Cast off tomorrow ! Glendale, CA

My rhino/ septoplasty with Dr. Grigoryants is a...

My rhino/ septoplasty with Dr. Grigoryants is a little over two months away and it's time to do some prep work. I will be coming from out of town, does anybody have any hotel recommendations? Have you hired a nurse for after surgery care? I have met with Dr. Grigoryants twice, and both times I walked away excited- he seemed genuine, confident and the right person for the job. Yet, to be honest, it makes me pretty nervous that I won't be able to explain my likes and dislikes without computer imaging. I mean, he says he "will thin out and define my bulbous tip, raise the tip a bit, it will look nice, you will like it." I have read so many great things from him and felt confident when i met him, but I also feel like I am taking a big leap of faith. Specially on the "you will like it" part. Trusting from what I see on his website, i probably will. What do you think? Did you feel that way too?

The suspense is making me doubtful....

I am pretty nervous and want to get it over with as soon as possible (surgery is mid august). The thought of breathing better excites me, but the fact that I can't envision my face looking any different is very scary. I wonder if some of you have felt that way too. How are you or did you deal with it?


Does anyone have any recommendations on morphing software?

Out of towners....

I am so thankful for this forum and for all of you who have shared your rhinoplasty experiences. It is so helpful to know what others have been through. Without your stories and pictures I would of underestimated the recovery process. At this point I may not know how my recovery will be, but at least I can anticipate that it will most likely be quite challenging. Also since I am coming from out of town, and alone, I am beginning to question if that is a good idea. I want to set myself up for success. What has been your recovery experience like as an out of town patient? Did you hire a nurse to take care of you? If so, for how long? Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

Ready to go for sept 27 ;)

Everything is in place for next week. Feeling good about my decision to go forward and trusting in my doctors vision to do what is best for me. I have also compiled a specific list of pictures and goals to review with my dr so that we are on the same page and I can recalibrate my expectations if need be.
I do feel a cold coming on. Do you know what happens if you get a cold or a sinus infection before surgery? Can it go on, or does it have to be postponed? I am concerned because I will be flying in and staying in a hotel and would not want to have to change everything :/ Has any of you encountered this?

everyone says make sure your doctor knows what you want- i get that...

everyone says make sure your doctor knows what you want- i get that... but i have learned throughout my life how tricky good communication can be. i mean, if i tell my surgeon, i would like to refine the tip a little bit, but still have it look natural.... is that like telling a stylist i want my hair darker brown? there are so many shades of brown! more than one interpretation of what "a subtle refinement" may be. dr grigs said something that scared me a little at a consult i had with him- he said he would thin it out a bit, make it more westernized. that word may have been harmless, but it frightened me to think that i would be trading off uniqueness to fit into a mold, because despite being a little vain, i am not ok with that! how is a surgeon to know what your comfort level is when it comes to altering your face? i am of mixed ethnicities and can care less about a barbie face on me. again, the term may have been harmless but it set up a red flag as to whether the doctor really understood what my motivations were for this. on his website, his results are pretty ideal for the most part. Could i be that lucky?
are the results that predictable or is it a total crap shoot, even with a great, but beyond busy doctor?
i am having hesitations about this surgery, but it would be out of character for me not to. when i was 21 a surgeon tried to talk me into a nose job, he said my nose was very crooked, and although i went in for an otoplasty consult, he said his morals would not allow him to touch my ears, without doing my nose! he was so pushy, and there was no way in hell i was going to let him touch me after that. I literally felt like i was seeing dollar signs in his eyes, and ran for the door. I knew my nose was not the prettiest, but i did not have the slightest inclination to change it. Now I am 34, and my nose has not been aging too gracefully so my thoughts about tweaking it have changed. I wonder if these pre-surgery jitters are healthy, since although i am scared, i don't feel like "running for the door just yet", or if i should be listening to the subtle inner voice. If nothing else I should take an f***ing break, and think about something else!

I will not let my nerves get the best of me, not today!

Tomorrow is pre-op day and I am flying in from out of town to embark on this journey. I am excited about the functional part of the surgery. May the universe conspire to make this a success! I have had ambivalence about risking a change to my appearance as i feel like my nose is not the best, or not the worst. i have never been teased or felt insecure about it, except not wanting to take a pictures. I see this septo/ turb reduction as the opportunity I secretly wanted to tweak the outside a little bit. With the grace of god and the hands of Dr. Grigoryants, may the change be a favorable one and may I never have to look back!

In my bag I now have packed...
biotene spray, facial wipes, aromatherapy diffuser, list of pics and do's and don'ts for dr. G, pj's that button up, any suggestions...

Please share your comments if you have any. Take care ya'll.

Done & done....

