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One Month After - Glendale, CA

I had ulthera done in Glendale, CA on July 27,...

I had ulthera done in Glendale, CA on July 27, 2011 for $3000. It is exactly one month today. So far, I do not see any change in my face. I'm beginning to wonder if it is worth the money I paid. I'll give it another month or so and see if I can recommend this to my friends. I also had my first botox injected in my forehead (20 units) for an additional $200. Botox shows immediate results. I am 56 years old, luckily I do not have much wrinkles so my friends think I should not have anything done just yet. My forehead lines bothered me the most. I figured, I'm doing it for me and nobody else and I thought if I pass the age of 65 and did not have anything done, I will not do it any more. So it is now or never! I figured this can't be too bad because it is non-invasive. Why not? I decided to be the guinea pig for my friends. LOL!

The clinic was very professional and a practicing nurse here in the USA but a medical doctor in the Philippines administered the treatment. He was very thorough and was very patient. He explained everything to me before & during the treatment.

The whole procedure lasted a total of 2 hours (1 hr prep & 1 hr treatment). The first thing they did was to apply topical anesthesia on my face while I listened to soothing music for 30 mins. Afterwards, they gave me 15 mg of oral Percoset for pain and allowed me to relax again while listening to music for another 30 mins. After a full hour of prep, the ulthera treatment started.

I have a high tolerance for pain so I thought this would be a piece of cake. NOT! I went through natural childbirth (no anesthesia) without screaming nor crying. So why couldn't I handle ulthera? He started on my chin and I heard a series of fast-beeping escalating sounds (about 6-7 of them) as he went over my skin with the machine. The last 2 to 3 beeps were the most intense & painful. In areas where there are more fatty tissues, it did not hurt, like the chin or cheeks. Areas where there are no fat, like near the forehead and around the sides of the eyes, it was painful & uncomfortable.

Sometimes I felt the heat from the treatment. I had to do my "lamaze" breathing technique to get through it and squeeze the rubber ball he gave me. He did not treat my forehead because that would be too painful and botox is best suited for that. He stopped short on the sides of my forehead just above my outer eyebrows. He did one side of my face first, then the other side. The ulthera treatment itself lasted a full hour. After ulthera, he injected 20 units of botox on my forehead. That didn't hurt at all.

I was so relieved when he told me it was over. Whew! I had to be honest with my best friend who has a low tolerance for pain that she couldn't do it without heavy sedation. There was a feeling of tightening around my face right after the procedure but it went back to normal after a couple of hours. I did not see an immediate improvement. Again, I did not have many facial wrinkles (except for my forehead lines) to begin with so it is difficult to see the result unless I study my face closer.

I thought everything went well with the procedures until 2 hours later. I started getting nauseous and I started throwing up violently. I called the doctor who told me I was having a reaction to the Percoset. I felt so sick. I threw up the whole night until I fell asleep. The following day, I was fine again. No more nausea and the vomiting was gone. Thank goodness! The doctor called to check up on me and I told him I was fine. I couldn't decide if the pain from the ulthera was worse than the after effect of the Percoset.

The following day, my face was bruised up. Bruises on my forehead from the botox and bruises on my chin, jaw and cheeks from the ulthera. The worst bruise was the one under my left cheek which lasted 2 weeks. I got funny stares from strangers and people I know asked me why the bruises on my face so I told them I had ulthera done.

So now, one month after...I do not see any visible improvement from the ulthera. The botox diminished my forehead lines and I'm pleased with that. I will wait another month to see if the ulthera works or not. My friends are eagerly waiting for this guinea pig.

Will I do it again? I'm inclined to say no unless I see a very noticeable improvement after a month from now. Will I go through the pain again? Hmmm, this might stop me from having another one. And botox? I say yes because it did not hurt and the result is immediate. I was told the effects of ulthera should last 1.5 years and botox about 6 months. I read that subsequent botox will make the result last longer. I have a girlfriend who has had numerous botox on her forehead and her has been lasting 1.5 years each time. Interesting!

Ulthera has been advertised as lunch time facelift. Don't believe it. Well, if you don't mind the pain and the bruises when you report back to work, I guess you can do it over a 2 hour lunch break.


