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For years I was unhappy with my breasts, the...

For years I was unhappy with my breasts, the droopiness, how deflated they were, and how uneven they were. I knew I didn't want implants but wasn't sure what I wanted. After my first consultation with Dr. Casas, I then knew I wanted a lift with a reduction on one of my breasts, which is what she recommend to me. The procedure was very smooth and somewhat easy, relatively speaking. Dr. Casas' staff from day one has always been phenomenal. Very kind and very sensitive to your needs. Everyone is her office is very pleasant. Dr. Casas has you follow a very regimented diet, before and after surgery, and is very persistent about it, which is all part of her healing process. Because she is a perfectionist, I very much appreciated her approach. She is very patient, very thorough and personally makes herself available to you, should you need her. I appreciate the personal touch I receive from her and from her staff. I would highly recommend her for breast work.
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Dr. Casas was wonderful to have as my surgeon. She is very caring and adds a personal touch to everything. She truly cares about her patients.

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What type of diet are you doing?
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Two weeks prior to the surgery, and two weeks after the surgery, I was doing a high protein diet with a lot of vegetables, green vegetables, mostly broccoli, and a lot of chicken. Not many carbs at all, and no alcohol either, for the four weeks in total. My surgeon told me it would make a big difference in the healing process and did and still is. The no alcohol was to minimize the bleeding during surgery, and also the heeling process. Alcohol thins your blood so you don't want that. I am now 8 weeks post surgery. Last week when I saw my surgeon for a follow up, she said I was about a month ahead in the healing process due to me following her instructions. I have also been taking a lot of vitamins too, which has helped. Vitamin D, B-Complex, a food based Multi vitamin and Ester C. Strangely, a smart diet does make a difference, and you feel better too! All of it sounded a bit overwhelming at first but it was easy!
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I eat a low carb diet all week. It really helps me control my hunger. I do eat rice and baked potatoes on the weekend and I splurge on other stuff sometimes. My biggest problem now is peanutbutter. i eat it right off the spoon. Downright embarressing how much of that stuff I go through. I've read other post where people have followed a diet like your and swear by it! I am getting a TT and breast lift. The TT definately makes me more nervous than the lift! Maybe I'll gather the willpower to nix the peanutbutter within 2 wks of my surgery. Glad your happy with the outcome;it helps lighten the anxiety. I don't think I'll be brave enough to post pictures either...
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Good luck with the TT. I will say, now that the girls look so great, my tummy could use a little work. I'm not over weight, I am just being critical of myself. As I get older, gravity tends to take over more than I would like. I don't know that much about a TT but I don't think you should be nervous about it. As long as you are prepared to properly heal, I think that is the key, really with any surgery. And don't get me wrong, I eat a lot of junk and stuff that I shouldn't eat, but they are mostly splurges. But around surgery time, I did follow the diet pretty strictly. When is your surgery? Good luck with everything. If you trust your surgeon and feel good about them, I'm sure you will be just fine!
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My surgery is August 15th. I bought the Vitamedica vitamin pack. I work out regularly too so, I'm hoping this will help with recovery. I've taken 10 days off from work and I haven't told anyone but my husband. Praying I don't have any drains then. I am 42 with 3 kids- I know all about gravity! Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely going to try your diet.
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Given your diet, and workout routine, I'm sure you will be okay. I had my surgery on a Tuesday and my drains were out by Friday, so hopefully you will be good to go by then to go back to work. 10 days off was smart. You will still be sore and will have to move slowly and watch yourself, but you should be fine by then. Keep up with the protein and vegetables and it for sure will make a difference. Good luck with your surgery!
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Any pics to share?
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No, I didn't feel comfortable posting pictures. Honestly, my breasts were not that bad, compared to a lot of others out there. However, they were bad enough that it bothered me enough to finally do something about them.
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