Yay! Starting with preop yesterday, everything went great. I was a ball of nerves going into my preop appt, but the girls there were super. I got great feedback from nurse and Dr, and all the confidence I needed to push away the nerves and replace them with positive anticipation. I decided to go to target and get one of those wedge type pillows with arm rests to sleep on while at the hotel. Back at the room i saw some happy thought messages from some of you, for which I am grateful. :)
I waited for my sweet sis to fly in. She got in late and we tried to rest. Today I went to the hospital at 8 as scheduled. The rest of my support team ( my inlaws, hubby and son are back home) showed up to drive us there. Based on some of your reviews, i guess i had underestimated the hospital experience a little. Thinking we would have to wait for hours and that I would be getting poked a whole bunch before they found my vein, but not at all. It was all well orchestrated today, and all the staff was sweet and on point. The thought of gen anesthesia was a little scary. I just prayed to the universe that I would wake up from it and hug my little son. Now I am back at the hotel, dripping into a gauze/ throat and letting the loopyness wear off. Feeling pretty good, though I don't want too look in the mirror to much so that I don't start to obsess over how the nose looks. Ok, u just peaked, it looks slim and crooked. I have to fight my urge to judge it or thinking about for a few weeks. Stress is not conducive to healing I can breathe better than before surgery this morning. It may change over the next few days, but feeling promising in the long run. Happy Friday everyone!

Day one post op

Feeling alright today. Not too much pain, but I feel like like I am drowning in my nose gunk. Is this normal for day 1 post op? My throat hurts a little, but it's not unbearable. I just want to blow my nose! Did any of you clean the inner rim of your nostrils this early on?

Day 3 post op

Healing is moving along. Feeling fine physically, but moodwise a little blah. Please, please let this have a positive outcome. I am certainly out of my comfort zone here. From what I can see under the tape my nose tip looks a lot smaller, pointy and off to the side. I'm sure that the tape and cast is distorting the look of it, but I'm feeling a little nervous. Dr. G is very talented, but tip work is tricky. I pray to god this comes out looking better than before and natural. I am feeling shocked that I took such a gamble! Still, there is no where to go but forward... I take solace in knowing so many of you are happy and that I picked a great doctor. May I be pleasantly surprised.
On a different note my sister left today. I moved out of the hotel and into grandmas where i will be holed up until cast offf. I will reunite with my hubby and son on Saturday . I miss my boys immensely. You could say I am homesick. Please, please let this be an improvement!

Cast off tomorrow!

Finally, after 5 days in a nose cast I am curious about what's underneath. Before now, I was solely focused on feeling better, and utterly intimidated to look in the mirror. Now I am looking with anticipation. Even with the cast on, I am ok with the tip rotation. I hope it doesn't drop too much. Dr G kept saying that most patients that insist on having the tip raised minimally, come back wanting it raised more down the road. He warned me, lol. By the grace of the universe, may the rotation be just right. I hope I didn't tie his hands and that he was able to do the right adjustments for my face and taste.

Patience, patience come here!!!

It was not love at first sight after cast removal. I felt in shock and unable to instantly embrace the change in my face. I felt sick to my stomach. After talking to Dr. G, my fears we're a little subdued as I realized that my nose looked distorted in part because of the cast and the swelling. He was positive and caring. He insisted that I need to give it time for the swelling to come down and the actual results to show. When the swelling increased within an hour after cast removal I began to like it a little better. Each passing day it grows on me a little bit more and my anxiety diminishes little by little. There is a good chance that I will be really happy With it in a few months. My smile is off, but it will be back I know. I guess right now what I don't like when I look in the mirror, is that it looks fake, distorted, and my smile is weird. My answer to this is:1) it looks fake because I am not used to it. Besides, even the best of nose jobs look a little crappy/ and done 8 days post op. 2) it looks distorted because of the swelling 3) smile will normalize when swelling improves. I reason that it Wasnt love at first sight because there was no hump removal/ or shortening of the overly prominent nose. I those are improvements that are easy to appreciate. The tip, not so much. It looks worse than before. My biggest concern as that breathing is improved and that the nose looks more proportionate and natural. Dr G is sticking to his story that so it will be. So the light at the end of the tunnel is that there is a good chance it will look good once swelling drops and my mind adjusts. In the meantime, I will heed the advice of my beloved 93 year old nana
( who says it looked good before, and it looks good now and will only get better):
"you just pretend that it is the prettiest thing in the world and everyone else will have to get with that!"
Happy healing everyone!

I am glad I did chose Dr Grigoryants!