OMG ..Miami is ridiculous, price-wise. Come over here, to Sarasota!! In fact, you may find Ft. Myers a much less expensive option, as well! Ya....forget Miami!!!!
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Hello Tellyjan, how is your progress? Have you taken any new pictures? I am so interested to know if you had continued improvement? You definitely have a response at the one month pic. Your face and skin looks refreshed and more youthful in a very natural way. I really want to try it but the cost is very high. Here in Miami, the office I visited charges $4500 for 1 treatment for the entire face. This includes the upper lip, chin and crows feet, jawline, brow and cheeks. The neck is around $2750 for two treatment 3 mos apart.
I hope you are happy with your results and investment. Please let us know how you are doing? Thanks, Dee
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I see a HUGE difference! I pegged you for about 50+ with your before ... but would guess mid 30's for your after photo. A GREAT difference in your jaw line and just an over-all younger appearance to your skin tone. The norm is that you see full results in three months, so for one month, you look wonderful. Non-invasive procedures aren't as "dramatic", but I love the way that they improve the quality of a person's skin, without changing how they look! Good for you!
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Less than 2 months after the procedure, nobody who...

Less than 2 months after the procedure, nobody who knows me noticed any change or made a comment. I do not see any improvement myself. The comments of your readers mostly said they see an improvement. I guess it's hard to go by photos alone. I was hoping to get just one person I know say something has changed or something different...almost 3 months later, I'm still waiting. I just posted the 2 month picture. On October 27, it'll be 3 months after the procedure, that's only a few days away.


Hey Tellyjan I think you said yr husband knew you got this done, and still didn't see that it was worth it....so that tells me quite a bit. Basically if someone is willing to pay at least a thou for very, very subtle results, then go for it. But Botox gives more results for around 3-500 at most, so...EXCEPT Botox doesn't do much for the lower face! Anyone on here have a suggestion to lift and tighten the lower area of the face? I see people on tv with access to the best surgeons in the world who cannot find that....whoever does invent that will be a hero!
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hey gaalinda just reread yours again -- so yeah you did find Sanctuary. As I said I am curious to know how it goes!
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Oo Gaalinda I found them (I think on this very site?) They look to be quite reputable but I didn't end up going there, too far and no time. I wish I could have gone. Their prices are very decent too. Please let me know everything!!! I really might want to eventually try out ulthera on my forehead.
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After 3 months. Still no change noted by myself,...

After 3 months. Still no change noted by myself, my family & my friends except subscribers on realself.com says they see change. The botox is completely gone by 2 months. I feel ulthera did not give me the change I would like to see and at this point, I feel I wasted my money on this procedure. I will not recommend this to my friends. I understand that others have noticeable improvements and were very happy to have it done but I can only speak for myself and my own experience. Too bad there is no money-back guarantee if it does not work. I want to get another botox injection on my forehead as this has been my number one priority and the one that bothered me the most. Even though the first one only lasted 2 months, I want to see if I get a 2nd one if it will last longer. I read that people who have had subsequent botoxs had a longer effect so I'm willing to give it another shot. I also have a friend who had numerous botox to her forehead and she swears they do last longer. The last she had lasted 1.5 years. I hope it does.


their camera was broken
the assistant took them on her blackberry.
therefore, they are useless to use for comparison.
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I also see a marked difference which looks quite similar to the improvements that I've seen since my treatment - ie skin quality. I'm curious as to why you haven't had before and after photos at the clinic where you've have had this done? That way you would have a more accurate way to see if there are any changes - it seems that it might be difficult to do this with home photos.
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Telly, I was in Los Angeles last week and had an Oxygen treatment, and two green peels. I see more results from those treatments than from Ulthera. FYI, just for the record, before Ulthera, and the treatments, I have never done anything. Please don't think of me as a cosmetic freak.
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After reading all the comments from readers that...

After reading all the comments from readers that there is marked change from my before & after photos, I looked at the photos again. You are right, there is visible change from the photos. I do not know how to explain why this is except that the before photo was taken at my friend's house in L.A. under incandescent light whereas the after photos were taken at my home under natural lighting. In person, there is no noticeable improvement. Nobody I know made a single comment about noticing a change in my face.

