Refirme & E-Matrix Treatments - Glendale, AZ

I gor refirme yesterday. I love it. I wanted to...

I gor refirme yesterday. I love it. I wanted to tighten up my skin and it did I still have 2 treatments to go. I am mixing my treatments with the e ematrix. it was not painful nor did it leave me with any marks at all.

Updated: Jan. 20, 2010

I just got the E Matrix done an hour ago. I was scared after reading other peoples reviews. It was NOT painful I did NOT have any discomfort WHAT SO EVER.They used a topical numbing creme, I felt a little prick of heat that was in no way uncomfortable. I will have to wait to see the results. I will post on my next treatment which is in 1 month. I am combining the E Matrix with the refirme. The Refirme was like having a facial and my skin was so shiny. Both treatments take time to see the results.

I am thinking about the E matrix how does it compare to the Fraxional laser It costs alot more I cant really tell from the reveiws which one is better

Kelly, thanks for the info on Juvederm. Do you know if it can be used on the entire face? I'm hoping that ematrix will work.
Hi, my mom just signed up for 4 ematrix treatments for $3100. She has been waiting 60 years to remove her pock marks. They make it soud like her scars will go away for good. I hope this is true, but so far no reviews have confirmed this. I feel so sad for her already. She seems so happy to finally be ridden of her scars. I hope it's not a scam.
Physcians skin institute at arrowhead

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