Just two weeks into it and i am feeling pretty good about my decision. My nose is still swollen obviously, but I've gotten to the point where I can see the minor improvements. Those improvements are harder to appreciate in pictures but I wanted to post some anyway. Dr G is a fantastic Dr. and I definitely recommend him. He told me that it will take a couple years to see my final result, so I am not holding my breath, yet I am liking where this is going. I did not want a small, scooped, upturned nose. Although he strongly suggested that it would look really nice if it the tip was rotated up a little bit, I was scared and told him to do it ever so slightly, almost nothing. He went off of what I told him and I trust he did the best he could with what he had to work with. Now, I wish that I had let him rotate the tip a little more. The good news is that I found a Dr. who I can trust and if after a year I think I would benefit from a revision to rotate the tip up or narrow the bridge, I would choose him again. Now all I have to do is heal and enjoy the ride! I wish you all the best.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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Hi there! How are you doing? Healing well? Wishing you nothing but happiness!
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What does your nose look like now?
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nice! its so natural!
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Hi it has been a while since you posted. How are you healing?
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Just think it's going to only improve from here! At least now you have the surgery out of the way and only need to watch the progress. It's going to look beautiful. Don't let the swelling get to you.
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i love ur spirit so much & ur decision to be happy N patient,, if all girls who made a nose jobs decided to do this, life will be much easier:) ,, hope the swelling go down soon n wish to see ur new pics
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What a perfect nose! I bet its even more perfect with every passing month! How are you feeling? How is your breathing?
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Thank you. You are so sweet. Healing is moving along. Breathing has surely improved and I've gotten a little bump in confidence. Saw my doctor yesterday and he said it looks beautiful for 5 weeks out, but there was lots of swelling at this stage still. Let's keep on keeping on.
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Updated picts? The swelling should be much better now.
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Hi. Yes, definetely less swelling than a month ago, but the change isn't very dramatic. Specially in pictures. I saw Dr G yesterday and he said he wasn't going to bother taking any pictures yet. Too soon. I guess that explains why when I compare pics from last month to today the change seems quite subtle. Somewhere around 2 weeks post op I made the decision to be happy. Since then staying patient has not been too much of a challenge. Yes there are minor assymetries. It even looks like there is a little hump sometimes, but Dr G. Confirmed that it is due to swelling. That he wouldn't expect me to love it yet, and it will look really nice in 18 months. I told him that I already feel great about it. Now we're taking blepheroplasty! I'm researching it heavily before I dive into it. How is your healing going? Hope you are well!
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Thanks for the update! I guess I am still swollen too. While I don't feel attractive per say....I feel much less self conscience, so that is good. Normally I am an extremely patient person, but in this case I am still struggling. I am really happy that you are doing good!!
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I have an appt. with Dr. G in January about a 5th revision. Was this your first or was it a revision? Your nose looks great, did you get the result you were looking for?
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No, it's a first time :)
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Please post pics..good luck
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I did not see your pictures before , I do love your new nose ! You look amazing ! I am doing ok too, sometimes I think my tip looks the same , I hope it's just swelling .
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Looking great already! Keep us updated as the swelling goes down! :)
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Hiya, I so enjoyed reading your post! I just love how your nose looks already, and it will only be getting better! You are so brave to travel so far to get your surgery done. You didn't really mention in your posts how your aftercare went, but it sounds like everything turned out all right. Be gentle with your sweet little nosie, don't blow it for at least a couple of months, just use the saline spray to clean it out.
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Hi there. You are looking great! The swelling will keep going down and I'm sure you will like it even better over time. Glad to hear you are doing okay and hanging in there and that you are not disappointed or regretting your decision.
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Congrats! Can't wait to see more updates. I can definitely see some subtle changes once the swelling goes down. I've got the same swollen tip so hang in there! I love reading reviews from Dr. G. It sounds like most everyone is satisfied and he seems to do a wonderful job. I'm sure things will get better!
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I think it looks really good now but I can also see the swelling. Give it a week or two and you will feel better. You are still you, just refined now. I understand where u r coming from though. I struggle too, but they say it is normal. I took the dogs for a walk in the cold last night and I think the cold helped. Maybe if it is cold where you are go for a short walk, it is worth a try if it helps with the swelling.. Thank you for updating and posting picts!
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I think it looks great already! Natural, but I can definitely see the change.
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u look great, congrats, although u have a lot of swelling, but there is big improvement.. did he do anything to the bridge or ur side wall bones or just the tip? i think he didn't ! this was ur or his choice? ,, wish u easy recovery process hun
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Hi, thank you. You are right. He didn't shave or narrow the bridge because I had straight profile already. Although he gave me the option of narrowing the bridge or asked if I wanted a little slope, he explained that it would reduce the airway. He also said that results would be nice even without doing that. So just the nasal tip. I worry that it will look disproportionate or not too feminate, but he says that it shouldn't and to worry. If I am not 100% happy, I hope he will do a revision on me.
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* not to worry
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