1st shower killed me! I hope it gets easier!

I'm a 31 year old mommy of two girls 6 & 1....

I'm a 31 year old mommy of two girls 6 & 1. After gaining almost 80 lbs with my first born , I knew I wanted this done, but figured I could wait till after I had one more child ( I'm 5 feet no inches and 150 lbs, a little tea pot :) i have to say I more than love myself, no problem there lol, but I'm tired of this saggy, hangy loosey goosey skin! i wont miss it at all! I'm more than ready to get rid of my kangaroo pouch! So here we are one year and three months after having my second baby and I'm more than ready to this show on the road. I'm very excited and anxious! One day I'm okay and the next I'm a nervous wreck! I guess it goes with the territory right? :) I look forward to sharing my journey with you gals and joining y'all on your journeys :)


Welcome to the TT journey!
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Thank you RockinMom and MakeMeOver36! I'm very excited to be going through with it, finally! I can't wait to be on the flat side! I just got my recliner and I've been "practicing" getting up! Lol! I'm just so excited! :)
Good for you!!! I am happy for you that you have taken the plunge and scheduled your procedure --- you will be so happy! :)
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Surgery is 10 days out from today! I'm so...

Surgery is 10 days out from today! I'm so extrememly excited! Today was my pre op and it just got real! Paid for surgery, got all my meds, and ready for the 23rd to be here!!! I can't wait to be on the flat side and to be talking about how many days post op I am! I'm having mixed feelings but I'm sure most of us on this roller coaster expirience this. I had been mostly excited and ready to get this done, but today at my pre op when I read all the "possible complications" , I freaked out a little bit. But I figure its all in my mind and I am the only one who can control my mind, therefore I'm going to try and stay positive! :) good night to you all.

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I forgot to add that aside from the TT, I will be...

I forgot to add that aside from the TT, I will be getting lipo of my flanks, upper abdomen, and lower back :)


Hey Yessie! Welcome! And the roller coaster is to be expected but you are going to be so busy getting everything in order that there will be times that you want have time to be nervous! LOL! I look forward to watching your progress after you are initiated into the flatlands! :)
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Well done for coming this far with it all! Honestly you will be just fine! I would just think instead of all of the "possible complications"that you would have mentally if you don't get the surgery done! You should be proud of yourself for being so brave :) sending positive thoughts to you xxx
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Holy moly 6 more days!!! I'm expiriencing nervous...

Holy moly 6 more days!!! I'm expiriencing nervous excitement because I can't stop dancing! LOL! I can't wait until I can dance in the mirror and not see the wiggle wiggle, giggle giggle!!! :) happy Wednesday to all. this time next week I will be coming home! I hope I'm this happy then... LOL!

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So I don't even know how to feel right now! I'm...

So I don't even know how to feel right now! I'm doin a lot of nervous cleaning and shopping :). I bought carpet spot remover, problem is, I have hardwood floors through out my entire house lol! I did this kind of shopping when my hubby was in Iraq the second time. I guess he is going to have to return a lot of items while I'm napping :) I'm excited to finally be so close to my day!, but hella nervous to say bye to my two little girls (6 & 1). I think I've got everything ready for my recovery. I was freaking out thinking about what I forgot, but I figure if I forgot something, my hubby can just run out and get it. He took 10 days leave and my mom took 2 weeks after he goes back, so I think I'm covered in the caretaker department. I have to be at te hospital at 6 am and even as I type this it feels completely surreal! Well I guess I have to get back to nervous cleaning :)


Hi ladies, officially on the flat side :) doin well just very sleepy. I will update as soon as I get home tomorrow. Than you for all the prayers and the well wishes!
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good luck, hope everything went well and you are ok xx
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Just about ready to head to the hospital. I'm a little less excited today, but like I've said I have faith that everything will be just fine :)) see ya ladies on the flat side.
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I'm finally on the flat side! I'm so happy!...

I'm finally on the flat side! I'm so happy! Although the pain is kicking my butt, I'm still very happy! I go home today and I can't wait to see my 2 princesses.


Happy healing take it easy x x
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Today I'm 8 days Post op. feeling good as I got my...

Today I'm 8 days Post op. feeling good as I got my drains out yesterday and doctor cleared me for regular showers. So I ended up trying it out today with my hubby's help. OH BOY BIGGEST MISTAKE! :( I'm REALLLLLLLLYYYYY swollen so when I took my binder off and got in the shower I cried so much! I felt like I was going to pop! It was my 1st time without my binder and I felt horrible without it! The back pain was horrible from standing and yet I couldn't sit because I felt that it I sat I would pop at my "seams". When I finally sat down after putting on my binder I cried for almost an hour! I hope it gets easier to shower!


Hey! We'd love to hear how your doing! Hope all is well.
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Update please..., Hope your doing better
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