in front of my ears and under the chin. It looks great, especially neck. I still have some soreness in my neck so I can't go for a facial yet :) but very excited with the transformation.

Five Month Update

Everything is going really well. I still have some tight feeling under my chin and ears - but i kindda like it. LOL . I think that this was the best thing that I did. I'm very motivated now - i exercise every day and probably now in the best shape of my life. I love pulling hair up to a ponytail - which I would never do before. Love it, love it, love it!!!
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

doctor is very experienced, nice staff, excellent facility.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I really appreciate you sharing your experience. After much research and due diligence I have chosen Dr. Rachel. Next Wednesday I am going in for LSL, Naturalin for nasolabial creases and marionette lines, upper and lower eyelids: the whole enchilada. It is reassuring to know what to expect in terms of pain and discomfort. I'm kind of nervous but really looking forward to getting my face back My consultation with Dr. Rachel and his staff went great. They were very kind and thorough in terms of explaining the procedure and what I will need to do for after care.
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You look very good! Thank you for sharing your story :)
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Thank you very much. I feel great too :)
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Was this a life style lift?
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Yes it was. I did it through the LSL but Dr. Rachel is specializing in different types of face lift so he has a lot of experience and great techniques.
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You look great!
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Thank you! I feel great and so much happier with my image!
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Thank you for posting your review. I decided to search under LSL and I'm glad I did because a lot of women that had mini lifts (confusing with so many different names) your ps did a great job! You must be so happy!
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Your neck & jaw look soo awesome!!! I checked your surgeons website, didn't see Lifestyle Lift mentioned. Do you happen to know if it was his mini-lift or his weekend-lift? He certainly does good work & the price seems right too!!! You hardly bruised at all!! I bet you are so happy!! :) My waddle has got to go!!!
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i think it was his mini lift with neck . i know him from long ago when i did termage and when i saw him in LSL website i think it was meant to be. when i saw that he is doing procedure that is very similar to lsl i just went to see him and scheduled it for first available day. He is absolutely great and i think that since he is performing these kind of procedures in his own clinic makes him very experience in this field.
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How much did this cost?
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6300 out the door. i also have laser in the package but i didnt do it. i think it is just too much and very agressive to have it done all in one time.
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You look great--at lunch I would have guessed you at late 30s if I hadn't known.
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I've got some of that too after 7 months, it's the scar tissue that does it. It can take a long time to resolve.
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Can I ask your age? You look good after this procedure.
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I turned 50 last year :)
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I have appointment on the 15th of march to see about getting this done, Thank you for your post, I am scared so this does help I was told you could back to work the next day ,confusing doesn't seem like the case also concern on cost, but I am going to the same clinic ,so it seems like your experience was good gives me a better feel on having it done.
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You will NOT be going back to work the next day. I had this done in September with beautiful results and while you COULD go back to work the next day if you are Superwoman and don't mind letting people see you look like a bashed melon. Plan on taking at least a week off and two would be better because; with proper makeup after two weeks; no one will realize what you had done.
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If you are going to Glenview Office - Dr. Rachel is wonderful. His nurse is amazing and the assistants are all good. They will take a very good care of you. I had no bruises - well slightly yellow but not like some pictures I saw here. You definitely will not be ready to go to work next day - too much pain and you will be swollen. I was ready in about 5 days but was working from home another 3 days, so I was home for about 10 days.
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I had my procedure Oct. 29 & not too long ago the numbness in my chin finally went away. Still some numbness in front of my ears, but nothing too bothersome. No regrets. I feel so much better! I sent my before & after photos to my sister in another state & she is planning to have it done this Spring. Glad you are feeling better.
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Well, my two friends already making an appointment with Dr. Rachel. I can tell that if I have to go through this again I would in a heart bit - it is so worth all the pain and discomfort.
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I will be 65 in early April. A 57yo man asked me on a date today & guessed my age as 52!!! That certainly makes the procedure worth it. LOL
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I agree completely!!
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You look great!!
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Truly amazing results. I bet you whistle while you work since you must be happy with the results.
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