Just 2 days ago, I told my friends over coffee that I had ulthera done. They all took a 2nd look look at me and I could tell from their expressions that they do not see anything has changed. Then they said, "did it work?" I said, "Do you see any change?" They said, "No, is it suppose to be obvious?" I thought I wasn't going to say a word to my friends and just let them notice but since I was not getting that, I decided to announce it to them about the procedure I had done hoping that they would say, "We do notice a change and you look refreshed!" You see, nobody that knows me & my face noticed a single change.

More than anybody else, I want to believe the $3200 I paid gave me the temporary improvement I was looking for. However, that is not the case here. Unfortunately, the only before photo taken was at the Belo Clinic & that would be under clinic lighting and I do not have a copy of that. I could not go for follow-up because the clinic is in CA and I live in DE. The Belo Clinic also does not have an after photo since I had no follow-up with them. I do not recommend ulthera to my friends and I will not have another one done. The pain, the after effects of Percoset, and the cost without any visible outcome does not justify this temporary fix.


I definitely see a difference in your before and three month after picture. Your whole jaw line is different. Much less pouchy looking, though it wasn't that bad to begin with. The best treatments are those where people don't notice what was done, but ask "did you get a hair cut or something?". That means it looks very natural.
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You don't notice changes when you are constantly looking for a change. I think your practitioner misinformed you about how long it takes to get a result. The Ulthera works with your own bodies metabolism. I have been practicing the Ultherapy since day one of it becoming available in AU. Patients get the best result at the 6-9 month. As mentioned previously, I believe you have had a great result, regardless of the lighting.
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You absolutely have results. Look at the depth of your jowels and mid-face cheek sag: there is no way that lighting can be a factor to the physical placement of these areas on your face. I did Ulthera based on your before and after pictures. You look about 3-5 years younger in the last after picture. I can understand your disappointment for not seeing more dramatic results at $3,000. You could have done multiple other non-invasive procedures for the same amount with much more dramatic results. However, the problem with Ultherapy is that it does not show results right away which you see your face everyday and get accustomed to the small changes taking place. Your friends most likely see you in make-up and most people don't pay attention to other people's face sag. I know for me, I rarely notice my friends aging unless I see prominent gray hairs and wrinkles. For the cost of what you paid, I understand the procedure does not seem right for you as you were expecting more dramatic results. However, to say that the procedure did not work is unfair to those that are really researching anti-aging options. I'm only one month in, and I already notice a difference. However, this is only a "foundation" of my anti-aging strategy before I do fillers and botox in the next two months. The problem with fillers and botox is that it can really deform or change your facial harmony which is why I stopped doing them. To be honest, I think they caused facial sag by expanding my facial skin too fast. I notice those who do fillers earlier tend to look older faster. Ultherapy helps you to keep your facial harmony naturally and if more people were honest with their results, more people would do it, and that would drive the cost down. I paid $2,000 for the full face and while I am also not happy for the cost, I do know I spent that much on fillers in 2 months and I was always having to chase balancing out my facial features and trying to look more like my natural self. Ultherapy is that solution. There are too many people on here that notice the change and you sound very defensive in trying to prove it did not work. Perhaps you should be thankful that for $3k Ultherapy, as the opinions of strangers is the most honest and objective over people who know you. And Ultherapy is more of a long term fix because it forms new collagen in your face that lasts for years as opposed to the life-shelf of fillers that are in actuality 3-6 months. I do appreciate your review though and hope from all these comments you can see the positive in the experience - you delayed needing to get more invasive surgery for many more years and your face looks absolutely firm and glowing. Looking forward to seeing more updates from you. You are the absolute envy of aging gracefully and hope to follow in those footsteps. Best.
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Belo Skin Clinic

The clinic did not respond to emails I sent them before I actually went there. After I had the procedures done, the phone number they gave me was always answered. Everything is fine. For an expensive procedure, it is a shame that there is no money-back guarantee if this procedure does not work for you.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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